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8 Best Dog Leather Collars TESTED (Classic Styles!)

One of the most common accessories you’ll get for a dog is a collar. Whether for style, to attach a leash, or for ID and vaccine tags, collars are extremely versatile. 

As an accessory, they accent your dog’s look with different colors, designs, and materials. They also offer peace of mind and safety with attached rings that can hold ID tags or a leash hook.

Most dog collars are made of nylon or polyester and many people are unaware of the numerous benefits of a leather dog collar. 

Leather lasts longer, looks classy, and is gentler on your dog’s skin than synthetic collar materials.

We bought and tested 19 of the best leather dog collars. 8 leather collars are our favorites, and 7 earned an honorable mention.

Read on to see which ones we like and why they’re our favorites.

Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
01 Mighty Paw Leather Dog Collar Best Overall: Mighty Paw Leather Dog Collar This Leather Dog collar is durable, stylish, and the heavy-duty construction is great for playful dogs! Check Price
02 Didog Personalized Soft Leather Best Personal (Engraved): Didog Personalized Soft Leather With the option to customize and add personal info on a nameplate, this collar is a great custom choice. Check Price
03 ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Collar Best For Medium Breeds: Adityna Heavy Duty Leather This collar from Adityna offers durability, but it’s not too heavy for medium-sized dogs. We love the dapper leather bowtie. Check Price
04 Moonpet Genuine Leather Dog Collar Best For Durability: Moonpet Genuine Leather Dog Collar Featuring quality stitching, strong leather, and hard-wearing metal, this is the most durable option on our list. Check Price
05 Daihaqiko Leather Dog Collar Best Budget For Small Dog: Daihaqiko Leather Dog Collar Just need a simple, effective, and cost-friendly leather collar? Take a look at this classic leather collar. Check Price
06 Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar Best For Comfort: Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar Collars can be itchy and irritating. This is a collar designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. Check Price

How We Narrowed Down the Best Leather Dog Collars

Dog wearing leather collar sitting on grass
Leather dog collars are a classic accessory that looks great and lasts through years of wear and tear.

To find the best dog leather collars, we looked at some of the top brands. We gathered all information on collars of varying colors, materials, purposes, features, and hardware.

Collars aren’t the best choice for every dog. If you’re wondering if a collar is right for your dog, here’s a breakdown of collars vs harnesses from the AKC. 

Our search brought us to brands like Mighty Paw, a family-owned business in Rochester, NY. They use only the best material and 100% genuine leather! 

We also came across other brands that offer great options for small and medium dogs. Logical Leather is a brand that offers longevity and peace of mind with a lifetime guarantee!

We then went to websites like Amazon and Chewy and took a look at what real dog owners had to say about their experience with these brands. 

From there we were able to choose 19 collars we wanted to test ourselves.

We tested these collars for many factors, including sizing, durability, and comfort. 8 of those leather collars made our top picks list!

Why Should You Choose a Leather Collar?

Leather collars offer health benefits to dogs beyond comparison to other collars. Made from a natural material, they can be great for dogs with sensitivities or allergies to latex, nylon, and silicone. 

Leather collars also stay supple during their lifetime due to the oils in a dog’s coat that softens the leather over time.

They’re hard-wearing, long-lasting, and can often “grow” with your pup through various sizes, thanks to the softness and stretch of real leather.

What are the Drawbacks of Leather Collars?

There are two slight downfalls to leather collars, but these are subject to opinion.

The first is that leather collars can be a bit pricey, but we think it’s worth it due to their longevity and durability. 

The second issue many people experience is that leather collars can have a certain smell to them, as some leather products do.

However, this smell will typically start out strong and become milder as time goes on, sometimes becoming almost unnoticeable. 

Narrowing down your collar choice to leather leaves many options to choose from and choosing the right one can be tricky, especially with little to no knowledge of leather collars. 

That’s why we decided to narrow down the options for you. We tested the best leather dog collars we could.

Our reviews of our top 8 leather dog collars should help you understand what makes a great dog collar to help you pick the best leather dog collar for your pup.

