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The 5 Best Dog Bath Tubs for a Squeaky Clean Pup!

A playful dog is soon to be a dirty dog. You know it and we know it. While your dog loves a day of pampering at the groomers, the ongoing service is not cheap. Appointments can be scarce, which leaves you with a dirty, uncomfortable dog and a mud-streaked house. 

You’ve more than likely experienced the hassles of bathing your dog indoors. Even the most bath-loving and well-behaved furry pal will inevitably shake, which splashes water everywhere. And after cleaning your dog, you’ll have to clean the house!

Instead, we suggest you invest in dog bath tubs to use at home. This way, you’re always prepared for impromptu mess-making events. Plus, you can create a puppy spa day that doesn’t break your wallet.

Giving your dog a bath is a wonderful way to bond with your pooch. The love-filled experience helps to build trust between you and your dog. This task is normally reserved for professional groomers who’ve been taught how to make your dog feel at ease.

The good news is that you can groom your dog too. Successful and effective grooming starts with the right dog bath tub. That’s why we’ve tested the best dog bath tubs on the market to let you know how the leading brands and models stack up. 

Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
01-Booster-Bath-Elevated-Pet-Bath-X-Large Best Overall: Booster Bath (XL) Booster Bath (XL) features accommodate large breeds is what sets this dog bath apart. The open back basin allows for easy access while the rubber mat prevents slippage. The fan spray nozzle can be turned on and off which saves water and reduces mess. Check Price
02-Flying-Pig-Pet-Washing-BathTub Best For Small Spaces: Flying Pig Portable Pet Bath Tub Flying Pig Portable Pet Bath Rub is sturdy and made of UV protected plastic for the basin with stainless steel legs. It’s raised model is small enough to fit in a standard bathtub, but has a long drainage tube attachment if you decide to set up elsewhere. It also features a built-in spot for soap and supplies. Check Price
03-Furesh-Elevated-Folding-Dog-Bath- Best For Small Dogs: Furesh Elevated Folding Dog Bath Tub Furesh Elevated Folding Dog Bath Tub Is Best For Small Dogs. This Tub Features A Drain Stop That Ensures Minimal Water Usage During Dog Baths. It’s Made From Marine-Grade PVC (Basin) And Aluminum Tubing (Legs) That Are Both Sturdy And Lightweight. Folds Up For Easy Transport And Storage. Check Price
04-PawBest-Stainless-Steel-Grooming-Bath-Tub Best For Large Dogs: PawBest Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Bath Tub This scratch and stain-resistant PawBest Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Bath Tub is ideal for large dogs. Ramp provides easy access through a watertight door. Has a deep basin and overhead faucet fixtures for easy spraying. It’s sturdy and you would not move this unit between washings. Check Price
05-Dono-Foldable-Pet-Bath-Tub Best For Budget: Dono Foldable Pet Bath Tub The budget-friendly Dono Foldable Pet Bath Tub is a simple bathing space that comes in three sizes and can double as a pet pool. Bath walls are reinforced with fiberboard, and the bathtub folds down for compact storage. Check Price

How we selected our Top Picks

Dog getting a bath
Dog bath tubs are great to have at home and in the groomer’s shop!

We started by searching for the top brands for pet grooming supplies in the US. This led us to a few standout companies that we heard about again and again. We selected their top-rated, mid-range model for the category being considered. 

Since 2015, Flying Pig Pet Grooming has impressed with their wide range of professional-quality pet grooming supplies. This one-stop-shop is a manufacturing giant, creating everything from stainless steel pet baths to grooming harnesses, tables, and hair dryers. If you’re looking to save a little money, refurbished models are also available from their website. 

When we decided to test dog bath tubs, I knew immediately that we had to try Booster Bath. They have been featured on Today, were all over my TikTok FYP, and there was even a little poster at the vet’s office when we took Pepper and Molly for their booster shots.

We learned about Furesh from our friends at adoptapet.com. It turns out that Furesh donates 1% of every purchase to assist the largest online pet adoption hub. This company may be small, but it has certainly made some big waves in lightweight, portable dog grooming. 

