How to Make Dry Dog Food More Appealing (PICKY Eaters)

If you’re like most dog owners, you probably give your pup dry food most of the time.

While this is a healthy and convenient option, it can sometimes be a little tough to get your dog to eat it.

Here are a few tips to make dry dog food more appealing:

  • Add some wet food to the mix. Adding a small amount of wet food to your pup’s diet can make dry food more appetizing. You can either mix the two together or give them each separately.
  • Try different flavors. Not all dogs like the same flavors of dry food, so try out a few different kinds until you find one your pup loves.
  • Put it in a puzzle feeder. This will keep them entertained and engaged while they eat.
  • Add some supplements. Adding a few vitamins or minerals to your pup’s diet can make their food more appealing and increase the nutrition of what they eat.

Tips to Make Dog Food More Appealing

Dogs eat foods that smell good
Dogs will not eat food that seems unappetizing.

Dogs often turn up their nose at dry dog food. You may try all sorts of brands and flavors, but your pup still isn’t interested.

One simple way to make dry dog food more palatable is to mix it with wet food. This will add some extra flavor and moisture to the kibble, making it more appetizing for your pup.

You can also try adding some plain yogurt or cottage cheese to these foods. Packed with protein and probiotics, these can be great for your dog’s digestion and make food more appealing.

If your dog is still not interested in dry dog food, add a little warm water to the kibble to soften it up and make the temperature more palatable.

You can also try adding some chicken broth or beef stock – this will give the food a richer flavor that may be more appealing to your pup.

Making dry dog food more appealing can be a challenge, but with a little creativity, your dog can enjoy his meals even more!

Add-ins Make Dry Dog Food More Appealing

Dogs are scavengers by nature, so even though they may be happy with a diet of dry dog food, you might want to make their food more appealing.

Adding some meat like cooked chicken or beef can help make their food to be more appetizing and nutritious.

Also, you can add some fresh vegetables or fruit, which will provide them with essential vitamins and minerals. Just be sure to chop the vegetables into small pieces, so your dog can easily digest them.

Add cheese to the food which increases nutritional value and has a sharp, interesting smell that dogs love.

Looking for the right dog food for your furry friend? Check out our top recommendations for nutritious grain-rich foods.

Choose the Right Size Dog Kibble

Dogs need nutritious food for energy
Dogs need nutritious food to have the energy to play and explore.

Different dog sizes need different-sized kibble. Choosing the wrong size of kibble for your dog can discourage them from eating their food.

Choose dog kibble that is formulated for your dog’s needs. Dog foods are available for all dogs from puppies to seniors, and in kibble sizes appropriate for toy breeds through giant breeds.

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