Best Leather Dog Collar Reviews

1. Best Overall: Mighty Paw Leather Dog Collar

Mighty Paw Leather Dog Collar

Product Ratings


Sizes: 9.5″ to 21″ (4 Sizes) | Closure Type: Buckle | Brand: Mighty Paw | Colors: Black, Brown, Light Brown | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Sizing is spot on
  • Great range of sizes with adjustable size holes
  • Durable, simple, and sleek

What We Didn’t Like

  • Only 1 D Ring for leash and ID tags to attach to
  • We noticed the collar has a large logo some may not care for
  • Slight odor that comes with leather 

This dog leather collar is straight to the point and gets the job done. It’s durable yet comfortable, strong yet stylish. 

The Mighty Paw leather dog collar is hands down the best leather dog collar for your pup!

So, why is that?


Measuring your dog and figuring out the right collar to purchase for them can be difficult. That’s why we’re glad Mighty Paw offers an easy sizing guide chart.

Use a fabric sewing tape measure to measure the circumference of your dog’s neck. Add the width of two fingers to ensure a fit that’s not too tight.

This collar comes in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. The sizes range from 9.5 to 21 inches. The collar comes with five adjustable size holes.


This collar works well for all types of dogs. From playful, energetic pups to mischievous outdoor dogs, it was able to handle most wear and tear from everyday activities! 

The leather is made from all-natural cowhide and is extremely robust.

We noticed the collar features a durable alloy metal D Ring that isn’t going anywhere while your four-legged friend runs, plays, shakes, and even scratches their neck.

The leather is rigid but flexible and soft on your dog’s neck.

We saw that even after weeks, the Mighty Paw collar didn’t seem to lose much integrity and was still like new by the end of testing.


Finally, we found that comfort had to be a top priority when choosing a collar. After all, this is something your dog is likely to wear every day.

This collar definitely passed the test here. We never noticed any dogs who looked uncomfortable or had irritated skin or fur.

In fact, after wearing this collar for a few weeks, a Bernese Mountain dog that had experienced fur loss from a nylon collar had started to regain some fur. This dog seemed to be feeling much better, and the skin was less irritated. 

The leather prevented further irritation allowing the area to heal and regrow fur.

2. Best Personal (Engraved): Didog Personalized Soft Leather 

Didog Personalized Soft Leather

Product Ratings


Sizes: 7.5” -25” | Material: Leather | Brand: Didog | Closure Type: Buckle | Colors: Brown, Green, Red, Black | Dogs: Medium to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Customizable with nameplate
  • Adjustable leather loop to tuck excess collar
  • Durable but still comfortable for dogs

What We Didn’t Like

  • Leather loop slides too easily
  • Engraving could be a little deeper

Our pick for the best-personalized leather dog collar, the Didog Personalized Soft Leather collar, is the perfect fit if you’re looking for a collar you can personalize!


The sizing for this collar was accurate, and ordering the right size and personalization was hassle free. Didog offers 6 different sizes, so there’s a collar for every dog. Sizes range from xx-small to extra large.

The collar features five size holes to insert the buckle into. It also has a leather loop to tuck the excess tail end of the collar.

Although we did find that this loop slid around a bit, it still helped to size and secure the collar. It also has a metal clamp, which makes up for the leather loop sliding a bit.

When placed on our dogs, this collar sat nicely on their necks. It wasn’t too heavy or thick for them and still left the room to breathe.

It didn’t ride up their neck or look too bulky, even on smaller dogs with slender frames.


This collar from Didog proved to be strong and long-lasting. The leather retained rigidity while still softening due to the dogs’ natural oils.

It could handle some pulling from dogs and even slight play without tearing.

We would have liked the engraving in the nameplate to be a little deeper. We feel that the engraving may become tarnished easily.

Although this is a possibility, we believe the low price point for this collar is definitely worth it!


The benefits of having a customizable collar aren’t just left to the dog. A favorite feature of this collar is there’s no need for clinking ID tags against D rings around your house all day!

