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We Put 7 of the Best Automatic Dog Feeders to the Test!

Dogs are their happiest and healthiest when they’re on a consistent mealtime schedule. Ideally, your pup should be fed twice daily at the same times each day, but this can be challenging if you have a busy schedule.

Luckily, if you’re struggling to maintain your dog’s routine, an automatic dog feeder can help. These feeders can be programmed to dispense a certain amount of food at a specific time each day so you can have peace of mind about your dog’s meals.

Buying and testing feeders is expensive and time-consuming, so we decided to find and test the very best feeders, so you don’t have to. 

We rounded up 11 of the best automatic dog feeders and put them to the test. 7 came out as clear winners, with 4 honorable mentions that are still worth considering to suit your dog’s needs.

Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
Best-Overall-Westlink-Automatic-Pet-Feeder- Best Overall: Westlink Automatic Pet Feeder The Westlink automatic pet feeder beat out its competition thanks to its ease of use, tech features, and energy efficiency. It has a voice recorder so you can encourage your pup to enjoy mealtime even when you’re not home. Check Price
Best-for-Multiple-Dogs-Honey-Guardian-7L-Automatic-Pet-Feeder Best For Multiple Dogs: Honey Guardian 7L Automatic Pet Feeder The Honey Guardian can dispense larger kibble to two bowls at once. This makes it run out faster, but it works like a charm. Our dogs still stole each other’s food, but at least we knew there was enough for both. Check Price
Best-for-Slow-Feeding-PetSafe-Healthy-Pet-Automatic-Feeder Best For Slow Feeding: PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Feeder The PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Feeder can be programmed to slowly dispense kibbles. This is a perfect feeder for dogs that wolf down their food or tend to overeat. Check Price
Best-Low-Tech-Auto-Feeder-PetSafe-5-Meal-Programmable-Pet-Food-Dispenser- Best Low-Tech Auto Feeder: PetSafe 5 Meal Programmable Pet Food Dispenser 
This one can hold 5 meals at once, and be set to rotate the new meal to the open feeding section. This is the perfect way to set up small meals throughout the day without having to worry about timers and apps. Check Price
Best-WiFi-Smart-Feeder-PETKIT-Automatic-Cat-and-Puppy-Feeder- Best WiFi Smart Feeder: PETKIT Automatic Cat And Puppy Feeder  This is the most high-tech automatic feeder that we tested. It’s sleek and modern and is programmed using the app or Alexa, Google, or Apple devices. Check Price
Best-for-Programmable-Simplicity-Aspen-Pet-Lebistro-Programmable-Dog-Feeder- Best For Programmable Simplicity: Aspen Pet Lebistro Programmable Dog Feeder  We like that this one runs on D-cell batteries, so we didn’t have to worry about what would happen in a power outage. It also dispenses kibbles slowly, keeping our dog from wolfing down the meal in seconds. Check Price
Best-High-Tech-Automatic-Dog-Feeder-WOPET-SmartFeeder Best High-Tech Automatic Dog Feeder: WOPET SmartFeeder What sets this feeder apart for us is the high-definition camera and microphone/speaker that allows us to monitor our dogs while we’re gone for the day.  Check Price

How We Narrowed Down the Best Automatic Dog Feeders

Photo of an automatic dog feeder bowl
Automatic dog feeders are great for owners that have multiple dogs.

To find the best products, we looked at 20 different automatic dog feeders from the most reputable brands. We considered top-of-the-line feeders from brands like PetSafe, which are known for easy programming and high-tech features. 

We also looked into Westlink, which has infrared detection and food locking capability. We considered the portion size, capacity, durability, ease of use, and frequency of meals for each product to see which ones had the most desirable qualities.

After shopping all of the available options, we narrowed down the selection of the best automatic dog feeders. Our extensive research and testing of each product helped us round up the 7 best dog feeders and 4 honorable mentions. 

Best Automatic Dog Feeders

Product Ratings

Ease of Use5/5

Brand: Westlink | Operation Type: Automatic | Capacity: 6L | Dogs: Small to large breeds | Price: $$$

What We Liked

  • Dispenses up to 4 meals daily
  • Voice recorder
  • Speaker
  • Infrared detection
  • Uses very little energy

What We Didn’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Feeds only one pet at a time
  • Holds only small kibble

Although this product is on the expensive side, we loved that Westlink’s automatic pet feeder lets you take charge of your pup’s feeding schedule, allowing you to arrange for up to 4 daily meals dispensed on demand.

One of our favorite features of this feeder is the voice recorder that plays a pre-recorded message to your dog at feeding time. We found that the ability to record our voices and play them back when it was mealtime encouraged our timid dog to use the feeder. 

