PetSafe Wireless Fences vs Stay and Play – COMPARED

PetSafe is a quality name brand in the invisible fencing industry.

Two of their most popular products are the PetSafe Wireless Fence and the PetSafe Stay and Play fence. But which one is right for your dog and your needs?

We have laid out all the details between PetSafe Wireless Fences vs Stay and Play below so you can make the right choice for your furry friend!


Before opting for a wireless fence, we strongly recommend obedience training and taking the time to understand and carry out the process.

Training your dog can prevent the potential stress of a wireless fence collar, and focuses on positive cues to reinforce boundaries. 

While wireless fence collars aren’t painful, for certain dogs they can cause potentially severe emotional distress without the proper training.

Brain training techniques are a science-backed way to help prepare your dog for new boundaries without the use of force or dominance!

PetSafe Wireless vs PetSafe Stay and Play Fence

PetSafe Wireless vs PetSafe Stay and Play Fence
While both the PetSafe Wireless and PetSafe Stay and Play are great, the former is best for large yards and dogs. Stay and Play is better for smaller areas and pets.

Each system has its own unique characteristics which are designed for specific pet owners.

To get started, we found that there are 4 questions you should ask yourself to help you determine which PetSafe system is right for you:

  • What size dog or dogs will be using the system?
  • What is the total coverage area you are looking for?
  • Do you want disposable or rechargeable batteries?
  • What kind of additional alerts for the system do you want?

But, for starters, the PetSafe Wireless Fence is good for pet owners of large yards with larger-sized dogs. 

Meanwhile, the PetSafe Stay and Play Fence is good for smaller dogs and yards and those pet owners looking for a rechargeable collar option.

However, both the PetSafe Wireless Fence and the PetSafe Stay and Play Fence systems are amazing invisible fencing systems for your dog.

Just look at how easy it is to set up the PetSafe Wireless Fence system and use it in the video below:

Read our related article on How to Set Up PetSafe Wireless Fence for a step-by-step guide!

Consider the Size of Your Dog

This simple question will determine which PetSafe system you can use.  

Smaller dogs will not be able to take advantage of the PetSafe Wireless system because it is only made for dogs 8 pounds and over.

The Stay and Play system is made for smaller dogs and can handle a dog 5 pounds or larger.

Containment Area Size

If you need a larger containment area over an acre you will want to look at the PetSafe Stay and Play Fence.

Pet owners with smaller yards at half-acre or less will be satisfied with the PetSafe Wireless Fence system. 

However, both have the ability to adjust the coverage area in several feet increments so homeowners with smaller yards could use each system and tailor it to their yard size.

With that being said, keep in mind the size of your dog as well.

This article on Invisible Fence Expanding is a great guide to help you get the most out of your fence system’s reach.

Disposable or Rechargeable Batteries

Probably the biggest difference between the two PetSafe wireless systems is their power sources.  

The Stay and Play system comes with a rechargeable battery while the Wireless system depends on disposable batteries.

Your general financial needs and your environmental concerns will be factors in determining which system you go for.

Determine Which Alert System You Want

If you want to keep an eye on all parts of your system, not just the collar, you will want more alerts built into the whole invisible fencing system.  

The Stay and Play has additional alerts, which alert you when there are issues with the transmitter, which are not available on the Wireless system.

Pet Safe Wireless Fencing System

Pet Safe Wireless Fencing System
The PetSafe Wireless Containment System enables you to create a safe and secure 1/2 acre circular boundary around your yard without having to bury a wire or install a physical fence.

The PetSafe Wireless Fencing System has a long history of success with over 10 years of top-selling experience.

This system has thousands of positive reviews from happy customers making it one of the most reliable systems that pet owners can purchase.

The parts of the PetSafe system include:

  • Transmitter with power cord
  • A receiver on an adjustable collar
  • Training Flags
  • Test light
  • Long contact points
  • Wrench

The PetSafe Wireless fencing system comes with a 5-pound transmitter that is around the size of a gallon paint can.  

This transmitter is able to produce a circular area of coverage up to ½  of an acre or 180ft in diameter.

The system allows for an additional second transmitter, which can extend the coverage area to just under a full acre.

The collar receiver is made for dogs that weigh 8 pounds and over with a neck size of 6 to 28 inches.

In total, the receiver weighs just under 3 ounces and includes a non-rechargeable battery.

Since safety is a number one concern of the PetSafe Wireless system, this system comes with 5 different levels of adjustable correction plus a beep-only training mode.  

And, if your dog gets stuck somewhere within the PetSafe Wireless signal field, the collar is set up to only provide correction for up to 30 seconds.

