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7 Best Hunting Vests For Dogs to Keep Your Dog Visible!

Dogs make excellent hunting companions. Going hunting is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time with your dog by your side. Dogs are not only excellent hunting partners, but they can also be incredibly useful in identifying, chasing, and retrieving prey. 

No matter what breed of hunter your dog is, investing in a high-quality hunting vest can keep your dog safer and comfortable while hunting. Unfortunately, finding the ideal hunting vest for your dog can be difficult, with dozens of vests available. 

We evaluated 40 hunting vests for dogs and chose the top 10 to test with our hunting dogs to help narrow down your search. Our testing helped us narrow down the list to the top 7 hunting vests for dogs plus 3 honorable mentions.

Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
Best-Overall-SafetyPUP-Hi-Vis-Vest Best Overall: SafetyPUP Hi-Vis Vest There is no better choice for your dog than the SafetyPUP Hi-Vis Vest for hunting. It helps prevent accidents, sheds moisture, and protects against minor abrasions by making your pet more visible in low-light settings as well as during the day. Check Price
Best-for-Hunting-at-Night-4LegsFriend-Store-Reflective-Vest Best for Hunting at Night: 4LegsFriend Store Reflective Vest For nighttime hunting and hikes, you want to make sure your dog stays visible. Seeing him in the dark won’t be a problem with this vest’s visibility of 500 feet. Check Price
Best-For-High-Visibility-Illumiseen-LED-Dog-Vest Best For High-Visibility: Illumiseen LED Dog Vest  If you are looking for high-visibility features, Illumiseen has the perfect solution in the form of this LED dog vest. This fluorescent orange vest will ensure that your dog is always visible, even on long hikes in the dark or on long days of hunting.  Check Price
Best-for-Budget-Funtone-Colors-Store-Hi-Vis-Dog-Vest- Best for Budget: Funtone Colors Store Hi-Vis Dog Vest 
When looking for high-visibility vests on a budget, this is one of the most affordable options that doesn’t compromise performance or durability. It’s waterproof and relatively easy to clean and maintain. Check Price
Best-for-Stealth-Browning-Neoprene-Dog-Vest Best for Stealth: Browning Neoprene Dog Vest Stealth is an essential consideration for dog owners who plan to take their pets out hunting. When you dress your dog in camouflage, it will be so much easier for both of you to stalk your target without being noticed. Check Price
Best-for-Multipurpose-Yoyoung-Camo-Pet-Vest Best for Multipurpose: Yoyoung Camo Pet Vest This is more than simply a dog vest. It is also a robust jacket that serves as camouflage and a life vest. Check Price
Best-for-Colder-Climates-Hurtta-Polar-Visibility-Dog-Vest Best for Colder Climates: Hurtta Polar Visibility Dog Vest
Long periods in the softshell fabric of this vest will not result in your dog scratching or itching. Your dog will feel comfortable while wearing this vest because of how it moves with him. Check Price

How We Chose the Best Dog Hunting Vests

Dog with hunting vest sniffing the ground
DID YOU KNOW? Dogs have hunted alongside their owners for thousands of years and are still a valuable asset today!

For this test, we evaluated some of the leading brands known for their quality and products for dogs such as Hurtta. We also considered dog clothing from companies known for outdoor apparel and hunting brands like Browning.

Finally, we combed the internet for the best products that dog owners worldwide were raving about. We used popular websites such as Amazon, Chewy, Walmart. REI and Backcountry also played a significant role in our research, where we gathered feedback from outdoor enthusiasts. 

After poring over dog vest ratings and reviews to choose which vests to test, we settled on 10 of the best hunting vests available. Our top-picks list includes 7 of them with 3 runners up.

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Best Hunting Vests For Dogs

1. Best Overall: SafetyPUP Hi-Vis Vest

Product Ratings


Sizes: 14lbs to 135 lbs | Closure Type: Hook and loop Velcro | Brand: 4LegsFriend | Neck Style: Round | Features: 300D Oxford weave | Dogs: Extra Small to Extra Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Good range of sizes
  • High-visibility colors for safety
  • Water-resistant
  • Adjustable straps to avoid chafing 

What We Didn’t Like

  • Fabric does not stretch
  • Not ideal for warm weather

If the fabric was stretchable, it might be more comfortable for dogs. However, we like that this product is made of highly sturdy material. In addition, the Velcro closure allows for a more customized fit for a wide range of dog sizes.

