What is the Cost of Invisible Fence Per Acre? (2022 PRICES)

Invisible dog fences are a great alternative to traditional fencing. If you are considering this option, you may be wondering: what is the cost of invisible fence per acre?

We have researched the answer so you don’t have to!

In this article, we will give you in-depth information about the cost per acre of in-ground invisible fencing, and wireless invisible fencing.

Cost of Invisible Fence per Acre

Cost of Invisible Fence per Acre
The cost per acre of invisible fence is cheap if you DIY the installation. If you contract the installation it can cost over $1,000.

The cost of invisible fencing per acre is largely dependent on the exact type of wire you decide to purchase and whether you install it yourself or hire someone else to do it.

Type of Invisible FenceAverage Price Per Acre
In-Ground Wire DIY Installation$285 (1 kit plus 2 spools of wire per acre)
Wireless$620.00 (2 units needed to cover 1 acre)
Professionally Installed$1,500.00+

The Real Cost of Wired Invisible Fencing per Acre

In-ground invisible fence pricing can range from $250 – $2,000 per acre, depending on what product you decide to purchase and if you DIY the installation.

A DIY fence costs about $300 per acre once you get tools and extra wire.

Professional installation starts at around $1,500 per acre depending on the company you hire.

Not sure which in-ground option is best for you? We researched, tested, and reviewed the best underground dog fence options!

In-ground wired invisible fencing requires a tiny trench about 1 to 3 inches deep and just wide enough to slip the wire in.

It’s a pretty easy DIY if you have the time.  

Pros and Cons of Wired Invisible Fencing


  • Professionals will install properly
  • Easy to DIY install
  • Widely recommended by veterinarians and pet professionals
  • Covers a lot of property – up to 5 acres on one unit
  • Extra wire is pretty cheap to buy
  • The shape of the fence can be customized
  • Wire can be used to reinforce existing fences


  • Professional installation can be pricey
  • Digs small trenches in the yard
  • Longer installation period (about 1 day)

What Comes in a DIY Wired Invisible Fence Kit?

man training a dog to an invisible fence
The cost to install a wired invisible fence is much cheaper per acre than a wireless fence.

When you purchase an in-ground invisible fence kit, it will come with most items you need for a successful installation, but it won’t include digging tools or hand tools.

  • Wire: Kits come with a spool of 500ft of wire. This is enough to cover 1/3 acre. You’ll need to buy 2 extra spools for the first acre, and 3 spools per acre thereafter.
  • Transmitter: This has to be plugged into a 110v outlet to work. One transmitter will power 5 acres of boundary wire.
  • Collar transmitter: A collar for your dog to wear when inside their boundary line, works with the wired transmitter to keep your dog in their safe zone. 
  • Boundary flags: To mark where the wire is underground, serves as a visual marker for you and your dog. Kits come with 50 flags, enough for a 1/3 acre installation. You’ll need to buy additional flags as you expand the fence.

Some people also rent trenchers to dig the boundary line for the wire. This is not necessary and almost always ends in a wire that is buried too deep to work.

An able-bodied person can use the sharp end of a pickax to “draw” the boundary line about 1-3 inches deep.

Simply lay the wire in the track and bury it. Connect lengths of wire using wire nuts.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to dig and install boundary wire for wired invisible pet fencing.

5 Acre Wired Invisible Dog Fence Pricing

You’ll need to buy 1 kit plus 9 rolls of wire extension.

You’ll also have miscellaneous costs if you need to buy a spade or pickax, wire nuts, or screws for mounting the transmitter box.

Expect the total cost for a DIY installation of wired invisible fencing to be about $700 for 5 acres once you purchase additional wire and flags to mark the boundary.

No flags are needed if you go along a fence.

Real Cost of Wireless Invisible Dog Fence per Acre

Wireless dog fences cast a circular shape. This is perfect for urban and suburban areas where most backyards are 1/2 acre or less.

