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Flirt Poles For Dogs (Guide & Product Review for 2022!)

Ask any dog owner, and they’ll tell you just how tough (but rewarding) it is to own a dog.

Dogs are naturally mischievous, but using good training techniques and the right tools, you can train your puppy to behave while making it fun for them and expending their energy.

A flirt pole is a fun training aid that helps puppies and older dogs safely expend energy. It has a rod with a cord attached to it and a lure at the end, such as a squeaky toy.

This pole is mainly used for training dogs, but it can also be used for exercise and play. 

Wave the lure back and forth to entice your dog to chase and catch it. Flirt Poles bring out a dog’s instincts and prey-chasing drive, making it easy to keep your dog’s attention.

Picking the right Flirt Pole for your dog may seem daunting, so we made it easy for you and tested them with our pups!

Flirt poles for dogs are all very similar, so we picked 6 to test with our pups. Here are 2 that we think are the best options for Flirt Poles for dogs.

Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
Best-Overall-Squishy-Face-Studio-Flirt-Pole-V2 Best Overall: Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 Offering durability and great quality for the price, while keeping safety in mind, we found the Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole is the top choice. Check Price
Runner-Up-DIBBATU-Interactive-Flirt-Pole-Toy-For-Dogs Runner Up: DIBBATU Interactive Flirt Pole Toy For Dogs This option provides durability while allowing dog owners to add different attachments, promising versatile training and play for your four-legged friend. Check Price

How We Narrowed Down The Best Flirt Poles For Dogs

Dog chasing a flirt pole
Flirt poles are a great way to get your dog moving and can also be efficient training tools!

We looked at some of the best brands that offer Flirt Poles for dogs for this test.

We considered how the product is intended to be used and the user’s experience. We also looked at some of the top brands from Amazon and Chewy. 

After finding only the best for dogs, we put the flirt poles to the test with dogs of different breeds, ages, and sizes.

We tested these products for, most importantly, durability, safety, and engagement in dogs. 

Our testing included Squishy Face Studio, which makes their flirt poles in the USA with components tested for durability, strength, and safety.

Featuring a strong pole with an ergonomic grip and a bungee cord for a rope, this Flirt Pole is extremely durable. 

Our research and tests also included DIBBATU, a brand that offers a durable pole and a versatile play with the option to change lures and keep your pup coming back for more!

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We had an outrageous amount of fun testing these flirt poles with our dogs, and we’re confident that you and your dogs will love them, too.

Read on to see what we love about them and why.

At the very end, we’ll teach you 4 easy training steps to use a flirt pole to teach your dog to sit, stay, play, and drop on command.

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Best Dog Flirt Poles Reviewed

1. Best Overall: Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2

Product Ratings


Sizes: 24” or 36” | Styles: Squeaker, No Squeaker | Colors: Purple/Blue Tie Dye, Rainbow Tie Dye | Features: Bungee Cord

What We Liked

  • Great training tool for most dog owners
  • Squeaking lure that keeps dog focused and engaged
  • Durable pole and bungee cord

What We Didn’t Like

  • Pole can be heavy/hard to hold for smaller hands
  • Tassels can be easily chewed through, piercing the squeaker

Not all flirt pole brands provide longevity while keeping you and your pup’s safety in mind.

Squishy Face Studio excels in design, and for this reason, we decided that the Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 is our Best Overall Pick for dog owners and dogs alike!

How did we come to this conclusion?


There’s nothing worse than buying a new toy or training tool for your pup and ending up with a broken or damaged product within 10 minutes.

Have trouble with a heavy chewer or destructive pup? Take a look at some advice from ASPCA on what you can do to help your canine with these behaviors. 

Squishy Face Studio uses high-quality materials made in the USA.

With a heavy pole made of PVC, a bungee rope, and a lure made of polyester webbing, this flirt pole held up to the test, even against our bigger dogs like a 2-year-old German Shepherd!

Flirt poles are typically intended for short training or play sessions where the dog catches and releases the lure.

Even with some of our smaller dogs, like a mini poodle, tugging at and chewing on the lure, we found the flirt pole remained durable for many sessions of varying lengths. 

