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6 Best Hypoallergenic Dog Foods of 2022 (Tried & Tested!)

If you recently discovered that your dog has food allergies, then chances are you’re probably feeling concerned and wondering what you can do to help. Well look no further because you came to the right place!

Hypoallergenic dog foods are usually prescribed by vets.

Your precious pup might be having an allergic reaction if they show any of these symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Hives
  • Vomiting
  • Itching
  • Constantly biting paws

To combat food allergies in dogs, we put the best hypoallergenic dog foods to the test and narrowed our findings down to 6 top picks!

  Product Details    
01 Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food Best Overall: Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food With Blue Buffalo, you can always know that your dogs’ health is in good hands! This recipe was crafted purely to help sensitive dogs of all conditions at a reasonable price.  Check Price
02 Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin And Stomach Dog Food Most Ideal Price/Value: Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin And Stomach Dog Food This alternative is a great option for dogs that have frequent stomach problems and diarrhea, it’s also a very affordable option too! Check Price
03 Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food For Dogs With Rashes And Hotspots : Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food Made specifically for dogs with rash and hotspot issues, this recipe will clear those up right away! With dependability and consistent high quality ingredients. Check Price
04 Solid Gold Large Breed Whole Grain Dog Food Highest Quality: Solid Gold Large Breed Whole Grain Dog Food This dog food variety is easily filled with the greatest nutrients you can get! While it is on the expensive side, this carefully crafted blend of vitamins and proteins in this concoction are actually quite impressive! Check Price
05 Venture Limited Ingredient Dog Food Holistic/Non-Gmo Option: Venture Limited Ingredient Dog Food A great recipe filled with protein and 95% of its nutrients deriving from turkey, turkey meal, and butternut squash!  Check Price
06 Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Large Breed Bites Best Option For Large Breed Dogs: Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Large Breed Bites A valid food for bigger dogs who may need some extra nutrition and protein for their daily energy requirements. From a very well-trusted company! Check Price

Our Journey to Discover the Most Ideal Food Options for Dogs With Allergies

When we set out to discover our list of the best hypoallergenic dog foods, we researched some of the most well-known brands to ensure that our list was accurate and helpful for all owners of dogs with specific dietary needs.

Blue Buffalo, a very popular dog food manufacturer, was one that we simply had to try! Founded in 2002, this company has built up a broad variety of dog food for furry pets of all ages, nutritional needs, and diets.

During our research, we wanted to find a brand with widely affordable options as sometimes it can be expensive. This led us to Purina. They’re known for their consistent, high-quality dog foods that are often fair-priced for most dog owners.

Another enthusiastically recommended brand that we came across was Earthborn Holistic. They specialize in thinking “outside of the bag” with unique recipes and the healthiest ingredients!

We also made sure to hear some input from the dog owner community online, honing in on reviews and recommendations shared on popular shopping sites such as Chewy. This information was very helpful for formulating our list.

We came across many different options but eventually settled with 6 different types of dog foods. We fed each of these foods to our dogs for a total of one month to gain better insight on each product, and here’s how it went! 

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Best Hypoallergenic Dog Foods

1. Best Overall: Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food 

01 Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food

Product Ratings


Type: Dry formula with LifeSource Bits | Design: Adult | First 3 ingredients: Deboned salmon, oatmeal, brown rice | Best for: For adult dogs of all breeds | Price: $$  

What We Liked

  • Protein from real salmon
  • No chicken or beef
  • Blue Buffalo Life Source Bits
  • Quick, positive results
  • No cheap filling agents

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit expensive, especially for owners of multiple dogs
  • For Adult Dogs only
  • We would have preferred if there were more flavor varieties

The Blue Buffalo company is a heavyweight in the dog food industry with good reason. This Basics line of limited ingredient diets (LIDs) for dogs showed great results in our pups, providing them with just the right nutrients they needed. 

What’s in the Food?

This kibble is loaded with proprietary LifeSource Bits. These extra pieces of kibble  serve to restore oxidative balance while strengthening the immune system. They’re prepared at room temperature, minimizing heat exposure which can decrease potency of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The dry food derives its protein from a single source in the form of salmon. There’s no chicken or beef – common canine food allergens.

