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7 Best Wide Dog Collars for Large & Strong Dogs!

Shopping for dog collars can be a real chore, whether online or in-store. Unless you’re adding an additional member to your home, chances are you’re shopping because your furry friend has finally (or quickly) destroyed the last one. 

Wide dog collars (generally greater than 1.5” wide) are becoming more popular because their extended width allows tension to distribute more evenly across your dog’s neck while walking and at rest. Wide collars are often padded inside to make them comfortable for all-day wear.

We think a dog collar needs to be as fashionable as it is functional, so we tried out the cutest and sturdiest wide dog collars for big dogs that are being talked about across dog parks and the internet. We had fun buying and testing 20 of the highest-rated wide dog collars. 8 took spots in our top picks, with another 7 earning honorable mentions.

Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
01 Bully’s PitBull Collar Best Overall: Bully’s Pitbull Collar A simple design featuring richly pigmented colors makes Bully’s PitBull Collar stand out above the rest. Thick nylon material with stitching through the entire width and length creates a sturdy, long-lasting collar that can take a pulling. Check Price
02 Buckle-Down Seatbelt Dog Collar Best For Fashion: Buckle-Down Seatbelt Dog Collar Known for their iconic seatbelt buckles, Buckle-Down has been providing character-based accessories for decades. The seatbelt dog collar uses a miniature seat belt buckle to secure your best friend in the most stylish way. Check Price
03 EzyDog Neo Classic Wide Best For Water: EzyDog Neo Classic Wide Waterlogged collars are uncomfortable and unhygienic, so we like this waterproof neoprene wide dog collar for our swimmers. Nylon webbing provides extra strength, while reflective stitching boosts visibility. Check Price
04 KCUCOP Tactical Dog Collar Best For Control: KCUCOP Tactical Dog Collar Featuring An Easy Control Handle And A Metal Buckle, This Rugged Model Provides Style While Letting You Stay In Control. The Metal Clasp Deters Chewing, While The Easy-Grip Handle Lets You Keep Them Close When They Are Trying To Run Off. Check Price
05 Beirui Latigo Leather Collar Best Classic Leather: Berry Pet Leather Collar Lightweight, efficient, and sophisticated are perfect adjectives for this classic leather collar. Made from a solid strip of full-grain cowhide, you’ll skip the disappointment of “genuine leather,” which is often composite leathers held together by stinky glue. Check Price
06 Bestia Maximus Best For Luxury: Bestia Maximus Designed for the most regal canines, the Maximus makes your dog look like royalty. Perfect for special occasions or all-day wear, this quality import of handmade leather with lamb lining is both stunning and sturdy. Check Price

How We Selected Our Top Picks

Dog with a wide collar

This all started over a puppy date at our local dog park. A regular pup’s mom was very excited to adopt a rescue Pitbull. She was mostly concerned that the full-grown boy would be too wild, and she wouldn’t be able to keep him restrained on a leash.

We sought to help to find the best collars for big dogs but were inundated with too many options. After reading up on selecting a dog collar, we narrowed our experiment down to wide dog collars for big dogs. 

The next step was asking our friends and neighbors who have big canine pals what wide dog collars they were already using and what they thought about them. That’s how we heard about EzyDog.

Specializing in active-lifestyle dog supplies and accessories, EzyDog’s product line spans from outdoor gear to car safety restraint systems. They are the industry leader in high-quality, water-resistant dog gear.  

We like to take the gang to the groomers for a good trim every so often. During one trip, we laid eyes on the most luxurious dog collar we’d ever seen. The dog’s owner told us they’d had all their dog collars imported from Europe by Bastia. 

Bastia is known for its made-to-order handmade dog collars. Sourcing exclusively from full-grain leather, they have been supplying the fanciest dogs with jaw-dropping luxury collars that are as sturdy as they are beautiful.  

Lastly, we took to the internet to find out which wide dog collars people are raving about. While surfing blogs, message boards, and product review sites like Google, Amazon, and Chewy, we kept coming across a familiar name, Buckle-Down.

