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7 Best Motorcycle Dog Carriers Ranked On the Open Road!

As dog owners, it’s important that our pups are always safe and protected, especially when traveling and, even more importantly, when traveling on a motorcycle! 

It can be hard to decide on the right motorcycle carrier as there are so many. We decided to take the time to uncover the most important qualities in one and test them with our dogs to see which ones they preferred the most. 

Here at BarkVa, dog safety is a top priority to us! We want to help ensure that every dog out there can be safe and secure on the open road. So we tested the best motorcycle carriers we could find. Here are our 7 favorites and 8 honorable mentions.

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Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
01 Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace Best Overall: Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace With Kuryakyn, you can always know that your dog’s safety is in good hands. This carrier was crafted to help dogs of all ages travel safely and securely. Check Price
02 Saddlemen Pet Voyager Our Dog’s Favorite: Saddlemen Pet Voyager This alternative was our dog’s favorite carrier. It was produced by Saddlemen, a trusted company known for its reliable and high-quality array of motorcycle accessories. Check Price
03 Sherpa Travel Deluxe, Airline-Approved Pet Carrier Best For Extensive Travel: Sherpa Travel Deluxe, Airline-Approved Pet Carrier Made by a brand known for its meticulous attention to detail and design, Sherpa knocks it out of the park once again with an excellent traveling carrier. Check Price
04 Hound Lightweight Dog Backpack Best Budget Carrier: Outward Hound Lightweight Dog Backpack We all like to travel, regardless of the income we earn. Outward Hound understands this dynamic and created a brilliant and affordable dog carrier suitable for any adventure. Check Price
05 YUDODO Dog Sling Carrier Best Carrier For Small Dogs: YUDODO Dog Sling Carrier Yudodo provides a chance to adventure for even the smallest dogs with this pet sling carrier. You can’t go wrong with this lightweight yet safe and reliable bag. Check Price
06 PetAmi Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Most Attractive Carrier: PetAmi Soft-Sided Pet Carrier We love to travel in style, and this soft-sided carrier worked wonders for our pups! PetAmi knows what they are doing. Their products look great and work perfectly. Check Price

How We Tested Each Motorcycle Carrier

Dog riding with its owner on a motorcycle
Traveling with your dog on a motorcycle can be dangerous, which is why finding the best motorcycle dog carriers is so important.

For this experiment, we wanted to make sure that each product was tested properly and fairly. To accurately compare the results we decided on 5 necessary qualities that we would look for in an ideal motorcycle dog carrier.

Here is what we decided on:

  • Materials
  • Size
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Affordability

This research method was perfect for helping us answer our questions. It showed us what we should be looking for while providing an accurate system to help us record our results. 

We started our search, which led us to many different brands, each offering different materials and quality. We also made sure to note the prices and value for each product. 

Kuryakyn, a highly popular and notable motorcycle accessory manufacturer known for its high quality and reliable products, was a brand we were very excited to try. Founded in 1989, this highly-praised company has been around for quite a while!

We needed to find several affordable options as sometimes motorcycle dog carriers can be expensive. This led us to Outward Hound. They are a widely-known and trusted brand that offers quality and affordability.

Saddlemen was another popular brand that came up a lot in our research. They are a widely-known brand that most dogs love because of how comfortable and snug their products are. Comfort is a top priority for this brand, and it shows!

We also took opinions from the dog owner community online, honing in on reviews and recommendations shared on popular shopping sites such as Chewy and Amazon. This information was very helpful for formulating our list.

We settled on 15 highly-rated dog carriers and tested these products for one month with our dogs, traveling short and far distances to gain better insight into each option. We sorted the good ones into the 7 best motorcycle dog carriers with another 8 honorable mentions to follow.