The PetSafe Stay&Play Wireless dog fence kit covers ¾ of an acre, the largest boundary we’ve found.

To cover a full acre you’ll need to purchase this extender which covers an additional ¾ of an acre.

So to cover every acre of property you need to purchase 2 units.

Keep in mind that due to the circular shape of the boundary, each extension must overlap creating a peanut-shaped safe zone.

Since each extension must overlap, the extension only gives you about an additional 1/2 of the original coverage area.

SPECIAL NOTE: Each transmitter and extender must be plugged into a 110v outlet to work.

If you don’t have weather-protected outlets running across your property, this is not a real-life solution for acreage.


  • Kit comes with transmitter, receiver collar, and flags
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Can be moved around
  • Can be taken on an RV trip


  • Only covers ¾ of an acre max
  • Need to purchase additional transmitters to cover more acreage
  • Each transmitter must have a 110v outlet
  • Extensions create irregular fence shapes

Wireless invisible fences work great for small or normal residential yards, but they aren’t a logical solution for acreage.

When it comes to residential use, wireless invisible fences are a favorite among dog owners!

Here is an in-depth review of invisible fence options for 2022.

5 Acre Wireless Dog Fence Pricing

dog in a wireless dog fence
A wireless dog fence is most effective in yards around 1/2 acre.

5 acres of wireless dog fencing would cost you about $2,700+ depending on which product you buy. You would need to get the kit plus 9 boundary extenders.

If you don’t have electrical outlets running every half-acre through the property you’ll also need to add in the cost of electrical service and vented weather-proof box installation for each unit.

If you would like to review a cheaper option, this electric fence covers up to 5 acres of the property (with additional rolls of wire) but it does require in-ground wire installation.

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In-Depth Price Comparison Chart

Product NameWiredWirelessMax. AcreagePriceExpandable?
SportDOG X100 acres$$$Yes
PetSafe Stay&Play X¾ acre$$$Yes
Earlyhights  X5 acres$$Yes

Consider Using GPS Virtual Fencing

GPS dog fences are self-contained in the dog’s GPS collar. These are not to be confused with the best dog GPS tracker collars.

While some GPS tracking collars have virtual fence options, not all do, so be careful what you buy.

GPS dog collars work by pairing the unit attached to the dog’s collar with GPS satellites.

An app on your phone lets you set the virtual boundaries in relation to the initial position of the dog’s collar.

In all other ways, the collar works like an invisible fence receiver collar. Here are the main benefits of using a GPS collar.

  • The virtual fence can be expanded to cover 775 acres or more!
  • The only equipment you need is the app and the little box on the collar.
  • The only maintenance is ensuring the battery is replaced/charged.
  • You can take it with you anywhere and set up a new perimeter for your dog.

One negative of a GPS fence is that it doesn’t work well for small yards because the GPS trackers aren’t accurate to a few feet.

Dogs can also lose GPS satellite pairing by going inside a building, wandering in dense forest and the collar may take a few minutes to pair with satellites once the dog is back in range.

Read our related article, Do GPS Dog Fences Work? where we cover the ins and outs of GPS fences, how they function, and if they’re effective for all dogs!

The Real Cost of GPS Virtual Fencing

The cost of the collar is minimal – about $120 to $200 depending on the quality you buy. We don’t recommend ultra-cheap models.

Make sure the one you get is waterproof so your dog can wear it anywhere.

Monthly fees associated with GPS virtual fencing range from $0 to $8 per month.

So while this isn’t an “invisible fence,” it’s well worth looking into for very large properties like farms, ranches, and wilderness areas where running a buried wire is not feasible.

Read our related article, Best Virtual Dog Fence 2022, where we put the top virtual fence options to the test!

Final Thoughts

There are rare instances, such as a commercial warehouse or nursery where electrical service is available to set up wireless transmitters around the property.

For all other large properties, the only real option for invisible fencing is buried wire or GPS collars.

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