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DOG CARE Rechargeable Dog Training Collar Manual Review


DOG CARE is a manufacturer of high quality dog training collars that has the welfare of your dog at the heart of its company ethos.

DOG CARE products is based in Rockville, Maryland and was started in 2016.

The owners of DOG CARE products saw the potential use of technology and how it can be used to improve communication between dogs and their owners.

Although DOG CARE products is a young company, they are endorsed by the World Pet Association, Pet Industry Distributors Association and the American Pet Products Association.


Before using a shock collar, we recommend obedience training as your initial response to bad behavior.

Training can prevent the potential stress of a shock collar and is a more positive way of deterring unwanted behavior in your dog. 

Using a shock collar should only be considered if obedience training fails or if you have a stubborn, large, or aggressive dog.

While shock collars have been used by trainers to get the attention of tough cases for decades, certain dogs may experience emotional distress.

Check out brain training techniques, a science-backed way to improve your dog’s behavior without the use of force or dominance!

DOG CARE Products

DOG CARE products are informed by extensive pet psychology research.

The aim of DOG CARE products is to use advanced technology to enhance the lives of dogs and their owners by promoting understanding between dog and owner.

DOG CARE products are designed to help you to understand your dog’s psychology while helping to train him on basic commands.

DOG CARE products are made of durable materials such ABX and are waterproof.

Specs of DOG CARE Training Collar Manual

When you receive your DOG CARE training collar in the post, your package should contain the following:

  • User Manual. The user manual is highly instructive, especially if you want to connect your remote control to other receivers
  • Quick start guide
  • Collar
  • Receiver
  • USB to Micro USB lead
  • Silicone caps to provide protection from the static correction prongs
  • Remote control with lanyard mountdog-care-rechargeable-dog-training-collar-manual-review

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The Remote Control

The DOG CARE dog training remote control can operate three safe and efficient settings – beep, vibrate, and static correction.

The remote control can control as many as 9 receiver collars. So, you’re fully covered even if your house is full of pups.

The remote control power button can be turned to either the left or the right to turn it on. Once it’s on, you see some icons lit up on the screen…


  • Training
  • Channel number
  • Level number
  • Bottom right shows the battery life of the receiver
  • Bottom left is shows the battery life of the remote
  • The WiFi logo indicates how strong the signal is between the remote and the receiver

The remote control has a big orange button which is your shock button.

To adjust the shock intensity level, hold down the shock button and twist the knob on the top left of the remote.

This can go up to 99, so you can always adjust the correction level if you’re worried about frightening or hurting your dog.

To prevent giving your dog shocks accidentally, there’s a lock button on the left side of the remote control.

When you switch the lock on, a small padlock icon will show on the display screen.

At the bottom of the remote are the beep buttons and vibrate buttons. You can switch between each mode simply by pressing the appropriate button.

The remote control is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if it rains or you drop it in a puddle.

Remote control has a 450 milliamp hour battery built in, which provides around 45 days of battery life and takes 120 hours to charge.

The Receiver

Waterproof receivers help protect your dog

The receiver is made of a durable material called ABS and is capable of withstanding quite a bit of squirrel chasing action.

ABS is a special type of polymer which is ideal for wear and tear as well as adverse weather conditions.

The receiver is also IP65 waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet.

A DOG CARE dog training receiver has a 250 milliamp-hour battery built-in that provides a solid 15 days of battery life.

The more you use the receiver, the less the battery charge will last.

So, if you leave it on standby and not use it for a few days, the battery charge will last much longer.

But, if you’re constantly vibrating or shocking your dog, expect to have to charge it up sooner.

The remote control will tell you when the battery gets low when the battery icon goes down to one bar.

To recharge the receiver simply plug it in so that the red charging light comes on. It will go out when the charge light goes off.

The receiver is a small object and could be a choking hazard for small children, so keep it out of the reach of children under 3 years old.

The Collar

The collar that comes with the kit is a smart black fabric collar with a black plastic buckle that clips in easily. It can be loosened or tightened using the standard adjustment buckle.

Read More: How to Adjust Intensity of Invisible Fence Collar. Learn how to find the right shock level for your dog and set your collar in this helpful guide!

How About The Training Performance?

DOG CARE dog training collars improve the overall communication between you and your dog.

To help train your dog you can use varying levels of stimulation starting with a beep sound, a vibration and the shock button which operates from 0-99.

To get the receiver to beep, press the beep button at the bottom. Hold down if you want to emit a continuous beep.

Again for the vibrate button. If you wish to emit a vibration from the receiver press the vibrate button down.

If you’re training multiple dogs, you can select each receiver on your remote control using the channel knob.

So if you want to switch the remote controller between receivers turn the channel dial to select the collar you wish.

DOG CARE dog training collars are effective for up to 330 yards. You’ll never have to worry about him running off too far.

