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Best Wireless Dog Fence for a Sloped Yard (2 TOP MODELS)

You might be shopping for an invisible fence because they’re so easy to install, but if you have a sloped yard you have to pick a model that will accommodate the landscape features and still work.

We’ll share the best wireless dog fence for a sloped yard and why we like using it on a hilly landscape in this complete guide!

Best Wireless Dog Fence Sloped Yards Tested

We tested a few wireless dog fences in 3 different sloped yards, and one came out on top every time.

The best wireless dog fence for sloped yards is the PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Pet Fence

This model is similar to many quality wireless dog fences, but let’s see what makes it perfect for that imperfect terrain.

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Best Wireless Dog Fence for Sloped Yards: Product Details

Dog inside an invisible fence
Our pick for the best wireless pet fence is designed to provide reliable coverage in sloped yards or even on hills.

First choice: PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Pet Fence

Coverage: ¾ acre | Pet Size: Over 5 lbs | Collar: Waterproof | Battery Life: Two Months | Pet Limit: Expandable to many dogs | Features: No Shock Reentry, Portable

Customer Satisfaction

This wireless pet fence is so easy to set up and works really well on sloped terrain. Here’s our overall rating for this fence.

Battery Life4/5


It isn’t the absolute cheapest way to contain your dog, but when you consider how well it works and how easy it is to set up, you can’t beat it for the money.

If you need to contain more than one dog, simply buy a compatible collar and set it to the same frequency as the transmitter.

You can buy as many additional collars as you need for your dogs.

Why This Collar Works With a Sloped Yard

The important thing when dealing with a sloped or hilly yard is to make sure the transmitter and boundary are on or near the same plane.

It’s best to be able to see the boundary line from the transmitter to keep the signal strong. 

This model by PetSafe has more forgiving placement requirements than others we tested.

We had to try a few times to get it in just the right spot to cover the entire yard, but even so, it worked well which is more than we can say for quite a few other wireless transmitters that we tried.

The portable nature of this wireless fence allows for quick setup without needing to dig, and for easy rearrangement if you need to move the boundaries to line up with the transmitter.

Installation Process

Installation does not require digging. Choose the play area, and stick the pet fence flags into the ground.

Make sure the transmitter and boundaries are on or near the same plane, and that you can see the boundaries from the transmitter to avoid a weak wireless signal.

Why This Fence Is Better Than Competitors and Other Models

Many wireless fences have similar features and benefits. This model has similar benefits to the others but covers more area for less money. 

Many competing models and brands cover one-third to one-half of an acre and cost more with spotty coverage on uneven terrain.

We don’t have any misgivings with recommending PetSafe because we know the investment in the fence will last for many years to come.

Runner Up: PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence Pet Containment System

German Shepherd inside an invisible fence
Most invisible fences only work on flat ground, but this model performs quite well on a slope.

Coverage: ½ acre | Pet Size: Over 8 lbs | Collar: Waterproof | Battery Life: Two Months | Pet Limit: Expandable as needed | Features: No Shock Reentry, Portable

Customer Satisfaction

This is such a close contender for the top spot because it’s a fantastic fence. If you don’t need quite as much coverage as the other fence, this one is a great consideration.

Battery Life4/5


This fence is slightly less expensive than our top pick, but it also doesn’t cover as much space as the Stay and Play.

Why This Works With a Sloped Yard

Like the Pet Fence model, the containment system’s wireless technology allows for easier installation than wired models, and they’re easy to rearrange if the transmitter and boundaries need adjusting.

Installation Process

The process is the same as the other wireless model. Pick the play area, and put the flags into the ground. 

Make sure the transmitter and boundaries are on or near the same plane, and that you can see the boundaries from the transmitter to avoid a weak wireless signal.

If your yard is so hilly that you can’t get a good signal with the wireless transmitter, you might need to look into getting a GPS dog collar that has virtual fence capability.

The purpose of the flags is to visually train the dog to stay inside the permitted area. Never omit this step.

Use it along with positive reinforcement training to help you dog understand the boundary limits.

All dogs must be trained to stay inside a wireless pet fence. The process takes several weeks.

See our related article, How Do I Train My Dog to Use a Dog Fence? for training tips and tricks.

Patience is key to training a dog gently so they don’t have mental or emotional stress during the process.

PetSafe has created this great video that explains the steps and importance of thorough training so your dog understands and remembers the boundaries.

Why it’s Better Than Competitors and Other Models

This model is the same brand name and has similar features to the top choice and covers one-half of an acre, which is still the same or more than a lot of other brands and models for a lower price than the average.

Need more fence for more land? Here’s our guide to the Best Wireless Dog Fence for Acreage.

Why This Fence Made Runner Up

This is a very similar model to the first choice, but the difference comes down to two major factors:


The extra quarter of an acre will make a difference in some yards.

You can add another transmitter to expand the covered area, but it will cost more money and doesn’t double your coverage.

See our related article on Invisible Fence Expanding to learn how to increase your fence coverage.

Let’s compare the two fences and see how they stack up in our main comparison categories.

Comparison Chart

Fence FeatureBest Fence in the Category
Coverage in Sloped Yards Evenly Matched
Cost for CoveragePetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Pet Fence 
Ease of Installation Evenly Matched
Total Coverage AreaPetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Pet Fence 
Availability Evenly Matched
Customer SatisfactionEvenly Matched

We put the PetSafe Wireless Fence vs Stay and Play head-to-head under other conditions in this guide if you’d like to learn more before making your decision!

Factors for Buying a Wireless Dog Fence for a Sloped Yard

sloped yard
Wireless fences are easiest to program on flat or evenly sloping land.
  • Effectiveness –  Most wireless fences are designed for flat yards, so consider the hilliness of the terrain before choosing your fence.
  • Cost – All wireless fences cost well over $200. It seems expensive, but it’s much less than building a wood or wire fence, and you can add collars as needed.
  • Coverage – Wireless invisible fencing is so fast and easy to install, but it isn’t as reliable or customizable as a wired invisible fence. The coverage is also not as good, so consider the shape and size limitations.
  • Availability – Is the right fence readily available, and how easy is it to get replacement parts if necessary?
  • Customer Satisfaction – Thanks to the internet, we no longer have to blindly shop for available products. Read customer reviews on websites like Amazon, Chewy, and Walmart to see what real people think of the fence before you buy.

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Final Thoughts

Looking into each factor, the PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Pet Fence makes the most sense when putting a wireless fence in a sloped yard.

Many of the features are similar to competitors, but the price and coverage are what put it over the top. 

We were able to position the transmitter to get good coverage on a slope, giving it the edge.

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