Does Invisible Fence Work When Power Goes Out? (MAYBE)

Does Invisible Fence work when the power goes out?

Invisible fences come with a backup battery that helps to keep the system running and effective while there’s a power outage.

So, even if there is a power outage, this backup battery will keep your pet contained as long as the battery lasts. 

In this post, we’re going to discuss if invisible fences continue working during a power outage, for how long, and what kinds of backup systems are available. 

Does Invisible Fence Work in a Power Outage?

Does Invisible Fence Work In Power Outage
When the power is out, your Invisible Fence system will continue to operate with the optional backup battery.

A valid question that a lot of people have is if an invisible fence will continue working during a power outage.

Most invisible fences do come with a backup battery or an optional backup battery that helps to keep the system running even during a power outage. 

There are a few reasons that a backup battery might be necessary for your home:

  • If you live in an area where you experience harsh climates that result in power outages
  • If you have multiple dogs that need containing during a possible power outage
  • If you are unable to contain your pets any other way besides an invisible fence 
  • If you want an extra layer of protection when it comes to unexpected weather and power outages

Unfortunately, sometimes a battery backup will not be an option with certain brands, or it might not come with the initial invisible fence purchase.

It is also important to note that these backup batteries also vary in how long they last.

They will need to be replaced eventually in order to continue using them, which is common for most battery-operated devices.

Keeping an eye on your battery life is essential if you are experiencing a power outage. 

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Does Invisible Fence Have a Battery Backup?

Battery backups are something that you want to consider if you’re getting an invisible fence.

The backup battery is an important feature that keeps your system up and running even during a power outage. 

Before purchasing an invisible fence, it is best to find out which brands have a battery backup and which don’t.

That is because some brands come equipped with them, other brands require you to purchase them separately, and some might not have the option at all. 

The Invisible Fence does have a backup battery available that can be purchased separately.

One that switches on once it reacts to not having power from your home any longer to keep it running so pet owners can feel safe knowing their pets are safe at home.

How Long Does Invisible Fence Battery Backup Last?

The Invisible Fence battery backup is a really great thing to have, but how long do they last?

While that depends on how much you are needing to rely on it, some backup batteries only last a couple of hours. 

It would be beneficial to look into extra backup batteries or other methods of containment once the backup battery runs out to continue keeping your pet safe. 

Once the battery runs out, the system no longer has power and will no longer recognize when your dog is out of the boundary line. 

Everything with a battery will eventually run out so be prepared for that as power outages can be spontaneous.

It is always important to keep your dog contained in other ways or keep them in the home while a power outage is happening to ensure their safety. 

Here are other ways of containment: 

As pet owners, we want to keep them safe and also trust our invisible fence system will keep them contained as best as possible even under hard circumstances. 

How Do You Tell if Your Invisible Fence is Working?

How Do You Tell If Your Invisible Fence Is Working
A light on the battery tester and audible tone on the receiver confirms that the collar is operating properly.

There are a few different ways that you can test out if your invisible fence is working or not (like testing dog fence with multimeter).

Each brand has a different way to test if the invisible fence is working, and you can find this out by reading the manual for your particular fence. 

Typically, the collar will have a light or a beeping noise that may mean the battery is dead or starting to run out.

It is important to keep an eye out for any indications of a dying battery so you don’t risk your pet getting out.

Some other brands even provide a battery tester that can be used to test if your invisible fence is working.

You can even take the collar over to the boundary line and hold it at your dog’s height level to see if you can feel the static correction. 

There are a few things to consider when it comes to testing your invisible fence:

  • Does the collar seem to be working properly? 
  • Is there any unusual beeping or lights on the collar or transmitter?
  • Does the transmitter seem to be running?
  • Did you check the manual for a “dead battery” indicator?
  • Can you feel a static correction or beeping at the boundary line?

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What Should You Do if Your Power Goes Out While Using an Invisible Fence?

What Should You Do If Your Power Goes Out While Using An Invisible Fence
The battery backup ensures that, even if you lose power, your dog will stay safely contained.

If the power goes out, and you own an invisible fence, then there are a few different things you should do.

Here’s a checklist that includes a few things you should do in the event of a power outage:

  • Check to see if your invisible fence has a backup battery
  • Come up with alternate methods of containment for your pet 
  • Reset your invisible fence once the power comes back on

Checking to see if your invisible fence has a backup battery or not is step one, preferably before you have an actual power outage.

If your system has a backup battery then this can be used to power the system until the power outage is over.

However, the battery will eventually die depending on how long the power outage is for. 

Replacing the battery or finding alternative methods of containment is necessary once the backup battery dies. 

It is important to consider alternative methods of containment to ensure that your pet stays safe even during a power outage whether you have a backup battery or not.

This will prepare you for a dying backup battery or in the event of no backup battery.

If your invisible fence doesn’t have a battery backup then you will need to either keep your pet inside or think of other alternatives to an invisible fence in the meantime.

Once your power returns then your invisible fence will be safe to use again. 

Do You Need to Reset Your Invisible Fence After a Power Outage?

After a power outage, once your transmitter comes back on it will reset by itself.

Even after it resets automatically, sometimes beeping or other “side effects” can take place after a power outage, so you may need to reset it manually. 

Signs you may need to reset your transmitter: 

  • Abnormal beeping 
  • Noticeable issues with the boundary line 
  • Not functioning correctly or at all
  • If you have recently experienced a power outage

It is best to note that there is no way to truly reset your transmitter or invisible fence system, but it will be a fresh start once it is back up and running again. 

If you’re having problems with it, here is a short video showing you some tricks to try while working with the Invisible Fence:

Tips for Using an Invisible Fence During a Power Outage

If you are able to use your invisible fence during a power outage then we have a few tips for you to follow in order to get the best experience.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re using an invisible fence with no power:

  • Keep an eye on your backup battery life 
  • Come up with emergency containment methods in the event that the battery dies 
  • Only let your dogs out if necessary to preserve battery life and prevent possible escapes 
  • Check that the invisible fence is working if you are unsure

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The Bottom Line

So, does Invisible Fence work when power goes out?

Overall as pet owners, we do not have to worry too much about invisible fences working when the power goes out.

With the option for a battery backup and alternative containment methods, I think we are a bit more prepared for a power outage. 

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