You’ll also get no cheap filling agents or additives such as: 

  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Food Coloring

Health Benefits of This Recipe

This formula eliminates almost all of the typical triggers for food allergies in dogs while delivering a balanced powerhouse blend of premium ingredients. It works to nourish your dog with essential vitamins such as Calcium and Vitamin A to help it grow and get stronger.

How Our Dogs Reacted to It 

We found positive results within just two weeks of starting our trial with this food! Even our most sensitive canines stopped uncontrollably itching themselves, were able to start growing their fur back beautifully, and returned to their happiest selves quite quickly!

What Other Customers Had to Say

Aside from the occasional complaints about the pricing, we found that this was one of the best-received and most effective dog foods for pups with specific dietary needs. 


2. Most Ideal Price/Best Value: Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin And Stomach Dog Food 

02 Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin And Stomach Dog Food

Product Ratings

Ingredient Quality4.3/5

Type: Dry formula | Design: Adult | First 3 ingredients: Salmon, barley, rice | Best for: Adult dogs with sensitive skin or stomachs | Price: $$

What We Liked

  • Real salmon as main ingredient
  • No wheat, soy, or corn
  • Prebiotic Fiber promotes healthy digestion

What We Didn’t Like

  • Strong fish smell
  • The 30lb variety bag isn’t resealable

Purina is a very popular and well-trusted company with a history of providing highly effective dog food for all purposes. In this case, it’s designed primarily for dogs with sensitive skin and stomachs. If your pooch is allergy-prone, this is a great option to consider!

What’s in the Food?

The protein in this dog food comes from real salmon. It features salmon as the first ingredient, followed by barley and rice for protein, which makes for a great source of protein. Prebiotic fiber is also an important addition featured in this recipe.

There’s also oatmeal present in the ingredients which is very gentle on a dog’s digestive system. On top of that, we found this product also includes live probiotics which can help them break down their food more efficiently and safely.

After researching this product, we didn’t find any evidence of:

  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Soy 

It felt great to know that all common allergens were simply not present within our dog’s daily source of nutrients! 

Health Benefits of This Recipe

The barley and rice combination within this food creates the ideal circumstances for smooth digestion. The live probiotics within this recipe are also great for immune strength.

How Our Dogs Reacted to It

Within a week of our test trial, the dog’s demeanors and moods had already improved. When it was meal time, they would get so excited and those tails would start wagging a million miles an hour! It was so nice to see them looking forward to eating. 

The oatmeal present in this fiber helped with their digestion and helped prevent irritable bowels and diarrhea.

With no artificial flavors, colorings, or preservatives polluting the formula, our dogs were introduced to an all-natural food that minimized any chance of an allergic reaction. What more could we have asked for!

What Other Customers Had to Say

We found most customers appear happy with the results this food delivers for their dogs. The only meaningful complaints we could unearth center on some issues around hot spots. Setting this small gripe aside, the bulk of user testimony is generally positive.


3. For Dogs With Rashes And Hotspots: Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food

03 Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food

Product Ratings

Ingredient Quality4.5/5

Type: Dry formula with venison meal | Design: Adult | First 3 ingredients: Venison meal, dried potatoes, lentils | Best for: For all life stages | Price: $$ 

What We Liked

  • Made with less than 10 ingredients
  • No beef and no chicken
  • Great price

What We Didn’t Like

  • Will get stale quickly if not stored in an airtight container
  • Grain-free foods aren’t suitable for all dogs

Right off the bat, you get a formula with 10 key ingredients or fewer, stripping away possible triggers for allergies in your dog. These core ingredients are supplemented with all-natural flavors along with vital minerals and vitamins in a balanced form.

What’s in the Food?

This recipe has different versions featuring venison, duck, and salmon flavors. Each alternative contains less than 10 ingredients, each containing sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and lentils for a diverse blend of fiber and nutrition. 

We noticed that this product was made purely from Non-GMO ingredients which stood out to us. GMO-sourced ingredients have been known to cause allergies in dogs, as well, so it was nice to know that no GMOs were present in our pups’ food! 

Health Benefits of This Recipe

This food is great for dogs with easily inflamed skin because the fiber in this recipe helps improve the circulation of the blood, keeping it thin, and allowing more oxygen into the skin cells. This should result in a nice, shiny, and healthy fur coat for your furry friend.

The food is also grain-free, so you’ll be removing one more possible source of canine irritation. That said, it’s advised that grain-free dog foods should be given only to dogs with specific allergies to grain. Ask your vet for some insight on grain-free foods and what is best for your pup.