Although we found the squeaker in the lure to easily become punctured and no longer work, it didn’t seem to affect the interest dogs had in the flirt pole itself.

Overall, this flirt pole proved to be long-lasting and strong.


Training and playing with your dog should be fun and stress-free. You should use products during these sessions that don’t impose a threat to yourself or your dog.

This is where Squishy Face Studio shines.

Most flirt poles are made with a simple rope or cord attached to the lure. When dogs catch the lure, they should ideally drop it right away.

That said, if you have a dog who’s still learning the “drop” command or likes to tug on the lure, this can create issues. The cord or rope can become taut and then snap back once released by the dog. 

Squishy Face Studio kept this in mind, designing the lure attachment with a bungee cord that absorbs all of that tension.

This guarantees that you and Fido won’t have to worry about lures snapping back, keeping you both safe and happy.

While you still must play carefully with the cord to avoid injury, the bungee cord feature of this flirt pole makes it one of the safest options for you and your dog to enjoy!


Have you ever given your dog what you thought was a neat toy only to find them chewing on your shoes minutes later?

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to keep your furry friend engaged and entertained so they don’t tear your house down.

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The Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole v2 shines above the rest for engagement.

With a lure that uses bright, vivid colors and small individual tassels with a squeaker, this flirt pole attracts dogs of all breeds and sizes.

The anticipation of catching the lure and biting the squeaker keeps dogs focused and entertained far beyond typical lures that don’t offer squeakers or lures of different materials and shapes.

2. Runner Up: DIBBATU- Interactive Flirt Pole Toy For Dogs

Product Ratings


Size: Pole- 33” Cord- 38” Rope- 12” | Material: Stainless Steel / Nylon | Features: Easy Carrying/ Storage, Multifunction Rope | Color: Multicolor

What We Liked

  • Ergonomic pole grip, easy to hold
  • Sturdy pole, hard to break
  • Allows different toys/ lures to be attached

What We Didn’t Like

  • Rope lure isn’t as durable, breaks and detaches easily
  • Rope replacements aren’t offered
  • The two-part pole may become loose during sessions

Due to its ability to keep your dog entertained with various lures and durability for numerous sessions, the DIBBATU Interactive Flirt Pole Toy For Dogs came in at a close second on our list.


Although we mentioned that the rope lure for this toy doesn’t do well against a chewer, especially big dogs, we found the overall durability and function of the Flirt Pole remained intact. 

Note: We noticed that it was best to check the pole before beginning sessions to ensure both pieces were still tightly screwed together because the pole may loosen and come apart.

With a stainless steel pole and a grasp hook to attach more lures, the flirt pole doesn’t have to be replaced once the lure is damaged.

This offers dog owners a longer period to use the pole before replacing it.


Despite not being as technically designed as our best overall pick, the DIBBUTA Interactive Flirt Pole was still surprisingly safe for dogs of all breeds and sizes to use.

This flirt pole features a stainless steel pole providing resistance and durability against even the strongest tuggers we had, like our 3-year-old Pitbull Mix. 

The clasp that connects the pole and cord is stainless steel and swivels, allowing room for slight pulling and resistance on the cord.

Using heavy-duty material, DIBBUTA’s Interactive Flirt Pole For Dogs ranks well in safety.


The lure this flirt pole comes with can keep your dog entertained for hours alone.

Once the lure becomes damaged or you find that your dog has lost interest, you can replace the lure with one of your choosing. 

As long as it can attach to the cord, you can use squeakers, plushies, ropes, and different lures to find what best captivates your dog’s attention and satisfies their play needs.

Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallRunner Up
Overall Rating4.6/54.3/5
Durability 4/54/5

The Winner

In the end, the forward-thinking design and guaranteed durability of Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 make it a clear winner for the best flirt poles for dogs. 

Promising to engage your pup for hours while keeping you both safe, this flirt pole is top-notch for any dog owner looking to train a young puppy or play with their furry best friend. 

How To Choose The Best Flirt Pole For Dogs

There are many more flirt poles available online and in pet stores, so choosing the perfect one is remarkably difficult.

So many of them are identical with different brand names, or they look the same but the materials are more or less robust. 

The poles may look identical, but some are made of flimsy plastic and others are made of stainless steel.