Buckle-Down has been a popular accessory company for over 20 years. They are best known for their seatbelt-style belts, but they also create purses, suspenders, wallets, etc. Since they hold licensing agreements with all the biggest character brands, you can spend all day trying to pick out the perfect design for you and your pet. 

Next, it was time to measure our dogs and place our orders. Even if you think you know your dog’s size, it’s important to re-measure before any new wearable products are ordered to avoid annoying returns.

Except for a few collars that did not work out, we tested the collars by going on two separate walks. Additionally, we left each dog in the collar after the walk for at least 4 hours, if possible, and if they were still comfortable, we left it for the rest of the day.

Since collar performance is best understood after some time and regular use, our final step was to check product reviews from verified purchases. This gave us an idea of what can be expected later in the collar’s lifespan. We gave extra weight to reviews with pictures describing their experience. 

Finally, let’s introduce the testers. Grace is a 55lb Husky, Reno’s a 55lb Boxer, Ginger is our 101lb Rottweiler, and Jazz, our Pitbull Mastiff, weighs in at a whopping 135lbs! We made sure that our top picks are their top picks also.

Best Wide Dog Collars

1. Best Overall: Bully’s PitBull Collar

Bully’s PitBull Collar

Product Ratings


Neck Size: 19”-31”| Brand: Bully’s| Material: Nylon; Stainless Steel | Fastener: Buckle| Features: Full-Width Stitching| Dogs: Large Dogs ONLY

What We Liked

  • Simple, straight-forward design
  • Melted buckle holes prevent pokes around the neck
  • Machine washable
  • Designed for unruly dogs that pull
  • Thick and sturdy D-ring is unlikely to pull through

What We Didn’t Like

  • It isn’t padded for more comfortable wear
  • Tags and leash go on the same D-ring, causing loud jingling while walking
  • Rolling bar on buckle had a slight seam gap

Right off we were impressed by how vibrant the collar was out of the box. It looked even more amazing on our dogs and quickly became our favorite collar.

Materials and Features

Thick, and we do mean thick, nylon is the bulk of the material. This made the collar heavier than what we were used to. The extra girth didn’t impact the functionality, so if your dog struggles to adjust to it, try introducing the collar for limited-time bursts.

We love that there are three extra rows of stitching woven into the collar band’s width. This means that should one thread get snagged and broken, the wide dog collar won’t lose its strength and structural integrity. 

The D-ring is thick stainless steel secured by a full layer of nylon wrapped around it and then stitched separately from the aforementioned triple stitching. We don’t think it’s going to fall apart anytime soon.

Overall, reviewers seemed as happy with this wide dog collar as we were. Some, however, reported that their dogs were eventually able to chew through their collars.


None of our babies seemed to mind the extra weight except Ginger, who is not used to wearing collars. After a third adventure, she seemed as comfortable as the rest of the pack!

We took three of our four tester dogs out on walks with this collar. Grace, our Husky, didn’t quite fit the collar. It’s not advisable to use a collar that is too big because your dog could slip out at the wrong time. In Grace’s case, the extra weight was visibly uncomfortable.

Eventually, everyone was able to lounge and play while wearing the wide collar for the rest of the day.


It can be hard to find a product that stands up to your dog’s strength and destructive tendencies. Still, the goal should be to invest in products that maintain their shelf life. Bully’s reached the mark with this wide dog collar. 

This collar proves that bells and whistles are unnecessary when you make a solid product. Melted prong holes prevent damage from failing grommets. Plus, the melted nylon provides extra strength against tears in the same way metal grommets would. 

Do keep an eye on that rolling bar. Other users reported that the seam could separate further, causing a poke point for your pup. 


2. Best for Fashion: Buckle-Down Seatbelt Dog Collar

Buckle-Down Seatbelt Dog Collar

Product Ratings


Neck Size: 13”-32”| Brand: Buckle-Down | Material: Polyester; Steel | Fastener: Seatbelt Buckle| Features: Quick Release | Dogs: All Breeds

What We Liked

  • Time-tested company that has been around for 20+ years
  • Extensive selection of characters and prints
  • Durable high-quality weight and feel
  • Can buy a belt to match my dog (or visa versa)
  • Comes in a clip clasp option

What We Didn’t Like

  • Buckle is a bit heavy and slid under chin when not on leash
  • The woven polyester could be thicker to provide more strength against pulling

One of our favorite accessories is the Buckle-Down seatbelt buckle belt. When Google told us that Buckle-Down has a pet accessory division, we simply could not order fast enough. 