How Our Dogs Reacted to It

This specific dog food was especially impactful when it came to clearing up rashes and hot spots in our pups. They seemed to love it more and more each meal! Just an FYI, the food has somewhat of a potent smell but the pups didn’t seem to mind it one bit.

What Other Customers Had to Say

The disappearance of hives and rashes was a very common theme in our research for this product. Many customers claimed it was also a favorite of dogs who are known to be picky eaters.


4. Highest Quality: Solid Gold Large Breed Whole Grain Dog Food

04 Solid Gold Large Breed Whole Grain Dog Food

Product Ratings

Ingredient Quality4.5/5

Type: Dry formula with real bison and brown rice | Design: All life stages | First 3 ingredients: Bison, ocean fish meal, brown rice | Best for: Dogs of all breeds | Price: $$$

What We Liked

  • Blended from 20 superfoods
  • Protein from real bison
  • Probiotics help with digestion
  • Kibble designed to make dogs chew more slowly and pace themselves

What We Didn’t Like

  • More expensive than usual brands
  • You may have to ease it into your pup’s diet slowly
  • Comes in a non-resealable bag

Solid Gold dog food isn’t cheap, but it’s extremely tasty according to our dogs who wolf this stuff down without a second thought! This is a very high-quality product that would 100% ensure your dog is getting the right amount of nutrients daily.

What’s in the Food?

It’s not just the taste our dogs loved, though. The formula blends 20 superfoods. While this is more ingredients than you would typically find in a limited ingredient food, these are all thoughtfully chosen to minimize risk of allergic reactions. 

The lean protein in this formula comes from real bison. While also including excellent ingredients such as ocean fish meal, brown rice, peas, oatmeal, chickpeas, dried eggs, spinach, dried chicory root, and much more! 

Health Benefits of This Recipe

This dog food is filled with antioxidants, dietary fibers, and probiotics which are all designed to boost your dog’s immune system, while also aiding with their digestion. This ingredient combination can also help rebuild and strengthen their muscles.

How Our Dogs Reacted to It

Some of our dogs had to be eased into this diet since there are a lot of ingredients in this food that aren’t usually featured in your average limited diet dog foods. 

The authentic ingredients in this food had our dogs spending more time playing happily in the front yard than anxiously scratching their fur and licking their paws, and that was nice to see!

What Other Customers Had to Say

Most found that the size of the kibble was a great size for all dogs, and especially for those who like to eat really fast. The food is a little bigger than usual so it gave them a chance to really slow down and chew! 

Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have literally nothing to lose! 


5. Holistic/Non-Gmo Option: Venture Limited Ingredient Dog Food

05 Venture Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Product Ratings

Ingredient Quality4.3/5

Type: Dry formula with LifeSource Bits | Design: Adults | First 3 ingredients: Turkey, turkey meal, butternut squash | Best for: For dogs of all breeds | Price: $$$

What We Liked

  • Turkey meals sourced in USA
  • Minimal ingredient list
  • Great results in a short amount of time
  • Helps with sensitive tummies
  • Promotes healthy, shiny fur 

What We Didn’t Like

  • Company has had a product recall in the past
  • Grain-free diets not suitable for all dogs
  • A bit on the expensive side

To round out our quest for the best hypoallergenic dog food comes another limited ingredient diet (LID) food, this time from Venture Limited. 

This is a grain-free formula ideal for any dogs with allergies or intolerances in this area. Like mentioned above, it’s important that you check with your vet about grain-free diets as they are not ideal for all dogs.

What’s in the Food?

The protein here doesn’t come from chicken, a common allergen, but rather from turkey.

This features as the first ingredient, followed by:

  • Turkey meal 
  • Butternut squash

95% of the protein in this food is derived from these 3 ingredients!

Health Benefits of This Recipe

The squash in the formula is packed with vitamins while also providing a strong source of nutrition and minerals. These vitamins were especially beneficial for our dogs’ fur and skin issues. Their itching quickly went away and their coats became shinier after our trial.

How Our Dogs Reacted to It

There are a surprising amount of dogs who are allergic to carbohydrates. If this is the case for your pet, then we would highly recommend this brand. It definitely worked for our pups. That said, there were some minor upset tummies at first but all went well after they got used to it.