When our neighbor told us she uses a Rubbermaid trough to clean her Mastiff, I laughed out loud. But sure enough, when we looked into this world-renowned company known for their plastic containers, we found out many dog enthusiasts have been turning to them for their large pet grooming needs. Who knew?!

Next, we wanted to find out what dog lovers were saying about the baths they used. We checked major e-commerce marketplaces such as Chewy, Google, and Amazon to find out who was saying what about what. We compared ratings from models with 4+ star ratings that had at least 500 verified units sold. 

With the exception of one, we avoided add-on accessories that do not come with the product. Each bath was tested during two separate bathing sessions. Each session had a minimum of two dog washings. We invited friends and neighbors to bring their dogs over for baths so we could see how the different baths worked for various dogs. 

Drawing from all sources, we tested 10 dog baths. 5 made our Top Picks list. 

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Best Dog Bath Tubs

1. Best Overall: Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bath X-Large

Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bath X-Large

Product Ratings

Ease of Use4.5/5
Dog’s Comfort4.5/5

Size: 48”L x 26″W x 35″H | Brand: Booster Bath| Material: UV Stabilized| Tub Location: Raised| Features: Open Back Basin| Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Washing upright is easier on the back and knees. 
  • Fan nozzle hose attachment can be turned on and off to save water
  • Clip-on caddy keeps supplies close
  • Rubber mat provides non-slip bottom for safe and comfortable washings
  • Optional leg lifts can be purchased to make tub taller
  • Hose is long enough to divert used water away from feet

What We Didn’t Like

  • 3-point restraint system could be sturdier and doesn’t tighten enough
  • Easy-access stairs are not included
  • Anti-slip mat is screwed down making it harder to clean

I have to admit that we tried this pet bath on a whim entirely based on the ad I saw at the vet. While it’s certainly the most eye-catching, we weren’t prepared for how excellent this wash system was for the price.

Here’s how it tested:

Materials and Features

The XL model for Booster Bath is made of UV-stabilized propylene. This means that you can leave the bath outside and it won’t fade or warp from sun damage. 

Minimal assembly is required to screw the legs into the base. In the XL model, the basin comes as a single piece. The fan spray nozzle and the soap caddy snap onto the side of the basin, making it easy to reach everything we needed.

We loved that the spray nozzle could be turned on and off, allowing us to save water without having to leave the bath site. Likewise, the extra-long drain tube meant that we could divert the used water into the flower beds, which kept our feet dry—double perk!

The basin has an open back, which makes it super easy for dogs to get in and out without having to be lifted over the sides. Booster Bath does have stairs that go with the bath, but these stairs are not included. 

We loved the design so much that we went ahead and purchased the add-on. It was worth it because our older dogs could get in more comfortably. The stairs have the same no-slip padding that lines the bottom of the tub.

Keeping safety in mind, Booster Bath does include straps for a 3-point harness system intended to prevent escape artists from making a break. We found the straps hard to adjust and they never seemed to hold tight enough.

If your dog wants to jump out, that is something you will need to watch for and protect against. If you already have a working restraint system, use that in the bath. There are three metal attachment rings in the tub. 

At 5’4”, I was able to wash standing up the whole time, with walk-around access to the dogs. For taller washers, however, Booster Bath does have raisers you can purchase to add another 4” to the 35” total height. 

A critical note when considering Booster Bath: The large-scale model has significant design differences. The tub comes in two snapping pieces, and the legs arrive disassembled. Everything snaps into place rather than screwing in. 

This results in the Large size not being able to support as much weight as stated because the plastic warps at the snap joints. When we tried this model, we found the legs much less sturdy compared to the XL size. This made Reno (Boxer) a bit nervous, which made her move around. 

The more she moved, the more the tub bottom sagged and the legs scooted out. Vloggers and reviewers complained about the snap-on legs sagging and snapping after a few uses. 

These issues seem to be resolved in the XL model. More importantly, our large Boxer was more comfortable in the larger tub. 

Ease of Use

Right out of the gate, a raised dog bath tub option is going to have our vote. I never knew how much pain I was putting my back and knees through until I tried these stand-up dog washing options. 

