4 Types of Anti Bark Collar (Explained!)

Anti Bark Collar

Dogs are a man’s best friend, as the old saying goes. They are affectionate creatures that never fail to show appreciation and love to their owners. These pets are ready to listen and serve as a companion for the many of us. They can also be protective and are lifesavers of their owners.

However, their barking can be annoying when they do it even to non-threatening people that past our homes. That is why there is anti-bark collars invented and introduced on the market. These anti bark devices stop our pets from barking unnecessarily.

But then, there are some things you need to know about these collars. They come in different types, each with pros and cons. Find out in the following.

Types of Anti Bark Collar

1. Shock Bark Collar

If you’re one of the dog owners that do not appreciate your dog barking unnecessarily like when someone is knocking at the door or especially if you have a baby whose sleeping can be disrupted, you might want to get one of these shock collars. They can help eliminate the barking of a dog and are for pet owners who want to correct their dog’s bad behavior and keep them calm and quiet.

How it works

It works by shocking dogs through a small electric shock. You can control this device from a distance and control your dog’s unwanted behavior. However, you need to adjust the shock accordingly because you can only administer it only from a certain distance.

This collar has a mechanism sitting against your pet’s vocal cords. It is what sends out that static shock to travel down the metal prongs touching the neck of your pet.

This shock’s intensity increases as your pet keeps barking. But if you’re worried about the shock intensity, you should test it out the first use.

NOTES: However, shock-trained dogs can be more susceptible to stress, fear and aggression. Some dogs can also feel frustrated that they’re stopped to respond to stimuli like a danger. Other pets also show helplessness and may feel the need of isolation.

What We Liked

  • Effective anti-bark device
  • Easy to control and use
  • Straightforward operation

What We Didn’t Like

  • Too little shock will just be ignored
  • High voltage is considered inhumane by some
  • Higher stress level to a dog and intense pain

2. Ultrasonic Bark Collar

Creating unpleasant sounds for a dog, an ultrasonic bark collar is another choice if you want to use an anti-bark trainer. It is an innovation that many choose to apply to control the barking of their pets.

How it works

Again, they work by creating or triggering noise inaudible to human ears. Dogs feel unpleasant and uncomfortable due to the sound that can be triggered by barking or simple throat vibrations.

These devices produce a high-pitched sound that a dog recognizes and are available in handheld units, too. Some ultrasonic models are also in stationary monitoring units.

They work effectively when it comes to emitting that ultrasonic sound to stop the barking. And for an additional stimulus, some collars are infused with vibrations, which can be good in training your dog not to bark.

However, the anti-bark collar can be triggered so easily that a simple vibration or movement. For this reason, your dog might feel uncomfortable for the unnecessary ultrasonic force applied to his collar from time to time. These false warnings can be prevented in higher-end models.

But then, the ultrasonic anti-bark device is not without the pros and cons that you need to know if considering this option.

What We Liked

  • Helps maintain peace in your household
  • Works effectively in discouraging barks
  • Can help in controlling bad behavior
  • More humane than a shock collar

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can be triggered even by throat vibration or car passing by
  • Might make a pet feel discourage to respond to bad situations
  • False warnings is a common issue

3. Citronella Bark Collar

The bark collar is another chosen solution by pet owners that want to get rid of the nuisance barking but without hurting their pets as shocks or ultrasonic collars do.

How it works

This collar has a mechanism that sends out citronella-scented liquid every time the dog makes an annoying barking sound. Most dogs do not like this scent, so they’re deterred from more barking when they smell it.

There are also spray versions of this anti-bark collar. Spritzing to make a dog feeling uncomfortable, the sprayer type is another to consider if you would like to get rid of the unnecessary barking.

It works by spraying a substance to your pet’s face, leaving him feeling unpleasant. Typically, such a spray involves using herbs like citronella or lemon juice, which can be a more natural means of stopping the bark than other methods are.

This method is effective and natural and is easy to administer. It can dissuade a dog from further barking by the time he smells the unpleasantly scented liquid. It is also considered humane.

What We Liked

  • Natural and humane
  • Does not hurt your pet
  • Effective and easy to use

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some dogs may not be responsive to it
  • Psychological effects like stopping a dog from barking even during dangerous situations
  • Some dogs learn how to jump back when sprayed

4. Static Anti-bark Collar

It is another innovative product that can help you to get rid of your dog’s unwanted barking like when someone is passing by your home or when a car is driving by. As you may know, any of these situations can be disrupting especially if you have a family member who’s sensitive in getting to sleep like those suffering from insomnia.

How it works

Static collars are in demand and popular because they’re mild and versatile. It is also straightforward and does not harm your pet. This collar is the most popular among dog owners that want a very functional anti-bark device. It works by sending short static pulses of interruption to a dog when barking is initiated.

If it detects barking, it will send those pulses in order to train and teach your dog to stop it. These collars are available for different dog sizes and are with many features. Some of them are with adjustable settings that you can modify to set the intensity level of the static bark collar.

There are also some that can offer higher level of intensity for stubborn dogs. Some of these anti-bark collars are with extra features including vibrations and interruptive tone warnings. Also, you can find models that can work automatically when it comes to intensifying the interruption level especially if your pet continues barking.

What We Liked

  • Automatic turn off settings on higher end models
  • Designed not to under- or over correct the negative behavior
  • Remote controllable
  • Humane and not painful
  • Adjustable stimulation intensity

What We Didn’t Like

  • May lead to psychological problems like fear and stress if not used properly
  • Can be less effective to headstrong dogs

What to know about no-bark collars

Take note that they are not designed and made to control the barking. Each of them works according to the type, as mentioned earlier.
Generally, an anti-bark collar is used to detect a bark by sensing vibrations in the throat or vocal cords of your pet. When this happens, this collar will stimulate and warn the dog that this vibration is the consequence of his bad behavior.

All bark collars are made of nylon that can fit securely like a regular dog collar. And at its front is a trigger mechanism that works by releasing the choice deterrent. It is a mechanism that fits against his vocal cords and that is triggered when your dog barks.

The stimulation level is increased according to how well your dog responds to it, in the case of select static and other types of anti-bark collars. So if your dog is headstrong and stubborn, he might get a higher level of shock until he follows, such as in the case of a shock anti-bark collar.

These devices are effective when it comes to helping your dog learn how to behave properly and bark only when needed. But just as said, some dogs may be psychologically affected in the form of aggression, fear and stress. Others can also fear barking and stop from doing it even in bad or dangerous situations.

Summing Up

No-bark dog collars are generally safe and effective. However, it may also be well according to how your pet responds to the type you have chosen to use. These anti-bark collars are helpful in training and teaching your dog how to behave properly and stop the nuisance barking.
They are easy to use and administer. Many of them are also with innovative features like automatically adjusting intensity to correct your pet’s bad behavior.

Now if you want a dog collar that works, you can choose among the types mentioned earlier. Compare their pros, cons and ways they work and later determine your needs before buying one. But if your dog’s barking and bad behaviors go beyond control, take him to the veterinarian or consult a pet trainer for help.

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