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Best Radius Shock Collar for Dogs – 3 EXPERT Picks

Radius shock collars for dogs are helpful training tools that dog owners use worldwide, but with countless products available, finding a reliable and safe product can be difficult. 

Radius shock collars work with a remote and correction collar, allowing owners to correct unwanted behavior with high-frequency sounds and light electrical pulses.

These products were designed to use as an aid for obedience training.

In this article, we’ll break down the best radius shock collar options for dogs that have been tested for reliability, and then choose 1 of those products as the overall winner.


Before opting for shock collar use, we recommend obedience training to be your first response to bad behavior.

Training your dog can prevent the potential stress of a shock collar, and is a positive way of preventing unwanted traits in your dog. 

Shock collars should only be considered if obedience training fails or if you have a headstrong, large, or aggressive dog.

While shock collars aren’t considered physically harmful, and have been used by trainers to get the attention of tough cases for decades, for some dogs they can cause emotional distress.

Brain training techniques are a science-backed way to improve your dog’s behavior without the use of force or fear!

Our Top Picks

Image Product Details   Price
E-Collar - ME-300 - Waterproof Remote Trainer Micro Educator Best Overall: Lu&Ba Shock Collar This collar is great for training and perfect for tiny, medium-sized, and large canine companions. Check Price
NVK Shock Collar for 2 Dogs, Dog Training Best For Multiple Dogs: NVK Shock Collar This product is simply the best multi-dog home and comes with 2 collars! Check Price
Lu&Ba Dog Shock Collar, Rechargeable Dog Training Collar Best for Small Dogs: Micro Educator Shock Collar If you are the owner of a small breed dog, this product is perfect for you! Check Price

How We Chose the Best Radius Shock Collars for Dogs

During our research for products to independently test, we made sure to consider products with outstanding customer reviews and features

Lu&Ba, a company founded in Germany, is dedicated to manufacturing trustworthy and reliable radius shock collars.

Lu&Ba also creates products to assist dog owners with training out a number of undesired behaviors. 

We also think it’s extremely important to take a customer’s wants and needs into account while searching for great products.

This is why we scoured the internet and popular pet supply websites like Chewy, Amazon, and PetSmart. 

NVK is a company that is fairly new to the radius shock collar market and has been in business for about 8 years now.

Do not let their newer status fool you, NVK makes quality products that are targeted for improving owner and companion relationships. 

PatPet is another company that manufactures affordable and dependable training products and shock collars for dogs and their handlers.

PatPet also has excellent reviews from its customers.

While there are countless radius shock collar products and brands available, we highly recommend researching a product to ensure it’s safe and reliable before purchasing. 

Best Radius Shock Collars for Dogs Reviewed

1. Best Overall: Lu&Ba Shock Collar


If you’re looking for a collar that’s versatile for dogs between 10 and 100 pounds, is easy to use, is waterproof, AND covers a wide area, then the Lu&Ba shock collar is your best bet.

Product Ratings

Budget Buy4/5
Size Range4/5

Size Range: 10 – 100 lbs | Closure Type: Buckle | Brand: Lu&Ba | Neck Style: Round | Features: Waterproof & Rechargeable| Dogs: Small to Large Dogs

What We Liked

  • Versatile and can be used with dogs that weigh from 10 to 100 pounds
  • 16 levels of corrections make it easy to train young and old dogs
  • The collar has a thick sheet of silicone for skin protection
  • Quick charging collar that lasts for about 30 days
  • Remote can hold a charge for up to 60 days
  • Waterproof for dogs that like to play in the water

What We Didn’t Like

  • Additional collars need to be purchased separately
  • Only has one level of vibration corrections
  • Not a wide selection of colors to choose from

This product’s sleek design and affordable cost caught our eye at first, and upon reading the great customer reviews, we decided to test this product ourselves. 

The overall score and easy-to-use system are what gave the Lu&Ba Shock Collar its rightful place as Best Overall.

Size & Coverage

The Lu&Ba Shock Collar is compatible with dogs that weigh between 10 and 100 pounds as the correction collar is adjustable to ensure a proper fit on a wide variety of neck sizes.

There is also a buckle closure that allows for quick adjustments and removal.

The collar’s contact points that touch skin is covered with a silicone layer that helps protect the dog from injury while being worn.

We urge owners to remember that the shock collar must not be worn for longer than 12 hours to avoid irritation of the skin and sores.