We also liked the open back. Especially with big dogs, it can be hard to pick them up and lift them into a bath that’s big enough to accommodate them. The open-back design made it easy for our older friends to climb safely into the lifted tub. While we weren’t too happy about the upcharge, we felt it made the difference in its overall rating.

The fan nozzle provided controlled water usage and sprayed wide for effective dog coverage. Being able to clip it to the side of the tub when I wasn’t using it kept me from ever having to bend down while bathing. 

Cleaning and Storage

What should be an easy wipe down is made more complicated by the anti-slip mat, which is screwed down. Pooled water is able to slip underneath the mat, which creates a potential breeding ground for bacteria. 

With a ground footprint of 48”x 26” this isn’t particularly easy to store, but it’s lightweight frame does make it easier. Since it’s UV stabilized plastic, the simplest thing to do is to leave it outside, out of direct sunlight if possible. 

The garage is another great location. If both of these areas are full, you’ll need to get creative. Is there somewhere you could hang it? The Booster Bath is only 20 pounds and hanging it will ensure that all the water drains or evaporates.


2. Best for Small Spaces: Flying Pig Pet Washing BathTub

Flying Pig Pet Washing BathTub

Product Ratings

Ease of Use4/5
Dog’s Comfort5/5

Size: 37.5″L x 19.5″W x 35.5″H | Brand: Flying Pig| Material: Hurtta | Tub Location: Raised| Features: Waterproof | Dogs: Small to Medium Breeds

What We Liked

  • Wash standing up 
  • Sturdy plastic makes cleaning easy
  • Built-in soap holders
  • Fits inside standard bathtub 
  • Metal legs with leveler for flat installation everywhere

What We Didn’t Like

  • Drain hose included is prone to breaks and leaks
  • No straps to secure dogs while bathing
  • Listed maximum weight of 150lbs. is far too generous

Their reputation for professional quality at affordable rates preceded them, and they did not disappoint. We think this unit provides comfort for you and your pet, even in small spaces.

Here’s how it tested:

Materials and Features

With sleek rolled edges, this pet bath tub looks just like yours, just smaller and on stilts. 

The UV-protected extra hard plastic is molded out of a single piece and has embeds for a couple of bottles of soap and/or small supplies. It was so nice to have the soap within reach when I needed it.

The legs are stainless steel and are about 22″ in length, while the basin itself adds another 11.5″ to the height, bringing the total height to 35.5″. The legs are not adjustable, so taller people may need to bend over a bit. 

The fur catcher had to be changed frequently because Daisy was always shedding her long coat (by the way, the FURminator has been instrumental in her deshedding process). You’ll know it’s time to clear the catch because the water will drain slowly or stop altogether. 

An accordion-style drainage tube connects to the drain so that you can divert used water where desired. 

During the second wash, however, we did notice some leaking from around the drain. It’s probably a good idea to place a towel under your Flying Pig portable pet bath just in case. Another thing of note with the drainage system is that the drainage tube’s plastic did not seem particularly strong. Some reviewers commented that it’s prone to cracking over time. 

Ease of Use

This raised dog bath was easy to assemble; all I needed to do was snap on the legs. We tried two locations: inside the bathtub and into a bucket in the kitchen. 

I was able to comfortably wash the dogs without bending over. The bathroom space was too tight for me to walk all the way around Tiger (Pug), but in the kitchen with Daisy, we had space to move freely. 

Note: Originally, we were going to put the drain tube in the kitchen sink. But because our sink sits higher than the dog bath tub, drainage was impossible. You will need access to a drainage destination that is lower than the dog bath basin. 

Both our Pug and our neighbor’s Border Collie fit well in the tub. However, Daisy, the Border Collie, had never been in a raised bath before and was a bit nervous. 

It would have been nice to have restraining straps included. However, there are three metal rings coming out of the inner tub sides where you can use your own straps to secure your dog during bathing. 

As apprehensive Daisy moved around, her paws would slip because of the tub’s smooth finish. This made us nervous, which made Daisy even more nervous. To help, we recommend putting a non-slip mat in the bottom of the tub to keep those paws steady. And remember, if you want them to stay calm, you have to be calm first!

