What Collars Work With Pet Stop? – The BEST Replacements

Pet Stop is one of the most well-known invisible fencing system providers on the market.

But with all their collar options, dog owners might have some questions about which collars will work best with their Pet Stop system.

5 different collars work with the Pet Stop system, which includes the Pet Stop Eco-Lite, Ultra-Elite, PCC-200, UltraTuff, and UltraMax.

Looking to determine which Pet Stop collar is right for your dog? Keep reading to learn more about each collar and which ones will work for your pets.


Before sticking the correction collar on your dog, we recommend obedience training to get your dog accustomed to their new acceptable play area.

Training your dog can prevent the potential stress of a shock collar and is a positive way of reinforcing boundaries.

While correction collars and invisible fence systems aren’t physically harmful to your pet, for some dogs they can cause emotional distress if they’re not trained first.

Brain training techniques are a science-backed way to get the behavior you want from your dog without the use of force or fear!

Types of Collars That Work With Pet Stop

Types of Collars That Work With Pet Stop
Pet Stop has 5 collars to choose from ranging from ultra-light collars for small dogs to tough collars for heavy chewers and big dogs.

Pet Stop is an innovator in the invisible fencing system industry.

Their receivers have a host of features that will help you successfully train your dog to use your invisible fence and keep them safe.

Pet Stop has a total of 5 collars available that work with their system, and at less than 1.3 ounces, Pet Stop receivers and collars are perfect for any sized dog.  

  • Eco-Lite
  • Ultra-Elite
  • PCC-200
  • UltraTuff
  • UltraMax


The Eco-Lite collar was created with the environment in mind, with a built-in rechargeable battery pack and meant to last for up to 25 years.

It also does not require any external batteries, making it a lighter, smaller collar

The Eco-Lite and its small size are perfect for smaller dogs without having to sacrifice the features of a fully programmable dog receiver collar.


The Ultra-Elite collar is 1.3 ounces and can be programmed with a variety of settings to match your dog’s personality.

These receivers also come with Pet Stop’s low battery light warning, progressive settings with the GentleSteps training, and Stopper capabilities.


The PCC-200 collar is Pet Stop’s most economical option and comes with all the features of other PetStop collars except for the GentleSteps training program.

This collar was also a winner of the Consumer Digest Best Buy award.


The UltraTuff collar was made for dogs that are chewers, hence its name. 

It was designed with twice the wall thickness of other collars, has higher impact resistance, and overall has a longer life span.


Pet Stop describes its Ultra Max dog collar as one that was made to handle even the most determined dogs.

It also boasts all the same features as the other Ultra receivers including the GentleSteps training program and adjustable correction settings.

Benefits of Pet Stop Collars

Benefits of Pet Stop Collars
Pet Stop collars offer a variety of features to keep your dog safe and your fence working at peak efficiency.

Pet Stop collars come with a host of features that help make your life easier and keep your pup safer while they use the system.

Reaction Time

Pet Stop collars have a reaction time that is quicker than any other brand on the market.

The EcoLite Receivers react to signals in 80 milliseconds with the UltraMax not far behind in speed.


Most other fencing systems’ receivers require the dog to approach the fence in a head-on motion, which limits their coverage.

The Pet Stop system, however, comes with an antenna that offers 360 degrees of the signal.

This results in no blind spots or holes in your fence’s signal.

It also means your dog can approach the fence at any angle and still receive the proper correction.

Flash Alert

This is a simple but effective feature on Pet Stop collars that flashes for several days to let you know that the receiver’s battery needs changing.

This feature helps you easily keep an eye on your receivers so you don’t miss a charge.

Safety Stop

Occasionally your pet may get caught in your invisible fence’s signal field.

If this happens, the Safety Stop feature will shut off the receiver after 20 seconds and will stay off until your pet has safely left the signal field. 

Other invisible fencing receivers do not have this safety feature or they have them set up to cycle until the battery runs out.

This kind of system can cause major problems for your pup if they cannot get free of the signal in time.

