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6 Best Dog Christmas Pajamas: Match the Family in 2022!

As the winter season approaches, the nights get colder, but the holiday lights shine brighter in the streets. The Christmas season is a time for making memories with your family and loved ones, including your dog! 

Make each Christmas one to remember with enjoyable moments spent together. Share an adorable moment with your family and dog, and get the photos that will make you smile all year with matching dog pajamas for you and the entire family!

So, which pajamas should you pick for your family and your dog? There are so many to pick from, and you need to make sure it’s the perfect one for all of the Christmas photos you will take.

We sorted through dozens of matching pajamas and picked 20 sets to test with our dogs. Based on our testing, here are our top 6 best dog Christmas pajamas and our reasons why they are the best choice in each category!

Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
Best-Overall-Lanyarco-Dog-Pajamas Best Overall: Lanyarco Dog Pajamas Not only does Lanyarco offer these pajamas in 5 different sizes, but they’re also made of 95% cotton with a bit of lycra to add some flexibility to the fabric, keeping your dog soft and comfortable. Check Price
Best-to-Match-the-Family-Horse-Secret-Matching-Family-Pajamas-1 Best To Match The Family: Horse Secret Matching Family Pajamas This is a two-piece pajama set for the whole family with drawstring pants for adjustability! You can buy them individually to get just enough for your family. Check Price
Best-Plaid-SceneReal-Plaid-Pet-Pajamas-_1_ Best Plaid: SceneReal Plaid Pet Pajamas In the winter your dog will need a sweater to keep itself warm. This sweater not only has a classic winter pattern to celebrate the season, but it keeps your dog warm and cozy with the outer fleece.  Check Price
Best-Sweater-PupTeck-Dog-Pajamas Best Sweater: PupTeck Dog Pajamas This sweater is perfect for walking your dog in the cold winter season. Not only is it knitted, festive, and warm, but it also has an opening for attaching the leash to the harness or collar.  Check Price
Best-Bandana-ADOGGYGO-Store-Dog-Bandana Best Bandana: ADOGGYGO Store Dog Bandana This double-layered cotton dog bandana is soft and highly breathable! It’s best for small dogs or giant breeds and is easy to remove. Check Price
Best-Hoodie-KOOLTAIL-Plaid-Dog-Hoodie Best Hoodie: KOOLTAIL Plaid Dog Hoodie When taking your dog out for a walk, you want to make sure that your dog is warm. This dog sweater comes with a hoodie on top of its thick and plush material. It also has a leash hole in the back of the hoodie. Check Price

How We Narrowed Down the Best Dog Pajamas

When looking for the best dog Christmas pajamas, we considered comfortability, quality, additional features, and options.

We always want our pets to be happy, warm, and comfortable. The options that we chose have soft material that puts our dog’s comfort first.

We made sure to keep the quality of the pajamas in mind, as well. We looked for pajamas that will last at least through the season, are durable for outdoor use, and maintain shape in the wash. 

Additional features were also considered, and we asked ourselves what else each product could offer that would benefit our dogs.

Our dogs are all different shapes and sizes, so when we picked the pajamas, we made sure that the pajamas come in different sizes so that your dog would have the most comfortable fit.

Best Dog Christmas Pajamas

1. Best Overall: Lanyarco Dog Pajamas

Product Ratings


Sizes: 9″ to 23″ (Back Length) | Material: Cotton | Brand: Lanyarco | Neck Style: Round | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Excellent option for most dog owners
  • Good range of sizes
  • Breathable and flexible material
  • Roomy for bigger breeds
  • Fun snowman and snowflake print

What We Didn’t Like

  • May shrink in the wash depending on how you wash it

These pajamas for dogs is our best choice because of its overall affordability and comfortability. When looking for pajamas, it was very important for us to keep our dog’s comfort in mind. So, how did we get to the conclusion that this is the best pajama out there? Well, let’s take a look.

Size & Coverage

To start, these pajamas for dogs come in many different sizes, from extra small to extra large. This gives a wide variety for the different size dogs that you have. Right off the bat, it gives the flexibility for pet owners to find the right size for their furry friends.

This pajama is also stretchy and flexible, making it very comfortable for dogs to wear. So if you feed your dog well this Christmas, these pajamas have a little room to give!

The coverage of this pajama covers their necks and their legs. It also leaves a wide opening that will allow the dog to relieve itself without having to take the pajamas off.

The convenience and flexibility make this great for long-term wear for the dog and will help keep him warm during cold walks in the winter. If you’re planning for long winter walks, check out our Best Dog Winter Coats guide to keep your dog truly protected from the elements.