Cleaning and Storage

The tub wipes down easily with any pet friendly cleaners while the legs typically just need to be dried off. Washing your dog’s bath is important. It washes away any irritants that may have been on the dog, and it goes a long way to preserving your dog’s bath’s lifespan. 

While small-space functionality is one of its shining features, storage can be a little trickier if you don’t plan to leave it stationed in the bathroom or bathing area. It does not fold or collapse, so the only way to make it smaller is by taking off the legs. Otherwise, it can be tucked away in a corner or closet between uses. 


3. Best for Small Dogs: Furesh Elevated Folding Dog Bath 

Furesh Elevated Folding Dog Bath 

Product Ratings

Ease of Use5/5
Dog’s Comfort5/5

Size: 35.7″L x 18.5″W x 35″H | Brand: Furesh| Material: Marine-grade PVC | Tub Location: Raised| Features: Foldable| Dogs: Small to Medium Breeds

What We Liked

  • Easy assembly, just pop on the legs
  • Highly portable. Is lightweight, folds, and fits easily in car or closet
  • Attached side pockets for supplies and accessories
  • Compatible with saving water
  • Sturdy 3-point restraint provides security

What We Didn’t Like

  • Accordion-style plastic is prone to breaking over time
  • Needs to dry before putting it away
  • Fills up quickly
  • Floor got wet wet with medium dog

We liked Furesh for its community engagement, but the second we saw how small and portable this adorable bed was, we just had to try it. 

Here’s how it tested:

Materials and Features

This unit is compact. The basin is 11″ deep and about 33″ long. It sits on a lightweight aluminum sandwich frame that snaps on for initial assembly. There are adjustable feet so the unit can fit into smaller spaces. With the feet tucked in, we were able to get it to sit in our bathtub, but there wasn’t much room to move otherwise. 

We were impressed by the 3-point restraint system that was included. With a little slack in the thick straps, we felt secure that our little dogs wouldn’t be able to move around too much or escape. 

It’s marketed as the perfect option for water conservation. To save water, plug drains to allow water to pool rather than letting it drain constantly. We let the water pool from our initial dog wetting, shampooed, then used a cup to start the rinsing process. 

This worked well, but we were not able to get Max (the Shih Tzu) fully rinsed before the water got too soapy. We let the used water drain via an extendable accordion-style drainage tube before finishing off with a fresh final spray rinse. 

A pocket for soaps and supplies hangs from each side so you don’t have to go looking for items or bending down to get them. The open pocket has ample room to hold whatever grooming supplies you need, rather than the small, shape-specific supply allowances found in many other models. 

Ease of Use

This dog bath enhances the ease and comfort of raised models because you can set it up and take it down with one hand (not for initial assembly). To stretch, start by pushing down in the middle, which pushes the legs outward. Then all you have to do is push the bottom of each side into place with a solid click. 

While it’s recommended for medium-breed dogs, smaller is better for this bath. When we put our friend’s Sheltie in, she fit, and the legs held sturdy. But any movement resulted in splashes. We needed to put a towel down and dry the floor after we were done.

When you’re done and it’s ready to be moved, just grab the handle at the bottom of the basin. Pull up and the whole unit folds down into a piece about the size of a TV dinner tray. Just try to remember to flip the pockets into the basin first; that makes the storage neater. 

Cleaning and Storage

This is where this unit shines. The PVC material is easily wiped and cleaned with pet-friendly cleaning products, and the hair-catching drain is easier to clean than its predecessor, which had smaller openings. 

Because of how it folds up, you’ll want to make sure that this top-rated dog bath is dry before storing it in a dry place away from sunlight. Otherwise, the PVC is prone to smelling bad and degrading faster. 

Almost anyone can find space for a TV tray. Whether you need to store this dog bath in a tight closet between cleanings, or need to take your grooming on the road, the light and compact frame fits just about anywhere. If you have to move the unit while it’s still wet, make sure to open it back up to let it dry once it’s reached its destination. 