What Other Customers Had to Say

This brand is very well respected amongst dog owners as a reliable and very high quality source of food for their dogs. As most often feel about premium dog foods, this product is on the expensive side and isn’t as easy to afford for all pet owners.


6. Best Option For Large Breed Dogs: Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Large Breed Bites

06 Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Large Breed Bites

Product Ratings

Ingredient Quality4.1/5

Type: Dry formula with lamb meal and brown rice | Design: All life stages | First 3 ingredients: Lamb meal, brown rice, brewer’s rice | Best for: For large breeds | Price: $$$

What We Liked

  • Loaded with amino acids
  • Brown rice aids digestion
  • Limited ingredients and single protein source
  • Great source of fiber

What We Didn’t Like

  • Occasional quality control issues
  • Not all dogs sit well with this food

Natural Balance produces a very impressive and nutritional hypoallergenic dog food. Implementing a dry formula loaded with lamb meal and brown rice, you can trust that your dog is getting all the protein and vitamins that it needs on a daily basis.

As with all limited ingredient diets, you’ll minimize the number of potential allergens that could inflame your furball. A dog should be able to grow strong and healthy without having to constantly be setback by daily allergy issues.

What’s in the Food?

Protein comes from a single premium source (lamb) that’s listed as the first ingredient. This means there’s no chicken and also fewer sources of food liable to trigger allergies in your pup. 

There’s also brown rice in the ingredient list which contains a great source of fiber. This gave our dogs the ability to digest their food safely and properly without any issues. We had no problems with upset tummies while feeding our dogs this food!

Health Benefits of This Recipe

Antioxidants in this food ensure the healthy support of canine immune systems, so you’ll be giving your dog the opportunity to grow big and strong, while eating food that they genuinely enjoy! 

How Our Dogs Reacted to It

It was nice to see our dogs eating food that wasn’t making their stomachs upset or causing diarrhea. This variety was some of our biggest dogs’ favorites! It also relieved and prevented the allergies that would trigger them to bite their paws constantly. 

What Other Customers Had to Say 

Many see Natural Balance as very trustworthy! It’s a highly reputable brand that has been making limited ingredient dog foods since the late 1980s. 

Dog owners of all kinds of large breed dogs claim that they buy Natural Balance with confidence knowing that their dog’s needs are fully catered for, even if they suffer from food allergies.


Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallMost Ideal Price/ValueFor Dogs With RashesHighest QualityHolisticNon-GmoBest For Sensitive Skin
Ingredient Quality4/54.3/54.5/54.5/54.3/54.1/5

The Winner

Overall, our favorite option off this list is Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food. Filled with top-quality ingredients designed to supply your dog with the energy it needs every day and being such an affordable price, this option just couldn’t be beaten.

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Q: What Are Some Of The Main Symptoms Of Food Allergies In Dogs?

A: While gas, diarrhea, and vomiting can be indicative of food allergies, these are also common symptoms of food intolerances, gas especially. Look for itching or oozing skin, a patchy coat, or inflamed ears. 

We like to monitor our dogs closely if he/she seems to be obsessively licking, and also check to see if they are licking their paws constantly. Red or irritated eyes are also common markers of food allergies in dogs.

Read our related article on How to Stop Dog Itchy Skin for more information!

Q: How Can I Treat A Food Allergy In My Dog?

A: When it comes to treating your dog’s food allergies, it’s important to know what options you have to choose from.

Some potential ways you can treat your dog are:

  • Trying an elimination diet 
  • Trying a Limited ingredient diet
  • See what your vet suggests

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your vet to find out some more information on what’s best for your dog’s diet and health. They are always happy to assist your pup and have the resources to help!

Q: What Is The Difference Between A Food Allergy And A Food Intolerance?

A: Food allergies and food intolerances are not quite the same. With an allergy, your dog suffers an immune system reaction that can be severe, sometimes even life-threatening. 

From skin irritation, all the way through to coughing, wheezing, and even anaphylactic shock, allergies can be deadly! 

A food intolerance, however, is confined to the digestive system and doesn’t involve the same immune response as an allergy, which can be remedied by eliminating that ingredient.

Q: What Are The Main Benefits Of A Hypoallergenic Diet For My Dog?

A: Hypoallergenic diets can be effective when dogs have multiple intolerances and allergies. Some breeds like chihuahuas, poodles, and Pomeranians are particularly prone to this, but it can occur in any dog at any time.