Another great feature is the infrared sensors that detect when there is still food in the bowl and stop dispensing. This helps avoid overflow, so you don’t come home to a huge mess. It also helps avoid overfeeding, which is vital for pups on a diet.

We also really like that the feeder is durable because although this feeder is expensive, we feel you’ll get your money’s worth with this feeder. This automatic dog feeder is easy to use, energy-efficient and built to last.


2. Best for Multiple Dogs: Honey Guardian 7L Automatic Pet Feeder

Product Ratings

Ease of Use5/5

Brand: HoneyGuaridan | Operation Type: Automatic | Capacity: 7L | Dogs: Small to medium breeds | Price: $$

What We Liked

  • LED alerts you when food level is too low
  • Easy to clean, detachable bowls
  • Infrared sensors and inverted motor mechanism for better reliability
  • Battery backup so it will dispense food even if the power goes out
  • Dual power system based on electricity and D-cell batteries
  • Optional splitting system to fill two bowls at once
  • Dispenses up to 2cm kibbles smoothly

What We Didn’t Like

  • Limited capacity of the hopper
  • Setup took a while because measurements are metric

This is the most popular feeder from this brand, and we can see why. It has a food storage capacity of 29 cups of dry food and an LED low-level warning light, so you know when to refill.

It can dispense up to 6 meals per day, which can be split into two bowls. The splitter is a simple wedge that splits the food into right and left dispensing tracks, so you have to double the amount dispensed to ensure that each dog gets their share.

We found that once scheduled, the device will release food even if the power goes out, thanks to battery backup. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your pup won’t go hungry if the power goes out.

The stainless steel, removable bowls are easy to wash by hand or in the dishwasher. The kibble reservoir is clear so you can see when it is low or needs to be cleaned, and the entire unit is easy to keep clean. 

This automatic dog feeder lets you record your voice so you can send a personal message when it’s mealtime. 

Our favorite feature of this feeder is the unique motor inversion design that prevents the food from jamming. Even if it happens, the motor runs in the opposite direction to unjam kibble, and the infrared sensor signals when the food bowl is full.


3. Best for Slow Feeding: PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Feeder 

Product Ratings

Ease of Use5/5

Brand: PetSafe | Operation Type: Automatic | Capacity: 24 cups | Dogs: Small to medium breeds | Price: $$$

What We Liked

  • Can schedule slow kibble dispensing to encourage slower eating
  • Large reservoir to store up to 24 feeds
  • Battery as well as wire charging options
  • Secure lock at the top for dog-proofing
  • Suitable for dry and semi-moist food
  • Dishwasher-safe detachable parts

What We Didn’t Like

  • The dispenser is more prone to jamming
  • Programming was difficult to set up
  • Steel bowl too small for large dogs

We really loved the 24-cup capacity of this automatic feeder. It may not be as much as other feeders, but this one is for a single dog, so it’s sufficient. It allows you to schedule up to eight meals a day, which is good for scheduling dogs who gobble food too fast.

PetSafe programmed this automatic dog feeder to allow you to slow down and pause feeding portions if your pup has a habit of eating too fast. And it also gives you the ability to regulate the size of the meal from 1/8th to 4 cups per portion. 

Another great way to slow fast eaters down is by using a slow feeder bowl. Check out our slow feeder bowl review for everything you need to know about fast eaters and strategies for slowing them down. 

The large storage container can hold up to 24 dry or semi-moist feeds of varying sizes with a securely locked top for sneaky dogs that might try to access food before feeding time. 

The feeder comes with a steel bowl that is ideal for small to medium-sized breeds but might not be suitable for large dogs that need to eat bigger portions. 

We liked that the feeder offered multiple options and settings so you can customize it to exactly what you need. The high functionality gave us the peace of mind that it would feed our dog on time and keep him happy.


4. Best Low-Tech Auto Feeder: PetSafe 5 Meal Programmable Pet Food Dispenser 

Product Ratings

Ease of Use5/5

Brand: PetSafe | Operation Type: Automatic | Capacity: 1L | Dogs: Small to medium breeds | Price: $$

What We Liked

  • High-quality, eco-friendly materials
  • Covered lid helps keep the food fresh
  • Easy to schedule mealtimes
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Controlled meal portions

What We Didn’t Like

  • Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs
  • Battery-powered only
  • Maximum 1-cup capacity per meal

While this pet feeder is a bit smaller than some of the other options, it is a budget-friendly choice that gives you lots of customization. 