4. Best for Large Dogs: PawBest Stainless Steel Grooming Bath Tub

PawBest Stainless Steel Grooming Bath Tub

Product Ratings

Ease of Use3.5/5
Dog’s Comfort4.5/5

Size: 50″L x 27.25″W x 58″H  | Brand: PawBest| Material: Stainless Steel | Tub Location: Raised| Features: Ramp| Dogs: Medium to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Welded single piece basin prevents seam leaks
  • Watertight sliding access door with ramp
  • Anti-slip mat keeps everybody safe from slips and falls
  • Sprayer and overhead grooming arms are included

What We Didn’t Like

  • Ramp is plastic and can slide while in use
  • You can’t walk all around you pet
  • Drainage was leaky and hose was short for our placement
  • Will need to dry to prevent rust

Frustrated by the limited affordable options for large-breed pet baths, we decided to give a couple of mid-to-high-end models a try to see if the quality matched the jump in price. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive station to bathe your biggest four-legged pal, PawBests’s Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Bath Tub is the best value for the price.

Here’s how it tested:

Materials and Features

This fixture looks stunning in any utility space, while the stainless steel material is naturally scratch-resistant. The deep tub basin is made from a single piece of welded steel, preventing leakage at the seams. Overall, this is an investment piece that is built to last. 

What we love most about this unit is the entrance. Pull the ramp down so your dog can walk right up into the bathtub. Sometimes, as they age, dogs’ hips don’t work as well as they once did. This ramp sits low, starting at just 8” off the ground. While we liked the ramp, we wished that it was also stainless steel. 

This unit uses a plastic ramp, which feels less sturdy, and because it is lightweight, there’s a chance of it moving a bit while in use. We were concerned that the door would be a leaky spot but were impressed with the watertight seal. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about lifting your dog over the tub’s lip. 

Keeping safety in mind, a slip-resistant mat is provided, which we found useful as stainless steel is slippery. If your dog slips around too much, it could strain a muscle or damage a tendon or joint. This is a bigger hazard for larger, older, and special-needs dogs. 

This unit connects to your wall-mounted plumbing access points and comes with a faucet sprayer and two grooming arms. This allowed us to access our dogs from one spot without hurting our backs and arms. 

While there is enough space in the basin for dogs to turn around, it’s good to know you can get the same quality clean even if your buddy is a little apprehensive or uncooperative in the tub. 

Ease of Use

This is as close as you’ll get to a professional station at home. It has all the bells and whistles needed for you to start up your own business cleaning all the dogs in the neighborhood — or maybe that’s just us. 

We wanted something that could accommodate our medium and large dogs rather than keep a separate bath for medium-sized dogs. Because the basin is deep, we don’t feel it’s well suited for small breeds, as you would need to bend over and reach more. Our little Bella (a Chihuahua) was overwhelmed by the size.

Being able to stand up was obviously great, but getting used to limited access and relying on the grooming arm was an adjustment. I’d gotten used to being able to walk all the way around. That’s not possible as this sits up against the wall and has a raised backside. 

We aren’t plumbers. While we eventually did get the unit set up on our own, it did take a bit of time, trial and error, breaks, and patience. The supplied drainage hose was a little short for our fixtures, which was causing leaks at the drainage sites. If you can’t make it to the hardware store to buy a longer drain tube, make sure you put some towels down to catch any leaking water. 

Cleaning and Storage

Few things are easier to clean than stainless steel. Give it a good wipe down after each use to avoid soap scum and buildup. 

We went away for a few days just after our tests. When we returned, we noticed some water rings. Since the buyer feedback, we found mentioned some rusting, particularly starting with the hair-catching bracket, we recommend towel-drying the PawBest dog bath after each day of use. 

There’s no storing this beast. If you select this top-rated dog bath tub, you are making an investment and have just purchased a fixture for your home. It does not break down. The plumbing access is intended to stay connected. The wall-mounting system will require indoor or house-side installation. 