Best Motorcycle Dog Carriers

1. Best Overall: Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace

Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace

Product Ratings


Type: Soft-sided I Design: Box/Bag Carrier I Main Material(s): 1200 Denier Textile I Best for: Dogs up to 20 Pounds I Price: $$$

What We Liked

  • Weather-resistant carrier draped over a robust frame
  • Multiple viewing windows so your pup can get a view of the scenery
  • Range of straps and D-rings for diverse mounting options 

What We Didn’t Like

  • While solidly built, dogs over 10 pounds might be a tight fit
  • Quite expensive 
  • Might be hard to fit for those who have a top case on their bike

Kuryakyn is a serious contender in the motorcycle accessory industry with good reason. This motorcycle dog carrier looks great, performs perfectly, and is comfortable for our dogs.

How is This Carrier Designed?

This motorcycle carrier was carefully crafted with an internal frame and rigid structural support to ensure that your dog is safe and secure. The carrier itself is very sturdy, strong, and supportive, which we loved. 

This carrier also features a range of sissy bar straps and D-rings so you can adjust how it mounts on your bike. There are also carrying handles on the side and a removable shoulder strap if you need to carry your dog around on foot. 

Some great accessories came with this carrier:

  • Internal adjustable leash
  • Two dishes  
  • Removable stash pouch

One of the prime reasons this carrier made our list was the foam cushion within the carrier. It was very soft and smooth, which we knew our dogs would like. The cushion is easy to clean, and we never had any trouble getting it in and out of the carrier.

Our Favorite Feature

We loved the top-notch quality of this carrier the most. Our favorite feature was the rigid bottom which helped us mount it nice and tight on our bike rack. We loved this product because we knew our pups would be safe and secure no matter what!

How Our Dogs Liked It 

Our dogs very much enjoyed the soft cushions. We could tell it was very comfy to them because they never wanted to get out of the carrier even after the ride was over!

This product is on the small side. We were worried that some of our bigger dogs who weigh a bit more than 10 pounds, wouldn’t fit. 

Luckily they were able to! They just couldn’t lay down in the carrier, which was fine because all our dogs like to sit upwards anyway to admire the scenery and feel the wind in their faces.

What Other Customers Had to Say

We found a huge amount of positive feedback on this product, which is one of the main reasons that we wanted to try it in the first place. Many dog owners love this product for how safe and well-made it is. Many claimed that the high price is worth it.

Some had an issue with the size of the dog carrier as some owners have bigger dogs that weren’t able to lie down inside of it. This wasn’t an issue for our pups but all dogs are different and have different traveling preferences!


2. Our Dog’s Favorite: Saddlemen Pet Voyager

Saddlemen Pet Voyager

Product Ratings


Type: Soft-Sided I Design: Box/Bag Carrier I Main Material(s): Vinyl I Best for: Dogs up to 12-15 Pounds I Price: $$$ 

What We Liked

  • Twin mounting systems for versatility
  • Easy to disconnect and remove the carrier
  • Multiple vents and access points for your travel companion

What We Didn’t Like

  • This carrier doesn’t support big dogs
  • The product can become flimsy over time
  • Can be hard to fit on narrow bikes

Saddlemen is a popular motorcycle manufacturer founded in 2002 known most for its luxurious bike seats, bags, and accessories. This brand prioritizes comfort and safety when making new products.

How is This Carrier Designed?

This dog carrier is designed with multiple vents and access flaps to provide your dog with fresh air while making your cargo and pup more accessible while on the move.

This product contains a spacious pet compartment that features:

  • A removable and washable bottom tray
  • A comfortable canine resting pad
  • Food and water trays

There are two mounting systems included in this product. You can use a Saddlemen versa-mount seat harness or an adjustable sissy bar strap to attach this bag to your motorcycle. This proved to be a very helpful feature in our adventures!

Another aspect of this product that we liked was the quick-disconnect mounting straps and sissy bar sleeve. This gave us the ability to take the bag off our bikes in mere seconds. Some dog carriers can take a while to remove so this was a great feature.

Our Favorite Feature

For this carrier, we have two favorite features: the twin mounting systems and the quick accessibility of the bag itself.