Here’s a study conducted by ASPCA on the importance of ID tags for your dog. While we love the personalized collar, we know it’s vital to keep a vaccination tag on the collar as well.

The leather is great quality, natural, and didn’t cause irritation to any of our dogs. It sat nicely on their necks, and we didn’t notice any of them picking at it or scratching at it in irritation.

This is a reliable and comfortable collar that we are happy to recommend.  

3. Best for Medium Breeds: ADITYNA Heavy Duty Soft Leather

ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Collar

Product Ratings


Sizes: 10”-30” | Material: Leather | Brand: ADITYNA| Closure Type: Buckle | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Comes with a cute bowtie and ID tags
  • Retained a like-new look throughout our testing period
  • Held up well during walks with slight pulling

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some D Rings may have a gap/ be loose and fall off the collar
  • A little heavy for smaller dogs
  • Might not be as strong for bigger dogs

We found this robust and soft leather collar to be just right for our medium dogs. While it comes in sizes to fit all kinds of dogs, it worked best for our medium-sized breeds, and here’s why.


ADITYNA offers this collar in four different sizes from small to extra-large. Yes, this collar can fit small and large dogs without a doubt!

However, we realized that the collar is a little wider and heavier, which may be a bit much for some smaller dogs.

We saw that on medium dogs, this collar looked best. It didn’t seem too hefty for the dogs and sat well around their neck and throat.

Medium-sized dogs could still run and play as usual without any interference from the collar.

The collar also came with a little bonus bow tie. We found it was underwhelming on bigger dogs but too big on smaller dogs.

When we put it on a Beagle, it was the perfect fit!


On a medium-sized dog, this collar could last a long time! The leather is durable but supple and flexible.

It held up on a Jack Russell who loves to run, play, and dig massive holes in his backyard! The collar looked new after a slight wipe down.

This collar didn’t do the best on some of our larger dogs. We noticed that the ADITYNA collar wasn’t the most reliable with bigger, strong dogs. 

After a few weeks of being on a Chocolate Lab, we noticed the collar stretched a little more than expected.

If you have a big dog who has a habit of pulling on the leash, this may not be the right fit.

The closure type is a double buckle that clamps the collar on either side, making the collar a little more secure than some others.

It also comes with a free ID tag, but we noticed that this tag may not stay on the collar and may require some tinkering to secure it.

With that being said, this collar is ideal for medium dogs who are mostly behaved.


Circling back to small dogs, we noticed this collar may be a bit uncomfortable. It’s a little too heavy, and the collar’s wideness may irritate or annoy the dog. 

However, on medium and large dogs, this collar was fine. It sat well on their necks, didn’t move around too much, and seemed comfy enough.

It was stiff and pretty rigid at first, but we noticed it broke in well, becoming supple and soft as time went on.

4. Best for Durability: Moonpet Genuine Leather Dog Collar

Moonpet Genuine Leather Dog Collar

Product Ratings


Size: 12.4″- 22″ | Closure Type: Buckle | Brand: Moonpet | Pattern: Solid | Colors: Light Brown, Black, Dark Brown | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Outer leather is tough and durable
  • Inner leather is soft on dog’s coat
  • Quality stitching

What We Didn’t Like

  • Metal tips of belt buckle stick out, may scuff household surfaces
  • Collar stretched a bit more than we’d like

So, you want a collar that isn’t just an accessory for show? Don’t want to be buying a new collar every month or so? Take a look at the Moonpet Genuine Leather Dog Collar!

If you’re not sold on leather, we also found and tested the Best Cute Dog Collars here.


Again, this brand offered a sizing chart and made choosing a collar simple and easy. We found the sizing to be true, and the collars fit well on our pups. 

Available in three sizes, small, medium, and large, this collar has a smaller array of sizes than others on our list.

But with 5 adjustable size holes and accurate measurements, this collar fits just the same, if not better! 

NOTE: This collar is a bit wide and may seem a tad too big for some smaller dogs.


This is a collar meant to last! The Moonpet collar has two layers, a durable, tough outer layer and a soft, comfortable inner layer. These are brought together by quality stitching. 