Materials and Features

Think of a literal seatbelt for your car. Now imagine those old-school flat, square, metal seat belt buckles. Got it? Now shrink it down and you know what this option for a wide dog collar offers.

While seatbelts are strong and designed to prevent you from flying out of a crashing car, we wouldn’t trust this to restrain a determined dog. While sturdy for well-behaved adventures and snazzy daily wear, it would be preferable if there was extra lining and material to increase strength. 

The Buckle-Down seatbelt dog collar is intended to be seen and is ideal for daily all-day casual wear. However, that big metal buckle is unsuitable for water or prolonged direct heat. Some reported that the buckle gets harder to use over time. The clip clasp version would be easier to use without worries of rust or internal part damage.

In addition to the clip clasp version, other options include a matching leash and a 1″ wide collar version. With the thinner collar for smaller dogs, we can get a matching set for the whole pack!


The pattern is featured on both the inside and outside of the collar, but there is no padding for extra comfort. The buckle is heavy, and while it worked as intended, it was harder to use with our antsy testers who wanted to run off to play in the lake. Trying to unbuckle at an angle resulted in jams.

For some, this collar may only be suitable for walks and adventure time. On both Reno (Boxer) and Ginger (Rottweiler), the buckle slipped under the chin. This isn’t necessarily dangerous, just less comfortable. Would you want a metal block pushing into your neck all day?

We were also concerned about the buckle in the heat. There is no protective coating to reduce heat retention, so the buckle itself may become dangerously hot after long hours in the sun. You’ll want to monitor the buckle regularly to check for comfort.


We think that longevity will depend on your dog’s temperament. Ginger pawed at the collar throughout her testing day which, over time, will cause rips and frays and make the collar look junky. 

Reviewers report back positively with many getting multiple years of casual wear out of this fashionable piece. Those who were unhappy with their investment ultimately tried to use this collar with dogs that were too unruly for its design.


3. Best for Water: EzyDog Neo Classic Wide

EzyDog Neo Classic Wide

Product Ratings


Neck Size: 17.5”- 32.75”| Brand: EzyDog | Material: Nylon; Neoprene; Stainless Steel | Fastener: Clip Release | Features: Waterproof | Dogs: Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Fast dying and waterproof neoprene is perfect for water-lovers 
  • Thick nylon webbing reinforces the neoprene 
  • Quick-release fastener is easy to operate
  • Easy to clean and does not retain gross smells from the water
  • Reflective trim for added visibility in low-light conditions

What We Didn’t Like

  • Velcro adjustments are not the best material for regular water contact
  • Plastic releases are typically weaker against pulling

If your dogs are like ours, there’s no time to stop and remove collars once we’ve arrived at the lake. They see water, and it’s time for cannonballs. We needed an option that could take a good splashing.  

Materials and Features

They use neoprene to make wetsuits, so we knew that this collar would do well in the water. Where neoprene makes it waterproof, thick webbed nylon provides strength and durability.

Another fun feature is the reflective trim. Other collars we tried had reflective stitching, which wasn’t thick enough to be seen at any real distance. While the most visible, a reflective strip down the middle of a collar isn’t very visibly appealing. The thin line of trim featured here beautifully balances function with style.

The idea behind a velcro adjustment system is that you fit your dog for the collar once, then use the quick release system to take the collar on and off. This worked well while we used it, but we imagine that the velcro’s strength will be this collar’s weak point over time. 


If our tester pups had any problems with it, they hid it from us! The time playing in the water was far more important to them than whatever was around their necks. Still, their movement seemed unhampered.

While nothing keeps them from wearing the collar all the time, we advise against it. If it’s gotten wet, you’ll want to let it dry away from your dog’s skin and fur to avoid funky smells and skin irritation. 

Secondly, the extra ring for ID tags is rigid and may dig into their neck when laying down.


