How Do I Reset My PetSafe Wireless Fence? INSTRUCTIONS

When handling your existing PetSafe wireless dog fence, you may find yourself in certain circumstances requiring you to reset the fence, but may not know how to.

We’re often asked, “how do I reset my PetSafe Wireless Fence?”

To reset your PetSafe wireless fence, simply remove the batteries from the transmitter and put in new ones.

You can also try turning off the power to the fence, and unplugging it. 

Resetting your PetSafe wireless dog fence is a relatively easy process, and shouldn’t take long to do.

How to Reset a Petsafe Wireless Fence

How Do I Reset My PetSafe Wireless Fence
Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to reset the collar. The light turns red and the collar turns off.

Depending on if you need to reset your transmitter or just the receiver on your dog’s collar, they both require a different process to reset them.

Resetting the Transmitter

To reset your Petsafe transmitter, take these steps:

  • Put new batteries in your transmitter.
  • Turn off the power to the fence and unplug it.

Resetting the Collar

It’s easier than you might think to reset your PetSafe collar.

To reset your dog’s Petsafe collar, you simply press the power button and hold it down for 10 seconds and the collar should be reset.

If that doesn’t work, the collar may need a new battery.

After resetting the collar, hold the power button down again until it beeps and flashes green.

Your collar should then be turned back on and ready to go.

Here’s a video explaining how to troubleshoot PetSafe fences:

When Do I Need to Reset My Fence?

When dealing with anything electronic, you may find that your invisible fence needs to be reset to fix the problem you are having.

Some common issues that can be possibly fixed by resetting your fence are:

  • The collar is not beeping before shocking.
  • The collar is not shocking at all.
  • Fence not sending signals to the collar.

When having any of the above problems with your PetSafe fence, it is always important to try resetting either the collar or transmitter before spending money to get a new one.

A reset could save you a lot of money, and is the simplest fix.

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What are the Best PetSafe Options?

When it comes to the Petsafe brand, they have quite a few different options.

PetSafe containment systems include:

All of these PetSafe fences work great and have amazing reviews, making them all great options.

How Far Can these Fences Reach?

When looking at these options, it’s important to note how far the border of each fence can reach and compare that to what you need.

The different size options include:

  • Stay & Play- ¾ Acre
  • Stubborn Dog Fence- ¾ Acre
  • Compact Fence- ¾ Acre
  • Containment System Fence- ½ Acre

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How Much Do these Fences Cost?

The prices of these fences are all slightly different:

  • Stay & Play- $309.95
  • Stubborn Dog Fence- $339.95Compact Fence- $319.95
  • Containment System Fence- $269.95

All of these fences are listed at different prices, though the PetSafe Containment System fence is by far the cheapest you can find.

Which PetSafe Fence is the Best?

lady and dog sitting in the grass
The PetSafe Free to Roam Wireless Pet Containment System wins our top choice for its reliability, durability, and affordable cost.

All PetSafe fences are great, though there are different factors that come into play, making some better than others for your situation, which could sway your choice.

PetSafe Stay & Play

PetSafe Stay & Play fence is able to reach ¾ acre, the dog expandability is unlimited, and will work on a dog that is at least 5lbs with a neck that is 6-28 in. 

This fence system also includes a replaceable battery and the collar battery life will last around 2 months. 

PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence 

This Dog Fence is able to reach ¾ acre, the dog expandability is unlimited, and will work on a dog that is at least 5lbs with a neck that is 6-28 in. 

This fence system also comes with a replaceable battery with each battery lasting around 2 months.

PetSafe Compact Fence 

PetSafe Compact Fence is able to reach ¾ acre, the dog expandability is unlimited, and will work on a dog that is 5lbs with a neck that is 6-28 in.

This fence comes with rechargeable batteries, the charge of these batteries lasts around 3 weeks. It takes about 2-3 hours for the batteries to recharge.

PetSafe Containment System Fence

The PetSafe Containment System Fence is able to reach ½ acre, the dog expandability is unlimited, and will work on a dog that is at least 8lbs with a neck of 6-28 in.

This fence system comes with a replaceable battery, with each battery lasting around 2 months.

Out of the options listed, the PetSafe Containment Fence is definitely the best option as it works on bigger dogs, at a longer range, and the battery is the most long-lasting.

Do PetSafe Fences Work for Any Dog?

PetSafe will work for any dog breed and can be adjusted to the needs of your dog
Because PetSafe wireless collars are cross-compatible, you could use one of our wireless collars in conjunction with a PetSafe wireless system.

PetSafe is one of the most well-known invisible dog fence brands in the world.

They have a lot of different fences that are easy to install and work with any size animal and any temperament.

Their wide range of options allows you to choose between wired in-ground fences or wireless fences, all of which work wonderfully for almost any size dog.

But doing your research on all of their fence kits will help you choose the best option for your dog.

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Are PetSafe Dog Fences Safe?

We know they’re effective, but are wireless dog fences safe?

When looking at all of PetSafe’s dog fence options, all of them prove to be extremely safe for your animals.

All of their fences have undergone testing to ensure that your dog will not be harmed.

PetSafe collars are also waterproof and safe when in water.

Even on the highest shock setting the fence will not harm your dog.

These fences were made to startle them and make them uncomfortable, but not hurt them. 

All that will happen when your dog is corrected by the fence is your dog may feel a slight tingle feeling when getting shocked.

The tingling feeling is no worse than what we feel when our arm falls asleep. You can even try the dog collar out on your wrist to feel what your dog feels.


If you’ve wondered, “how do I reset my PetSafe Wireless Fence?” we hope we’ve answered your questions!

Overall, Petsafe fences are extremely easy to reset and are a great fence brand in general.

Like everything, do your research, and resolving issues with your Petsafe fence should be quick and easy!

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