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How to Turn On or Off Light On Fi Collar – GUIDE

If you’re a dog lover, you know just how important it is to keep your furry friend safe, especially at night.

That is why so many people are turning to the Fi collar, a unique device that helps keep your dog visible, whether playing in the park or walking at night.

The Fi collar also has a handy light for those nighttime activities, but it can be tricky to figure out how to use it.

This blog post will show you exactly how to turn on or off light on Fi collar for your dog!

How Do Smart Collars Work?

Smart collars let owners keep tabs on their dogs from afar.
The Fi Collar allows owners to track their dogs remotely from anywhere in the world.

Smart collars are a relatively new technology that is quickly gaining popularity among pet owners.

These collars allow owners to track their pets’ location, monitor their activity level, and even receive alerts if their pet leaves a designated safe area.

But how do these collars work?

GPS Tracking

Most smart collars use GPS tracking to track your pet’s location.

These collars use a built-in SIM card to connect to the cellular network and send its location data to the owner’s phone or computer.

This data can create a digital map of your pet’s whereabouts, which can be extremely helpful if they get lost.

Activity Tracking

In addition to GPS tracking, many smart collars include activity-tracking features using sensors to track your pet’s movement and transmit this data to an app on your phone.

This information can track your pet’s activity level, calorie burn, and sleep patterns.

This data can be beneficial for owners trying to ensure their pet is getting enough exercise.

Virtual Fences

Finally, some smart collars also include features that allow owners to create virtual fences or safe zones.

If your pet leaves this designated area, you will receive an alert on your phone so that you can take action immediately.

This feature can be beneficial for keeping tabs on a curious pet or one that is prone to running off.

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How to Turn On and Off Light On Fi Collar 

One cool feature of GPS trackers is that some also come with lights so that you can see your dog in the dark.

The Fi Collar is just one GPS tracker for dogs that has this handy light.

The light on the Fi Collar can be turned on and off in one of two ways:

  • Manually through the app
  • Automatically through geofencing

To turn the light on/off manually, just open the Fi App and go to the lights page.

Here, you’ll see a switch for the light. You can toggle it to the on or off position.

You can also set up a geofence if you want the light to turn on/off automatically.

To do this, open the Fi App and go to Settings > Geofencing.

Turn the switch for “Lights” on and set up your geofence by following the prompts.

Once your geofence is set up, the light will automatically turn on when your dog enters the fenced-in area and turn off when they leave.

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Why Turn the Fi Collar Light On or Off?

Benefits of turning on or off light on fi collar
The light indicates that your collar is tracking your dog’s location in real time (via Google Maps).

There are numerous benefits to turning the light on or off your Fi collar.

Here are 5 of the most notable benefits:

1. Active Location Tracking

When the light on your Fi collar is turned on, it emits a pulse that allows Google Maps to track your location more accurately.

This is especially useful when walking or running in areas with poor GPS reception.

2. Save on Battery Life

Keeping the light off your Fi collar will help extend the battery life.

This is ideal if you are planning on being out of cellular range for an extended period.

3. Be Less Visible at Night

If you’re concerned about being seen at night, turning the light off on your Fi collar will make you and your dog less visible.

This can be helpful if you’re trying to avoid being noticed while out on a hunt.

4. See in the Dark

Turning the light on can be helpful if you need to see where your dog is in the dark.

This can be useful when camping or hiking.

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5. Get Better Cell Service

In some cases, turning the light on your Fi collar can help improve cell service.

This is because the light helps reflect the signal to your phone.

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Other Ways to Control the Fi Smart Collars

Are there any other ways to control the lights on the Fi collar?
You can control the Fi Smart Collar using the app, the collar itself, the web, or the API.

There are a few ways to control FI smart collars.

The app

This is the most user-friendly way to control FI intelligent collars.

The app can create schedules, set rules, and view activity reports, and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The web

With the web, you can create schedules and set rules.

The web interface is similar to the app interface but is accessed through a browser instead of an app.


With the API, you can create schedules, set rules, view activity reports, and access advanced features like geofencing.

Here’s a more in-depth look at the Fi Smart Collar:

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How to Change Fi Collar Settings

To change the settings through the app, open the Fi App and tap on the gear icon in the top right corner.

From there, you can change the settings for your account, your devices, and your rules.

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