There are so many features on the collar that promotes long-lasting use. The D-ring is solid, the nylon webbing is thick, and the neoprene makes the whole thing waterproof. Where it falls short is the quick release clasp.

Although some owners prefer the plastic clasp that requires a simple squeeze on both sides, the mechanics of this sort of fastening system are not very sturdy. To prevent dangerous choking, they are designed to give way under pressure. Once a dog has broken free by popping the clasp, the collar must be replaced. 


4. Best For Control: KCUCOP Tactical Dog Collar

KCUCOP Tactical Dog Collar

Product Ratings


Neck Size: 13.5”-24”| Brand: KCUCOP | Material: Nylon; Metal | Fastener: Metal Clasp Clip| Features: Easy Control Handle | Dogs: Medium and Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Extra handle at the D-ring for added immediate control
  • Metal clip fastener rather than plastic is more durable
  • Interior padding for long-wear comfort
  • Special place for velcro patches
  • Velcro adjustable collar for easy one-time fit

What We Didn’t Like

  • The extra handle isn’t reinforced enough, and will eventually rip
  • The D-Ring and handle didn’t stay in one place

Usually, we see extra handles for emergency grabs on harnesses, so we were curious to see how the feature would fare on a neck collar. 

Materials and Features

This tactical wide dog collar appears to be everything we could ask for. It has a rugged aesthetic, functional added features, and comfortable wear. 

Upon closer look, the collar’s thickness mostly came from the interior padding, which did seem to sit comfortably on Ginger and Reno. In fact, they were taking their post-walk afternoon naps before we could take them off! 

We were skeptical about the handle once we saw that it was only stitched through the top nylon layer. To test, we threw Ginger’s favorite toy across the yard. As expected, she went to dart after it, and we were able to stop her by using the handle. It did hold, but the strain on the stitching was evident.

Additionally, you’ll need to make sure that you detach the velcro holding the handle down before going out. If it’s clamped down when you need it, the feature is useless as you’ll just have to grab the collar.

According to reviews, the extra grab control handle does eventually give way. Some were faster than others. We think this feature is great in an emergency, but like a helmet, once fully used, you’ll want to consider replacing it. 


The internal padding is super soft and sits smoothly on the neck. The metal clip clasp sits on top of the padded layer so that the buckle is never touching your dog. 

The fastening mechanism uses velcro to hold to size. While this wasn’t a problem for Reno or Ginger, Grace’s longer fur did not appreciate the velcro. She scratched at it until it was starting to come undone. The metal clast did prevent the collar from coming off, but it isn’t designed to hold weight.


Due to the thin nylon top layer and minimal stitch support at the extra handle, we expect that this wide dog collar won’t stand the test of time. 

We like how it looks and feels, and you probably will too. Just be prepared to regularly replace it if you have a rambunctious friend. Thankfully it was not too expensive. 


5. Best Classic Leather: Berry Pet Latigo Leather Collar

Beirui Latigo Leather Collar

Product Ratings


Neck Size: 15”-25”| Brand: Berry Pet | Material: Leather; Metal | Fastener: Buckle | Features: Double D-ring | Dogs: Medium and Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Classic leather belt look and feel
  • Single piece full-grain leather
  • Two D-rings lets you use one for the leash and the other for tags
  • Double-studded metal fasteners to hold D-rings in place.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Advertised as a wide collar, but is less than 1.5”
  • D-rings are only secured by the metal studs
  • Extra collar doesn’t stay secured by belt loop

Leather is a popular collar material choice for dogs and owners that want a classic look and feel made from natural materials.

Materials and Features

Who doesn’t love the smell of leather? Compared to some other varieties we tried, this collar smelled like real leather. So much so that it took a few days before the smell wore off. We aren’t complaining, but keep that in mind if you’re sensitive to smells.

Where “genuine leather” collars can be made of composite leather scraps, full-grain leather comes from a single piece and often uses the top layer of the hide, which is the strongest. Since this product is made from full-grain leather, there aren’t nasty chemical smells to bother you or the dog. 