Correction Modes GentleSteps

Pet Stop receivers have the GentleSteps code included in their design to help your pet train with your invisible fencing system at a slower and more gentle rate. 

This type of correction mode will increase gradually as you move through the modes.

The modes include:

  • GentleSteps mode, which is designed for training your dog
  • Progressive mode, which automatically advances the correction level
  • 30 additional standard correction modes to fit the needs of your pet

Smart Receiver DM Technology

Because Pet Stop collars use DM technology, there’s no fear of invisible fence interference from other signals or false corrections from nearby devices.


Some pets like to test invisible fences for vulnerabilities, which can make it hard on your system and you. 

Pet Stop’s Stopper feature handles this kind of escaping behavior by having various correction levels at different intervals.

It extends the correction to preset levels, which reinforces the initial training and deters regular fence testers.

Pet Stop Receiver Adjustment

Pet Stop Receiver Adjustment
Pet Stop receivers have probes that deliver the correction. These probes have to be flush against your dog’s skin in order to be effective.

Putting the Pet Stop receivers onto a collar is a simple process, and involves just 3steps:

  1. Line up the collar holes with the receiver inserts on the outside of the collar
  2. Place the plastic washers with the flat side toward the probes
  3. Screw the probes into the receiver inserts

For any type of invisible fence collar, including those with the Pet Stop system, to work effectively the probes on the inside of the collar have to be touching your dog’s skin

A common method of determining if your dog’s collar is adjusted correctly is to place one finger between your dog’s neck and its collar.

You should be able to comfortably fit your finger into that space. It’s a good idea to check the tightness of your dog’s Pet Stop collar every few days. 

If a collar is too loose, your dog may not receive the correction at the right level, and this can lead to them escaping even with the collar in place.  

Pet owners should remove their dog’s Pet Stop collar at the end of the day when their dog is inside.

Receivers are not meant to be worn all day.

Read our related article, How Long Can You Leave a Shock Collar On a Dog? where we cover why it’s important to remove your dog’s shock collar (and what happens if you don’t).

Common Questions About Pet Stop

Common Questions About Pet Stop

Does Pet Stop work with multi-pet households?

Yes. Pet Stop can work with any number of dogs with separate collars that are able to be customized to each dog.

Are Pet Stop receivers able to be programmed based on my dog’s size?

Yes. Pet Stop receivers can be programmed based on any dog’s size, weight, or other characteristics.

Can I use Pet Stop Collars with other Invisible Fencing systems?

Yes. Pet Stop will work with other invisible fencing systems that have been professionally installed such as Invisible Fence, Dog Watch, Petsafe, and Dog Guard.

All owners need is the Pet Stop receiver.

Read our related article on Pet Stop Compatible Collars to see which systems can work with Pet Stop.

Is there a difference between AM/FM and DM signals for receivers?

Many of the other invisible fencing systems use either AM or FM radio wave frequencies, and will continue to operate the way intended no matter the signal type

Pet Stop receivers on the other hand work off of DM, or Digital Modulation, signals.  

The DM feature has been proven to be more effective against signal interference or false activations.

Can you change out the nylon part of your dog’s Pet Stop collar?

Yes. When your dog’s collar becomes old or smelly you can change out the nylon strap of the collar for a new one! 

In fact, you can use several types of collars for a replacement including:

  • Nylon
  • Leather
  • Polyester

Just unscrew the Pet Stop receiver from the collar and screw the whole thing onto the new collar

To see how easy it is, take a look at the process in the video below with an Invisible Fence brand collar, which is similar to Pet Stop’s collars.

Pet Stop collars are also compatible with the Invisible Fence system.

Changing collars work best with a collar that is specifically designed for the Pet Stop system that comes with pre-made holes for the 2 receiver inserts.

However, you can also adjust any other collar to fit with the Pet Stop system by making the holes in the collar yourself.

The End Result

In the end, if you have chosen the Pet Stop system you already have made a great choice of invisible fencing.

With a selection of 5 different collars, there is one that is right for your dog to keep them safe and happy outside in their yard.

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