Not all bikes have double mounting, so we were relieved to know we had multiple ways to attach the carrier to the bike if needed.

When out on the road, it can be pretty inconvenient to have to stop and dig through all your luggage when you need something. This bag made it much easier to find our stuff.

How Our Dogs Liked It

This was our dog’s favorite motorcycle dog carrier! At first, we weren’t exactly sure what it was that had them wagging their tails and smiling from ear to ear when we were riding around. We eventually concluded it was the vents in the bag they liked so much!

What Other Customers Had to Say

We found loads of reviews raving about the performance of this bag and the easy accessibility of this product. The only complaints we could find had to do with the bag’s small size and that it became flimsy over extensive use.


3. Best for Extensive Travel: Sherpa Travel Deluxe, Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

Sherpa Travel Deluxe, Airline-Appro

Product Ratings


Type: Soft-Sided I Design: Bag/Sling Carrier I Main Material(s): Polyester I Best for: Dogs under 22 pounds I Price: $$ 

What We Liked

  • Airline approved
  • Comes in 3 different sizes and colors
  • Made from rugged, easy-maintenance polyester

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not good for bigger dogs
  • Dimensions slightly smaller than advertised

Some people out there spend a lot of time traveling, which means that a reliable and effective dog carrier is even more of a necessity! Sherpa specializes in creating efficient and travel-safe carriers for pets at affordable prices.

How is This Carrier Designed?

This product is designed to be compact and fit in most places. It’s airline-approved, so if you’re traveling by plane with your dog, you won’t have to worry about issues at check-in. This carrier is perfect for those who wish to travel in comfort and style!

The bag comes in 3 different sizes:

  • Small – 13” in length x 7.5” inches high for dogs up to 8 pounds
  • Medium – 16” length x 10” inches high for dogs up to 16 pounds
  • Large – 18” in length x 11” inches high for dogs up to 22 pounds

This bag contains a spring wireframe which allows the rear end of the carrier to be pushed down several inches to minimize the amount of space it takes up. We also like that this best motorcycle dog carriers option has mesh panels for ventilation and a strong, durable base.

Our Favorite Feature

We love this bag because of the spring wireframe because it had plenty of room for our dog but was also able to compact to a smaller size when needed. This product would be great for plane travel since it meets airline requirements and can fit under a plane seat.

How Our Dogs Liked It

Our pups liked this carrier because there was a good amount of room for them and the base of the bag was comfortable and supportive. The mesh ventilation worked great and stopped the carrier from getting stuffy or uncomfortable.

Our dog’s favorite feature of this bag was the zipper at the top. When we would unzip it for them, they loved to pop out to catch a view of what was going on! The zipper and bag provided perfect support so they couldn’t jump or fall out of the carrier.

What Other Customers Had to Say

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive with the highest praise for the affordability, durability, and great quality of this carrier. The only drawback that we found was that the delivered dimensions are slightly smaller than the advertised dimensions.


4. Most Affordable Carrier: Outward Hound Lightweight Dog Backpack

Hound Lightweight Dog Backpack

Product Ratings


Type: Soft-Sided I Design: Pouch/Front Carrier I Main Material(s): Nylon I Best for: Dogs up to 20 pounds I Price: $

What We Liked

  • Backpack style carrier for a snug and secure fit
  • Made from breathable and durable nylon
  • Very affordable compared to other carriers we tested

What We Didn’t Like

  • Clip is not sewn onto the bag
  • If left alone dog can easily get out of bag
  • Occasional drawstring tightening issues

If you have a small breed dog at home, you will want to check out this dog carrier. This bag is lightweight and a great option for dog owners who want to travel with their dogs at an affordable price.

Outward Hound is a brand that understands the importance of safety. Since 1992 they have worked hard to provide and supply a safe and reliable source of products for those traveling with pets.

How is This Carrier Designed?

This carrier is designed like a backpack, but the pouch is in the front. It attaches to the shoulder straps, and there is a clip that connects to your dog’s collar, securing it in place. There are also drawstring cinches to ensure a snug, tight fit for your pup.