Your dog will be very visible day and night, thanks to the bright orange color and reflective strips. Most importantly, the vest comes with a 100% guarantee which is a generous benefit.

The SafetyPUP XD is a pet-lovers-owned-and-operated company, and they have created one of the best vests for both natural and urban environments. One of their best hunting vest options for dogs, and our Best Overall recommendation, is the SafetyPUP Hi-Vis Vest.

Size & Coverage

There is a wide range of sizes to choose from for this dog vest, from extra small to extra large. Adjusting the size is a cinch because of the adjustable straps.

Five sizes are available to accommodate dogs from 14 to 130 lbs. The fit is snug enough to keep heat in and the elements out but not so tight that it hinders movement. It can also be adjusted around the neck and chest if necessary.

Stretchy material would have been preferable to us for a little extra comfort. 

Material & Features

300D Oxford Weave fabric and reinforced stitching make the vest resistant to rips, tears, and abrasions, as well as repelling water and soil. 

While the material is thin, it is particularly durable. Stretchy material would have been preferable to us for a little extra comfort. It is also not heavy or bulky.

Additionally, it is highly reflective during the day and at night. The colors are bright and very easy to see. We were very impressed with how safe and visible our dogs were when we were out in the woods. 

Ease of Use

SafetyPUP Hi-Vis Vest’s user-friendliness is also worth mentioning. Putting on and taking off the vest on the dog is effortless. The fact that the vest can accommodate larger dogs was a huge benefit to us. Because it is so simple to put on and take off, getting ready for a day in the great outdoors is a breeze.


2. Best for Hunting at Night: 4LegsFriend Store Reflective Vest

Product Ratings


Sizes: 14lbs to 135 lbs | Closure Type: Velcro| Brand: 4LegsFriend | Neck Style: Round | Features: 500-feet visibility | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • High visibility up to 500 ft away
  • Wide range of sizes
  • 100% waterproof
  • Rip-resistant fabric with excellent breathability
  • Easy to wash

What We Didn’t Like

  • Velcro stitching isn’t as long-lasting as we expected
  • Sizing is inconsistent

All dog owners, but especially hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, should have a reflective dog vest on hand at all times. While out in the field, you and other hunters will always be able to notice the reflective detailing on this vest, which can be seen from as far as 500 feet away! 

There are two rows of reflective tags on the back of the 4LegsFriend Store Reflective Vest. When hit by headlights or streetlights, they function as mirrors, allowing drivers behind you to see your dog clearly. The high-visibility, water-resistant, and breathable fabric is used to make the vest. 

The 4LegsFriend Store Reflective Vest is a lifesaver for dogs who don’t want to go separated from their owners at night, and it is the best vest option for hunting at night for the following reasons.

Size & Coverage

The company’s sizing guide is fairly accurate. In addition to providing adequate coverage around the back and chest of your dog, the vest also provides good protection.

The dog vest sizes range from small to large. This vest is adjustable around the neck and chest. Adjusting this vest by opening the Velcro will provide a better fit for your dog. It is comfortable enough to keep heat in but not so tight that movement is hindered. 

It is a well-made vest, made of a durable soft-touch fabric that is resistant to rips and tears and has a sturdy construction. It lasted well enough for us during testing, but some reviews mention that the stitching does not last as well as it should.

Material & Features

The vest is made of durable fabric that won’t tear and keeps your dog dry and comfortable even while they’re out in the woods for hours at a time. The Velcro straps are simple to use and adjust, but we did have the straps loosen on our dogs a few times.

The reflective patterning on this vest lets you and other hunters know where your dog is in the field from up to 500 feet away. However, the reflective accents on this vest are also smaller and less apparent than those on competitor brands.

Unlike many vests, this one is completely waterproof. Easy to clean and maintain, this is an excellent investment for your hunting dog.

Ease of Use

The 4LegsFriend Store Reflective Vest is super convenient and simple to use. It’s easy to slip on and off your dog. Additionally, the vest comes with a handy leash holder, which allows you to hook your dog’s leash while you train. 

Finally, the vest is washable, which makes it convenient, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors or in muddy areas.


