The 7 Best Dog Booties


When it comes to buying equipment for your furball, you probably opt for a winter jacket, but is that all your pup needs when he’s out and about?

It’s certainly not, no.

If you think about the most vulnerable part of your dog, chances are it’s those soft and plush paws.

With the best dog booties, you can keep those paws safe and sound but who actually needs these things?

Who needs to buy dog booties?

There are many dogs who would benefit from wearing booties occasionally including:

  • Injured dogs
  • Older dogs
  • Young dogs
  • Untrained dogs prone to scratching furniture
  • Healthy dogs on wet terrain, hot asphalt, or rough ground

What should you consider when you’re shopping for dog booties, then?

Focus on these following elements and you should find yourself the best boots the easy way and your dog will thank you.

  • Size: The first and most crucial factor is to get the sizing right. All manufacturers provide a chart along with instructions of varying degrees of clarity. If you’re ever in any doubt, always opt for a size larger
  • Materials: You should look for materials that combine comfort and durability while also guaranteeing protection for your pooch’s paws. Rubber and leather both work well in this regard
  • Waterproofing and winterizing: The amount of waterproofing and weatherproofing you’ll look for in dog booties depends to a large extent on the climate where you love. Make sure you find boots that offer adequate insulation if you experience lots of ice and snow where you love.
  • Design: All dog boots should be easy for you to get you pup in and out of. Look for hook-and-loop closures or Velcro to expedite things.
  • Anti-slip grip: It goes unsaid that any dog booties you’re considering should be equipped with anti-slip soles. Whether your pup is pottering around on some rocks, sliding in the rain, or running on grass, don’t set him up for a fall

OK, with the basic sketched out, it’s time to explore some of the most effective booties to keep your pooch protected permanently.

Let’s dig in!

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I. The 7 Best Dog Booties

1. Our #1 Pick: QUMY Dog Boots


If you’re hunting for the most effective and durable dog booties, this set from QUMY is hard to beat and our overall favorite.

Choose from a range of sizes to suit most breeds. Check out the simple measuring instructions provided so you make certain of getting the snuggest fit for your furball.

The bottoms of these boots are designed to be completely non-slip so you’ll have no problems if your pooch wanders into the river or the ocean.

Reflective Velcro straps are a nice touch at night and keep your pup safe around the clock.

The split seam opening on these boots is wide and roomy while those easily adjustable straps ensure a comfy fit.

Make sure your beloved dog’s paws stay protected at all times while wearing these rugged yet stylish booties. When you get home, just throw the boots in the washing machine and that’s the extent of maintenance.

 2. Runner-Up:RUFFWEAR Outdoor Dog Boots


RUFFWEAR is a highly reputable brand in the pet vertical so how do these booties stand up against the opposition?

Firstly, you get a trio of sleek colorways to set your dog apart from the pack. These trail-ready booties are designed to give your dog all the traction he needs whatever kind of terrain he’s tackling. Whether you’re out hiking on the trail, you’re down by the beach, or you’re pounding the city streets, make sure those paws stay safe.

The reflective trim ensures these boots keep your hound safe day and night.

Made from a highly breathable mesh, your dog’s paws will stay nicely ventilated and cossetted all day long however tough the terrain.

Despite staying so nicely on your dog’s paws, it couldn’t be much easier to get your pooch in and out of these boots. With a hook-and-loop closure system, you’ll have these things on and off in an instant.

3. Budget Pick: XPAWLORER Waterproof Dog Boots


Next up we have something for all your bargain hunters out there with the best cheap dog booties that won’t stiff you in terms of value and performance. As when sizing any dogs boots, opt for larger if you’re in any element of doubt.

Coming in the usual array of sizes to suit most breeds, these booties are sadly only available in black. The dinky little yellow paw prints emblazoned on these boots are a nice touch.

The underside of these boots is coated so as to prevent your pooch from slipping around even if the ground underfoot is slippery.

A pair of fasteners make it incredibly easy to get your pup in and out of these things. Once he has them on, they’ll be comfortable enough to wear all day before you pop them in the washing machine ready for your next trip out with your furball.

4. Muttlucks Original Fleece-Lined Dog Boots


These Muttlucks booties are back-to-basics yet deceptively effective if you want to protect your pooch’s feet when he’s walking up the beach, running on sharp gravel, or pounding hot city streets.

Coming in 7 colorways to suit any temperament and the usual welter of sizes, there’s no reason not to get your pup some boots to match his outfit.

The leather soles on these booties give your pooch some valuable added traction while self-tightening straps keep these things tight on those precious paws.

If you live somewhere with a slightly cooler climate, your dog will appreciate these fleece lining in these booties to keep him toasty year-round.