The Lu&Ba Shock Collar also covers areas of up to 3,000 feet with no obstacles and 500 feet with obstacles in its path.

Upon testing this product, we were blown away by how well this collar maintains its efficacy with large area compatibility.


The Lu&Ba Shock Collar has features that boost its ability to assist owners with training for a number of both unwanted and desired behaviors in companion canines. 

  • Reactivity training: barking, biting, and fighting
  • Boundary training: digging and jumping fences
  • Obedience training: sit, lay down, stay, heel, and recall

The Lu&Ba Shock Collar remote comes with handy features to ensure proper corrections and allows an owner to decide when their dog needs to be corrected with the collar.

  • An LCD remote screen helped us to monitor correction levels
  • 3 correction buttons let us manually correct unwanted behaviors
  • An operation feedback indicator helped us choose the proper correction button
  • Rechargeable batteries extended the collar life and saved money
  • The correction collar is waterproof and we had no problems with it while out in the rain or near the pool

Key Points

While this product has rightfully landed itself in 1st Place, there are some key points we would like to discuss before moving on to the next product review.

  • The correction prongs on the collar must touch the skin for proper use
  • The collar must not be worn for longer than 12 hours at a time
  • Test the shock and correction levels prior to use 
  • Start a dog on the lowest correction levels before using the higher levels
  • The correction collar is waterproof, but the remote is not

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using a remote-controlled shock collar, read our related article about the pros and cons of shock collars!


2. Best for Multiple Dogs: NVK Shock Collar


For homes with multiple dogs, we choose the NVK shock collar as the best.

Not only does it come with 2 collars, but it’s affordable and the charge lasts for quite a while for those of us who are busy loving our dogs.

Product Ratings

Budget Buy4/5
Size Range5/5

Size Range: 10 – 110 lbs | Closure Type: Buckle | Brand: NVK | Neck Style: Round | Features: Waterproof & Rechargeable| Dogs: Small to Large Dogs

What We Liked

  • Can be used with small to large breed dogs that weigh from 10 to 110 pounds
  • Comes with 3 training modes: shock, vibration, and standard
  • Vibration levels can be set from 0-9 and static levels from 0-99
  • Rechargeable collar and remote that lasts for up to 90 days
  • Waterproof collar

What We Didn’t Like

  • Batteries may need to be replaced often
  • Collar color only comes in black
  • The Collar remote is not waterproof

NVK’s Shock Collar caught our eye because of the affordable pricing for a 2-dog electrical correction system, which led to us deciding to test and review this product.

We chose the NVK Shock Collar as the Best for Multiple Dogs ranking upon independent testing using our personal dogs.

Size & Coverage

This product is compatible with small to large breed dogs that weigh between 10-110 pounds.

With an adjustable band and buckle closure, this collar has all of the features needed for sustainable wear. 

Lithium polymer batteries come with the kit and are rechargeable, which we absolutely love.

When the remote and collars are fully charged they can last for up to 90 days

NVK’s Shock Collar was able to cover up to 1,600 feet between us and our tester, but it did have some technical issues when there were obstacles in the remote and collar paths. 

NOTE: Some users reported malfunctions of the supplied batteries and noted having to replace the batteries after they have been charged a few times. This wasn’t our experience.

If you experience any technical issues, we urge you to reach out to NVK’s customer service department.


The NVK Shock Collar and remote have been equipped with features to assist with obedience training. 

  • We successfully connected 4 dogs to the correction remote and controlled them through channels
  • The safety lock on the remote prevented accidental correction
  • The collars came with 4 connection points as well as caps for protection when we weren’t using them
  • The correction collars were waterproof for up to 30 minutes, and when tested after submersion (not on the dogs), didn’t show signs of damage
  • The safety strap on the remote for your wrist was good for keeping it handy while remaining hands-free
  • A detailed owners manual made setup a breeze
  • Equipped with a magnetic charging port and one wired charger
  • Accurate remote distance of 1,600 feet

We were blown away by how well the NVK Shock Collars worked when paired with consistent training.

Because of this, this NVK Shock Collar firmly planted itself as the Best for Multiple Dogs because of its extreme ease of use.

Key Points

We want to end this product review by discussing some of the key points that we think are important to consider before purchasing.

