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7 Best Vibrating Dog Collars Tried, Tested & Ranked!

We all want to live in peace with our pups, but training a furry friend can be a daunting task for any pet owner.

There are many training options for approaching this challenge, but many people turn to training collars.

When people think about training collars, the vision that often comes to mind is shock collars.

However, some dogs do not respond well to shock, and some owners find it inhumane. For this reason, many training collars feature an alternative feature: vibration. 

There is an abundance of collars that include vibration technology on the market.

Weeding through these products to find the safest and most useful product can be difficult, so we narrowed it down for you.

Based on our testing, here are the top 7 vibrating dog collars suitable for different dogs and their needs (and 3 honorable mentions!).

Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
Best-Overall-Dog-Care-Vibrating-Dog-Collar Best Overall: Dog Care Vibrating Dog Collar This collar offers all of the options you could ask for in terms of training and ease of use, at a price point that we found was competitive to those of similar quality across the market. Check Price
Runner-Up-Bousnic-Dog-Training-Collar Runner Up: Bousnic Dog Training Collar This collar was similar in quality to others on our list and offered competitive multi-channel features at a price point that our testers were pleased with. Check Price
Highest-Quality-SportDOG-Remote-Training-Collar Highest Quality: SportDOG Remote Training Collar We loved this top-of-the-line product that offered all the bells and whistles. This product offered true durability for both indoor and outdoor use. Check Price
Best-No-Shock-Option-DogRook-Rechargeable-Dog-Collar Best No Shock Option: DogRook Rechargeable Dog Collar This no shock collar is a great option for those truly looking for a vibration training model and who want a more hands-off approach to dog training.  Check Price
Easiest-to-Use-PATPET-Dog-Training-Collar Easiest to Use: PATPET Dog Training Collar This intuitive product offers a unique blind operation approach to training for those new to collar training and who want to build a healthy relationship with their pup.  Check Price
Best-for-Outdoor-Use-FunniPets-Dog-Training-Collar Best for Outdoor Use: FunniPets Dog Training Collar This collar could stand up to the elements with durability and waterproofing while still coming in at a reasonable price. Check Price
Best-App-Controlled-Collar-Dr.-Trainer-Bark-Collar-for-Dogs Best App-Controlled Collar: Dr. Trainer Bark Collar for Dogs A tech-lovers dream, this collar is controlled from your phone rather than a remote and includes creative features that allow for a unique approach to collar training.  Check Price

How We Narrowed Down the Best Vibrating Dog Collars

Man holding a remote to his dog's vibrating collar
Vibrating collars are an effective way to train your dog to stop engaging in excessive habits such as barking.

We know there are many training devices for pet parents to consider.

Many collars only include beep and shock options, but for this particular test, we focused specifically on collars that had a vibrating option for training. 

Many of these collars have more capabilities than simply the vibration; however, they all include the unique vibration function.

Once we had narrowed our search down to vibrating collars, we turned to see what kind of products the top brands in dog training had to offer.

We looked at SportDog, a company known for creating durable merchandise that specifically focuses on dog products for outdoor use.

We also considered PatPet, one of the leading distributors of dog collars.

They’re known for their innovative blind operation design, which has helped many owners develop a healthy relationship with their pets through training.  

After considering the major brands, we sifted through all of the options from popular sites like Amazon, Chewy, and Walmart to compare ratings and reviews from the collars available.

We then ordered the top ten and put them to the test. 

After testing we were able to round up our list of 7 favorites and 3 honorable mentions. Our findings are listed below.

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Best Vibrating Dog Collars

1. Best Overall: Dog Care Vibrating Dog Collar

Product Ratings

Overall Rating5/5
Battery Life4.7/5

Dimensions: 4.57 x 1.69 x 7.87 inches (Adjustable) Weight: 9.28 ounces  Batteries: 2 Lithium Ion Batteries (Rechargeable)

What We Liked

  • 3 correction modes (beep, vibrate, shock)
  • 9 channels to accommodate multiple dogs with one receiver
  • 99 shock levels to accommodate dogs of all sizes
  • Lightweight and adjustable size

What We Didn’t Like

  • Higher levels of shock were too strong for most dogs
  • Some questionable experiences with longevity
  • Not waterproof (only water resistant)

Technology Features

This collar is a truly all-in-one device in terms of technology features.

