13 Tips on Eliminating Dog’s Smell out of Your House


Dogs are lovable creatures. Unfortunately, they can emit foul odors, especially when they do not bathe frequently. The good news is that, although getting rid of dog odor might be a challenge, it is not an impossible feat.

If you are interested in permanently eradicating nasty dog smell from your house, then you are on the right page. In this article, you will learn about the possible sources of dog odors and simple yet effective tips on how to get rid of them.

I. Sources of Dog Odors

Dog odor can have several sources. Here are the most common examples:

  • Dog’s Accumulated Sweat

Dogs normally emit natural oils as well as sweat. Since they sweat a lot, long neglect in the bath is likely to worsen the situation.

  • Dog’s Diet

Another source of dog odor is their diet. Increased starch with less omega fatty acids also affects the resulting accumulation of odor.

  • Eat Wax

Wax piling up on the dog’s ears may contribute to this. Or the puppy using the mat more hours compared to spending their time in the garden. Encountering these odors daily is quite offensive, especially to a pet owner who values and welcomes guests often.

  • Dog’s Fur

Dog’s fur is one of the factors that makes them cute and lovable. However, it can also contribute to the accumulation of odor in dogs. This is because dirt can easily cling to dog fur, especially for double-coated breeds or those with long hair.

II. Tips on How to Eliminate the Dog Odor at Home

Getting rid of an already set dog odor is a complex task to accomplish. This is because most of the items and furniture in your house have already absorbed the smell produced by your dog.

However, do not worry because there are several approaches that you can try to remove the nasty smell permanently. But, for items that are made out of fabric, the odor removal process can be extra challenging and longer, so better prepare your patience.

Now for the main part, here are simple yet effective tips on how to remove dog odor at home:

1. Find the Source of the Dog Odor

Similar to other pets, dogs have their habits and character, which keep them engaged at all times. Besides, dogs have their preferred location to sleep and stay. This indicates that such places will always have a devastating dog odor, which will keep off most visitors.

Basically, doggies will choose more than one location as their favorites. Therefore, every pet owner has the role of identifying such places for treatment through applying the necessary measures to remove the odor.

Spotting the exact locations is a task made easy if you have a good sense of smell. Since the odor is strong, sniffing can be a better way to spot it. Besides, close observation of your dog’s habits will direct you to its favorite lounge.

2. Give Your Dog a Proper Bath


Every pet owner should make washing their dogs a habit. This is also mandatory if you want to remove dog smell in your home permanently.

However, not many people have the idea of how to bathe their dogs in the right way. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Ensure your Dog’s Teeth are Healthy

As far as the diet is essential, the health of the dog’s teeth is twice important. Dogs normally develop issues with their teeth, especially during the development process.

The current market provides a variety of chewing product options that will help improve your dog teeth’ health. Choosing the right chewing product that eliminates the odor for your dog will require a vet’s intervention.

  • Buy Highly-Valued Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner.

Shampoo and conditioner play a huge role in ensuring your dog’s smell is fantastic. The good news is that quality products come in a variety of formulas at affordable prices. You will also have the coat of your dog looking shinier and softer.

3. Prioritize Quality Food


The quality of food you provide your dog can significantly affect the smell that they produce. Most of the time, if you give them food that is not appropriate for their diet, it will contribute to them smelling bad.

Remember, it is your responsibility as a pet owner to provide your dogs with high-quality food appropriate to their diets. If you are unsure what is the right type of food you can feed your dog, the best thing to do is consult your veterinarian. They will be able to guide you in making a healthy dietary plan for your beloved furbabies.

4. Ensure Your Dog Stays Dry

Wet dogs normally produce an unpleasant smell, which is a bother to any home. Controlling the odor effectively means that a pet owner needs to take necessary precautions to ensure the puppy is always dry. This, however, does not mean that the dog should be sprayed with human colognes after a bath.

The recent findings show that many human perfumes are not friendly to a puppy’s sense of smell and can result in skin issues. To substitute this, acquire the perfumes which are made specifically for doggies.

5. Buy Dog Wipes

The perfect way for cleaning the dog in between showers is to use dog wipes. Since it is not possible to have them cleaned daily, one needs to get the right way to ensure their level of cleanliness is high before a complete shower. Dog wipes will be your sure bet in ensuring the dogs’ feet and fur is tidy.

6. Wash the Furniture Plus the Entire House Area

Upon identifying the dogs’ preferred locations, there is a need to have them washed to eliminate the odor. There are a variety of detergent options available in the market for cleaning furniture with a dog smell.