There were some issues of possible shrinking when washed, so make sure to follow the directions when washing these pajamas.

There have also been complaints about the sizing being off, but we tested the sizing and confirmed that the manufacturer’s measurements are correct on the pajamas that we received. Make sure that you have your dog’s correct measurements before buying.

Material & Features

This pajama has 95% high-quality, soft breathable cotton with a bit of lycra for flexibility, keeping your dog looking snazzy and comfortable.

It also has an opening in the bottom back half so that your dog can keep cozy and warm but can relieve itself at any moment when it takes a walk. 

This way, your pet is always comfortable, warm, and ready to go for anything!

Ease of Use

Lastly, we found that this pajama was easy to put on our dogs – no awkwardly pulling the head or legs, and it stretched just fine. 

This is important because you don’t want to cause your dog any discomfort when putting on and taking off the pajamas. Dogs don’t seem bothered by it, which is always important to keep in mind when dressing up your pet.


2. Best to Match the Family: Horse Secret Matching Family Pajamas

Horse Secret Matching Family Pajamas

Product Ratings


Sizes: S to XXL | Material: Cotton | Brand: Horse Secret | Neck Style: Round Neck | Features: Button-Down | Dogs: Small & Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Two piece set for the family
  • Striking buffalo plaid design
  • Super-soft and warm

What We Didn’t Like

  • Seems like it could be stronger fabric and stitching

It’s very important to keep your priorities in mind when you’re picking pajamas for your pet and family.

We thought that this was a good option, and here is why:

Size & Coverage

This pajama set has options for the whole family and the animals, too! The sizes do run a tad small, so we recommended sizing up, but this style is great because it leaves the bottom back half open for the dog to relieve itself.

The back of the pajama is also longer at the top so it can give your dog more coverage and warmth even though the bottom is exposed.

Materials & Features

The material of this pajama is made out of cotton, which makes it very comfortable to the skin and comfortable for your dog. The pajama has a cute little collar like the rest of the family.

Because this pajama set includes matching pajamas for the family, you’re guaranteed to have a perfect matching pajama set with your family and your pet.

Ease of Use

For the human version of the pajamas, it’s a standard comfy pajama where you button up the top in order to put on and take off the set. For the dog, the pajama opens up for ease of putting on the top and taking it off. 


3. Best Plaid: SceneReal Plaid Pet Pajamas

Product Ratings


Sizes: XS to XL | Material: Polyester | Brand: SceneReal | Neck Style: Round | Features: Fleece | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Fleece outer layer for added warmth
  • Easy care and washing
  • Thick but super lightweight

What We Didn’t Like

  • Sizing runs small

We were particularly excited about this dog pajama because of the warmth that it gives the dog. We thought this would be excellent on winter walks.

Size & Coverage

To start out, the pajamas come in all different sizes from extra small to extra large. That means that there are more options out there for your pup to get the most comfortable size. They’re so adorable on our dogs, we use these during all cold months, not just at Christmas.

It fits the dog snugly, giving no room for the cold air to rush under the pajamas. This pajama covers the entire back and legs of the dog, leaving only an open area for times when the dog needs to relieve itself.

With this design, it would be perfect to use this outfit for the cold winter days to walk your dog for a potty break! There’s no hassle with the clothing and your pup stays cozy and comfortable.

Materials & Features

The dog pajama is made of soft polyester and is lightweight but thick. This is a great feature because you don’t want your dog to be weighed down while trying to keep them warm and protected against the cold weather.

The sweater also has a light layer of fleece on it to keep your dog warm in the cold weather, and it makes it extra plush and comfy.

Ease of Use

This pajama doesn’t have an area designated for a leash, but because of its stretchy material, it’s easy to put on and take off of your dog, preventing any discomfort that the dog may feel while putting on the outfit and moving around.

We would love this set of dog pajamas much more if it had a hole or slit for attaching the leash. 

The pajamas are machine-washable but they must be hung or laid flat to dry and retain their shape. 


4. Best Sweater: PupTeck Dog Pajamas

Product Ratings


Sizes: S to L | Closure Type: Pullover | Brand: PupTeck | Neck Style: Round | Material:  Knitted | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Cute knitted sweater
  • Flexible material and easy to put on
  • Leash hole integrated
  • Warm knit sweater is protective from the cold

What We Didn’t Like

  • Sizes run large

If you live in a particularly cold area with frequent snowfall, you may want to check out this pajama!

Size & Coverage

First off, this pajama covers everything from the dog’s legs to his neck. The only place it doesn’t cover is where the dog would need access to relieve itself, which is great for convenience.