Some other notable features of this product are:

  • Padded shoulder straps that make it very comfortable
  • Water-proof material to travel in inclement weather
  • Adjustable buckles for a great fit
  • Lightweight, mesh fabric

The padded shoulder straps and supportive waist belt in this carrier help to evenly distribute the weight of the dog.

Our Favorite Feature

The shoulder straps and supportive waist belt were a lifesaver for us! Carrying a dog around with you can be tiring work, especially if the dog pouch is in the front. 

We’ve tried products similar to this design but would always end up with sore backs, so we were pleasantly surprised to find that a day of cruising around with this carrier left us with no soreness or aching.

How Our Dogs Liked it

Our dogs loved this carrier so much that they would fall asleep in it! They loved being tucked away inside the bag while being able to see down the road through the mesh side. We think they felt supported and secure because they were strapped to us and could see and smell us.

The first bag we got (which was size Small) was much too cramped and tight of a fit for our dogs so we opted for the Medium which was a much better choice.

WARNING: The sizing is a little off, so consider sizing up.

What Other Customers Had to Say

Most customers found that the Small size was way too small for their dogs and agreed that the Medium was a better fit. Other than that, we found many satisfied customers who raved about how affordable it was and how the value was great for the price.


5. Best Choice for Small Dogs: YUDODO Dog Sling Carrier

YUDODO Dog Sling Carrier

Product Ratings


Type: Soft-Sided I Design: Sling/Handsfree Carrier I Main Material(s): Leather I Best for: Dogs up to 12-14 pounds I Price: $

What We Liked

  • Sling shape is perfect for carrying small dogs
  • Fully adjustable strap for a snug fit
  • Leather and mesh look great and are built to last

What We Didn’t Like

  • Bottom of the carrier is narrow and lacks support
  • Potential safety risk for dogs with harnesses
  • Occasional shoulder strap issues  

Yudodo is a well-known dog carrier manufacturer whose extensive lists of products for dogs of all breeds and sizes show that they are a force to be reckoned with. The majority of their products are in a great price range, too.

We heard a lot about this product, so we were very excited to see what all the buzz was about!

How is This Carrier Designed?

This product is a dog sling for small dogs made of leather and mesh. The sleeve wraps around one of your shoulders and there is a pouch for your dog right where your waistline is. This carrier has a hands-free and easy-to-adjust design.

Through our research and testing we found this product works best with the following dog breeds:

  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Chihuahua
  • Pomeranian
  • Miniature Pinscher
  • Similar small dog breeds

This carrier is breathable, durable, soft, and safe for your tiny traveling companion. This product also features a plug hook to ensure safety and a reinforced buckle to provide an extra layer of security for your dog.

Our Favorite Feature

We loved that this carrier is so light that there were times we forgot we were even wearing it! This carrier feels comfortable to wear even with your dog tucked inside, a comfort you don’t get from many wearable dog carriers.

How Our Dogs Liked It

Our dogs very much enjoyed this bag because it was snug and supportive while giving them enough room to move around if needed. This carrier, specifically the Medium size, was an almost perfect fit for all of our pups!

Some of our dogs would stay in the carrier for a little while longer, even after we made it home! From that evidence alone, we think it’s safe to say they loved it. 

What Other Customers Had to Say

This carrier is highly recommended by many dog owners who praise how lightweight and breathable the bag is while providing the right amount of support. Other dog owners had some issues with the sizings of this carrier and felt that it was a bit too narrow.


6. Most Attractive Carrier: PetAmi Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

PetAmi Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

Product Ratings


Type: Soft-sided I Design: Bag Carrier I Main Materials(s): Polyester I Best for: Dogs up to 18 Pounds I Price: $$$

What We Liked

  • Fun selection of color options
  • Buckles, straps, and zippers to keep your dog safe and secure
  • Rugged polyester build is made to last

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lack of frame means this is not such a stable pet carrier
  • Awkward for dog to be carried in
  • A bit flimsier than other carriers we tested

PetAmi produces an impressive and reliable dog carrier, using high-quality materials and an extra secure design. You can rest assured this brand aims to provide your dog with the safety it needs.