We found this stitching to hold the collar together well, even after a few weeks with a dog who played rough with other dogs and scratched the collar quite a bit.

We didn’t notice much fraying in the stitching or major loose threading.

We only wished that the leather was a bit more rigid.

When on stronger, lead-pulling dogs, we saw that the collar did stretch a bit more than what we consider ideal, but still held its integrity and remained intact after weeks of use. 


This collar was super comfy on most of our dogs. Thanks to the soft inner layer, this leather collar didn’t cause any irritation. 

It is a good width and size for most dogs like medium and large breeds but may be too wide for smaller dogs. Our Yorkshire Terrier we tested it on was not a fan! 

However, a good majority of dogs did not seem to mind the collar and almost didn’t even notice it was there. This collar ranked pretty well for comfort in most dogs!

NOTE: When petting a dog with this collar on, we noticed the metal tips to the belt buckle are a tad bit sharp and do stick out a little.

This shouldn’t be an issue, but just to be safe, it may be best to file down and round off the tips of the buckle.

5. Best Budget for Small Dogs: Daihaqiko Leather Dog Collar

Daihaqiko Leather Dog Collar

Product Ratings


Size: 11”- 23” | Material: Leather | Brand: DAIHAQIKO | Closure Type: Buckle | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds | Features: Waterproof

What We Liked

  • Double stitching on collar provides longevity
  • Good size for small to medium dogs
  • 2 D rings for leash and ID tags
  • D rings are well attached to collar, hard wearing

What We Didn’t Like

  • May have a strong leather smell that some people don’t like

The DAIHAQIKO Leather Dog Collar is a great choice if you’re shopping on a budget for your small furball.

It is the perfect width and weight and doesn’t look too bulky around your dog’s neck or doesn’t weigh them down.


The first thing we noticed about this collar was the size. Many other leather collars are thick and wide, often looking bulky, especially on smaller dogs.

But DAIHAQIKO’s leather collar is just the opposite, with a simple, sleek, slender design!

This brand offers multiple sizes, including small, medium, and large. The small size is 1” wide while the large is only 1.2”, making this a relatively small leather collar.

It fit well on our dogs, especially the little guys, and looked great. It works well for larger dogs, but we can’t get over how much we loved it on the smaller dogs.

We know they appreciated it too, as it wasn’t too bulky on their necks or snug around their throats!


Stitching on this collar and hard-wearing D Rings got our attention here! 

The leather is of sound quality, and the stitching is great too. The material is strong and resistant and softened up nicely over time.

We found it to be a collar that will last a while!

 We loved how well attached to the collar the D Rings were. There are two rings, one for the leash and the other for ID.

They were able to withstand general leash pulling from some of our small and medium-sized dogs.


As we mentioned before, this collar is small, making it a great choice for smaller dogs. It fits nicely on dogs of all sizes, but we think it fits best on the little ones. 

This was another collar that almost became unnoticeable to the dogs and looked super comfortable.

None of our canine friends experienced any discomfort or irritation when wearing it.

6. Best for Comfort: Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar

Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar

Product Ratings


Size: 9”- 27” | Material: Leather | Brand: Logical Leather | Closure Type: Buckle | Colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Gray, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Tan, Yellow | Pattern: Solid | Dogs: Extra Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Array of colors to choose from
  • Padded to provide more comfort
  • Good option for dogs of all sizes

What We Didn’t Like

  • We wish the stitching had been a little better
  • The collar isn’t as durable as some other options

Getting a collar for your dog can be helpful, and you always want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

You should make sure it is durable and a style you like or that represents your dog. 

But more importantly, you should make sure it is something the dog will like too since they’ve got to live with it.

You don’t want to put your dog in something that will cause discomfort or make them uneasy.

We can officially say that Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar gets the stamp of approval from humans and their furry companions. 

Wondering why?


This brand offers a sizing chart that is easy to read and follow. They offer different sizes, from extra small to extra large. The collar comes with five buckle holes allowing even more adjustment in size. 