3. Best For High-Visibility: Illumiseen LED Dog Vest 

Product Ratings


Sizes: 11″ to 19.1″ in length | Closure Type: Quick-release buckle| Brand: Illumiseen | Neck Style: Round | Features: Rechargeable LED light | Dogs: Extra Small to Extra Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Rechargeable LED light strip for maximum visibility
  • Adjustable belt with quick-release buckles for easy fitting
  • Soft fabric material
  • Waterproof

What We Didn’t Like

  • Cannot tether directly to the vest
  • A separate collar is required for leashing
  • Cannot replace LED light strip, but it should last a very long time

If you want to ensure that you and your dog are always visible, no matter how dark it is outside, a dog collar with LED lights, such as the Illumiseen LED Dog Vest, is what you and your dog needs. It will help you in keeping track of your dog at night.

The LED dog vest has three different illumination settings that are both bright and attention-grabbing, and it is sturdy enough to survive even the most extreme weather conditions.

Highly visible, the Illumiseen LED Dog Vest is equipped with four ultra-bright LEDs. The LEDs are dazzlingly right and powerful enough to be visible from a distance. This is not the best for active hunting, but we loved it when we let our dogs retrieve.

Illumiseen LED Dog Vest quickly alerts motorists of your pet’s presence and location. This vest is perfect for nighttime, and it is the best hunting vest option for situations where your dog can easily be lost.

Size & Coverage

The Illumiseen vest is really comfortable and well-fitting. In part, this is because it has two adjustable buckle straps that allow for a custom fit on your dog. There are 5 sizes available in this lightweight design, ranging from extra small to extra large. In addition, the vest is available in lengths ranging from 11″ to 19.1″.

It also covers a significant body area, which makes it a suitable choice for wearing when outdoors. Unfortunately, one disadvantage is that it tends to hide the collar sometimes, which could be bothersome.

Material & Features

The vest is extremely lightweight and constructed of soft materials, so your dog will not experience chafing. However, the material is more similar to a raincoat, so it is not breathable. That said, if you’re looking for a coat suitable for rainy or snowy conditions, check out our guide to the Best Dog Winter Coats!

We wouldn’t recommend that you use this vest during the summer or in hot weather since your dog may become overheated.

The reflective LED dog safety vest has a rechargeable battery and charges completely in one hour. Replacement lights, however, are not available if the LED strip gets damaged or stops operating.

Ease of Use

Setting up and using the light on the Illumiseen LED Dog Vest is simple. Also included is a rechargeable battery for the light to be used for longer periods of time.

You can’t tether directly to it. Therefore you’ll need a separate collar. However, the collar tends to get tucked under the vest, which may be a little bothersome. It would have been great if the vest included a loop for attaching a leash to avoid this.


4. Best for Budget: Funtone Colors Store Hi-Vis Dog Vest 

Product Ratings


Sizes: 11″ to 19.1″ in length | Closure Type: Clasp connectors| Brand: Funtone Colors | Neck Style: Round | Features: 360˚reflective coverage | Dogs: Extra Small to Extra Extra Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • High visibility for safety
  • Fully waterproof
  • Affordable price point compared to other vests we tested
  • Breathable fabric for safety in more seasons

What We Didn’t Like

  • It lasted well for us, but some reviews mention that it wears out quickly
  • Finding the appropriate size is challenging
  • It may not be best for overly active dogs

With this Dog Safety Reflective Vest, you can show your dog how much you care. With its simple clasp connectors, this safety vest is simple to put on and take off. 

It is made of nylon, which makes it lightweight and breathable. In addition, the bright neon hue makes it very visible at night, making it easier for hunters to notice your dog. This safety vest embellished with reflective materials will make your furry best friend visible in low-light settings.

Size & Coverage

The Dog Safety Reflective Vest is available in multiple sizes, ranging from extra small to extra extra large. You should check the sizing chart to get the best fit for your dog as you would need to measure the length from the neck to chest, neck diameter, chest diameter, and distance from neck to the back of the dog.

The vest is designed to cover the essential areas of the dog’s body. It’s not too much or too little. A great feature of the buckle connection is that it allows you to adjust the vest to get it to fit perfectly.

Material & Features

The Dog Safety Reflective Vest is constructed of a comfortable, durable 300D oxford weave fabric. It is both lightweight and comfortable.

However, the fabric material does not appear to be particularly durable, and the straps are on the thin side. As a result, they may not last for multiple hunting seasons. It would have been great if the material had been more robust and sturdy.

Ease of Use

It is pretty simple to put on and take off your dog. You simply slip it on and adjust the clasp as needed. While the elastic band over the chest helps make it fit more snugly, it may not withstand the rigors of intense physical activity, and it picked up burrs during our testing.