We loved the three-option correction model this anti-bark device incorporated, allowing us to switch seamlessly between beep, vibrations, and static shock.

We found that for our mild-mannered dogs, the beep was sufficient, and for more stubborn dogs, the vibrating usually did the trick. 

However, for our dogs and testers who were comfortable with it, this collar does offer 99 levels of static shocks that can be used for training purposes.

We would like to mention that the higher levels of this shock are a bit strong.

Most of our canines were responsive to levels under 20, and some smaller dogs only needed shocks under 10. 

This collar would be a good investment for owners raising multiple dogs because its multiple channel system allows you to control up to 9 collars from the same receiver.

Additionally, its range stretches about 1,000 feet, which allows us to use it even in large open areas. 

Material and Build

We appreciated the adjustable nature of this dog collar to accommodate pups of all shapes and sizes.

We found that it was not unnecessarily weighty, even for our smaller dogs. 

Additionally, we found that the collar could be conveniently recharged.

Our users had varying experiences with the battery life, with some being able to go a week without charging and others being able to last a whole month. 

Some of our complaints about this collar did revolve around its longevity. A few of our users ran into problems after the first charge.

However, we did find that the Dog Care customer service was reliable and willing to send replacements. 

Additionally, a very important warning is that this dog collar is NOT waterproof. While we found it can sustain light rain, this collar is unsuitable for pool time with your pup.


2. Runner Up: Bousnic Dog Training Collar

Product Ratings

Overall Rating4.7/5
Battery Life4/5

Dimensions: 8.07 x 6.5 x 1.85 inches Weight: 14.89 ounces Battery: 2 Lithium Ion Batteries

What We Liked

  • Multiple correction modes (beep, vibrate and shock)
  • 2 channels for owners of multiple dogs
  • Fairly priced

What We Didn’t Like

  • Collar material lacked durability
  • Pronged design requires extra attentiveness to avoid rubbing injuries on the dog’s neck
  • Only comes with one charger

Technology Features

This collar offers beep, vibration, and static training options.

Many of our dogs were responsive to only the vibrating, but we recommend that if you plan to use the shock feature of this product, you do test it yourself first, as we found that the lower levels would be sufficient for most dogs. 

A unique feature for a collar at this price point is that we could use the same remote for two dogs.

We found this to be a convenient solution for doggie parents with two dogs of different temperaments who still need training. 

Material and Build

Easily rechargeable with a USB wire, which comes included in the package, this product lasted our users about 2 weeks before needing a 2-3 hour recharge.

It only came with one charger, though, so you will need to acquire a second one to charge both collars at once.

We found that this product is waterproof, and it accommodates our dogs on their swimming adventures.

We noticed that while the electronic portion of the collar was built to last, the collar itself lacked some durability compared to some of the other collars we worked with.

Because this collar has a pronged metal design, it is important not to let your dog wear it for more than 12 hours a day and keep the silicone caps secured to the prongs. 


3. Highest Quality: SportDOG Remote Training Collar

Product Ratings

Overall Rating4.7/5
Battery Life4.5/5

Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.2 x 1.3 inches (Adjustable Length) Weight: 1.76 ounces Battery: 2 Lithium Ion Batteries (Rechargeable)

What We Liked

  • Multiple correction modes (beep, vibrate and shock)
  • 21 shock levels to accommodate dogs of all sizes
  • 3 channels to accommodate multiple dogs with one receiver
  • Completely waterproof 
  • Low battery level indicator

What We Didn’t Like

  • Pricier than other models
  • Complicated technology upon initial configuration
  • Questionable battery life which depends on correction activity

Technology Features

While this collar is pricier than others on our list, our users found it a truly top-of-the-line product.

This model was simple to operate and offered the three option correction model of beeps, vibrations, and static shock with 21 levels of static to accommodate a wide range of dogs.