It’s an easy-to-use automatic feeder that allows you to schedule a maximum of five meals, and the 1-cup maximum per meal is ideal for small to medium dogs. 

Portion control is also great for dogs that need help slowing down when they’re eating. We used this feeder to portion out smaller servings of kibble throughout the day to slow down our dog’s ravenous eating.

The feeder is battery-powered, so it doesn’t require a wall charger, which is great for ease of placement, as it doesn’t need to be near an outlet. It is also small and lightweight, making it easy to move or store when it isn’t being used.

Since it is an auto-set feeder type, you can store semi-moist food as well. This gives you more capability if your dog is on a mixed food diet or you want to switch up types of food for each feeding. Have a picky eater and not sure what to feed them? Here, we reviewed the best dog foods for picky eaters.

We love that although the BPA-free plastic tray may get messy, it can be hand washed or popped in a dishwasher for quick cleaning. This feeder needs to be set up once every day or two, but it takes care of daily feeding with minimal fuss.


5. Best WiFi Smart Feeder: PETKIT Automatic Cat and Puppy Feeder 

Product Ratings

Ease of Use5/5

Brand: Petkit | Operation Type: Automatic | Capacity: 500 grams | Dogs: Small breeds | Price: $$$

What We Liked

  • Double lock system to keep food fresh
  • App controlled setup is quick and simple
  • Dispenses food even when WiFi connection is lost
  • Connects you with other users
  • Multiple portion sizes make it ideal for small to medium dogs
  • Backup battery charge
  • Can be used with freeze-dried food

What We Didn’t Like

  • Unsuitable for medium or large dogs
  • Can’t set it up without the app, so all possible users have to connect to the feeder

If you love smart devices, this sleek Wifi-connected automatic feeder is made for you. Using the app on your smartphone, you can set daily schedules and feed your pet with just a tap. 

We love that this device is also compatible with your Amazon Alexa products. You can even send voice commands using Amazon Echo.

The feeder allows you to release feed up to ten times a day, with a meal portion varying from 5-100 grams. Once you set the timer, it will regularly dispense food even if there is no Wifi connection or the feeding unit is offline. 

We found the double lock system at the top helps the dog food remain fresh and dry, even in high humidity. And you won’t need to frequently refill the feeders due to its large capacity of 3.3lbs. 

The feeder will also automatically notify you when the feed level is low or if the hopper is empty, so you don’t have to stress about when it’s time to refill. The feeder isn’t ideal for larger breeds but is suitable for all types of small dog breeds.

There is even a feature that allows you to socialize with other PETKIT users and share your experiences on the social app. This can help you troubleshoot issues or swap tips with other users. 


6. Best for Programmable Simplicity: Aspen Pet Lebistro Programmable Dog Feeder 

Product Ratings

Ease of Use4/5

Brand: Aspen | Operation Type: Automatic | Capacity: 30 cups | Dogs: All size breeds | Price: $$

What We Liked

  • Fresh food on demand that can be dispensed gradually
  • 30-cup capacity
  • Runs on D batteries
  • Prolonged refill time
  • Excellent value

What We Didn’t Like

  • Slightly flimsy build
  • Dogs can figure out how to make it dispense more food by bumping it
  • Our dog got the lid off, but not all dogs do

We found that customizing your dog’s feeding schedule couldn’t be much easier, and you won’t need any tech skills to get going. The simple interface allows you to punch in the timings that suit your pet’s needs.

The simple twist/lock lid should keep your pup from stealing kibble, and it will also keep the food fresh all day long rather than drying out after being exposed to the air.

We like that this feeder allows you to portion the food so you can feed your dog in smaller quantities throughout the day. And it gives you control over the amount he eats from a quarter cup through to 3 cups of food.

This feeder is unique because it can slowly dispense kibble as the dog eats, encouraging slower eating. Our dog figured out to bump the dispenser to make more kibbles fall out, but we didn’t think it was a big deal. 

While we love many features about this model, our main con with this programmable dog feeder from Aspen Pet is that it’s not the most durable, so if you have a large and energetic dog, he could end up damaging this unit.


7. Best High-Tech Automatic Dog Feeder: WOPET SmartFeeder

Product Ratings

Ease of Use4/5

Brand: Wopet | Operation Type: Automatic | Capacity: 7L | Dogs: All size breeds | Price: $$$

What We Liked

  • Two food trays of varying sizes
  • Highly customizable
  • Connect with your buddy in real-time via microphone and speaker
  • Manage it remotely via a mobile app
  • Has a wide-angle camera so you can view your pet on your smartphone

What We Didn’t Like

  • Tiny portions so you have to choose a large number of portions per meal
  • Flimsy wall charger
  • Complex settings to find the right portion size

We were impressed by the WOPET smart technology automatic feeder that has two food dispenser trays of different sizes. This model can release up to 39 food portions, so your pup never goes hungry.