The vest is very simple to clean, though we do not recommend putting it in the washing machine to extend its life span further.

When you consider the low cost of this vest and its limited lifespan, we believe you are getting fantastic value for your money. So check out this vest and see how you feel about it.


5. Best for Stealth: Browning Neoprene Dog Vest

Product Ratings


Sizes: 35 lbs to 80 lbs | Closure Type: Clasp connectors| Brand: Funtone Colors | Neck Style: Round | Features: Camouflage pattern | Dogs: Small to Extra Extra Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Trim to size for a snug fit
  • Adjustable to fit a wide range of dogs
  • Camouflage pattern for ultimate stealth
  • Easy grab handle for safety
  • 3mm neoprene fabric for enhanced warmth

What We Didn’t Like

  • Limited sizing
  • Higher price point than other vests we tested

The Browning Neoprene Hunting Dog Vest is a one-of-a-kind piece of hunting gear. The dog vest is constructed of 3mm neoprene fabric for greater warmth and a flexible chest plate for protection, ensuring that your hunting partner remains comfortable for the duration of the hunt.

With a flexible budget and the desire to acquire a fantastic dog hunting vest from an established company, Browning is the only choice, without hesitation.

Make your dog’s camouflage outfit a match for your own, and you’ll be all set. You and your prey can both stalk their prey as this is the best vest option for stealth for the following reasons.

Size & Coverage

The Browning Neoprene Hunting Dog Vest gives the best protection against adverse weather because the fabric wraps around the back and chest area. 

The sizes are more limited so it’s not a good fit for extra-small and extra-large dog breeds. However, the adjustability and trim to fit function are such a great feature because it can be fit for most hunting dogs.

Material & Features

The vest is constructed of 3mm neoprene fabric and features authentic Realtree MAX-5 patterning. 

The camouflage enhances warmth, while a flexible chest plate provides additional protection from rocks and sticks. It also has heavy-duty nylon stitching and seam bar tacks. This was a superior vest for hunting in sticks, weeds, scrub, and reeds.

Ease of Use

Other users have expressed their frustration with the difficulty of putting it on the dog. However, once it’s on the dog, it’s a really effective form of protection. We felt the difficult fitting was well worth the protection that it offers.

While it may be necessary to trim it to achieve that customized fit, trimming it is relatively straightforward. The vest also has a practical easy-grab handle to help your hard working dog get in and out of the water. We used the easy-grab handle a lot during our field testing. 


6. Best for Multipurpose: Yoyoung Camo Pet Vest

Product Ratings


Sizes: 4.4 lbs to 110 lbs | Closure Type: Velcro straps and adjustable quick-release buckles| Brand: yoyoung | Neck Style: Round | Features: Life Preserver Jacket | Dogs: Extra Small to Extra Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Life vest as well as a safety vest
  • Highly reflective
  • Top handle for safety and assistance
  • Adjustable for a customized fit

What We Didn’t Like

  • Seam stitching could be improved

With the Yoyoung Camo Pet Vest, you may take your dog hunting or boating without worrying about him getting lost. Besides having the characteristics of a wonderful hunting vest for your dog, it may also be used as a life vest in certain situations.

A versatile vest is necessary for active dogs and owners. Whether you want to go swimming or hunting, do not let the elements stop you from having fun. This hunting vest is the best multipurpose vest for the following reasons.

If you’ll be on a boat at some point during your hunt, stop by our Best Dog Life Vest guide!

Size & Coverage

Yoyoung Camo Pet Vests run small, even though they come in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. We used the size chart to order, and it was still too small. So when you measure your dog, keep this in mind and perhaps go up a size to prevent buying a vest that’s too tiny.

If you decide to go up a size, don’t worry because it has adjustable velcro straps and quick-release buckles to help get a better fit.

Material & Features

The Yoyoung Camo Pet Vest features a layer of lightweight mesh fiber to keep your dog comfortable. It also dries quickly and wicks moisture away from the body. The vest is reinforced with tether straps and features material that wraps over your dog’s midsection and secures with Velcro. 

However, the seams did come apart pretty fast during our testing, so it would be great if it was reinforced or used durable stitching materials.

Ease of Use

Besides being comfy, the vest is simple to put on and take off. It is also quite simple to make adjustments to the vest. Furthermore, the handle on the back makes it convenient and effortless to pull or lift your dog.