We were impressed by the range of this dog collar, which could reliably activate for up to 1500 feet.

Our users who were training multiple pets also noted that the receiver for this collar could accommodate up to three dog collars, making it a convenient all-in-one product for multiple pets.

We did find that, for some of our less tech-savvy users, this collar did take some time to figure out and get the settings configured to our liking. 

Material and Build

This collar accommodates all dog sizes and is built to last. It can be adjusted for dogs as small as 8 pounds and can fit neck sizes from 5 to 22 inches.

It comes with a battery that lasts 50-70 hours and can be recharged in just 2 hours, although some of our users found that it would die around the 25-35 hour mark upon heavy training.

We were also pleased by the convenience of the battery indicator that notified us when our collar was low on battery. 

A standout quality of this collar was that our water-loving pups could feel safe swimming or bearing the weather, as this collar uses DryTek technology for waterproofing.

Finally, this collar comes with a 1-year warranty, making our users feel like their investment would be worth their while.


4. Best No Shock Option: DogRook Rechargeable Dog Collar

Product Ratings

Overall Rating4.5/5
Battery Life4/5

Dimensions: 2.8 x 1 x 1.6 inches Weight: 3.2 ounces Battery: Li-Ion (Rechargeable) 

What We Liked

  • Multiple correction models (beep and vibration)
  • Alternative to traditional shock collar
  • Activates upon dogs barking rather than owner controlled

What We Didn’t Like

  • No remote for owner control
  • Lacked battery life
  • Lacked efficiency when battery was low

Technology Features

We recommend this DogRook product for dog owners looking for an affordable, no-shock option for training rambunctious pups.  

This collar offers a more hands-off approach to training; the collar automatically sensed our dog’s barking and beeped or vibrated accordingly.

When our dogs continued barking, the collar would increase the intensity of the beeping and vibration.

However, this is a completely humane, no-shock collar that was in no way painful to any of our canine friends.

For our users who wanted the capability to control collar activation, we did note that this device does not come with a remote for the owner.

It is only activated by the sound of the dog’s barking. 

For owners who wanted a product to work even when they weren’t there, this was perfect, but for some of our more stubborn dogs, this collar could have offered the owner more control over the training process.

Material and Build

We found that this collar could fit a wide range of dogs ranging from around 9 to 22 inches in neck size.

This collar was not very effective for our small dogs with slim necks because it has to fit snugly around the neck for the pup to feel the vibration.

The collar came with 2 rechargeable batteries.

These batteries are advertised to last for about 2 weeks, but we discovered that for our more diligent barkers, the battery life was far shorter, lasting only a couple of days in some cases. 

We also wanted to note that it’s important to keep tabs on the battery as the vibrating feature weakens when it is nearly empty.


5. Easiest to Use: PATPET Dog Training Collar

Product Ratings

Overall Rating4.3/5
Battery Life4/5

Dimensions: 6.7 x 5.9 x 3.4 inches (Adjustable) Weight: 12.8 ounces

What We Liked

  • Multiple correction models (beep, vibrate and shock)
  • Waterproof for rain and swimming
  • Blind operation design for eye-contact training

What We Didn’t Like

  • Questionable longevity with frequent use
  • Weak static shock for those who need shock correction
  • Collar size is not suitable for very small dogs
  • Did not reach the advertised 3,000 foot range (only about 1,500 feet)

Technology Features 

This collar comes with the traditional trifecta of beeping, vibration, and shock features.

We determined that this product works best for dogs who respond to beeping and vibrating and only need the shock on occasion, as the shock feature is much weaker than many of the other models on our list. 

One especially thoughtful aspect of this product is its blind operation design.

Our users found that they could deploy the desired beep, shock, or vibrate without looking at the remote, which helped our dogs learn to respond to our commands rather than to the sight of the remote.

When we took our dogs out to test the range of this product, we found that it worked like a charm for the first 1,500 feet, but the connection was a bit inconsistent after that. 