Some users may have experienced issues with sizing. We followed the sizing chart provided by Logical Leather closely and didn’t have any issues with our measurements for this collar.

We liked how this collar fit our dogs due to its thin design. It fit well around their necks and did not ride up or slide around too much.


We will admit the durability of this collar is standard at best. It has great hardware, clasp closure, and a D Ring made of strong metal. It could handle some wear and tear as well. 

But the leather collar itself is not the top choice for quality. We noticed that this collar doesn’t do well with pulling as the collar was stretched after a month or so.

We also had one instance where the collar began to break when a dog on leash ran quickly and pulled the leash and collar taut. 

NOTE: We don’t recommend this as a collar for tying up your pet or walking a dog that jumps and pulls.


Perhaps the saving grace for this collar is the comfort feature. This collar is about an inch thick and lightweight, perfect for all breeds.

It fits great around the neck and allows plenty of breathing room for your pup.

The padded sheepskin lining provides the utmost comfort to your dog. Unlike other collars made of nylon or polyester, this natural leather dog collar was not irritant to our dogs of all breeds and sizes.

The soft leather, lightweight material, and padded interior make this collar a number one draft pick by all dogs who tested collars with us!

7. Best Synthetic Collar: Grand Line Adjustable Dog Collar

Grand Line Adjustable Dog Collar

Product Ratings


Size: 9.8”- 22.4” | Material: PU Leather, Neoprene| Brand: Grand Line | Closure Type: Buckle | Colors: Black, Brown, Red | Pattern: Solid | Features: Comes with Hole Punch Dogs: Extra Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Great option for fake leather collar
  • Soft and flexible, but durable
  • 2 D rings for leash and tags

What We Didn’t Like

  • Large logo across the collar some may not like

The best synthetic leather dog collar on our list, the Grand Line Adjustable Collar is the highest quality synthetic collar we could find keeping a budget in mind.

Here’s why we decided put this collar on our list:


Sizing for this collar was standard, with the measurement and size chart provided. We didn’t have any complaints here. We didn’t encounter any issues when using the collars with our dogs.

The collar fits well around the neck and doesn’t slide, causing chafing on the dogs.

We took note of the collar’s width and thought it may be too wide for tiny dogs, but otherwise still a great fit.


We can certainly say that it is preferred to have more than one D Ring on the collar, and Grand Line delivers. The placement and durability of these rings make this collar a sure winner in durability. 

One ring is placed at the bottom of the collar to hangtags that fall in line with the dog’s chin and don’t move around.

The leash ring is located at the side of the collar as opposed to the back. We realized this helped minimize pulling on our dogs’ necks and throats.

We loved the overall quality of this collar, considering it was synthetic. It was soft but supple, and the quality material made it look more expensive than it actually is!


When it comes to comfort, this collar passed the test with most dogs. Being just about an inch thick, it did not impose on our dogs.

Although it is not as natural or beneficial as a real leather collar, it never caused any irritation or discomfort to our dogs. 

We were surprised at how comfortable the collar was despite its lack of natural material. We like how the collar was padded to add that extra bit of comfort to it.

NOTE: If you are buying this collar for a dog with skin sensitivities, be aware that PU leather may irritate the dog’s skin because it is vinyl, and not a natural material.

8. Best Leather Collar for Bigger Breeds That Pull: Hawa Genuine Leather Dog Collar

Hawa Genuine Leather Dog Collar

Product Ratings


Size: 22.5”- 25.5” | Colors: Beige, Brown, Black | Brand: Hawa | Closure Type: Buckle | Material: Leather

What We Liked

  • Great for bigger breeds (Bulldogs, Boxers, Dalmations)
  • 430 lb reinforced traction on collar can handle some pulling from big dogs

What We Didn’t Like

  • Would have liked to see even more durability against some of our toughest dogs

We knew we had to include a collar for those big dogs who like to pull and show off their muscles! We stumbled upon Hawa’s Leather dog Collar during our research and testing and knew it would fit nicely on our list.

Struggling with your dog on walks? Here’s a guide on leash training from the AKC! 