For those with toy breeds, a cat flirt pole may be the best option. So how do you choose the right one? 

Here are the factors that we took into consideration when choosing dog products like flirt poles to buy and test.

Consider Your Dog’s Breed and Size

Remember that flirt poles are primarily used for training. Dogs of different breeds are born with different characteristics and instincts.

If your dog is a breed that doesn’t have a high prey drive, this tool may not work well for them. 

You also want to consider the size of your dog in comparison to the flirt pole.

Avoid lures that are too big or heavy for your pup to ensure they don’t lose interest and enjoy training/playing with the lure.


Always look for a flirt pole with strong durable material. If they come with clasps or hooks, make sure these are sturdy, secure, and won’t break off into your dog’s mouth. 

Check that the pole is tough and can withstand pulling/tugging and resistance.

You should consider materials that were tested to prove hard-wearing against even the toughest and strongest of canines.

A cheaper pole may break and cause injury to you or your dog. 


How much training your dog has received and how much you plan to train should affect how you look at potential flirt poles for your dog.

If your four-legged friend is well trained and possesses great self-control, you might get away with a flirt pole that isn’t as durable because you can use the pole as intended, with your dog dropping the lure immediately instead of tugging. 

Here’s a video from Squishy Face Studio on the ideal way to use a flirt pole with your dog!

If you want to use the flirt pole to teach your dog commands, look into brands that offer strong materials that can last through trial and error with you and your dog.

Using Flirt Poles for Dogs

Cute dog playing with a flirt pole for dogs
Flirt poles for dogs can make excellent training tools, and it’s relatively easy to get started!

If you aren’t familiar with flirt poles or are new to dog training, you may not be sure where to start.

Before you get a flirt pole, you should make sure it’s the right training tool for your dog. 

Consider their ability, mobility, size, and age.

You should also ensure you have a proper place to safely use the flirt pole with your dog. Flirt poles should always be used outdoors on soft surfaces like grass, dirt, or sand. 

How to Use

A flirt pole is used by holding the grip and moving the lure from side to side or around in circles, enticing your dog to chase, catch and release it. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics of a flirt pole, we’ll cover exactly how you can use it when training your pup.

If your dog doesn’t know many commands, a flirt pole can be a great way to start teaching them!

Using 4 easy steps, we’ll break down how to train your dog the easy way!

1. Sit to Start 

Start training by teaching your dog to follow the “sit” command. 

It may take a bit of patience but keeping the lure still can help curb your dog’s desire to chase. This teaches dogs to follow commands for rewards and helps enforce the “sit” command.

2. Permission to Play

Once your dog is in a sitting position, you can use a cue to permit them to play with the lure.

Here you want to move the flirt pole from side to side or in circles until your canine friend catches the lure.

Giving permission teaches dogs they can’t play with just anything they want.

Instead, they must wait for your cue to engage. This helps dogs who have a strong prey drive and forget everything when their instincts kick in.

3. Trade to Drop

Once your pup catches the lure, you want them to release it back to you.

If your dog doesn’t know or follow the “drop” command yet, you may have to get creative.

One way to do this is by bartering with them. Use high-value treats to entice the dog to drop the lure in turn for the treat. 

Use a cue word or phrase like “drop” or “drop it” and offer the treat. Your dog should release the lure and go for the treat.

Not only does this teach the “drop” command, but it also helps your dog understand that play can not continue until it lets go of the lure.

Speaking of treats, we tested the Best Treat Dispensing Dog Toys to keep your dog busy while you’re away!

4. Sit to Restart

Now that you’ve regained possession of the lure, you’re free to start the process again by having the dog sit to restart the chase. 

This step ties the whole process together, reinforcing the commands you’re teaching them.

Once your four-legged friend becomes familiar with the flirt pole and commands, you can even take it a step further! 

For example, Sit to Start can become Sit and Wait to Start, where you’ll have the dog sit and wait a brief moment (start low and build up the amount of time) before engaging. 

Trade to Drop can also become Drop on Cue. Here you can teach your dog to drop the lure on cue without a treat.

The uses of a flirt pole are endless, and it’s up to each user on how they decide to utilize them!

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