Although listed in the wide collar category, we found it hard to find a full-grain leather collar option that exceeded 1.37″. The point of a wide collar is to evenly distribute the tension across a greater area, providing greater protection to the neck and trachea. This slightly wider variety was virtually indistinguishable from standard width collars.


The natural material provides a more comfortable fit for our dog which would have been even better had the width been wider. If you have a long-haired dog, you may not even see the collar through the fur, as was the case with Grace.

Having a D-ring on each side allows you to choose which walking position is most comfortable for you and your dog. The collar itself did stay in place throughout all walks. 

Reno knows he looks stunning in it and now takes most of his walks wearing the classic latigo leather. Of course, we have already ordered the matching leash and are waiting impatiently for it to arrive. 


If you take care of the leather, it will last. Treat it regularly with olive oil or a leather conditioner to keep it from drying out and cracking. 

While this collar felt like a win for us, upon further research, our concerns about the metal fasteners proved true. Over time and pulling, the loop holding the D-ring stretches and eventually rips. 


6. Best For Luxury: Bestia Maximus

Bestia Maximus

Product Ratings


Neck Size: 16.7”-29.6”| Brand: Bastia| Material: Cowhide; Sheepskin; Stainless Steel | Fastener: Buckle | Features: Metal Studs | Dogs: Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Looks both beautiful and intimidating
  • Individually handmade with thick reinforced stitching
  • User guide provides care instructions to protect the leather
  • Responsive customer service

What We Didn’t Like

  • Is too think to be comfortable for some dogs
  • Studs can come loose (you can request replacements though)
  • Adding identification tags somewhat ruin the look and feel

The pictures don’t do it justice. This collar is massive and beautiful. 

Materials and Features

Bastia dog collars come from a long tradition of handmade leather goods imported from Europe. They work from full-grain top layer cowhide for the outer layer, while the inner layer consists of a softer sheepskin for better fit and comfort. 

The quality of materials is apparent, and the stitching looks as immaculate as it is strong. The studding is gold, bright, and eye-catching beyond belief. The metal studs are not real gold, and they can come loose, but replacements are available from the makers.

No functional frills or features with this piece. All the show is in its craftsmanship, and trust us, that’s already more than enough to show! 


We did not think that our pups would be interested in wearing the collar just because it seems so big in our hands. But when we put them on, it was like they knew they were wearing something special. We swear to you that they pranced around like they were royalty. 

Grace, Jazz, and Reno were very comfortable in the collar and didn’t need them taken off right away despite our reservations. We left each in the collar for a few hours with no problems, and got tons of adorable photos!


Leather can be tricky to maintain. But, if you take special care, you can keep leather looking immaculate for a long time. The same is true for the Maximus. While it’s fairly impossible to prevent all water damage, takes a few minutes to oil-treat the leather periodically to protect against cracks and creases. 

While the studding felt sturdy, over time, it’s reasonable that play and paws will loosen the studs, making them fall off. Thankfully all reviews report that Bastia’s customer service is very responsive, and they are happy to send replacement studs if and when needed. Sweet!


7. Best Military Style: OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar

OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar

Product Ratings


Neck Size: 14”-20”| Brand: OneTigris | Material: Nylon; Metal | Fastener: Buckle | Features: Morale Patch | Dogs: Medium and Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Strong military aesthetic, pooch looks ready for inspection
  • Very soft, shape-holding, internal padding
  • Machine-washable
  • Three additional rows of stitching for strength

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lease and identification tags share same D-ring
  • Metal is not protected making it prone to rust
  • Comes with a random patch, but desired patches can be ordered separately

When you’re looking for something just a little bit intimidating, you can’t go wrong with the OneTigris military-style collar. The aesthetic screams all work and no play, no matter how silly and playful your buddy is.

Materials and Features

The thick nylon top layer is well balanced with the internal padding. This should allow for regular use and long-time wear. We think the nylon could be thicker, but it feels sturdy and performs well, but it may not stand up to extreme pulling. 

Still, the piece is lightweight and easy to clean. Just throw it in the washer and make sure to dry the metal off completely to avoid oxidation before hanging to dry. Otherwise, this wide dog collar is no fuss or muss and looks great on your little soldier. 