We loved the Wi-Fi-enabled control system that allows you to manage the feeding portions and set the timer for automatic feeds remotely. 

The Wifi smart feeder connects to the phone via an app, you can see, talk, and play with your pet using the feeder’s HD camera and voice recorder. You can even share your favorite moments on social media as well.

This feeder is perfect for dog owners who are looking to communicate with their pup during their feeding time or want to check in throughout the day to make sure they’re okay. This feeder is one of the most interactive ones on the market.

Each meal portion is around 10-12 grams, so you select the portion size and the number of dispenses per meal to control your pet’s body weight. The design makes it suitable for dry food only.


The Winner

Our overall favorite automatic dog feeder is the Westlink Automatic Pet Feeder because it does everything we need without being overly complicated.

We love that we can have it play recorded messages to our dog at mealtime and that it can slowly portion out the food to discourage overeating. We felt that it was a durable, functional, and highly intuitive feeder for the money.

How to Choose the Best Automatic Dog Food Dispenser

Modern automatic dog feeder
Finding the right automatic dog feeder for your pet depends on a few factors including capacity, smart functions, and price.

There are a lot of things to consider when picking out the right automatic dog feeder for your dog. This is what we recommend when it comes to choosing the best fit for you.

Storage Capacity

Depending on how much your pet eats and how often you would like to refill, the feeding unit will help you narrow down the best option for you. 

For smaller breeds that don’t need to eat as much, a smaller capacity might be sufficient, but if your dog needs larger portions this is something to consider if you don’t want to have to constantly refill it.

Amount of Programmable Feeding Times

The number of programmable feeding times that each product offers is a big point to consider. If your dog only eats twice a day, then you won’t need the capability of 10 feeding times that some models offer.

We recommend opting for a feeder that has more feeding times if your dog is on a weight loss regimen since you can feed them smaller portions throughout the day to keep them satisfied but also on their diet.

Multiple programmable feeding times can also be a huge bonus for dogs that have an issue with eating too fast. This way you can slowly administer their food, so they don’t scarf it down so quickly.

Types of Compatible Food

Some of the listed products are not compatible with every type of food. Many automatic feeders work best with just dry dog food, so this is something to weigh in your decision-making process.

If your dog is on a mixed food diet or eats some dry food and some semi-wet food, buying a model that is compatible with both is crucial. 

Additional Features to Consider

If your dog is timid, a feeder with a speaker might be best since you can communicate with your pup to help them get comfortable with eating while you aren’t there.

Some models are also better for sneaky dogs that can easily get into the food container. If this describes your pup, choose a durable feeder with a tight locking system to prevent them from breaking into the food reserve.

And last but not least, some feeders offer additional capabilities such as Wifi connectivity and compatibility with Apple, Amazon, or Google products. If you are a tech-wiz, these features can give you additional capabilities.

Honorable Mentions

These feeders didn’t make our top 7, but we think they’re worth considering if the ones in our winner’s circle don’t meet your needs.

1. Amazon Basics Gravity Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispenser

Although we liked that this feeder was ideal for dogs of all sizes and specifically had the capacity to accommodate larger breeds, it ultimately didn’t stack up to the other options. 

The gravity feeder was definitely ideal for someone on a budget, but the lack of programmable feeding times didn’t make it ideal for dogs on a diet or dogs that eat too fast.

Ultimately, the Aspen Lebistro automatic dog feeder beat it out because of its programmable features that are also budget-friendly.

2. Petmate Pet Café Feeder 

We also considered the Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder due to its great storage capacity and low price tag, but it didn’t offer anything in the way of portion control or feeding time, which is imperative for owners on the go. Again, the Aspen Lebistro dog feeder beat out the competition with its customization options.

3. WOPET Automatic Dog Feeder 

While we loved the WOPET brand and all of the features such as customized feeding time, fun design, and voice recording, it didn’t have the same durability and device compatibility as the WOPET SmartFeeder. We trust and recommend the brand but from our testing and research, the SmartFeeder is the superior model.

4. Dogness Smart Camera Pet Feeder 

This dog feeder was considered for its hi-tech features and mobile device compatibility that make it easy to use and customize. The feeder also has the ability for voice and video recording but doesn’t have the same quality as the WOPET SmartFeeder, which offers largely the same features.

We would also recommend the PetSafe automatic dog feeder above this one as well if you are looking for capability and quality but a smaller price tag.

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