Material and Build

Designed for dogs ranging from 15 to 140 pounds, we found this collar was perfect for our medium to large dogs but didn’t quite fit our tiny barkers.  

We loved that this collar could withstand the elements. It is rated IPX5 rainproof while the receiver is IPX7 waterproof.

We took out pups on all kinds of wet adventures and even allowed our dogs to swim with it!

Our users loved this product when it was at its best, but after heavy use for training, we did find that there were some issues with the longevity and durability of the product.


6. Best for Outdoor Use: FunniPets Dog Training Collar

Product Ratings

Overall Rating4.3/5
Battery Life4/5

Dimensions: 6.61 x 5.83 x 2.13 inches (Adjustable)  Weight: 13.76 Ounces Battery: 3 Lithium Ion Batteries (Rechargeable)

What We Liked

  • LED Light for training and nighttime use
  • Adjustable for all sized dogs
  • Metal prongs were removeable

What We Didn’t Like

  • Short Battery Life (only about 2-5 days)
  • Questionable longevity and durability
  • Water resistant not waterproof

Technology Features 

Like many others on our list, this collar offers the classic combination of beep, shock, and vibration options.

However, this FunniPets product stands out with its fourth flashing light option. We loved that this offered another option to experiment with when training.

We were able to find a setting that left the LED light on, which we found helpful for nighttime walks or for users whose dogs roam a large property.

The range of this color spans 2,500 feet, which was another helpful feature for our owners looking for a training collar on a large property.

Material and Build

This color, like many others, is adjustable for size, ranging from neck size 8 to 26 inches.

We felt that this was one of the most accommodating models to all different sizes and fit snugly on small dogs. 

We appreciated the consideration for safety in the design of this collar. Many collars with a shock option come with caps for the metal prongs to protect our dog’s skin.

However, this means that the device cannot be worn at all times.  

This collar allowed us to remove the shock prongs entirely, so the collar could still be used even once we no longer needed prongs for training. 

This collar is more water-resistant than waterproof. We found that it could sustain the rain or an accidental drop in the water but should not be used for swimming. 


7. Best App-Controlled Collar: Dr. Trainer Bark Collar for Dogs

Product Ratings

Overall Rating4/5
Battery Life4/5

Dimensions: 5.08 x 3.66 x 3.19 inches (Adjustable)  Weight: 7.9 Ounces Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer Battery (Rechargeable)

What We Liked

  • Controlled by app
  • Unique technology and training features 
  • Designed with safety in mind

What We Didn’t Like

  • Could not be used from a far distance
  • Questionable waterproofing
  • Some glitches in the connection between app and collar

Technology Features

This Dr. Trainer product offers some unique features from others on our list.

First off, we loved that we could control this collar using an app on our phone rather than the traditional remote model.  

The app featured the option for us to either set up a training program that automatically beeped, vibrated, or shocked our pups based on the number of times they barked or for us to manually set off the features when we saw the need.

We loved the flexibility of both a hands-on and hands-off approach. 

A cool feature was that you could also program this collar to give orders to your dog in your voice.

It also picked up on the barks of each of our dogs, so we did not have to worry about the collar going off when other dogs were barking. 

Our biggest problem with this collar was the short-range, only spanning about 100 feet. However, the collar still worked with our presets, even when we were out of range.

Material and Build

This collar fits all of our furry friends, from as small as 8 pounds to as large as 150 pounds.

We also loved that it was rechargeable and waterproof, although we found that it did not hold up very well to being submerged in water for long.

Finally, one of our favorite parts about this collar was its consideration of our dogs’ safety.

It uses silicone prongs, which are better for our dogs’ skin than metal, and the collar has an automatic safety feature that turns it off if it activates more than 10 times in a minute. 

With all these unique features and a lower price point than many other collars out there, we felt that this collar was worth our while, especially for a tech-loving pet parent.


Comparison Chart

ProductBest OverallRunner UpHighest QualityBest No Shock OptionEasiest to UseBest for Outdoor UseBest App-Controlled Collar
Overall Rating5/54.7/54.7/54.5/54.3/54.3/54/5
Battery Life4.7/54/54.5/54/54/54/54/5

The Winner

Overall, we loved the Dog Care Vibrating Dog Collar. This collar was a true all-in-one.