  • The correction collars should not be worn for longer than 12 hours to ensure the complete safety of your dog
  • NVK developed this product to use alongside behavioral and obedience training
  • Ensure that your dog weighs more than 10 pounds before purchasing
  • Turning the collar off completely when not in use can extend the battery life
  • You should test the corrections and shock levels prior to use
  • The collars connection points need to touch the skin for accurate use

Regardless of which collar you choose, it’s important to monitor your dog while wearing a shock collar and verify that they do not wear the collar for longer than directed.

If you would like to learn more about how to safely use a correction collar, this article is a great resource: How Long Can a Dog Wear a Shock Collar?


3. Best for Small Dogs: Micro Educator Shock Collar

Micro Educator Shock Collar

If you have a small dog, this shock collar is the best bet for you.

Additionally, this shock collar has a light so you can see your dog during those nightly runs, PLUS you can add multiple collars to this system!

Product Ratings

Budget Buy2/5
Size Range5/5

Size Range: 10 Pounds & Up | Closure Type: Buckle | Brand: E-Collar | Neck Style: Round | Features: Waterproof | Dogs: Small Dogs

What We Liked

  • Manufactured for safe use with non-aggressive small breed dogs
  • Comes with 100 levels of static correction to choose from
  • Night tracking light for easy visibility
  • Rechargeable collar and remote that lasts for 24-48 hours
  • Waterproof collar
  • Additional collars can be purchased and synced to the remote

What We Didn’t Like

  • Cannot be used with dogs under 10 pounds
  • No options for collar colors
  • The Collar remote is not waterproof
  • Only covers areas that are 1/4 mile or less

We understand the stress of finding a shock collar that is safe for use with small dog breeds, which is why this product caught our eye.

Upon testing, we decided that this product is the Best for Small Dogs available on the market.

Small dogs can have feisty personalities that make training difficult, and understanding the proper steps to follow for training with a shock collar is important.

Size & Coverage

This collar is compatible with small dogs that weigh 10 pounds or more.

The collar itself is adjustable and can fit even the smallest of necks, like our chihuahua/dachshund mix.

The collar’s correction component is also able to be rearranged for safe use and a proper fit.

However, this product only extends to cover a range of ⅓ of a mile, which is not our favorite feature.

But, you can add additional collars to the remote, but they must be purchased separately.


This product is great for multiple types of training sessions for small-breed dogs.

The collar and remote come with helpful features to ensure efficacy, including:

  • A clicker that was useful for training
  • ‘Lock and Set’ safety feature that helped us to avoid accidental corrections
  • Built-in light for dim visibility and training in the evening
  • The collar is waterproof and worked fine even in the rain (tested by people, not tested on dog)
  • The collar and remote took only 2 hours of charging for full battery life
  • Corrections can be set to momentary or continuous, depending on what we needed during training.

Key Points

Before continuing, we wanted to include important key points to consider before purchasing. 

We urge you to keep in mind that this product was designed to make obedience training a faster process.

Using any shock collar will not be effective without dedicated training sessions that occur daily. 

  • Shock collars that are worn for longer than 12 hours at a time can result in skin irritations or infections
  • Always test the correction levels prior to use
  • Start your pet off at the lowest setting to ensure they do not develop fearful reactions to the collar

If you would like to learn more about the Micro Educator, here’s a video tutorial for proper setup and use.


Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallBest for Multiple DogsBest for Small Dogs
Overall Score4.6/54.2/54/5
Budget Buy4/54/52/5
Size Range5/55/55/5

The Winner

Overall, the Lu&Ba Shock Collar was our favorite product to test and review.

The wide range of compatible dogs and weight, range, price, and efficacy were too good to not be our Best Overall pick.

How to Choose the Best Radius Shock Collars for Dogs

How To Choose The Best Radius Shock Collars For Dogs
Your dog’s temperament, past abusive experiences (if any), and size are all things to take into consideration before opting for a shock collar.

Consider Your Dogs Temperament

Radius shock collars for dogs are meant to be paired with behavioral or obedience training, but should never be used on an aggressive dog unless it’s with a professional trainer.

Consider Your Training Goals

As we mentioned previously, radius shock collars are training aids.

You should consider your training goals to determine what product would be the best fit.

For obedience training, radius shock collars are the best product type to achieve the set goals for your dog.

For boundary training, an electric fence for dogs is designed to safely contain a dog in their safe area while aiding the boundary training sessions.


In this article, we discussed 3 of the best radius shock collars for dogs, chose a winner, and reviewed these products in detail.

We hope this article was able to provide you with helpful information, and wish you the best of luck with training!

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