How Is This Carrier Designed?

This carrier is a bag with a shoulder strap made of durable high-grade polyester. It is designed with multiple safety straps and buckles to prevent your dog from escaping. The carrier can also be strapped to bike seats and luggage.

This bag is manufactured excellently, and it looks very nice with the rugged polyester giving it an appealing style.

It also comes in many different colors including:

  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Heather Blue
  • Heather Purple
  • Light Blue

While out and about on your travels, you may as well invest in a dog carrier that will help you travel in style and confidence! We ordered the Heather Purple for our testing, and it looked great.

Our Favorite Feature

Our favorite features were the safety buckles and straps. In our opinion, most carriers don’t provide enough support and give our dogs the opportunity of an easy escape when no one is watching.

This bag had our pups on lockdown, but they could still move around and had enough room to get comfortable. They just weren’t able to get out of the bag and run off when they weren’t supposed to.

How Our Dogs Liked It

Our dogs liked this one, but it certainly wasn’t their favorite. We partially think our dogs like the adrenaline rush of being able to escape because they weren’t very enthusiastic about going on rides with this one where they were strapped in so well.

This product also lacks a frame which gives it a different shape than advertised, so it is a little awkward for our dogs to be in this crate while carrying it around. It’s nothing that they couldn’t get used to, but it certainly had them shifting around a lot.

What Other Customers Had to Say 

Many dog owners love this brand, and they love this product. We found a lot of satisfied customers who enjoyed the look of this carrier and the color varieties. On the other hand, we found most owners had an issue with the lack of frame just as we did.


7. Best Backpack Option: Ytonet Dog Backpack Carrier


Product Ratings


Type: Soft-Sided I Design: Backpack Carrier I Main Material(s): Nylon I Best for: Dogs up to 15 Pounds I Price: $

What We Liked

  • Scratch resistant and eco-friendly fabric
  • Lockable bottom zipper for safety
  • Backpack is ergonomic and easy to wear

What We Didn’t Like

  • Zipper quality can be improved
  • Issues with the inside strap not being long enough
  • The bottom and sides are difficult to clean

The top contenders for backpack dog carriers were a tight race, but we eventually decided on this product by Ytonet. This brand is relatively new compared to others but holds its own just fine with the excellent, reliable, and safe products they produce.

How Is This Carrier Designed?

This soft-sided dog backpack is made with eco-friendly polyester and weighs about 2.6 pounds. The shoulder straps are made with extra thick padding, and there is a foldable cushion on the bottom of the back, which helps relieve muscle soreness and strains.

Some features in this backpack that stood out compared to others were:

  • Pockets on both sides
  • Backpack provides room for storing leashes, snacks, toys, etc.
  • Soft, comfortable bottom cushion for the dog to relax on
  • Waist belt that comes with backpack
  • Extra clip inside bag for security

This carrier is truly great, not only because of its affordable price and high quality but also because it gives you the chance to take your dog anywhere you please. With a bag designed for easy accessibility and optimal safety, what more could you need?

Our Favorite Feature

We liked the fabric and material of this backpack the most compared to the other options on our list. It can get irritating when you get a new dog bag, and it is easily scratched up within a week! We simply did not have that problem with this carrier.

As well as looking nice, it feels very comfortable to wear! As far as backpacks go, this product takes the cake. It’s light, ergonomic, and distributes the weight more evenly, which saved us from a lot of shoulder and back soreness.

How Our Dogs Liked It

Our dogs flourished with the room this bag provided. No matter where we were or if the bag was upright or not, our pups had enough room to turn around or lay down if needed. It also gave plenty of room for them to stretch out and take a nap if needed.

