HOW TO Change the Frequency On an Invisible Fence Collar

An invisible fence is a great option to allow freedom for your dog while giving you peace of mind.

This system has helped thousands of people contain their cats and dogs to areas where the pets will be safest, as one part of a training regime.

If you’re not sure that your fence and collar are communicating on the same radio frequency, read on to see how to change the frequency on an invisible fence collar. 


Before opting for an electric fence, we strongly suggest obedience training and taking the time to understand and carry out the process.

Training your dog can prevent the potential stress of an electric fence collar, and focuses on positive cues to reinforce boundaries. 

While electric fence collars aren’t physically harmful, for certain dogs they can cause potentially severe emotional distress without the proper training.

Brain training techniques are a science-backed way to help prepare your dog for new boundaries without the use of force or dominance!

How To Change the Frequency on an Invisible Fence Collar

Dogs won't go past an invisible fence
The frequency on the collar must match the frequency on the transmitter for an invisible fence to work.

If a technician has set up your invisible fence, you can be sure that the frequencies are set up correctly.

When you’re setting it up yourself, or if you seem to get wireless dog fence interference, you can change the frequency on the system to get a clear signal.

Follow these steps to change the frequency of your invisible fence.

  1. Access the central transmitter. Pull off the back cover with a screwdriver, and locate the sw1 switch.
  1. Move the switch to the desired frequency between 7 Khz and 10 Khz.
  1. Finally, take the battery out of your collar and find the sw1 switch. Change the frequency to match the frequency of the central transmitter.

If you have a DogFence by DogWatch you can change the frequency using the tool that is included with the kit.

Watch this short video to see how.

What radio frequency does PetSafe wireless fence use?

Dog running inside an invisible fence
The PetSafe Wireless Fence pet containment system keeps dogs safely inside the yard using a radio receiver collar and virtual fence.

The Invisible Fence system works on either a 7Khz or 10Khz frequency. PetSafe chooses to run on a frequency of 18.7 Khz. The difference is most likely due to licensing terms. 

The frequency of your system doesn’t matter too much, as long as your collar and central transmitter are tuned to the same frequency.

Make sure that the frequency is within the guidelines of the product’s intended use.

Worried if your dog can run through an invisible fence? We take an in-depth look at the risks and reasons your dog may run through an invisible fence in this informative article.

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Do Different Radio Frequencies Affect How the Collar Works?

The different radio frequencies do not change the static shock setting on your computer receiver collar.

Instead, the frequencies are a tool for the central transmitter to communicate with the receiver collar.

The transmitter uses the radio frequency to establish the border that you create for your pet.

If you would like to learn more about radio frequencies try reading How the Radio Spectrum Works.

The radio frequency must match between the wired or wireless invisible fence transmitter and the receiver collar for them to communicate well and keep the dog in the yard.

In-ground invisible fences work by transmitting through a buried wire. The advantage is that the shape and size can be whatever you need.

The collar picks up signals from the buried wire when it gets close.

Wireless invisible fences work by using the radio transmitter to cast a circular perimeter around the area the dog should stay inside.

The collar alerts the dog when it gets too close to the perimeter.

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Which Collars Are Compatible With Invisible Fence and PetSafe?

Dog wearing a studded collar
You can attach an invisible fence receiver to any collar as long as the prongs will go through.

Petsafe has a surprising amount of collars that are compatible with different systems.

The complete guide can be found in their Collar compatibility check guide. 

Pet Stop collars were designed to be compatible with Invisible Fence. However, Invisible Fence collars are not compatible with other fencing systems.

To be sure the collar is compatible, go directly to the Invisible Fence website to buy their on-brand collars.

You can attach an invisible fence receiver module to a different collar if you’d like.

Keep in mind that the prongs must touch the dog’s skin (but not too tightly) and the overall collar shouldn’t be too heavy.

We’ve had to buy new nylon collars for our dogs and move the receiver to the new collar. It’s not difficult and is a fun way to customize the dog’s collar.

Read our related article, Do Other Collars Work With Invisible Fence? for more information on compatible collar types.

Final Thoughts

Invisible fencing works wonderfully to keep your dog safely inside the fence.

Many people worry about the safety of the collar and then let their dogs run in the street or tie them up to a chain instead.

We think that invisible fencing is a safe and humane way to let your dog run and play safely in the yard, getting the exercise and fresh air it needs to stay healthy and happy every day.

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