Are PetSafe and Invisible Fence the Same? (FULL 2022 Guide)

PetSafe and Invisible Fence are two brands that are fairly popular in the pet containment industry, but are Petsafe and Invisible Fence the same?

PetSafe and Invisible Fence products are owned by the same manufacturing company, Radio Systems Corporation.

While they’re essentially the same, there are some differing details and features to look out for. 

In this post, we compare the PetSafe and Invisible Fence components and have included helpful information to help you make the best purchase!

Are PetSafe and Invisible Fence the Same?

Are PetSafe and Invisible Fence the Same
Petsafe receiver collars can be programmed to work with Invisible Fence® transmitters. So, yes, these systems are practically the same.

PetSafe and Invisible Fence products are owned by the same manufacturing company called Radio Systems Corporation.

While separate brands, PetSafe and Invisible Fence products help owners solve any pet containment issues they may be experiencing.

Most of the pet containment products they both sell include:

  • In-ground electric fencing systems
  • Electric invisible fencing systems
  • Wireless electric fencing systems

PetSafe is a pet supply company that promotes products catered to companion cat and dog care, training, health, and wellness needs.

Their most popular items are their various pet containment and training collar products.

Invisible Fence is a company that primarily focuses on pet containment solutions for dogs.

They have a wide range of products that can be used with a variety of dogs, and some of their products even track your dog’s location at all times.

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Do PetSafe and Invisible Fence Have the Same Components?

Do PetSafe and Invisible Fence Have the Same Components
The short answer is yes, many dog fence collar receivers are interchangeable.

PetSafe and Invisible Fence have similar components and are occasionally compatible with the other brand’s correction collar, but this is not always the case.

PetSafe’s products are great for someone who does not want to hire a professional for installation, or has a large amount of property to contain.

Invisible Fence’s products are professionally installed and were originally made for use alongside boundary training dogs and puppies.

Check out this chart detailing different specs of the PetSafe and Invisible Fence Systems:

SpecsPetSafeInvisible Fence
Collar SizingOptions for collar sizes of 9 to 20 inchesSpecific measurements are 1.75” wide, 1” tall, and 1” deep
Fence RangeVaries per fence type, the highest range is ½ of an acreThe fence can be installed to cover any range of property but will use a GPS-based fence system if more than 5 acres of fencing is needed
Correction Shock LevelsOptions for levels ranging from 1 to 6 with the lower levels recommended for trainingCorrection levels can only be changed by an Invisible Fence trainer or technician
Correction Noise LevelsLevel 1 of the correction collar indicates noises only. The correction noises are continuous beepsThe correction collar will beep when the pet is nearing or attempting to cross the boundary line and indicate an issue with the collar’s performance

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Do Invisible Fences Hurt Dogs?

Do Invisible Fences Hurt Dogs?
Hidden fences are completely safe for all dogs and cats and will not harm your pet.

Both PetSafe and Invisible Fence products have been designed with dog safety in mind.

Each fencing system will sync up to a collar worn by your dog that can correct them when attempting to cross the established boundary lines.

The correction collar will emit a loud noise and small electrical jolt to redirect your dog’s attention to its safe zone.

The electrical jolt should not harm your pet.

However, you can test the feel of the jolt by placing the collar’s metal prongs on the palm of your hand.

Invisible Fence is a widely loved and trusted brand, but here’s a great article about the various pros and cons of these products written by a licensed veterinarian.

Since Invisible Fence products are professionally installed you should not have to worry too much about improper installation.

If you do begin to notice system or collar errors while in use, we recommend removing the collar from your dog until the system is corrected.

Discover how these systems interact with the correction collar in our guide, How Close Can a Dog Get to an Invisible Fence.

Do PetSafe Fences Hurt Dogs?

PetSafe produces a wide variety of fencing systems that have been designed for safe and effective dog containment.

Much like Invisible Fence products, PetSafe fencing generally connects to a correction collar worn by your dog.

This collar will ping off of the installed boundary lines and correct your pet with a loud noise or electrical jolt if they attempt to cross. 

The electrical jolt should only startle your dog, not create pain.

For more info on the effect of electric fences on dogs, check out our article: Does an Electric Fence Hurt a Dog?

If your dog does begin to exhibit painful reactions, we recommend removing the collar to verify that it is properly functioning.

This video demonstrates the differences of PetSafe correction collar types:

How Long Does an Invisible Fence Last?

If installed properly, the Invisible Fence company mentions that their Invisible Fence boundary wire should last for up to 27 years.

This timeframe will vary depending on the landscape and soil conditions of the area you live in. 

We do recommend regularly testing your fence system to verify that it is working properly.

For more on Invisible Fence systems and pricing, you can schedule a free consultation on their website!

How Long Do PetSafe Fences Last?

The PetSafe company mentions that most of their pet containment products should last for around 10 years.

This timeframe is dependent on the system type, battery type, and installation method.

Most of the PetSafe fence systems will require specific batteries to power the transmitter, but they do have systems available with rechargeable batteries. 

Similar to the Invisible Fence, you can test the PetSafe fencing systems regularly to verify it is working properly.

Learn more about PetSafe’s wireless fencing and PetSafe wireless fence installation in our full guide!

How Long Can a Dog Wear an Invisible Fence Collar?

It is not recommended to leave the Invisible Fence correction collar on a dog for longer than 12-hour intervals.

Prolonged wear can lead to irritation on your pet where the collar’s connection points touch the skin. 

We recommend removing the correction collar from your dog when it is not being used to avoid skin irritation and collar malfunctions.

You should also clean the collar’s connection points regularly to ensure proper function for as long as possible. 

We urge you to remember to remove the correction collar before traveling with your pet outside of the established safe zone to ensure the collar does not correct them for this action. 

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How Long Can a Dog Wear a PetSafe Fence Collar?

PetSafe correction collars should not be worn for longer than 12 hours at a time.

Like the Invisible Fence collar, prolonged wear can lead to skin irritation where the connection points to touch. 

The correction collar should ideally be removed when not in use and cleaned regularly to ensure extended use.

Remember to always remove the correction collar before allowing your pet to cross the boundary of their established safe zone.

If the correction collar begins irritating your pet’s skin, remove it immediately and schedule an appointment with their primary veterinarian to verify your pet is in good health. 

We understand having reservations about trusting a correction collar to protect your dog’s safety and health.

Here is an article that discusses the various PetSafe correction collar pros and cons, written by a licensed veterinarian. 


We hope this article was able to assist you in your research and answer any questions you may have had about the PetSafe and Invisible Fence companies.

Regardless of which system you choose, be confident that your pet will be safe with either one.

We wish you and your canine companion the best of luck in your containment journey!

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