What Other Customers Had to Say 

This is a very popular product and most claim that the quality is unmatched as far as backpack carriers go. A lot of owners love the extra compartments in this carrier for storing dog necessities like treats and such. 

The only issue we could find people having with this product was that the zippers could be difficult. Some even said they had to go as far as getting them replaced because they were not working anymore. We did not have this issue during our testing period.


Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallOur Dog’s FavoriteBest for Extensive TravelMost Affordable OptionBestCarrier For Small DogsMost Attractive Carrier

The Winner

Overall, our favorite option off this list is Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace. It is a brilliantly made product. It’s safe, secure, top quality, and a perfect fit for a motorcycle seat. We all agreed that this dog motorcycle carrier was our favorite!

Honorable Mentions

Here’s a quick look at 8 other options that didn’t quite make our best motorcycle dog carriers list.

1. Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack  – Considered for a Backpack Option

Though this is a great dog backpack carrier, it didn’t quite make our list because there seemed to be some quality control issues with this carrier.

This product is very cute and once properly expanded, provides a great amount of room for your dog which is a great feature. This option didn’t seem to be of as high quality as the Ytonet Dog Backpack Carrier so we recommended it instead.

2. Petsfit Expandable Carrier For Cats And Dogs – Considered for Extensive Travel

This is another great carrier on its own, but it didn’t have all the qualities we were looking for. The Sherpa Travel Deluxe, Airline-Approved Pet Carrier was favored due to how accessible and compact it was.

This product could still be good for traveling extensively, however, and the expandable design of the carrier could end up giving your pup some much-needed breathing room.

3. Nicrew Front Dog Carrier  – Considered for Most Affordable Option

This carrier is an excellent carrier because of how good the value is for the price. It would have made the list if it didn’t have so many issues with the buckles failing to work. That’s why we went with the Outward Hound Lightweight Dog Backpack.

This is a great brand though and we would recommend it to those who wouldn’t mind doing the extra work to put in some new velcro and buckles. 

4. Mr. Peanuts Expandable Pet Carrier – Considered for Extensive Travel

This is a great dog carrier with many accessories to assist you and your dog while on the move.

Here are some features that stood out to us:

  • Window mesh for ventilation
  • Leash tether
  • Metal strap connector
  • Seat Belt Attachment

We love the storage and efficiency of this bag, but it is simply too big. It didn’t make the list because it isn’t small and easy to compact like the Sherpa Travel Deluxe Airline-Approved Pet Carrier.

5. Milwaukee Performance Motorcycle Pet Carrier  – Considered for Best Overall

While this is a very high-quality carrier and more affordable than the one that made the top spot on our list, it doesn’t have multiple size options. It also is known to have some issues with quality and the zippers.

For those looking to buy something similar to the Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace at a cheaper price, then we would highly recommend this option.

6. Lemonda Portable Pet Carrier Capsule – Considered for a Backpack Option

A great-looking dog backpack and a very cool idea, but it’s not very spacious and can be inconvenient at times. We ended up choosing the Ytonet Dog Backpack Carrier because it is easier to use and higher quality for the money.

Nonetheless, a great dog carrier and a very reliable vendor. It is very fun and is a great backpack to have around. This is the backpack that turns heads and gets comments.

7. Texsens Pet Bubble Backpack – Considered for a Backpack Option 

We had similar gripes with this backpack as we did with the other bubble backpack. If it was more accessible and efficient to use like the Ytonet Dog Backpack Carrier was, then it would have ranked much higher on the list.

These are interesting and fun, but not as compact and versatile as other backpack carriers, so we don’t use the bubble backpacks as much.

8. Petego Universal Sport Bag – Considered for Extensive Travel

This was up against Sherpa Travel Deluxe, Airline-Approved Pet Carrier for the extensive traveling carrier, but it didn’t quite make the list because of how much space it takes up. It is an excellent bag, but too big for us.

This is a high-quality bag and those willing to spend some extra money would be greatly rewarded with a bag that has everything you and your pup need while traveling out on the open road.

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