From the three-tiered training model to the ability to train multiple dogs from one device to the flexibility of accommodating dogs of all sizes, this collar could not be beaten!

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How to Choose the Best Vibrating Dog Collars

Training collars can be used to address a whole host of behaviors, from barking, to jumping, to any kind of doggy disobedience.

In fact, we even reviewed the Best Dog Training Collars touted for being the best for use in obedience training.

The market for these training collars is bustling; there are unlimited options for you to choose from.  

That said, these are some factors to think about that can help you narrow your search:

Use of Shock

Many training collars include the ability to give your dog a small shock to discourage certain behavior.

There are many conflicting opinions about how humane this treatment is, so depending on your views, this could weigh into your collar choice.

Furthermore, even if you are comfortable with shock treatment, it’s strongly encouraged that you try the shock feature on yourself first before your dog and evaluate the collar based on how fair you feel the shock intensity is.

Read More: Radius Shock Collar for Dogs With Remote. We tried the best radius shock collars for dogs of all sizes (10 pounds and up)!


Before opting for shock collar use, we recommend obedience training as your initial response to bad behavior.

Training your dog can prevent the potential stress of a shock collar, and is a more positive way of deterring unwanted behavior. 

Using a shock collar should be a last resort, and considered only if obedience training fails or if you have a particularly stubborn, large, or aggressive dog.

While shock collars have been used by trainers to get the attention of tough cases for decades, for certain dogs they can cause emotional distress.

Brain training techniques are a science-backed way to improve your dog’s behavior without the use of force or dominance!


Many of these collars are controlled by remote control.

Another consideration to keep in mind when making a purchase is how far the collar can be from the controller to still work.  

For dog owners who are only going to use the collar in their home, this might not matter as much, but if you’re an owner hoping to work with your dog for a large yard, this could be something to pay attention to.


A competitive feature of some of these collars is that some include the ability to control multiple dog collars from one remote.

If you’re hoping to train multiple dogs with ease, this feature is one you should keep your eyes peeled for.

For more on training your dog, our guide to the Best Dog Training Books is a great place to start.


These products offer different levels of water resistance.

Some collars are simply weather-resistant, some are weatherproof, while others are waterproof and can be taken swimming.

Depending on your dog’s habits and access to water, this could be something to think about. 

Battery Power/Rechargeability

Finally, all of these collars are wireless and battery-powered.

Therefore considering the battery power and rechargeability can help you buy the most convenient collar for your purposes and preferences. 

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Honorable Mentions

1. Trulrox Bark Collar – Considered for Easiest to Use

We like that this dog was activated by our dog’s barking rather than by remote control. 

We also appreciated the safety features built into this collar to prevent our pups from being stimulated too many times in a minute. 

We also loved the reasonable price point. 

However, in the end, we felt that the PATPET Dog Training Collar’s manual activation was more reliable, and without the controller, we felt that a no-shock design would have been safer.

2. Petrainer Dog Training Collar – Considered for Best for Outdoor Use

This collar offers the traditional 3 feature model of shock, vibration, and beeps and we loved its competitive and reasonable price point.

Additionally, this product was waterproof and could handle weather of ranging levels of intensity.

We also felt that this company was responsive to issues and it had a solid warranty policy.

However, in the end, we chose the FunniPets Dog Training Collar because we were disappointed with this Petrainer product’s durability and range, and it did not come with the helpful light feature that we loved for our outdoor dogs. 

3. GoodBoy Remote Collar – Best for Creative Technology

This product from GoodBoy has a sleek and modern design, so you can train your pup in style.

This product stood out because of its lightweight nature; it was one of the smallest collars we tested.

It also came with a handy training manual that offered helpful advice on training a stubborn pup. 

Overall though, the unique app feature of the Dr. Trainer Bark Collar for Dogs gave it a leg up on this collar.

We also found that this collar did not have a consistent and reliable battery as other products on our list during our testing.  

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