Here’s how this collar secured its place in the Top 8 of our list.


This collar is meant for big dogs, and the sizing proves it. Hawa offers this collar in only two different sizes, large and extra-large.

Sporting five holes for the buckle, it is still highly adjustable. 

Yet again, we were happy with the measurements for the two sizes of this collar. The collar rested nicely at the base of our dogs’ necks and fit snugly.

Like many of the other collars in our Top 8, if you follow the sizing guide correctly, you should experience no issues with buying the right size.


When it comes to big dogs like Great Danes and Dobermans, you want to be sure that you have a tough collar that isn’t going to give way to everyday wear and pulling or tugging.

The Hawa Genuine Leather Dog Collar puts these worries to rest. Made of 100% all-natural leather, this collar is incredibly strong with 430 lbs reinforced traction.

The buckle and D ring were welded for great strength and durability. 

This collar withheld its integrity against pretty big and tough dogs but did stretch with our strongest dogs, like a three-year-old Rottweiler who loves to pull on the leash.

Still, this collar is a great choice if you’re trying to hold back a big hound on your walk.

Don’t miss the article we wrote on The Best Dog Collars for Pulling if you want more options for your dog that pulls and jumps.


This collar fits just right on all of our dogs. We found it to be the perfect width where it still looked good on the dog without being too bulky.

It didn’t bother our dogs even when they may have pulled on it while walking or slid it around their necks when scratching. It fits well around their throat without ever causing pain or injury.

Again, thanks to the leather, we didn’t notice any irritation or discomfort on any of our dogs.

Not all collars can provide such strength and durability while remaining comfortable for your dog, but Hawa’s leather collar does, and that’s why we love it!

Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallBest Personal Best for Medium BreedsBest for DurabilityBest Budget for Small DogsBest for ComfortBest Synthetic CollarBest for Bigger Breeds That Pull
Overall Rating4.44/54/54/54.2/54.2 /54.2/54/5

The Winner

In the end, we chose the Mighty Paw Leather Dog Collar as the best overall option for a leather dog collar.

Offering durability and comfort while remaining affordable gave this product an easy victory on our Top 8 list!

How to Choose the Best Leather Dog Collar

It can be tough to choose the right leather collar for your dog. We found collars that work well for various sizes of dogs, but you may have a different leather collar in mind for your dog.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while you shop around.

Consider Your Dog’s Size and Breed

Your dog has to wear the collar day and night, so consider how the collar will fit. Even if it looks good to you, think of how your dog may feel with a collar that is too heavy for them.

Also don’t buy a collar that fits too snug, and feels tight. Collars can injure dogs in the sensitive trachea area, so buying a properly fitting dog collar is vital for their health.

Keep in mind your dog’s breed and temperament as well. Do they pull on leashes? Do things around their neck bother them?

Are they strong enough to rip the collar off while scratching? Should they wear a harness instead of a collar?

What’s the Purpose?

Consider why you are getting a collar in general.

Are you looking for a style to accentuate your dog’s style, or do you need something tough for your big furry friend who is prone to pulling on the leash? 

Although there are collars that cover both of these needs, you must make sure the collar will best suit the function you are looking for.

Don’t settle for a weak collar because it is soft or looks nice.  

Do Your Homework

Know what you’re looking for in a leather dog collar. Be specific and make sure you know your dog’s size by measuring before you buy the leather dog collar.

Furthermore, get to know leather a little better. There are countless leather collar options and knowing all you can about leather may help narrow down your choice.

You can also learn how leather can be treated differently affecting its smell so that you can avoid collars that smell terrible from a harsh chemical treatment.

Caring for a Leather Collar

Many people believe that leather collars can’t get wet. This isn’t entirely true because leather collars can handle some moisture.

However, it is best to remove your dog’s collar during bath time or when going for a swim.

Leather collars can get pretty dirty, but don’t fear they can be cleaned! We recommend first wiping the collar down with a slightly damp cloth and then buffing it with a dry cloth.

If you still notice a stain or odor, we suggest mild soap and a damp cloth. Just be sure to air-dry the collar after to avoid mold and mildew.