With reflective straps ensuring nighttime safety is on-point, it’s time to hit the road with your furball kitted out better than ever before.

5. Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots


Neoprene is a fabric often used in wetsuits and these dog booties are fashioned from this performance fabric to give your dog a shot of luxe.

Sizing runs from S through XXL so you should find boots to fit most breeds, shapes, and sizes of hound.

The rubber sole is rugged and built to stay the distance while providing some serious traction along the way.

Whether you live somewhere with snow and ice, somewhere the streets get red hot in the summer, or you frequently head out on hiking trails and rough terrain, investing in the best dog booties is a must.

As with all the best boots, you’ll benefit from reflective stripes so your pet stays safe at night, too.

Comfortable, lightweight and remarkably easy to clean, too, what’s not to love?

6. Kurgo Dog Shoes


Kurgo serves up a half-dozen sizes of these magnificent dog booties that look great and keep you adorable pup’s paws safe whatever the terrain or weather.

Made from polyester webbing for comfort and durability combined, the breathable mesh lets your pup’s paws breathe even if you’re out all day.

The kicker and differentiating factor with these booties, though? The flashing LED lights built into the soles. While other booties might take advantage of reflective strips, Kurgo ups the ante and ensures that your pup will be the brightest on the block.

The crowning glory of these wonderful dog booties is the lifetime guarantee allowing you to buy with complete confidence.

7. Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots


Last but certainly not least in our quest for the best dog booties comes these ultra-durable gems from the Ultra Paws Store. How do they stand out, then?

The first thing you’ll notice is just 3 sizes. Make sure you measure up your pup’s paws carefully then allow plenty of extra width for a comfy feet with no pinching at all.

Colors are black or red and each pack comes with the 4 boots you need to uprate walkies time and keep your pup fully protected against paw damage.

Designed and made in the US, give your pup a real sense of home pride as he heads off for his walk safe in the knowledge his soft paws won’t be picking up any injuries.

Right then, with our dog booties reviews put to bed, it’s time to finish up for the day with our collection of the most frequently asked questions about these protective gems.

II. How to choose the right size Dog booties?


Measure up your dog’s front paw by doing the following:

  1. Place your dog’s paw on a piece of paper then press down on the top. This should replicate how he walks and his paw spreads
  2. Mark the left and right-hand side of the paper then measure up the distance between paws
  3. Compare this measurement to multiple boot sizes and see where you are


1) Do dogs really need to wear dog booties?

As with all aspects of buying protective equipment for your dog, whether or not he needs boots all is largely dependent on his lifestyle. If you live somewhere with a reasonably temperate climate, you can probably get away without these boots. Anyone who lives somewhere with lots of rain and snow would be well advised to pick up some of these booties. When it comes to summer, if your dog is walking anywhere but shaded grass, he’ll need some booties to keep those paws safe.

2) How can I get my dog to start wearing his booties?

If your dog is resistant to wearing his new booties, you might need to get him used to these things slowly. You should try getting your pup used to wearing them for just a few minutes at a time, then remove the boots and give him a treat. Repeat and encourage this behavior. Once he is accustomed to the boots on his feet, you can proceed to fastening one boot at a time. As he gets more and more used to this, you can then get him to wear the boots for a short while indoors, all the while building up to your pup wearing them outdoors.

3) How do dog booties work?

The principle is the same as the boots you wear to protect your feet. Whether it’s to stop your dog’s claws scratching the furniture or to protect his precious feet from the elements, you can cushion and safeguard your pup’s most vulnerable extremities the easy way.

4) Aren’t these booties really hard to get on and off?

They certainly can be if you don’t choose well and you end up with boots that don’t come equipped with hook-and-loop closures. Velcro also works well if you want to ensure a speedy exit and entrance when it’s time for walkies.

5) Do these boots keep a dog’s paws warm when it gets really cold?

If you live somewhere with an especially aggressive climate, you should make absolutely certain that the booties you’re looking at are warm enough for extreme cold. Look for fleece-lined boots and those with thermal properties and you can keep your precious pooch toasty warm however cold it is outside.

So far, so good. How can you measure up your hound to guarantee his boots fit, though?

IV. Conclusion

Although a dog’s body can heal very quickly, even minor damage to his precious paws can quickly become a serious problem. Even when your hound sustains a paw injury, he’ll keep on moving making the wound worse and possibly even causing an infection.

Luckily, all you need to avoid this is a pair of the best dog booties. Cheap, easy to use, and equally simple to clean, these nifty little protective boots ensure your pup is safeguarded against the weather, and also against anything sharp or damaging underfoot.

Before you hustle out on your walk, make certain to bookmark BarkVA. We have plenty more up our sleeves over the rest of the year so come back soon and don’t miss out.

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