 Hypoallergenic diets can help to prevent symptoms such as: 

  • Itching
  • Bloating 
  • Anaphylactic shock 
  • Diarrhea

You can use hypoallergenic dog food for treating skin allergies as well as intolerance and more adverse allergies. 

When you switch your dog to hypoallergenic foods, he/she can continue to eat a nutritious diet without the risk of intolerances, allergies, and other adverse outcomes triggered by many non-hypoallergenic foods. 

Allowing allergies in your dog to continue untreated can end up negatively impacting its overall health, physical and mental. You want mealtimes to be pleasant and enjoyable for your furball. 

Neither of these is likely if it feels at risk of developing adverse symptoms after eating.

Q: What Is An Elimination Diet And Can This Form Of Diet Work For Treating Food Allergies?

A: Perhaps the hardest part of making a change to your dog’s food involves working out what is provoking the allergy. An elimination diet is a systematic and thorough method of achieving this. 

First, you remove all the foods your dog was eating. In place, you feed him very limited base ingredients before you start gradually introducing him to different foods. 

When you begin the diet with base ingredients, use protein from a single source – lean meat like turkey or beef, pinto, or beans all work well. Continue using the base food ingredients for up to two weeks.

Give your dog no other foods during this period. Check continuously for any allergic reactions. 

If you find that regular, non-hypoallergenic foods are triggering adverse allergic reactions, it’s time to explore hypoallergenic options like any of those on our shortlist.

Q: Do I Really Need To Take My Dog To The Vet If He Is Suffering From Allergic Reactions?

A: We would advise consulting your vet first. If you need to save money, you could try first removing the ingredients you are suspicious of, but this may very well not solve the problem. 

By consulting with the vet, you’ll be able to rule out any underlying health conditions that could be responsible for the symptoms you’re noticing. If there’s nothing serious amiss, you can then go about switching up your dog’s food.

Honorable Mentions

Here’s a quick look at the 6 best hypoallergenic dog foods that didn’t quite make our list.

1. Blue Buffalo Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food  – Considered For Dogs With Specific Grain Allergies

Though this option is ideal for dogs with grain allergies, it’s widely advised that grain-free diets can be harmful and potentially even life-threatening for dogs who don’t have this problem – but otherwise a great product from a great company!   

This product is filled with real, authentic ingredients that will sustain and nourish your dog as they grow. Also rich in antioxidants, this one would have made the list if it was more applicable to all dogs!

2. Canidae PURE Grain-Free Dog Food – Considered For Large Breed Dogs

Once again, this is another grain-free dog food but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with this product. This food is very high quality and has a surprising nutrition density for only having 8 main ingredients. 

This option contains real food ingredients and is a balanced diet perfect for a sensitive dog who needs a little extra love in their diet!

3. Rachael Ray Nutrish Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food – Considered For Most Affordable Option 

With a very affordable price, this product is great for most owners. This specific product has some mixed reviews regarding the high levels of sodium in the food. Some owners had issues with the quality consistency of this food, as well.

All dogs are different so don’t be afraid to experiment with different brands and see what works best for your dog.

4. Zignature Limited Ingredient Dog Food – Considered For Most Affordable

With a great reported food quality, this product is an ideal choice for most dog owners, but it has been reported as great for some dogs while bad for others, just like any food. 

There has been some controversy over the Lentil + Kangaroo and how it affects canines. Be sure to research a brand before purchasing something that your pup hasn’t tried before to ensure that it is a healthy fit for their diet.

5. Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dog Food – Considered For Highest Quality

While this is a very high-quality dog food, it’s a bit on the expensive side as well as having an interesting flavor that most sensitive dogs aren’t very keen on. 

That said, it is filled with great ingredients and would still be able to provide your pet with the nourishment it needs. You can maybe try adding in a little pumpkin with the food if your pup needs a little extra convincing!

6. Merrick Limited Ingredient Dog Food – Considered For Dogs With Sensitive Skin

A great dog food, but many owners had a common gripe; the bag it comes in isn’t resealable. This may not be an issue for everyone but it is a big bag of dog food and not everyone has the supplies to store away all that kibble!

Nonetheless, it contains great ingredients and a very reliable vendor. If you’re willing to put in a little extra work, then this food would most certainly be a great source of your canine’s protein and nutrition. 

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