PetSafe Stay and Play Fencing System

PetSafe Stay and Play Fencing System
Your pet is safe with the Stay+Play Wireless FenceTM system! It’s portable, wireless, and supports an unlimited number of pets via the Wireless Receiver Collar.

The PetSafe Stay and Play system is a newer version for PetSafe but boasts more features.

While it’s more expensive, many online reviewers think the extra cost is worth it.

The PetSafe Stay and Play system kit includes:

  • A transmitter with a power adaptor
  • Adjustable collar with a receiver
  • Receiver charger and PetSafe rechargeable battery
  • Training flags
  • Test light
  • Long contact points
  • Wrench

The Stay and Play transmitter is smaller than the Wireless Fencing system, measuring about half the size and almost half the weight at just 2.9 ounces. 

This system does provide up to ¾  acres of coverage, or a 210ft circular coverage area.

You can also add an additional transmitter to the Stay and Play system to increase the coverage area to almost 1½  acres.

Another unique benefit of the Stay and Play system is that it can be used with smaller dogs of 5 pounds or more, with neck sizes of 6 to 23 inches.

The collar does have a rechargeable battery for its receiver, meaning money will be saved on purchasing batteries throughout the life of the system.  

Just like the PetSafe Wireless Fencing system, the Stay and Play system also comes with 5 levels of adjustable correction with a beep-only training mode.  

However, Stay and Play has upgraded the safety features of the Wireless system.

This upgrade means that it will only provide correction for up to 15 seconds if your dog cannot exit the signal field for any reason instead of 30.

An added benefit of the Stay and Play system is that it comes with two alarms that do not come with the PetSafe Wireless system.

The first will alert if the system has a loss of power to the transmitter, and the second goes off if there is a transmitter malfunction.

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Comparing the Two Systems

Comparing the Two Systems
There are some similarities between the PetSafe Stay and Play and PetSafe Wireless Fence systems.

Now that we have laid out the details of each system, let us see how they compare to each other.


The similarities might be small, but both the PetSafe Wireless Fence and the PetSafe Stay and Play systems have several things in common.

Those similarities include the items listed in the table below.

Setup Time1-2 hours
Levels of Correction5 with Beeping alert
Low Battery AlertYes


Both of the systems obviously provide only circular areas of coverage being wireless systems.

They both also have the capability to offer additional coverage if a second transmitter is added to the system, which can double their coverage area.


The correction ability of the two systems are also the same including both a set of 5 levels of adjustable correction and a beeping alert for training purposes.  


Additionally, both collars also have low battery warning lights to make it easier to keep track of your receiver’s current battery level.

Multiple Dogs

One of the most important similarities is that both can be used as a wireless dog fence for 2 dogs or more, as long as each dog on the system has its own collar.

If you plan to have more than one dog on a system, be sure to check out our guide – How Do I Connect Another PetSafe Collar?


Although these systems have several things in common, there are quite a few differences between the PetSafe Wireless Fence and the PetSafe Stay and Play Fence systems.

We created a comparison chart for the two PetSafe wireless systems to show how they stack up against each other.

FeaturesPetSafe Wireless FenceStay and Play Fencing
Coverage AreaUp to ½  acreUp to ¾  acre
Dog Weight8 pounds and larger5 pounds and larger
Weight of Collar3 ounces2.9 ounces
Neck Size6-28”6-23”
BatteryDisposable BatteryRechargeable Battery
Correction Time Span30 seconds15 seconds
Transmitter AlertsNoYes

Coverage Area

The coverage area of the two systems does vary.

The Wireless system can provide a coverage area of up to ½  of an acre while the Stay and Play system has a larger coverage area of up to ¾  an acre per transmitter.


Another major difference is the batteries of each system.

The PetSafe Wireless system comes with a standard RFA-67D battery that requires replacement whereas the PetSafe Stay and Play system has a rechargeable battery.

Dog Size

Another difference is in how big of a dog must be to wear them.

The PetSafe Wireless System is designed for larger dogs, requiring dogs to weigh at least 8 pounds, and have neck sizes of up to 28 inches. 

The Stay and Play, on the other hand, can be used with smaller dogs weighing just 5 pounds.


While both systems have been made with safety in mind, the PetSafe Stay and Play system has more intense safety features.

The former has an upgraded correction time limit of 15 seconds compared to the Wireless system at 30 seconds.  

Also, the Stay and Play has additional alerts that go off if the transmitter has issues.

Final Thoughts

In the end, whether the PetSafe Wireless Fence or the PetSafe Stay and Play Fence system is right for you depends on a number of factors. 

Either way, you will be getting a quality system that will help keep your pup safe outside while letting them roam.

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