5. Best For Budget: Dono Foldable Pet Bath Tub

Dono Foldable Pet Bath Tub

Product Ratings

Ease of Use3.5/5
Dog’s Comfort5/5

Size: (S,L,XL) 48”x12” (Large) | Brand: PawBest| Material: PVC; fiberboard | Tub Location: Ground| Features: Foldable| Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Great for washing or cooling off
  • Foldable for compact storage
  • Fiberboard embedded walls help hold the structure
  • Affordable option for all dog sizes

What We Didn’t Like

  • Must remember to trim nails First
  • Takes a while to dry before putting away
  • Will likely need to get into bath for large or active dogs
  • Fiberboard walls still need adequate water to maintain structure

Not everyone has hundreds or thousands to spend on regular grooming or a dog bath. Fancy features are great, but they aren’t necessary to get the job done. 

Here’s how it tested:

Materials and Features

Dono’s foldable pet bath provides utility on a budget. It’s made of heavy-duty PVC, so it’s resistant (but not immune) to tears. In fact, the manufacturer strongly suggests clipping nails before bathing.

Rather than plastic or inflatable siding, this pet bath’s walls are reinforced with dense fiberboard that helps it hold structure while you bathe your dog. We did prefer the reinforced siding to a thick PVC strip alone, but just like with kiddie pools, you’ll need a substantial amount of water in the basin to keep the walls standing up. 

Best perk? Dono’s foldable pet bath doubles as a pet pool. Give your dog an oasis on hot summer days without worrying about tracking grass and dirt into the family pool. We won’t tell anyone if you enjoy it too, though. 

Ease of Use

The Dono foldable pet bath comes in three sizes and we tried the small and the extra-large. The small fit well on top of our patio table! We were able to reach Molly (the Chihuahua) easily, and she sat comfortably atop the table. This size had all the best perks of a raised dog bath without any of the cost. Score! 

No such relief when using the extra-large. Pepper (Dalmatian) loved splashing around a little too much, so it took two of us in the pool to keep her still and wash her down. You can try staying on the outside of the pool if your dog is sitting still and toward the outer edge, but with it being on the ground, that was too uncomfortable for us. 

Cleaning and Storage

While the sides are easy enough to wipe down, the unstructured bottom can be a pain. The sides make it so there is no easy way to sweep grass and mud out of the pool. We ended up spending a lot of time and using a ton of water just to rinse it out for folding.

Two folding style instructions are provided with Dono’s foldable pet bath: flat and accordion. We had better luck with the flat method; the accordion-style kept leaving us with a wad of plastic at the bottom. 

You’ll want to wait for the Dono foldable pet bath to dry before folding to prevent mildew. This might take a while, but you won’t want to forget and leave it to the elements. Store it inside to protect it from prolonged sun damage. 


Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallBest For Small DogsBest For Big DogsBest Small SpacesBest On a Budget
Overall Rating4.75/54.8/54/54.5/54/5
Ease of Use4.5/55/53.5/54/53.5/5
Dog’s Comfort4.5/55/54.5/55/55/5

The Winner

We fell in love with the Booster Bath (XL). It provides the most features and can make washing all of our pups, big and small, fun, comfortable, and easy. With the Booster Bath XL, we get all the functionality paired with a ton of style. 

While the added cost of stairs bumps up the unit’s price, it’s still significantly cheaper than the other dog baths for large breeds we tried. It’s a small price to pay for their safety access.

How To Choose The Best Dog Bath

What Are Your Dog’s Dimensions?

The size and weight of your dog(s) should be the first factor you consider when selecting the best dog bath for your home. Go ahead and weigh your dog before you start shopping, so you’ll have the most accurate information. If you must estimate, overestimate. This will save you from having to deal with a return. 

Pay attention to the weight recommendations listed by the manufacturer. When dogs are too heavy for the bath being used, the bath can feel unstable, which will make your pet nervous. If the bath suddenly breaks, the experience can lead to injuries and a poor opinion of bathtime next time. 

We found manufacturers’ posted weight maximums, which tended to be heavier than what should comfortably fit. Therefore, when possible, get the next size up from our dog’s weight classifications to achieve the best comfort. The larger size tends to offer more stability, particularly for raised models. 

Be careful about putting small dogs in baths intended for large breeds. Make sure they can be secured and keep an eye on the amount of water that pools in the bottom of the basin.

How Much Space Do You Have?

You’ll want to consider where you plan to do your dog’s bathing. If you have a lawn, bathing outside avoids indoor mess. But if you live in an apartment, you’ll want to think about drain access. The best dog bath tubs for indoor use will have long drainage tubes that are durable and catch pet hair before it reaches your sink or tub. 

