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The Best No Dig Fence to confine Dogs & Pets

Dogs can dig under your fence and get out of your property

If you’re a dog owner with a yard, you will appreciate the need to keep Fido safely secured inside the boundaries.

What can you do if you don’t want the trouble or the expense of ripping up the garden and installing a costly new fence, though?

Well, a no dig fence provides an alternative to digging holes and using concrete to install a fence.

How can you go about this, though?

How Do I Build a Fence Without Digging Holes

If you are a skilled DIY-er, there are many workarounds for installing fences without digging, but the simplest method is to invest in a no dig fence.

All you’ll need to do is drive some pointed stakes into the ground to keep the fence in place, and you’ll have a semi-permanent installation for a fraction the cost of a full-blown garden fence.

The best part?

Installing these no dig fences really is a cinch.

Can’t have a physical fence in your yard? Check out How to Keep a Dog Outside Without a Fence (safely!) in this guide.

How Do You Install a No Dig Fence

For the fence we’ll be reviewing below, you can find detailed installation instructions right here.

All of these fences are similar, though, and you’ll need to do little more than insert some stakes into the ground, calling for little or no digging.

Next, all that’s required is some simple assembly and you’ll prevent your furball from menacing the neighbors or running out into traffic.

Now, before we highlight one of the best no dig fences up for grabs, a snapshot of the leading benefits and drawbacks of this style of fence.

Read More: How to Bury Dog Fence Wire Under Your Driveway. If a physical fence isn’t your thing, invisible fences may work just as well! Here’s a guide to installation.

Pros and Cons of No Dig Fences


  • Ease of installation
  • Surprising sturdiness
  • Great choice of styles
  • No staining, painting, or maintenance
  • Easy to remove if required


  • Most no dig fences are quite short
  • Can leave gaps

If the concept of a maintenance-free and affordable approach to canine security appeals, see what you think of this offering from Zippity Outdoor Products…

Zippity Outdoor Products No Dig Madison Vinyl Picket Fence (ZP19001)


  • Material: Vinyl
  • Total fence length: 113 inches
  • Dimensions: 56.5 x 1.5 x 30 inches

The Madison is a no dig fence from Zippity Outdoor Products, one of the most reputable brands in a crowded market segment.

As with all fences of this style, you’ll just need to drive in some pointed stakes and then assemble the fence to contain pets and kids alike.

The rugged vinyl build is long-lasting and weather-resistant. You won’t need to stain or paint the fence, and you won’t need to concern yourself too much by the way of maintenance either.

You get a couple of fences bundled, measuring 113 inches in total, so you should make sure this offers you sufficient protection.

Although the fence is strong and stable, it makes a better fit for small and medium breeds. Bigger dogs may well uproot the structure, especially if they are more energetic and mischievous.

If you need to streamline access further, the manufacturer produces a compatible gate for this purpose, although you’ll need to pick this up separately.

What We Liked

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Built to withstand the elements
  • Robust 10-year guarantee

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for bigger breeds

For anyone looking to extend their fence further – perhaps to protect some flower beds – here is a superb solution from Doniks:

Doniks 15 Pack Dig Protection Animal Barrier Fence Underground Decorative Garden Fence

Whatever type of garden fence you have installed, you may still find there are some small gaps your dog manages to exploit.

Beyond this, you may have areas of the patio or garden you want to be fenced off from Fido, and these steel barriers make the ideal solution.

All you need is a hammer to drive the stakes into the ground, and you get 15 of these barriers each measuring up at 24 x 15 inches, ideal for protecting flower beds and much more.

What We Liked

  • Can be installed easily with just simple tools
  • Can be used in multiple applications
  • Solid welds

What We Didn’t Like

  • Made of steel so can still get rusty

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