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Kippy Vs Tractive – 2023 Tracker GUIDE

In this article, we compare two of the most popular trackers on the market: Kippy vs Tractive.

There are several different pet trackers available on the market. Choosing the right one can be difficult and frustrating.

We break down each of these pet trackers to help you make the best decision for you and your dog, starting with a quick glance at the Kippy vs Tractive systems.

Products at a Glance

FeaturesKippy EvoTractive
Price€ 39.99 with monthly plans$49 with monthly plans
Tracking FeaturesLive monitoring, geofencing, near-real-time updates, unlimited distanceLive tracking, geofencing, historical tracking, safety zone
Activity MonitoringRecords all activity every 60 minutesSleep patterns, wellness score, monitor all activity
DesignVariety of colors, sleek, easy to useBasic design with two colors: black and white
DurabilityAnti-shock ABS body, steel construction, waterproofWatertight, 100% smash & splash proof, long battery life
Customer ServiceLive chat support, phone, and email supportPhone and email support
Ease of UseSimple design with fewer buttonsThe app interface isn’t as user friendly


Two brown puppies
Choosing the right tracker is important for both you and your pet to ensure that everybody is comfortable.

Kippy and Tractive are two GPS dog-tracking devices that use GPS to track the location of a dog in real time.

Both devices are small, lightweight, and can be attached to a collar or harness.

They also both have a feature that allows owners to set up safe zones that will alert the owner if the dog leaves the safe zone.

One thing to note though is that Kippy is NOT available in the United States. So if you are in the US, this will not be an accessible option for you.

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Kippy Vs Tractive

Girl walking her dog
Looking at the details of each tracker can help you choose the best option and get the safest, fastest results.

Both devices offer a variety of features that can help pet owners keep track of their animals, here are some key differences between the two products

1. Price

Kippy is the more affordable option, while Tractive is pricier. However, both brands offer discounts for longer-term subscriptions.

Kippy offers a budget-friendly option for pet tracking with monthly plans starting at $11.39.

You can also save money by signing up for a longer-term subscription.

Tractive is more expensive, with monthly plans starting at $9 for premium and $13 for basic monthly plans.

However, Tractive offers discounts of up to 50% for annual subscriptions. 

2. Key Tracking Features

Among Kippy’s many tracking options are:

  • Live monitor: wherein the pet owner may monitor their pet’s whereabouts via an interactive map with near-real-time updates (5-10 second intervals)
  • Proximity: which helps the pet’s owner find their animal
  • With geo-fencing: pet owners can designate an area as “safe” for their animals and be alerted if the pet wanders outside that area
  • Can be used inside buildings and used with unlimited distance

Meanwhile, Tractive’s tracking features include:

  • Live tracking: the Tractive GPS tracker uses cellular technology to send the location of your pet to the Tractive app so you can see exactly where your pet is at all times. 
  • Geofencing: With Geofencing, you can create a virtual dog fence around an area. If your pet leaves the area, you will be notified immediately. 
  • Historical Tracking: The Tractive GPS tracker saves the location of your pet every 5 minutes so you can see where your pet has been and how far they have gone. 
  • Safety Zone: The Safety Zone is a special area that you can designate as being safe for your pet.

If your pet enters or leaves the Safety Zone, you will be notified immediately so you can take action if necessary.

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3. Pet Activity Monitoring

Person holding their dog with a leash
There are many things to compare between the two trackers and we’ve found some with lots of differences and some that are quite similar.

Kippy Evo is a useful tool for keeping tabs on your pet’s activity levels.

Walking, sleeping, running, relaxing, playing, and even burning calories are all included.

Every 60 minutes, the gadget records activities and transmits the data to the Kippy app.

Goals can also be set for pets to accomplish.

There is a function that allows pet owners to receive updates on their pet’s activity levels and messages based on the tracker’s observations.

Likewise, Tractive GPS also tracks your dog’s activity levels to help you spot any patterns or set goals.

With Tractive you will be able to monitor their activity, their sleep patterns, and even get a wellness score.

4. Design

The design of the Kippy Evo devices is sleek and modern, and they are available in a variety of colors to suit any pet’s personality.

Tractive devices, on the other hand, are more basic in design and are only available in two colors: black and white. 

5. Durability

Kippy’s anti-shock ABS body and steel construction give it a great chance of lasting for a long time.

Though it is not advertised as such by the manufacturer, it is bite-proof.

While the gadget can withstand brief submersion, prolonged submersion is not advised.

According to the manufacturer, Tractive GPS is quite durable as well and testing has confirmed this.

It is also so watertight that it won’t even rust if submerged in a foot of water for half an hour.

However, because it uses a rechargeable battery, its effectiveness may decrease after a few years.

6. Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Kippy offers excellent 24/7 live chat support, while Tractive’s customer service is good but does not offer live chat support.

This difference is important to consider because live chat support allows for more immediate help when needed and can be invaluable when trying to resolve an issue.

While both companies offer phone and email support, Kippy’s live chat support sets it apart in terms of customer service.

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7. Ease Of Use

When comparing the ease of use of Kippy’s devices to Tractive’s devices, it’s clear that Kippy’s devices are easier to use.

This is due, in part, to their simpler design as Kippy Evo devices have fewer buttons and a more user-friendly interface.

In addition, Kippy’s devices are designed with the user in mind.

For example, the buttons are positioned in a way that makes them easy to reach and the display is easy to read.

As a result, Kippy’s devices are more user-friendly than Tractive’s devices.

Here is a video of how the Kippy Evo works:

Final Thoughts

When choosing between the Kippy and the Tractive GPS dog tracking and activity monitoring gadgets, it is important to keep the few things we discussed in mind.

The best GPS dog tracker for you will ultimately rely on your specific requirements and budget.

Regardless of which one you choose, you can trust that your pet is always in a secure place because of the GPS tracking capabilities of both Kippy and Tractive.

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