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Fi VS Tractive GPS Dog Trackers – COMPARED

If you’re a pet owner, then you know that you’ll do anything to keep your furry friend safe.

That’s why many people are turning to the best dog GPS trackers to help keep tabs on their pups.

In today’s digitized world, there’s an app for just about everything and that includes keeping track of your dog.

In this article, we’ll compare the Fi vs Tractive GPS dog collar brands to help you decide which one is right for you.

Products at a Glance

FeaturesFi Dog TrackerTractive Dog Tracker
DesignAluminum and internal metal armor designed for outdoor useLightweight and compact for smaller dogs and cats
DurabilityImpact-resistant, waterproof, and can be submerged up to 1.5 meters (about 5 feet).Waterproof up to 1 meter (about 3 feet), and virtually unbreakable
TrackingUtilizes 3 satellites to get as precise as a 7-foot radius, also has a lost dog mode featureLive tracking mode that refreshes every 2 to 3 seconds
Smartphone AppCompatible with Apple and Android devicesCompatible with desktops, Apple, and Android devices, along with the Alexa app

Fi VS Tractive Comparison

GPS dog collars can help you keep track of your wandering pet.
GPS dog collars let you track your dog’s location no matter where they are.

GPS dog collars are becoming a popular choice for pet owners who want to be able to know where their dog is at all times.

Though both Fi and Tractive offer dog GPS collars to help you keep track of your pup, these two companies differ in a few key ways. 


Fi GPS Tracker

Outdoor use was a primary design consideration while creating the Fi smart tracker.

The aluminum front panel and internal metal armor of this device make it resistant to being chewed on or ruined by dirt and grime.

You can attach the included GPS tracking device to the upper portion of your pet’s collar, where it will receive the most stable signal and allow for the most precise tracking.

If you and your dog like to play in the sand and surf together, you can bring the Fi tracker with you thanks to its IP68 Waterproof Rating.

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Tractive GPS Tracker

The Tractive GPS tracker is a compact, lightweight device (weighing in at roughly 30 grams or less), making it ideal for smaller dogs and cats.

This gadget is extremely compact, measuring only 2 inches in height, 1.6 inches in width, and 0.6 inches in depth.

The collar clips that come with this pet tracker easily attach to any collar, making it a convenient and simple device to use.

While this tracker is adaptable to a wide variety of collars, it’s only available in one size.

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Fi GPS Tracker

To verify the Fi tracker’s dustproof and waterproof IP68 designation, it was tested submerged in salt water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters (about 4 feet 11 inches) with no adverse effects.

Its resistance to bites and inevitable chewing is also enhanced by the internal metal armor and aluminum faceplate armor strengthening.

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Tractive GPS Tracker

Tractive GPS pet tracker brags that their device is virtually unbreakable and completely waterproof, making it ideal for pets that enjoy exploring the great outdoors and splashing around in the water.

It is waterproof up to a depth of 3 feet for up to 30 minutes and the battery can be swapped out for a fresh one whenever it runs low, but it does have a 5-day runtime.

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Monitoring Through GPS

GPS trackers use satellites to pinpoint your pet's location.
GPS dog trackers use satellites to pinpoint your dog’s exact location in real time.

Fi GPS Tracker

Fi employs a constellation of 3 satellites, which significantly improves both its precision and tracking speed.

When in the open air, GPS tracking can get as precise as a 7-foot radius.

Fi is the first tracking gadget to utilize the recently developed LTE-M network, whose signal travels around 30% further than that of LTE Networks, 5G, 4G, and 3G.

When you’re not with your dog, you’ll be able to keep tabs on his whereabouts thanks to this device.

To help you find your dog in low light, the Lost Dog Mode automatically adjusts the device to track and provide reports of the actual location of your dog and enables the red LED flashing light.

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Tractive GPS Tracker

On the Tractive GPS tracker, there is a live tracking mode that refreshes your pet’s whereabouts every 2 to 3 seconds.

The map is also entirely dynamic, letting you choose between several views (traditional, hybrid, satellite imagery, and augmented reality).

Thanks to the tracker’s location history feature, you can see where your pet is right now as well as where they have been in the past.

With this tracker, you can view not only the direction and velocity of your pet’s movement but also its altitude above sea level.

The geofencing or virtual fence feature lets you set up safe zones around your home or neighborhood for your pets, with a minimum radius of 164 feet.

The Tractive GPS tracker also includes a cool sharing feature that allows you to let others know where your dog or cat is in case it gets lost and they can come to its rescue.

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Smartphone App

Fi GPS Tracker

Your dog’s location will be displayed on the main screen of the Fi tracker mobile app, which is compatible with iOS 12.0 (and higher) and Android 6.0.

You can use scrolling to view additional content on the page, such as the location map and your pet’s photo will display their location, while your initial will display your own.

If you and your pet are together, the two symbols will appear next to one another.

You can also activate Lost Dog Mode in the app and talk to a representative in real time during business hours.

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To get a visual look at the Fi dog collar, take a look at this video:

Tractive GPS Tracker

The Tractive GPS tracker app is available for no cost for iOS 11 and Android 7.0 smartphones, as well as desktop and mobile web browsers.

The Alexa app also functions as a remote control for the GPS and with the Tractive app, there is quite a bit you can do.

You can access your pet’s location via an interactive map, see location history, activate live tracking mode, check the battery life, and share your pet’s location.

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Why Choose a GPS Dog Collar?

GPS trackers are a great option for dogs that often explore.
GPS dog trackers are great for owners who like to hike or explore with their dogs, or for dogs who are known for escaping the yard.

There are several reasons why GPS dog collars are a great choice for pet owners.

  • They provide peace of mind in knowing that you can always find your dog if he or she gets lost.
  • GPS dog collars can help you keep track of your dog’s activity level and make sure they are getting enough exercise.
  • GPS dog collars can help you find your way back to your car or home if you get lost while hiking or walking in the woods with your dog.
  • GPS dog collars can help emergency responders locate your dog if he or she is injured and needs to be found quickly.

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Final Thoughts

There are several things to think about while deciding between the Fi and the Tractive GPS Dog Collar.

There are benefits and drawbacks to both products and you should prioritize those that are most important to you.

No matter what, do your research to make sure the item you choose is the best option for your pet.

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