The 10 Best Dog Food for Chihuahuas


Chihuahuas are tiny and distinctive dogs and the oldest breed on the American continent. Generally healthy, Chihuahuas live from 12 to 17 years on average. Although your dog enjoying a long life might not seem like a problem, because Chihuahuas live long lives, they tend to pick up a variety of health problems along the … Read more

What Times Should I Feed My Dog?


All new dog owners quickly find themselves exploring the best approaches to feeding their new canines. Is there a right or wrong way to feed your dog, then? General Overview of Feeding Your Dog There’s no need to over-complicate feeding your new furball. All you need to do is understand a few core concepts, and … Read more

The 14 Best Dog Food Storage Containers


What’s one of the things you find most tiresome about pet ownership? If you’re anything like the team here at BarkVA, it’ll be keeping on top of dog food and kibble. By buying a small bag at a time from the local store, you’ll end up spending much more money over time than by buying … Read more

The 7 Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls


What is a Slow feeder dog bowl?  If your furry friend chows down food at an alarming speed, then it’s time to get him a slow feeder dog bowl. It helps your dog slacken his speed rather than devouring the meal, allowing him to feel fuller, more energized, and content. Just like humans, dogs also … Read more

The 9 Best Automatic Dog Feeders


Dogs need their meals at least thrice a day, but it is quite challenging to feed them on time if you’re at work or college. My friend John had two dogs, whom he used to feed them in the morning and then at night when he got back from work. The pooches were surviving on … Read more

The 16 Best Dog Water Fountains


Owning a dog is remarkably rewarding but with pet ownership come a number of responsibilities. As well as making sure your furball has a steady supply of the best dog food, you need to make equally certain he stays fully hydrated. Why is water so important for dogs? Well, making sure your dog drinks enough … Read more