You can also use leather conditioning products like Saddle Soap to keep the leather collar looking as good as the day you bought it. 

Using leather conditioners every once in a while can help avoid the leather drying out, cracking, or becoming brittle.

Honorable Mentions

Here’s a brief look at the 7 options that didn’t make our best leather dog collars list.

1. Petpsilab Wide Leather Dog Collar – Considered for Small Dogs

Though this collar was a good option for small dogs we found it to be underwhelming as opposed to others on our list. It was relatively durable and reinforced with polyester webbing. 

The collar only came in only one adjustable size option and in one variety which led us to believe that the Daihaqiko Leather Dog Collar was a better choice in the end. 

2. Riparo Padded Leather Dog Collar – Considered for Well Behaved Large Dogs

When we came across this product we thought for sure it would be at the top of our list. But upon further research and testing, we realized this is not the case.

This collar had quite a hefty price tag but didn’t show quality or durability. 

It is intended for well-behaved dogs because it breaks and snaps rather easily. Making it a better option for lounging around the house, than going on a walk, or playing.

We felt the Hawa Leather Dog Collar was a better choice as it offered the durability we were looking for with larger breeds. 

3. DAIHAQIKO Genuine Dog Collar – Considered for Feisty Medium Breeds

Coming from DAIHAQIKO again, this collar is a solid choice and almost made our list. In the end it lost out to Adityna Heavy Duty Leather.

This is because the DAIHAQIKO collar wasn’t as durable as Adityna. The stitching to hold the collar together frayed more than we cared for, and it stretched quite a bit.

4. PooHoo Genuine Leather Dog Collar – Considered For Long Lasting Leather On A Budget

This collar from PooHoo didn’t have too many faults. We liked how it was durable and soft while being extremely budget-friendly.

We found many similarities between this collar and the DAIHAQIKO Leather Dog Collar. Both feature 2 D Rings and quality sturdy stitching.

However, we liked that DAIHAQIKO used a double buckle clamp to secure the excess collar tail better. 

5. Docuwee AirTag Dog Collar – Considered For Compatible With AirTag

This option was different from all the rest. It comes with a clip and protective case for AirTags which are a great option if you’re worried about losing your dog.

The collar itself is of good quality and held up well during testing, but the cost of AirTags was a major drawback.

With that being said we chose to showcase the Didog Personalized Soft Leather Collar instead. We came to this decision due to the practicality and price point of the collars. 

6. Collar Direct Leather Dog Collar – Considered For Best Range Of Color And Sizes

With every color under the sun and seven sizes to choose from, this collar is a solid choice.

We liked how it has a metal D ring, and a metal clamp to tuck the collar. We also noticed the rolled leather was great for keeping long dog hair out of the collar.

This collar was beaten by Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar despite its strengths. Logical also offers a wide array of colors, in many sizes too.

During our testing with Collar Direct, we did notice some of the D Rings broke off easily, the collar just wasn’t as well made as we would’ve liked. 

7. JOYEE Leather Dog Collar – Considered for Best Waterproof Leather Collar

It was tempting to put this collar from JOYEE in our Top Picks! We loved the double buckle for securing the collar, the stitching was quality, and the leather was durable.

Our only issue with this collar was sizing. We had issues where sizing measurements were off on some dogs. We also received the wrong size from what we ordered a few times. 

This inconsistency in sizing pushed us to value DAIHAQIKO Leather Dog Collar higher than the JOYEE collar.

DAIHAQIKO boasts a waterproof feature and we didn’t have sizing issues. 

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Jesse Hopping, CCDT

Jesse is a natural-born dog-lover certified dog trainer (CCDT), dog foster, and former volunteer at Richmond SPCA and surrounding dog shelters for over 10 years. Her pack includes a Bernedoodle and 3 Boston Terriers. She’s sipping caramel coffee and watching her pack play in the sun when she’s not writing blogs. Jesse has her Certified Dog Trainer designation from CATCH Canine Trainers Academy since 2018 and and majored in English from the University of Virginia.

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