Do Perimeter Collars WORK With Invisible Fence? Mix & Match

When navigating the world of invisible fences, it can be hard to know what works and what doesn’t.

Knowing whether or not you can mix and match fences and collars can save you a lot of money.

If you have an existing Invisible Fence, you probably have a lot of questions, one of them being, can perimeter collars work with Invisible Fence?

Read on because we’ll answer this question plus more.

Do Perimeter Collars Work With Invisible Fence?

adorable puppy wearing a collar
Perimeter is one brand that makes collars that can be compatible with Invisible Fence brand fences.

Perimeter Technologies and Pet Stop make collars that are compatible with the Invisible Fence, though compatibility depends on the series of fence and collar that you have.

Luckily, when it comes to most brands of collars and invisible fences, a lot of them are in fact interchangeable with one another.

However, with the Invisible Fence brand specifically, the Perimeter brand and Pet Stop brand are the only compatible options.

Double-check model numbers on the website for specific compatibility information.

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Do Perimeter Collars Work With Invisible Fence?

When looking into Perimeter Technology collars as well as other brands it is important to note the different collar options that are available.

The different options for pairing with Invisible Fence are:

However, many of the Invisible Fence collars are also compatible with various models of the fence, so you may be able to mix and match them as well.

Are Perimeter Brand Collars Compatible With Invisible Fence?

Perimeter Technologies makes a collar that’s compatible with the Invisible Fence Brand.

These are amazing options because they have the ability to work with the fence that you already have at home.

It’s important to check and see what series of Invisible Fence you have.

When it comes to the Perimeter collar, it will only be compatible with the 700 series version of the Invisible Fence.

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Are Pet Stop Collars Compabile With Invisible Fence?

dog wearing a pet stop collar
Pet Stop collars are a good option to explore if you need a new collar for your Invisible Fence.

When it comes to Pet Stop, their parts were made to be compatible specifically with your invisible fence, and they offer a wide range of different options.

These Pet Stop collars were specifically made to be able to work with most models of the Invisible Fence Brand fences, making it extremely easy to find the right option for you.

These collars can easily be purchased and would be great if you get another dog that you need to add to your system, or it can also be used to replace a receiver that was lost.

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The Cost of Invisible Fence Brand Compatible Collars

The cost of the collar relies on what option you decide to go with:

While there is a difference in price, it’s only about 50 bucks between the two brands.

The cost for these options also varies depending on where you decide you would like to purchase them.

There are many retailers that sell the Perimeter collar as well, at many different prices. 

You can find many of these products on online resellers, or you can simply shop from the Perimeter Technologies website or the Pet Stop website

Precautions to Take When Pairing Fences and Collars

When you do decide to use either a Perimeter or Pet Stop collar with the existing invisible fence you already have set up, it’s very important to make sure that everything is working properly.

If the collar or Invisible Fence is set up wrong, or they aren’t working properly, then you’re at very high risk of your dog running straight through the fence.

This can be extremely dangerous, and leave you with the stress of how to resolve the problem.

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Just like anything, it’s important to make sure everything is running correctly, and that you learn how to train your dog with an invisible fence.

Making sure your dog is properly trained, ensures that your dog won’t try to run away or become scared of the system.

Here’s a video that will give you a lot of information about Perimeter brand products and how to train your dog to a fence they can’t see.

How to Know if the Collar is the Right Fit

When deciding if you are going to use a Perimeter collar with an Invisible Fence, it’s important to know some safety details before continuing to ensure your dog doesn’t develop any health issues. 

When it comes to your dog wearing any type of collar, they can develop a condition called pressure necrosis from having constant pressure on their neck.

Here are some ways to prevent this.

  • Take the collar off every day to give the neck skin a rest.
  • Stop using it if you start to notice irritation on your dog’s neck.
  • Make sure the prongs are never tight enough to dig into your dog’s skin.

Remember that any type of invisible fence relies on fully training your dog to stay inside the safe area.

There is no physical barrier to keep your dog home.

Final Thoughts

If you have an Invisible Fence make sure you double-check model numbers to make sure the collar you want to buy will pair with the fence.

As long as it’s compatible it will work the same as your original collar to remind your dog to stay in the safety of the yard.

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