It sizes from small to large but doesn’t have extra-small or extra-large, giving limited options to which dogs can wear this pajama. Even though they do show a large option, it would be for the larger scale of a medium dog. That said, if you do have a dog that fits this size, this would cover most of the dog’s body for maximum warmth.

Materials & Features

This is an adorable knitted Christmas sweater, very on theme and cozy. It’s made of soft acrylic fibers that make the sweater warm and snug.

This sweater also uses elastic at the bottom for a more snug fit. This way, cold air isn’t able to swoop in and out as easily. 

It also comes with a little opening for connecting the leash. The turtle neck may bother some dogs, but our dogs didn’t mind it and it keeps their necks warm when they’re outside.

Ease of Use

This sweater didn’t come with washing instructions, but we had good success with keeping it clean. We machine wash it on a gentle cycle and then lay it flat to dry. 


5. Best Bandana: ADOGGYGO Store Dog Bandana

Product Ratings


Sizes: One size | Closure Type: Tie on | Brand: ADOGGYGO | Neck Style: Round | Material: Flannel | Dogs: Small to Medium Breeds

What We Liked

  • Decorative
  • Protects from drooling
  • Adjustable 
  • Breathable and super soft fabric

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not a great choice for bigger breeds because it’s one-size-fits-most

If your dog doesn’t like being fully clothed with an outfit, this is another option you can go for to stay festive but cater to your dog’s preferences!

Size & Coverage

This bandana only covers the neck portion of the dog, so it’s not full coverage and won’t really keep the dog warm, but it’s still festive and has pajama-like vibes. 

It’s also adjustable because you tie it on the neck. When you fold and tie the bandana, it may come out too chunky of a knot if the dog is small, or it may just not fit at all for a larger breed. So this bandana isn’t guaranteed to fit every dog.

Materials & Features

The bandana is 100% cotton, making it super soft and comfortable to put around your dog’s neck. Your dog will feel cozy around its neck and look snazzy at the same time – and it’s also adjustable to fit your dog’s liking!

Ease of Use

When dressing your dog, it’s important that your dog is comfortable, and if your dog does not want to wear its bandana anymore, it should be easy to take off. 

Because the bandana is knotted on, we don’t think it’s easy to take off when that knot is tight. This can risk the dog getting the bandana stuck on something and suffocating. 

We recommend tying the bandana loosely, checking it frequently, and not keeping it on the dog when playing outdoors or when left alone. 


6. Best Hoodie: KOOLTAIL Plaid Dog Hoodie

Product Ratings


Sizes: S to 3X-L | Material: Cotton/Nylon | Brand: Kuoser | Neck Style: Round/Collar | Features: Stylish plaid/Reversible | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Comfortable and machine-washable cotton
  • Hoodie with kangaroo pocket
  • Leash hole in the back of the hoodie

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can be machine washed, but should be hung to dry to maintain shape
  • The kangaroo pocket gets dirty inside

With so many great reviews on this plaid hoodie, we had to test it out!

Size & Coverage

For starters, this outfit has 6 different sizes to choose from for your dog, ranging from X-Small to XX-Large. The variety will ensure that you can find a size to fit your dog.

This is the one pajama with the most coverage of all we tested because it has a hoodie! On top of covering the dog’s legs and behind, this pajama also gives warmth to your dog’s head! This is great on cold days you take walks because you can cover your dog’s ears and prevent them from getting cold.

Materials & Features

This hoodie is made out of soft, comfortable, and machine washable polyester. It has thicker material than most hoodies and would be best for taking your dog outside during the wintertime.

It also has a kangaroo pocket and drawstrings on the hoodie to secure the hood onto the dog for maximum warmth. Finally, it has easy accessibility for relieving purposes!

Ease of Use

When testing out this hoodie, we saw that it was very easy to put on the dog. It gave a little stretch which made it easier to dress the dog. The dogs are comfortable and can move easily in the sweater which makes everyone happy!


How to Choose the Best Dog Pajamas

Boxer wearing santa pajamas
Dog pajamas keep your dog warm and looking festive during the holidays.

Consider Your Dog’s Needs

This is important because every dog is different. Does your dog have thick fur or short hair? If your dog has thick fur, a thick sweater may not be appropriate for your dog. Your dog may overheat in a thicker pajama. If it has short hair, a thicker pajama will help keep it warm. 

What Are Your Winters Like?

How cold are your winters? If you live in California, the temperature will be significantly different than in New Jersey. You would not need a pajama that covers so much compared to New Jersey or Michigan where it’s hard to keep the house warm and your dog needs extra protection from the cold.

