How BIG Can a Dog Electric Fence Be? – Large Property Guide

How big can a dog electric fence be?

There is no limit on how big a perimeter can be for in-ground wired systems or wired fences. Wireless fences are not as customizable, but can go up to approximately 1,000 feet.

Depending on the invisible fence system you get, the total area your dog can roam is going to be extremely different with both wired and wireless options.

Different Electric Fences and How Big They Can be

dog electric fence
Depending on your electric fence, the area it can cover can range from 1,000 feet to an acre or more.

Depending on the invisible fence you get, or already have at home, they will both be able to cover different size pieces of land.

The different options are:

  • In-ground fences
  • Wireless fences

How Big Can In-ground Fences Be?

When it comes to in-ground fences, there is not really any limit to how big you can make the perimeter as any additional wire can be easily purchased.

When you purchase an in-ground fence, they only supply you with approximately 1,000 feet of wire. So, if you have a lot of acres, you will need to purchase more wire.

You can expand your in-ground fence pretty much as big as you want and it’ll still work fine just as long as the invisible fences are fully connected to the transmitter.

How Big Can Wireless Fences Be?

When it comes the range of wireless dog fence systems, you are definitely going to be limited as far as the size and shape of your boundary.

If you are looking into getting a wireless fence, you need to keep in mind that you will be limited to approximately 1,000 feet

The reason for this is that wireless fences rely on reception, not a hard transmitter.

Therefore, wireless fences are not able to reach as far unless you have a GPS dog fence. Additionally, wireless fences are limited to a circular boundary.

If you’re wanting to cover more of your land with a wireless fence, you will be required to purchase extra conductors if it’s offered with the specific fence you are looking at.

With that being said, wireless fences definitely are more limited but they still work great for smaller areas.

How Many Additional Products Are Needed?

Depending on which option you decide to go with, and how much land you’re looking to cover, different additional materials will be needed.

Additional Products Needed (In-Ground Fences)

If you choose to go with an in-ground wired fence, you will likely need to purchase extra wire depending on how much property you need to cover.

A good rule of thumb when figuring out how much wire you need is that for every 1 acre you need to be covered, you will need 1,000 feet of wire.

Depending on how much additional property you are covering, you will likely need a couple thousand more feet of wire to get the job done.

Additional Products (Wireless Fences)

For a wireless fence, you are likely not going to get very many acres out of it.

In fact, you will get around 1,000 feet at best, which is equivalent to 1 acre.

To get a little more coverage you could purchase additional conductors that will extend the range a little bit more.

If the fence company you purchased through even offers additional conductors, you could get another acre or less at best.

Wireless fences are better for smaller square footage, as they will not reach as far as you need for a bigger property unless it is a GPS fence, which could reach over 400 acres.

Best Fences for Your Desired Coverage

best fence
There are a lot of great options for small and large properties, such as the PetSafe Yardmax Fence and the PetSafe Elite Fence.

Depending on the coverage you are looking to get out of a fence, there are a lot of great options for long-range, and short-range fences.

Best In-ground Fences

Best Wireless Fences

Here’s a video that has some great invisible fences that are tested and reviewed by real users:

The Cost

Depending on the size of land you have and how much extra wire you’ll need, the price will vary.

In-ground Fence Cost Per Acre

  • 1 Acre – $150 to approximately $325
  • 5 Acres – $650 to approximately $775
  • 10 Acres – $800 to approximately $925

Wireless Fence Cost Per Acre

  • 1 Acre – $150 to approximately $300
  • 5 acres – $150 to approximately $30

For a wireless fence, 5 acres is generally the highest amount of acres it will cover.

Is Getting an Invisible Fence Worth the Price?

Invisible Fence
Both wireless and underground dog fences are worth the price for the convenience and peace of mind they offer.

When it comes to wireless and in-ground fencing systems, they are both generally worth the price.

If you’re looking for a fence that will keep your pet contained without putting a barrier in the way of your view, then this will be the perfect option for you.

Keep in mind that these fencing systems will not keep intruders or other animals away, so if you are looking for that type of barrier, this will not be a good option.

Likewise, if you have a stubborn dog, these fences might also not be the best option for you, and might not be worth spending the money on.

Though, there are some great wireless fence for stubborn dogs options so that may be something to look into.

Read our related article, Is Invisible Fence Worth It? We take a deep dive into Invisible Fence and if it’s worth the price you pay!

Will Invisible Electric Fences Work for All Dogs?

When it comes to most invisible fence brands, if your dog has a good temperament, they will work for most breeds and sizes

The true deciding factor of if the invisible fence will work for your dog depends on how prey-driven and aggressive your dog is to begin with.

This is an issue more for bigger dogs rather than smaller dogs.

Big Dogs: Will it Work for Them?

Depending on the breed of dog you have, these fences will either work great or won’t work at all

If you have a big dog that very easily gets fixated on things or chases everything that runs away from it (such as a border collie), this may not be the best fencing option.

The reason this could be a problem is that when these dogs are fixated on something, they could very easily run away straight through the fence.

This would make the whole fencing system ineffective in keeping your dog contained.

Likewise, for dogs that are already aggressive, an invisible fence that shocks them could make their aggression and behavioral issues worse than they were to begin with. 

These reasons are great examples of why it’s important to do your research before making a big purchase on an invisible fence.


When it comes to all invisible electric fences, they each have a wide range of different coverage for your desired property.

But, make sure to do some research so you are bound to find the best option suited for you and your dog.

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