Just issue a static correction when he gets a little too interested in chasing birds.

Tips For Use and Maintenance

Check all safety features offered for Training Collars

Setting up the DOG CARE training collar is easy. The receiver simply slides on to the collar.

When you put the collar on the pupster, don’t put it on too tight so that it’s uncomfortable.

If you allow the space of your finger between the collar and your dog’s neck it should be enough for the prongs to have contact with his skin without it being uncomfortable.

One thing to be aware of is the charging point.

If your dog will be going through any puddles, make sure that the grommet is installed in the charging point so that it doesn’t take in any water and become damaged.

To match the collar with a receiver, first power up the device by plugging in to the mains. Once the red charge light is on, activate the receiver.

On the remote control hold down the channel switch button for 5 seconds.

The receiver should vibrate and beep simultaneously to indicate that it has matched successfully with the remote control.

Maintaining your DOG CARE dog training collar and receiver is simple. Wipe the electrodes weekly to prevent the dog’s skin from receiving the corrections.

Also make sure you check your dog’s skin for any burns or rashes.

If you’re concerned that the prongs are causing an allergic reaction, you can put the silicon tips on them to protect his skin.


1) How can I train my dog with the DOG CARE dog training system?

The DOG CARE dog training collar must be used as a training aid, not as a training system in itself.

You will need to follow proper training protocols with your dog.

Begin by training your dog to come back to you when you call him. To do this start him on the lead.

Using a little pressure on the lead and applying stimulation through the collar, beckon him towards you.

When he comes, stop the stimulation. He will soon start to associate the stimulation with moving away with you.

You want him to understand that when he comes to you when you call, the stimulation will stop.

Remember that DOG CARE products are designed to enhance the communication between you and the dog.

That means that you have to train your dog using positive reinforcement and teaching him to associate the stimulation as a warning rather than a punishment.

2) Can I adjust the beep and vibration levels with the DOG CARE dog training system?

No you can’t make the beep louder, or the vibration stronger. You can only adjust the level of the static correction.

But you can press the beep button down which will produce a continuous beep.

Same with the vibrate function, hold it down and it will vibrate continuously until you release the button.

But, if you hold down the shock button it will only emit a static correction once. If you want to emit another shock, press it again.

You do not have to worry that it will keep shocking your dog continuously.

3) Will the DOG CARE dog training collar stop my dog from barking?

The DOG CARE dog training collar will only stop your dog from barking if you use it as a training aid to train your dog from barking.

But, you would be better off purchasing a barking collar instead.

4) Can I buy an additional DOG CARE dog training collar without buying another remote?

Yes you can. DOG CARE sells dog receivers separately if you need. You can also buy additional remote controls, so that more than one person can train your dog.

As long as your dog is between 15lbs and 100lbs in weight a DOG CARE dog training collar will be suitable for your dog.

5) How do I introduce my dog to the DOG CARE dog training collar?

You may want to start with the beep stimulation first as this is the mildest setting. If your dog doesn’t respond you can move onto the vibrate function.

If necessary, you can progress to the static correction. But, it’s vital that you use the training collar correctly otherwise your dog could develop behavioral problems.

There is a strict technique to training your dog, and the training collar should be used as a training aid only.

6) What size dog can I use with the DOG CARE dog training collar?

The DOG CARE dog training collar is suitable for dogs of 15lbs to 100lb. The collar is a standard adjustable type of fabric collar.

To adjust the size, you simply adjust the straps with the plastic buckles.

7) What are the silicon tips used for?

A pair of small silicon tips are provided with your purchase of the DOG CARE dog training collar.

These small tips are to be placed on the electrodes to prevent burns or skin rashes.

8) Will the DOG CARE dog training collar hurt my dog?

No. The DOG CARE dog training collar will not hurt your dog, even if it is on the highest setting of 99.

The receiver emits a static correction that is similar to a static shock you may receive from your car door.

The static correction is not designed to hurt your dog, it is merely to startle your dog temporarily and gain his attention.

Dog training collars go through rigorous testing procedures and will not be available on the market if they are harmful to dogs in any way.

VII. Conclusion

The DOG CARE dog training collar is overall a very efficient piece of kit.

The three correction settings can be used on up to 9 channels, which is perfect if your home is like a hound’s heaven.

The DOG CARE dog training collar is simple to set up with not too many components to deal with. You simply assemble the receiver onto the collar and then plug in to charge it up.

To set up the remote, all that is required is to pair the remote with the receiver by pressing the channel switch button for 5 seconds after selecting the correct channel.

Overall, the DOG CARE dog training collar is a high-quality dog training system. The remote control is user friendly and the receiver is reliable.

The lock feature is particularly useful, as it prevents you from shocking your dog accidentally while it’s in your pocket.

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