It is rather simple to clean, and the manufacturer recommends hand washing only.


7. Best for Colder Climates: Hurtta Polar Visibility Dog Vest

Product Ratings


Sizes: 11″ to 31″ (neck) & 14″ to 40″ (chest) | Closure Type: Zipper | Brand: Hurtta | Neck Style: Round | Features: Tag for owner info | Dogs: Extra Small to Extra Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Keeps dogs nice and warm
  • 3M reflectors on each side
  • Made from rustle-free Softshell fabric for better stealth
  • Water resistant

What We Didn’t Like

  • Sizing chart is confusing
  • Zipper breaks easily and doesn’t lock

When the weather is cold, you owe it to your dog to ensure he has the proper clothing. The Hurtta Polar Visibility Dog Vest features a unique design that ensures the dog is visible in the dark and at long distances during the day while keeping him cold and protected.

Since dogs cannot tell us if they are too cold or hot, there is no better way to know their comfort than with the Hurtta Polar Visibility Dog Vest. 

Keeping your dogs warm in cold weather while allowing them to travel freely about, this hunting vest is the best for colder climates for the following reasons.

Size & Coverage

Dog owners can choose from extra small to extra large sizes for the Hurtta Polar Visibility Vest. The sizing chart, on the other hand, is difficult to understand. In addition, it’s hard to determine the vest’s length using the sizing chart provided by the company.

Unfortunately, you need to make sure you get accurate measurements of your dog because the vest is not adjustable.

However, if you get the proper size for your dog, the vest will give optimum protection. The vest’s full-body coverage shields the dog from the elements, particularly the cold.

Material & Features

High-quality and long-lasting materials are used to make the Hurtta Polar Visibility Dog Vest. Softshell fabric with a laminated Houndtex water-resistant layer is used to make the vest.

Your dog will be able to wear the softshell fabric for extended periods of time without experiencing any discomfort or scratching. In addition, the vest is made to move with your dog, so he won’t feel restricted or be tempted to remove it.

It comes in various bold colors for visibility, and the 3M reflectors on both sides of each vest are substantial. One downside is that the zipper breaks easily and doesn’t come with a locking feature.

Ease of Use

In addition to providing warmth and coziness, the vest slips on and off easily. However, make sure that you are gentle with the zipper as it is prone to breaking. It is relatively simple to clean and maintain and may be thrown in the washing machine for convenience.


Comparison Chart

ProductBest OverallBest for Hunting at NightBest for High VisibilityBest for BudgetBest for StealthBest for MultipurposeBest for Colder Climates
Overall Rating4.6/54.4/54.4/54/54/54/54/5

The Winner

The SafetyPup XD Reflective Dog Vest meets all of the criteria for a great hunting dog vest. It provides protection and high visibility, and it comes with a wide range of sizes to choose from. Most importantly, it’s also reasonably priced. 

Honorable Mentions

1. Browning Dog Protection Vest – Considered for Ease of Use

You can keep your dog safe from rocks and sticks while out in the field by wearing Browning’s Chest Protective Vest. The vest’s rustle-free fabric, water resistance, and lightweight make it an excellent choice for outdoor use.

For increased protection, the adjustable vest features a breastplate constructed of neoprene that is water and tear-resistant. As a result, your dog will be secure and comfortable with this product. In our testing we still preferred the Browning Neoprene Dog Vest.

2. Carhartt Dog Safety Vest – Considered for Warmer Climate

This Carhartt Dog Safety Vest is a great way to keep your pet safe and visible. With 3M silver reflective tape on the sides and back of this bright orange vest, people will always be able to see your dog no matter what time of day it is. 

The main seams are triple-needle stitched for extra durability and keep the cotton duck canvas binding from fraying. Though the Carhartt is a winner, we chose to recommend SafetyPUP Hi-Vis Vest for better affordability.

3. Pet & Protect Premium Dog Reflective Vest – Considered for Functionality

The Pet & Protect Reflective Dog Vest is designed with pet safety in mind and provides optimum visibility in both daytime and low-light scenarios. The reflective fluorescent vest aids in accident prevention, repels moisture, and protects against minor abrasions. 

It safeguards your pet against accidents and helps in the prevention of injuries while hunting, camping, or trekking. This is a great option for working dogs, but we consistently reached for the 4LegsFriend Store Reflective Vest instead.

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