How Long do Chihuahuas Live For?


Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed in the world, weighing just 2 to 10 pounds and standing 5 to 10 inches tall. Before we investigate how long you can expect a Chihuahua to live for, some basics on this alluring canine. These dinky dogs have stout and flexible bodies that are surprisingly muscular for such … Read more

11 Tips for How to Fatten up a Dog


Every good pet owner is always concerned about their dog maintaining an ideal weight. However, this may not always be the case as different factors can cause your canine friend to be underweight or malnourished. Many dogs that don’t get the right nutritional and calories content are most likely going to be underweight. This can … Read more

When Do Dogs Stop Growing?


Did you ever wonder when your dog stops growing? Well, like human beings, dogs have different growth periods. The growth period of dogs may vary according to what breed the dogs belong to, whether it is a pure breed or a mixed breed. Other factors can also be considered, such as the nutrients the dogs … Read more

10 Ways to Stop Your Dog Eating Cat Poop


If you’ve got a mixed pet household, there are few sights more disgusting than your furball chowing down on cat poop. While undeniably foul, coprophagia is a behavioral disorder that can also be caused by medical or nutritional issues. Dogs eat cat poop for a number of reasons. The dog is trying to fill a … Read more

How to Stop Your Dog From Barking


Dogs bark naturally. It is their way of life. However, there are times where we can notice some dog bark excessively. It seems that these dogs would bark all day at anything and anyone. This type of behavior is not typical, and it is understandable that as a pet parent, you want to do something … Read more

Types of Anti Bark Collar


Dogs are a man’s best friend, as the old saying goes. They are affectionate creatures that never fail to show appreciation and love to their owners. These pets are ready to listen and serve as a companion for the many of us. They can also be protective and are lifesavers of their owners. However, their … Read more