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5 Best LED Light Up Dog Collars For Safety & Visibility

Pet owners want to keep their dogs safe, especially at night.

As the sun starts to set, the light begins to disappear and visibility becomes a problem, which can make late-night walks a danger.

Thankfully, there are lighting options that can keep our pets safe at night.

Although it’s important to keep dogs on a leash, you may be confident enough in your dog’s training to walk without a leash – or perhaps you’re on a nighttime hunting trip.

Whatever the case, if your dog is unleashed at night it’s essential to add some kind of visibility device to your dog. 

That’s where LED light-up dog collars come in! These collars can warn cars and other pedestrians that there’s a dog and a person walking.

They can also help you keep up with your pet should they wander a little further than your eyes can make out.

That said, with so many options available, it can be quite the task to find a quality LED light-up collar.

Based on our testing, here are the top 5 best 5 Best LED Light Up Dog Collars suitable for different dogs and their needs (along with 5 honorable mentions!).

Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
Best-Overall-ILLUMISEEN-LED-Dog-Collar-USB-Rechargeable Best Overall: ILLUMISEEN LED Dog Collar USB Rechargeable You can’t go wrong with this collar. It comes in 7 different sizes, and it’s rechargeable! You don’t have to worry about replacing batteries and can save money while keeping your furry friend safe and visible. Check Price
Runner-Up-BSEEN-LED-Dog-Collar Runner Up: BSEEN LED Dog Collar This spectacular dog collar is almost as amazing as the best overall pick! It comes in 4 neon colors that allow drivers and pedestrians to easily see dogs. You won’t have any regrets about this purchase! Check Price
Best-for-Medium-Dog-Breeds-Blazin-Safety-LED-Collar Best For Medium Dog Breeds: Blazin Safety LED Collar The Blazin Safety LED collar comes with various lighting options for customized visibility. This collar is best suited for small to medium-sized dogs. Check Price
Best-for-Longest-Lifespan-MASBRILL-LED-Dog-Collar Best For Longest Lifespan: MASBRILL LED Dog Collar Not all LED dog collars last forever. However, the Masbrill LED dog collar is unique because it can last for years of use. This is a great option if you plan to be out in low-visibility conditions often. Check Price
Best-Budget-Buy-NiteHowl-LED-Safety-Necklace Best Budget Buy: NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace This adjustable Nitehowl LED Safety Necklace is a great addition to your dog’s nightly walks. This not only keeps dogs safe but is an excellent price for the quality! If you’re on a budget, this is the one to go with. Check Price

How We Narrowed Down The Best LED Light Up Dog Collars

Dog wearing a light-up collar
LED light-up collars keep your dog visible at night to passersby and to you if you walk or hunt off-leash.

For this test, we considered some of the top brands known for their quality safety gear and LED light-up dog collars.

The first brand we found is a relatively new one, but the reviews for the LED light-up dog collar were excellent!

Illumiseen is a fan favorite amongst pet owners. They offer various LED light-up options and care about the safety of dogs!

This was not the only collar brand, however, that we noticed was important on our list!

A recurring brand in our search for the best LED light up dog collars was the Blazin Safety brand.

Most of the research we did was unique and on Amazon. However, we also used pet-friendly websites like Chewy to look at the most popular options.

From the options we tested, we chose 5 of the best LED light up dog collars to recommend to our readers, with another 5 honorable mentions that didn’t quite make our top picks list.

A big portion of the research relied on unpaid testimonials and reviews from previous clients that also bought the same light-up collar.

While we understand that everyone’s opinions differ, it gave us a good look into the market for LED light-up dog collars and helped us to decide which collars we felt were worth putting to the test.

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Best LED Light Up Dog Collars Reviewed

1. Best Overall: ILLUMISEEN LED Dog Collar USB Rechargeable

Product Ratings


Sizes: 9 x 1 x 0.6 inches (Overall Length) | Closure Type: Buckle | Brand: Illumiseen || Features: Rechargeable, 3 modes | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Fully adjustable and comfortable
  • Comes in neon vibrant colors
  • 3 modes to choose from
  • Easy to put on
  • USB rechargeable

What We Didn’t Like

  • Complaints that the collar didn’t last for more than a year

Things get off to a strong start with this neon green collar!

Right off the bat, we were able to keep an eye on our dog, even at a distance, when it was dusk and completely dark outside.

If green isn’t your color, this is still an excellent option.

One of the things we loved about this design was the diversity of colors! There are 6 neon colors to choose from, all equally as bright as the next.

The designers of this dog collar understand that all dogs are of different sizes.

They have made this design easy to adjust for both extra small dog breeds and large dog breeds!

This collar also features 3 modes: constant light, flashing light, or slow flashing light mode.

We thought this was an important touch and the flashing lights definitely caught our eye.

Not only are the flashing lights more recognizable, but they could also potentially alert others to an emergency situation.

Another great thing about this collar is that, instead of having to buy batteries each time the lights begin to dim, we simply plugged it into the rechargeable USB cord.

As long as you have an outlet, you can charge your dog’s collar and be ready to go in just a few hours! The battery life for this product is 5 hours of continuous use. 

