How Do I Get Dog Hair Out of My Clothes? EASY Solutions

Dog hair is the eternal problem of the dog owner. Dogs shed and their hair gets everywhere. The question then becomes, how do I get dog hair out of [fill in the blank]?

Today we look at the question: how do I get dog hair out of my clothes?

It’s actually much easier than you think. We have given you the details on all the best methods below.

All you will need to do is assess how severe your dog-hair problem is and choose the method that fits your needs.

How do I get dog hair out of my clothes?

How Do I Get Dog Hair Out Of My Clothes
It’s easier than you think to get dog hair out of your clothes.

There are a few different simple ways that you can get dog hair out of your clothes.

These methods are easy and don’t take much time because you can apply them as you get your clothes out for the day.

clothes brush

Clothes brushes are a common tool for your apparel, especially if you wear formal clothes often.

They are easy to use and come in many varieties that specialize in different applications.

lint rollers

Lint rollers are another great option. In fact, if you need to remove dog hair that is lying loosely on the surface of your clothes, a lint roller is one of the best ways to go.

Lint rollers are basically like tape that you roll over your clothes. The sticky side of the roller gathers up hair until there is so much hair on the roller that the stickiness has diminished.

When that happens you simply remove the section you have been using and expose a new section underneath.


Use Of Clothes Steamer

If you’re worried about washing delicate fabrics like velvet or wool, there are alternative ways to use them.

A clothes steamer is the next step. The warmth and dampness loosen the fur’s grasp, making it simpler to brush out.

how do I get a lot of dog hair out of my clothes?

How Do I Get Dog Hair Out Of My Clothes
The more often you brush your dog, the more hair you will remove to avoid excess shedding.

If your dog hair problem is worse than hair that floats around because you forgot to sweep this week, then you need to consider some other ways to get pet hair out of your clothes.

These next suggestions involve your washer and dryer and adjustments that you can make to your laundry cycle.

use dryer sheets

Starting with the simplest, use dryer sheets when you run your clothes through the dryer.

The biggest accomplice for pet hair sticking to your clothes is static electricity. Where static is, pet hair follows.

Dryer sheets soften clothes and break down static,w which loosens pet hair.

The good thing about the dryer is that once the pet hair loosens and falls off, it goes straight to the dryer’s lint catcher. All you have to do is pull it out and empty it.

use fabric softener

If you have a lot of pet hair, you may need to go for a double dose of fabric softener. That means putting some in the wash with your detergent.

You can even use white vinegar. It naturally softens your clothes and even has virtue as a cleaner and stain remover.

dry your clothes before you wash them

This seems counter-intuitive and will require breaking a laundry cycle formed into a habit by years of repetition, but if you run your clothes on a no-heat spin in the dryer for about twenty minutes prior to a wash cycle, that also helps loosen pet hair.

You can even throw in a dryer sheet for good measure.

additional laundry suggestions

There are a couple of products that you can use if you need some extra dog-hair-removal power.

One is wool dryer balls. Yeah, it’s a thing. You can throw a couple of these into the dryer with your clothes and they can help remove dog hair.

Another possibility is the Fur Zapper. A Fur Zapper is a reusable product that seems to be made of roughly the same material as toy insects that stick to the wall.

You can use it in your washer or your dryer.

Read our related article, How to Clean Your Dryer of Dog Hair. If you have a heavy shedder, washing your fur-covered clothes could lead to buildup in your dryer. Here’s what to do about it.

how do I remove untold amounts of dog hair from my clothes?

If you are still having trouble getting pet hair out of your clothes, then you might be facing a dog hair dilemma that is house-wide.

If that is the case, then you need to do some house-wide removal of dog hair in order to cut down on the amount of hair that gets on your clothes.

Here are a few suggestions.

vacuum your Furniture

If you’re having trouble getting pet hair off of your clothes then you need to vacuum it up off your furniture, especially if your dog is the type to lounge on your sofa all day.

Removing dog hair from your furniture eliminates one of the contact points that your dog’s hair has with your clothes.

When you sit down on the spot where your fur buddy has been napping, then his hair is going to cling to your clothes.

For this job, you will need a vacuum with a hose and an upholstery attachment.

Vacuum your Carpet

If you have a dog hair problem then you need to vacuum it up off the carpet, even if you don’t roll around on the floor with your dog (and especially if you do).

Dog hair gets everywhere. If you have a really bad dog hair problem, then the best way to get it off of one thing is to get it off everything.

Read our related article on How to Remove Dog Hair From Carpet for more tips and tricks to keep your home (and consequently your clothes) clean!

Preventing Dog Hair From Getting On Your Clothes

How Do I Get Dog Hair Out Of My Clothes
The easiest way to keep dog hair out of your clothes is to get in the habit of using a dryer sheet when drying your clothes.

If you have done the work to get dog hair out of your clothes, you may want to know how to prevent it from getting back on them.

The best thing you can do is brush them regularly. You can even brush them before they come in from the outside. Brushing helps reduce shedding and it also helps keep your dog looking great.

Another thing you can do is take your dog to the groomers for a regular haircut. Trimmed hair is a great way to keep it out of your clothes.

If the groomers put a strain on your budget, you can always get some dog clippers and do it yourself.

Either way, keeping your dog groomed is essential to keeping his hair off your clothes.

Final Thoughts

While the dog hair problem can seem overwhelming, it is possible to mitigate it.

After looking through the suggestions above, you only need to assess how bad the problem is and choose the best method to fix it.

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