We liked that this padding seemed to be something like memory foam because it held its form when pressed. We think it provided even more comfort than other padded varieties.

The relative thinness of the nylon layer lets the collar stay flexible, making it more comfortable to wear for long periods. Your pup should be fine wearing this at home, on walks, at the park, and even on long camping trips.  


A calm dog will have no problem making this their collar of choice for years. The simple design means that there are a few weak points. 

That said, we found a few too many photos of detached D-rings and missing grommets. In most cases, this seems to happen with dogs who tend to pull on their leashes

Pulling will shorten the longevity of any collar. It can also create a dangerous situation while out and about. If your dog is prone to pulling on the leash, consider incorporating leash training into your schedule. You’ll both be happier for it. 


Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallBest For FashionBest For WaterBest For ControlBest Classic LeatherBest Luxury StyleBest Military Style 
Overall Rating4.85/54.3/54.7/54.5/54/54.2/54.5/5
Dog’s Comfort5/54.5/54.5/55/54.8/53.5/54/5

The Winner

For us, the all-around top spot goes to Bully’s PitBull Collar. It looks great, feels great, sits comfortably, and is built to last. The stitching throughout the width of the collar provides added strength against tears, while the lack of metal grommets prevents poking.

As wide collars are best suited for bigger breeds, we felt comfortable selecting this as our all-around with the understanding that this collar is intended for big boys and girls only; the smallest neck size is a huge 25″!

That being said, no other collar in our test felt as sturdy against pulls and escape attempts as Bully’s PitBull Collar.

How to Choose the Best Wide Dog Collar

It can be confusing to sort through all of the wide dog collars available. Here are our tips to make sure you buy a collar that will be comfortable for your dog and fit your lifestyle.

Measure Your Dog

This is where you start whenever it’s time to purchase a new wearable dog accessory. Seems obvious, but you’d be shocked at how many returns are initiated due to poor sizing. No one wants to deal with returns, especially when you need something so important. Each manufacturer will list its specific sizing charts. 

You’re going to want to pull out a tape measure. Estimates really won’t serve you. Measure around the circumference of the neck at the exact point you intend for the wide dog collar to sit. Hold the tape measure in place, then stick two of your fingers between your dog and the tape measure. 

This should require you to add a little more space to your measurement. That extra space is for your dog’s comfort. Avoid buying a tight collar because it could either choke them or irritate the skin. 

How Will the Collar Be Used?

Here we will be considering the dog’s behavior. Take a few minutes to ponder questions about your dog’s environment and where your dog and the collar are likely to spend the most time. 

Will your dog be wearing the collar all the time or just during training and walks? Certain collars are not comfortable or safe for all-day wear. Do they like to play in the water, or are they exposed to rain often? While metal components are ideal for strength, they are prone to rust. Choose brass or stainless steel hardware for its rust resistance.


It’s true that dogs love to destroy things. Whether it’s busy paws or restless teeth, your canine pal can be a bit rough on their accessories. While you may be used to buying dog bones and dog toys regularly, a long-lasting collar is ideal for the wallet and the environment. 

You want to select wide dog collars made from thick, sturdy materials such as nylon, leather, and even neoprene (for water deflection). Thicker is good because it decreases tears from the buckle prongs, but is too thick, and the collar becomes too uncomfortable to wear.

We always recommend paying a little extra for metal hardware as opposed to plastic parts. Plastic wears, warps, and cracks faster, though some prefer it because it is easier on the fingers and can break away if the dog collar gets stuck on something.

Dog Behaviors

If you have a perfectly behaved dog that stays inside all the time, it won’t matter what wide dog collar you choose because they’ll all work perfectly. Assuming it’s of average to good quality, you’ll have a collar for years to come. If your dog’s not like that, keep reading.

Puppies and rescues are new to your home and environment. You’ll have to teach them how to go on safe walks. As they’re learning, you may benefit from the extra control that comes from martingale collars or tactical ones that have an extra handle for quick grabs.

If your dog pulls a lot, there’s no such thing as a collar that will last forever. That’s because even the sturdiest collars will get worn, misshapen, and break over time if subjected to regular and repeated stress.