Alternatively, washing the furniture and the house can be perfectly done using detergents commonly found at home. You can scrub and spray the furniture around your home using the solution.

The most recommended solution for getting rid of the odor once and for all is white vinegar. For affected carpets, you can hire a professional cleaner for steam cleaning purposes. In most instances, dogs that fail to lie on the couch prefer sleeping on the rug.

7. Ensure the Dog’s Bed is Clean

There is a high chance that your dog’s bed is where most of the odor is concentrated. This is because it is coated with pet fur, dirt, saliva, and urine. Therefore, you need to have it washed at all times. Washing the dog bed takes a short time since most of them can be cleaned using a machine.

Some dog beds can also be easily cleaned by only washing the covers. If this is the case, washing and drying it will not take much of your time. If there are permanent stains, make sure to address them by using the right cleaning product.

If the dog bed still stinks even after washing it, you might want to consider using a mixture of water and vinegar. This is an excellent formula for neutralizing bad odor. However, just make sure to rinse it properly afterward, or else the dog bed will end up smelling like vinegar.

8. Allow Some Fresh Air

Pet odors can be minimized by airing out of homes. However, the process can be complex and expensive when the timing is not right. Proper airing out will commence by opening the screened windows and doors.

Switch on the cleaning fans, especially the air conditioning unit. During the process, ensure your dog security is at bay by creating a pet gate.

9. Ensure the air Filters are Modified 

Make sure your air filters are changed after you have aired out your home. Blocked air filters may not necessarily result in odor issues. Still, they can lessen the operation of heating and cooling systems. As a result, the amount of air flowing in and out of your home will be minimized.

Changing the air filter is an easy task. You simply need to follow the appropriate instruction for your air conditioning system at home.

Also, new filters are easy to find. These are available in any home improvement stores near you. Ideally, it is best to stockpile new filters to prevent unnecessary trips to stores.

10. Prioritize on a Brand New Air Purifier

With the application of air purifiers, debris and other dust particles will be pulled out from the interior air with ease. This is among the ways of improving the smell of your home while you keep the entire house free from dust. The current market offers a variety of air purifiers giving the pet owner a chance to pick the one specifically for odor elimination.

Improved air purifiers will be essential in filtering the debris present in the air and ensuring the microorganisms are killed. As a result, the odor issues will be minimized while chances of falling ill often will be curbed.

11. Acquire a Black Light for Further Inspection

For persistent odors, change your current elimination approach and choose an improved one. Exposure of a dog’s urine, saliva, and additional body fluids to a black light is the best way to spot problem areas and require further attention.

When the black light is neared or furthered from your rug, it becomes easy to have all the stains spotted. Scanning the furniture with a black light application will also locate body fluids and stains present in your carpet, which calls for attention.

12. Apply an Odor-sealing Paint to Eliminate Permanent Stains on Walls

There are times that stubborn urine spots may stick on walls. Getting rid of such stains and eliminating the smell is such a challenging task. For this case, it is advisable to have the affected areas replaced or have the portion repainted using an odor sealing paint.

Alternatively, the prime paints best fit getting rid of urine-related stains present on wooden furniture.

13. Apply a Fantastic Perfume in Your House

Perfumes are worth buying for a complete elimination of dog smell out of your house. However, the current market offers many perfume options for pet owners to make a selection. Therefore, it is worth following some regulations before applying essential oils to your dog.

  • Apply a considerable amount of essential oil at one time: Dogs have an acute sense of smell, meaning that the amount to spray needs to be controlled.
  • Ensure the essential oil to spray is always diluted: Since the puppy’s skin irritates a lot when perfume is applied, it is advisable to apply small amounts of diluted spray on your dog.
  • Store essential oils away from your dog: Essential oils, either diluted or undiluted, should at all times be kept out of the dog’s reach. They may cause a lot of danger to your puppy if they consume it.

After all this is said and done, it is the right time to apply the right perfumes. Since the house is perfectly cleaned and aired out, then focus on introducing new scents. Essential and natural oils are the best to have the mission accomplished and still welcome new pleasant smells in your house. You can consult your vet on perfumes that are pet friendly.

III. Final Words

Eliminating dog odor might not be easy but it is part of your responsibility as a dog owner. However, it is a good thing that there are several ways on how you can permanently get rid of it. The ways are cost efficient and easy to do.

But remember, the best way of addressing this problem is by identifying the root cause of the nasty odor produced by your dogs. It can either be because of their diet, the environment’s temperature, or lack of hygiene. Regardless of what it is, address it first before removing the stench in your house to prevent the problem from occurring in the future.

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