In particular, if your space is limited, be sure to choose a dog bath with levelers so that uneven surfaces do not impact the quality of your dog bath. Slanted bath basins don’t drain properly and can be uncomfortable—or worse, unsafe for your dog. 

Cleaning and Storage

After all that work cleaning your dog, you’re going to want a cleaning process that is quick, easy, and effective. Clean your dog’s bath thoroughly after each use to avoid bacteria and soap scum buildup. The former could be harmful to your pet, while the latter makes your bath look dirty when it’s not. 

You’ll also want to think about storage. Will the dog bath stay in the same spot after you use it, or will you need to pack it up and put it away? If inter-use storage is your long-term plan, be sure to consider where you’ll store the dog bath and how to dry the dog bath beforehand to avoid mold and mildew.

If you can avoid storing your dog bath outside, do so. Sun damage to many materials can lead to brittleness, cracks, tears, and structural weakness. Purchasing a dog bath can be a long-term investment—if you take care of it. 

Dog Temperament and Abilities

Lastly, you’ll want to consider your dog’s temperament. Do they like baths? Are they prone to moving around and splashing? Are they nervous? What about their abilities? Can they walk up stairs or a ramp for a raised bath option? 

All of these questions contribute to which dog bath is best for you. If your dog is likely to try and escape, a sturdy harness system may help keep them in place. Meanwhile, a big splasher will need a pet bath located in a water-safe space in your home–or better yet, outside! 

Not all dogs feel comfortable in a raised bath. Wobbly legs might feel unstable, or their inclination is to jump out and get to the ground. Escapes from raised baths pose a greater risk of injury and may be particularly problematic for older or special-needs dogs. 

Although raised baths provide comfort to the washer, the feature is useless if your pet will not get into or stay in a raised dog bath. 

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Honorable Mentions

Along the way, we found some excellent options for dog baths that just didn’t make our cut. They may, however, fill a niche that is perfect for your home.

1. Mustee 28F Bigtub Utilatub – Considered For Medium Dogs

Although the size of this big utility sink fits medium breeds well, we didn’t like the problems we had with leg assembly. The legs need to be set just right and then hammered into place. 

We agreed with other users who found other ways to raise their dog baths. Just remember to account for drainage. Additionally, you need to lift your dog into the Utilatub, which is difficult for some dog owners.

If you’re looking for a sturdy raised option for larger dogs, consider the PawBest Stainless Steel grooming bathtub. The ramp provides easy access, it’s got versatile wall mount options for your plumbing, and the stainless steel is a durable material that is scratch resistant and looks stunning. 

2. Rubbermaid Commercial – Considered For Large Dogs

This choice isn’t specifically designed for pet washing, but bathing and grooming are one of its primary uses. This commercial-grade foam basin is perfect for washing the day’s play away. 

You’ll be able to move all the way around your dog. When you’re done there is an easy drainage valve you can release. Sturdy material can be left outside, which is good because it doesn’t fold down for easy storage. 

If you’re looking for a few more accessories to make your dog’s grooming experience easier, we suggest the Booster Bath XL. You’ll get off the ground, protecting your knees and back. The bottom is lined with a slip-proof rubber mat, and the fan nozzle hose attachment gives your dog a relaxing spa treatment experience. 

3. ddLUCK Collapsable Pet Bath – Considered For Small Dogs

This small bath sits comfortably in the kitchen sink and collapses flat for super easy storage. We love that it has a drain hole at the bottom and rubber hand grips to prevent slippage. 

We would have liked to see space intended to hold soap and supplies, but then it probably couldn’t collapse. Its small size makes a splashy mess likely, so you have to use this bath in the sink, tub, or outside. 

Small dogs can still make big messes, and that is why we think more space is important at bathtime. We suggest trying out the Furesh portable dog bath with a long drain hose. It’s super portable and can be set up and taken down with just one hand. 

You’ll be able to secure your dog in place and access them from all directions. Best of all, there’s a fur catcher so all that fluff isn’t clogging your drains. 

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