We have tried to find collars that split the difference between style, longevity, and cost while keeping comfort and safety at the forefront of our decisions.

Honorable Mentions

We tried a lot of wide dog collars. Most had great qualities and could be the perfect fit for your pup. Just because they didn’t make our Top Picks list, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t fall in love with them all the same.

Here are some wide dog collars that almost made the cut.

1. Bestia Genuine Leather Star Collar – Considered For Leather

On the one hand, we loved that this handmade leather import is actually wide. It’s 2.5” wide to be exact. The collar is thick and well reinforced at the hardware points. It would take considerable force to break this leather dog collar.

It’s a bit heavy, and that extra weight is a problem at the D-ring. Designed to sit opposite the buckle, the extra girth and weight slip below the neck on walks making the connection awkward. We prefer the Berry Pet Latigo Leather Dog Collar which isn’t as wide, but it distributes tension more evenly than standard collars.

2. Excellent Elite Spanker Military Collar– Considered For Military Style

This military-style collar performed well during tests. It was flexible, comfortable, and fit the camouflage aesthetic. The D-ring is tucked behind the fabric but says that it’s a welded piece. Meanwhile, many comments complained of a failing D-ring. 

If you’re looking for a military aesthetic, the OneTigris’ Military Dog Collar would pass inspection in the barracks. Plus, the material is considerably thicker and the D-ring is welded, which will provide more strength and safety. 

3. Moonpet Leather Dog Collar – Considered For Leather

This dog collar is the epitome of classic leather style. No frills or exciting features unless you count the matching leash option or the engraved logo. We loved the soft sheepskin padded inside, but we couldn’t help notice that the collar is only about 1.25” wide. 

Try our pick for the best classic leather, the Berry Pet Latigo Leather dog collar instead. It is made from full-grain cowhide which is more robust and the “new leather smell” dissipates quickly. 

4. Berry Pet Rhinestone Collar – Considered For Fashion

Who doesn’t want maximum bling? The leather collar is flexible, comfortable for all-day wear, and sturdy. The rhinestones go all the way through and are held in place with a smooth alloy backing. The rhinestones stayed put as promised, by the end of the day we had a chip in the collar’s paint. 

Instead of painted finishes, which could be ingested by your chew-happy dog, look for high fashion that is stitched into the fabric. We simply cannot get enough of the Buckle-Down Seatbelt Dog Collar. We might just get one to match our every fandom.

5. Riparo Heavy Duty Padded Collar – Considered For Leather

Originally we were impressed with their commitment to no dyes or chemicals. Then we learned that they send a portion of each sale to no-kill shelters and adoption agencies. 

Our first impressions were positive. We liked that the D-ring was opposite the buckle. 

But when we checked this collar’s longevity, we found photo evidence of color rubbing off onto fur. Worse, as the buckle isn’t padded, it can dig into the dog’s neck when pulling against the leash. 

If you love the classic look of a leather belt, we suggest the Berry Pet Latigo Leather Collar

Sleek yet sturdy, this belt comes in two natural colors and the single, folded-strap design is reinforced with extra rivets to hold hardwear in place. 

6. CollarDirect Martingale Collar– Considered For Control

Martingale collars are training collars with an extra loop that creates a tension system that gently tightens when your dog pulls against the leash or tries to escape. Unlike choke collars, Martingale collars have a limit to how far they will tighten. 

We loved the design varieties, but the hardware that keeps the extra martingale loop in place was thin. On big dogs like ours, it wouldn’t take much pulling to break the loop, so we felt more comfortable with KCUCOP’s tactical dog collar. We liked being able to reach down and restrain our dog immediately. 

7. RC Pets Adjustable 1.5” Collar – Considered For Fashion

We spent far too much time trying to pick from one of their bright, fun, and vibrant color patterns, and of course, we got the matching leash. This collar fits comfortably and was prominent through thick fur.

We were really excited that this collar comes in bright, fun colors with matching leashes. The collar has a reflective logo, but it is the only reflective part and it sits to one side of the neck. It was more reflective than we expected, but we still prefer Buckle-Down’s seatbelt dog collars. You can’t beat their prints and character variety.

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