The last factor that we appreciated was the warranty from the manufacturers. Meaning, if anything happens to the product, they’ll give you a new one for free!


2. Runner Up: BSEEN LED Dog Collar

Product Ratings


Sizes: 6 x 6 x 1 inches (Overall Length) | Closure Type: Button | Brand: BBSEEN || Features: Rechargeable, waterproof, 3 modes | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable for dogs
  • 3 simple light modes

What We Didn’t Like

  • Loses charge quickly

BSEEN’s LED collar comes in an array of vibrant colorways to help all dogs remain super-visible to other road users and pedestrians, even if it’s gloomy and dark outside while you walk your dog.

How does this collar shape up, then?

The central button allows us to rotate through the 3 lighting modes.

As with most of these collars, we can choose between a steady glow, a fast glow, or a slow glow depending on the preferred effect.

This device is charged via mini-USB, which is included in the order.

This connection is fairly flimsy, so handle it with care. However, it is an easy USC cord to find if you want to keep extras just in case.

This collar is one-size-fits-all, saving us from needing to measure our pooch or worry about the fit and comfort.

All that we needed to do was trim it to length using some scissors, and it’s a perfect and closely-fitting collar.

The tube of the collar is built to withstand plenty of rough and tumble and should also keep your dog feeling comfortable and keep them safe at night.

As with many LED dog collars, it’s expected that the battery life will start to drain with time (and, unfortunately, quite rapidly in this case).

That said, we feel you need to be realistic when you’re buying any product in this price range.

Nothing this cheap is likely to last a lifetime, but it’s still a cheerful and worthwhile investment, even if it’s only for a few months!

We thought this was a great option for nighttime excursions once in a blue moon.


3. Best for Medium Dog Breeds: Blazin Safety LED Collar

Product Ratings


Sizes: 6 x 6 x 1 inch (Overall Length) | Closure Type: Button | Brand: Blazin Safety | Features: Rechargeable, waterproof, 10 colors | Dogs: Small to Medium Breeds

What We Liked

  • 1,000 feet of visibility
  • Vibrant colors and lights
  • Adjustable strap

What We Didn’t Like

  • The battery life is questionable
  • It doesn’t clip on well to leashes

Blazin Safety serves up a nifty little LED light-up collar to inject some fun and safety into our nighttime walks with Fido.

This neat company offers collars that come in 10 different colors. Each color is unique, allowing us to show off our personalities and glimmer!

The most impressive part about this LED collar is that its visibility reaches 1,000 feet. You don’t have to worry anymore about strangers or cars not seeing your furry friend.

Where many cheaper LED collars feel bulky, the light strip built into this model is super-slim.

The on/off box is compact and perfect for small and medium dog breeds that have shorter necks.

We were also able to use all 3 settings, switching between stable on, strobe, or blinking lights.

When the lithium-ion battery dies, the device is chargeable through a mini USB cable. This beats buying expensive batteries every few weeks!

The collar, itself, is an inch wide of rugged nylon built to go the distance – even with our test pup who tends to chew and pull at collars!

This is a medium-sized collar spanning XS through Large. This is ideal for dogs with neck sizes ranging from 14 through 20 inches.


4. Best for Longest Lifespan: MASBRILL LED Dog Collar

Product Ratings


Sizes: 14 x 1 x 0.1 inches (Overall Length) | Closure Type: Button | Brand: Masbrill | Features: Rechargeable, waterproof, 3 modes | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • One charge gives at least 15 hours of usable battery life
  • Durable polyester material
  • Comfortable to use

What We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t have a long lifespan

The Masbrill LED light-up dog collar uses materials that are durable and flexible to make this collar more comfortable for your dog.

The band around our dog’s neck was loose enough to be comfortable while also strong enough to not fall off.

This collar is selling for a pretty budget-friendly price, but of course, the trade-off is that the collar probably won’t last for more than a handful of months.

We definitely would recommend this collar for occasional night walks, hunts, or other adventures rather than an everyday collar!

Despite the bargain-basement pricing, we liked to see the standard 3 lighting modes that are common to most of these collars.

It’s easy to flick through these modes using a simple button.

The lights don’t give off too much heat, either, so there aren’t any worries of overheating or being uncomfortable for your dog.

This best LED light up dog collar is rated IPX7, meaning it’s fully waterproof.

It’s a nice touch that’s perfect for dogs that are water lovers or live in rainy areas – and one that you don’t see on all light-up collars!

The lithium-ion battery bundle lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge, outperforming much of its pricier opposition.


5. Best Budget Buy: NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace 

Product Ratings


Sizes: 27 x 0.3 x 0.3 inches (Overall Length) | Closure Type: Button | Brand: NiteHowl|| Features: Rechargeable, 3 modes, batteries | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Runs on rechargeable batteries
  • Adjustable fit
  • High-vis and flash modes

What We Didn’t Like

  • The Sizing Runs Large
  • Not Fully Comfortable

Made from lightweight aluminum, this chew-proof collar should give us a reasonable lifespan if properly looked after.