If you have colder winters, be sure to protect your dog’s paws with the Best Dog Booties


Getting a pajama outfit for your dog may be cute, but it’s important to consider the material. Is the material going to be comfortable for your pet or will it be irritating?

Make sure the material of the outfit you get your pet is comfortable and cozy so you and your dog can enjoy it!

Sizing Your Dog

Make sure you consider the sizing of the best dog Christmas pajamas. Some pajamas run small, and some run big. There are measurements in the descriptions that may help you determine which pajama to buy and which would be the best fit for your dog. 

Honorable Mentions

Here’s a brief look at the 9 options that didn’t make our best dog Christmas pajamas list.

1. PajamaGram Matching Pajamas – Considered for Family

Christmas is a time for family and also the ideal time to snuggle up for movie night wearing matching PJs. These two-piece penguin-themed pajamas are available in 9 sizes to suit men, women, kids, and canines.

Made from fade-resistant and soft cotton with some spandex thrown in for stretchiness, the overall feel and build of these PJs is much more robust than much of the competition, but the Horse Secret Matching Family Pajamas were comfier.

2. #FollowMe Family Pajama Set – Considered for Matching Family

While these plaid pajamas are a great addition to the festive season, the classic design won’t look out of place year-round.

As well as being a smart choice for everyday wear, these matching pajamas also work wonderfully to add an extra edge to group photos.

overall, we did think the quality of Horse Secret Matching Family Pajamas was better and had more diverse sizing for different dogs.

3. SleepyHeads Matching Pajamas – Considered for Matching Family

As with many sets marketed as perfect for all the family, you’ll need to buy each set of PJs separately. While the unit price is usually budget-friendly, the cost mounts if you’re buying for a larger family and several pets.

While nothing differentiates these pajamas from much of the opposition, they are a solid bet for smaller families of pet lovers this coming Christmas. This is why we preferred the Horse Secret Matching Family Pajamas as a better family option.

4. KYEESE Dog Pajamas – Considered for Small Dogs

These PJs are perfect for tiny breeds like chihuahuas and teacup breeds weighing from 3 to 4.5 pounds. The pajamas are easily machine washable, as long as you make sure you use a low heat and wash with similar colors to avoid any staining.    

Because this pajama is limited in its versatile sizing, we chose SceneReal Plaid Pet Pajamas over the Kyeese Dog Pajamas.

5. Fitwarm Dear Santa Pajamas – Considered for Medium Dogs

Next up in our quest for the best dog Christmas pajamas is another neat festive onesie, this time emblazoned with a festive slogan. Available in multiple sizes to suit all breeds, this pack comes with 2 large pajamas. 

Although this is a great option, we felt that PupTeck Dog Pajamas had more features and kept your dog warmer for outdoor walks.

6. LazyOne One-Piece Dog Sweater – Considered for Classic Christmas

The cotton used for this sweater comes pre-shrunk, avoiding one of the most common pitfalls with pet pajamas and preventing your dog’s new gift from being reduced to a fraction of its size. Machine-washable, you can also dry these PJs in the machine on low heat.

This sweater is a great option, but we felt that SceneReal Plaid Pet Pajamas was the best in quality and warmth in the cold winter season.

7. Fitwarm Santa’s Little Helper Pajamas – Considered for Best Quote

Fitwarm has a wide range of pajamas ideal for canines, and this Christmas-themed “Santa’s Little Helper” comes in several sizes, including these XS pajamas for teacup breeds.

Made from soft velvety polyester, these PJs promote superb air circulation and will fit your pooch snugly without feeling uncomfortable. While these are adorable, we think that the Lanyarco Dog Pajamas are more comfortable overall.

8. Fitwarm Reindeer Pajamas – Considered for Best Velvet

These reindeer pajamas come in a larger size to fit bigger breeds. Unfortunately, these have sizing issues flagged by customers. It’s worth exploring some user reviews to get a feel for sizing problems reported and consider buying a size larger.

We ultimately placed the Lanyarco Dog Pajamas in the top pick instead of these because they are cute and predictably sized.

9. TONY HOBY Puppy Jumpsuit  – Considered for Best with Stripes

Last, but certainly not least, comes a Christmas jumpsuit from TONY HOBY finished in a choice of blue and green or red and white. From a wide choice of sizes, this XS jumpsuit is tailor-made for smaller dogs and can be worn all year.

Stretchy and comfortable, the jumpsuit is easy to put on and remove as well thanks to the metal fasteners. Because this doesn’t really match with family pajamas, we again recommend the  Horse Secret Matching Family Pajamas.

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