Running on rechargeable batteries, the convenience cuts down on the cost of purchasing new batteries.

Move from flash mode to high-visibility brightness quickly with only the press of a button!

The heat and modes didn’t bother our dog, either, as the material doesn’t excessively heat up.

The fit is customizable and works for dogs with necks sized from 12 through 27 inches. 

Simply trim the collar to the precise length and then tweak it to fit Fido.

A simple button closure makes this collar a cinch to slip on and remove whenever it’s time for extra brightness on nightly walks.

This collar is water-resistant and backed by a no-questions guarantee, and it’s one of the cheapest options on the market!


Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallRunnerUpBest For MediumDogsBest For Longest Life spanBest Budget Buy
Overall Rating4.7/54.7/54.5/54.5/54.3/5

The Winner

Without a doubt, the winner on this list is the ILLUMISEEN LED Dog Collar USB Rechargeable.

This dog collar has multiple functions that illuminate the brightness and keep pet owners and their dogs safe on nightly walks.

Its bright coloring, light patterns, and quality all placed it at #1 in our testing process.

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How To Choose The Best Dog LED Light Up Dog Collars

There’s quite a bit to consider when choosing the right light-up collar for our dogs. Through our rigorous testing and research, it took us time to compile this list.

From our research, we found 4 areas that are important to consider when looking to buy this safety device:

  • Price
  • Material
  • Size
  • Additional features

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The first thing you should consider is your budget. It’s important to know what you can reasonably spend and what you want to get out of the collar.

For some pet owners, these collars need to be high-quality and last a long time.

Others are okay with an item that’s cheap and will need to be replaced in a few months.

Keep in mind that cheap LED light-up dog collars are cheap for a reason.

This usually means they’re made of materials that aren’t strong and will lose its use in a relatively short time.

The average range for an LED light-up dog collar for safer walks at night is between $8 and 16.


Not all dog collars are made with the same materials.

Through our research, we came across lots of LED options embedded in different collar styles and materials.

It goes without saying that the material of your dog’s collar needs to be durable and comfortable.

No one wants to see their furry friend suffer from discomfiture because of a scratchy fabric or material.

It’s best to look for collars made of high-quality and thick material, as light material tends to get weighed down by the LED lights.


Dogs, of course, range in size, weight, and height. It’s important to look for a collar that’s the right size for your dog. 

Be sure to measure your dog’s neck and compare it to the dimensions listed under each product so that you can feel confident that you’re getting a collar that will comfortably fit your dog’s neck size.

There are one-size-fits-all options out there, but they don’t work for all dogs!

Look for dog collars that are adjustable, and if you have a large dog, consider a wide collar for more control and better visibility.

Extra Features

What are the other important features?

When looking for the best LED light-up dog collar for your furry friend, it’s important to ask yourself questions about additional features.

No two dog collars are made the same way.

Some dog collars are water-resistant, which is great for pets in rainy areas. Dog collars without a water-resistant material can develop mold and have their LED lights damaged. 

What about batteries? The majority of new LED light-up dog collars have options.

This means that they come with a slot to put in new batteries while also allowing for a USB cable to recharge the lights.

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Honorable Mentions

Here’s a brief look at the 5 options that didn’t make our best LED light up dog collars list.

1. BSEEN LED Dog Collar

This BSEEN LED dog collar is great for large dogs! It extends up to 27 inches and snaps on with a button.

This is a wonderful product for large dogs that go on nightly walks and need some form of protection.

While this product is an honorable mention, it ultimately wasn’t our preferred choice.

It was in the running for best overall but was beaten by the ILLUMISEEN LED USB Rechargeable Dog Collar.

2. MASBRILL Light-Up Dog Collar 

The MASBRILL light-up dog collar was almost a runner-up!

This wonderful dog’s color is vibrant and bright.

The visibility range is large and it’s rechargeable through the use of a mini USB cord. 

However, the BSEEN LED Dog Collar won that title for its thinner design.

It works great for comfortability because it’s not as restricting as the MASBRILL was for our test dog.

3. Domi LED Dog Collar

The Domi LED dog collar is another one that belongs on this list.

It’s a comfortable dog collar that we could attach a leash to.

Not only is it decorative, but the light-up dog collar also lasts for up to 8 hours without needing a new charge, so that was definitely a plus.

It was in the running for the longest life span, but the MASBRILL LED Dog Collar was the better option in the end.

This dog collar has over 12 hours of battery life before it needs to be charged. The material is also easier and sturdier.

4. Shine For Dogs LED Collar 

Shine for Dogs LED collar is an affordable option that is great for large dogs. This product is vibrant!

The LED lights show up well and signal to people, cars, and other animals that our furry friend is there.

Although it was considered the best budget buy, it was beaten by the NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace, as this is a more affordable option.

5. HiGuard LED Dog Collar

HiGuard LED dog collars are great dog collars for pet owners that want an inexpensive and adjustable light.

It is easy to recharge and comes with a mini USB. Since the USB is common, we won’t have to worry about not finding a changer!

This particular product was considered for the best for medium dog breeds but was beat by the Blazin Safety LED Collar

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