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The 6 Best Bark Collars for Small Dogs Tested for 2022!

Small dog breeds are notorious for making a lot of noise.

What can you do if your dog is wreaking havoc while you’re at work or in the middle of the night?

Using a training collar to redirect your dog’s excessive barking is one method. 

When combined with positive reinforcement – think plenty of love and treats – it won’t be very long before his unwanted behaviors are a thing of the past.

Anti-bark collars, also known as no-bark collars, are available in several styles. 

We tested 15 of the best bark collars available to purchase for small dog breeds. 6 of them quickly became our favorites, and another 5 earned honorable mentions.

Here we’ll review our top 6 and tell you why we think they’re winners.

Top Picks

  Product Details    
01 Dogcare Bark Collar Best Overall: Dogcare Bark Collar Dogcare’s bark collar with intelligent bark control is fully adjustable to fit your small dog. This collar is a remote-free and humane training collar that helps to minimize excessive barking and accidental shocks. Check Price
02 Dog Rook Bark Collar Runner Up: Dog Rook Bark Collar Dog Rook’s no-bark collar is waterproof and employs a progressive correction technique that offers 6 levels of static shock to redirect stubborn dog behaviors. The collar is waterproof so you can train in any weather. Check Price
03 Dog Care Dog Training Collar Best For Multiple Dogs And Modes: Dog Care Dog Training Collar The no-bark collar for small dogs by Dog Care is an industry leader with 99 levels of unwanted behavior correction. 9 dogs can be trained simultaneously with this collar, and it provides multiple modes for correction. Check Price
04 PetYeah Dog Bark Collar Best For Multiple Correction Methods: PetYeah Dog Bark Collar PetYeah’s Dog Bark Collar is suitable for all dog breeds and is a great choice for small dogs who bark excessively. This tool offers different correction methods, including static shock, beeps, and vibration, and it offers 5 adjustable levels of correction. Check Price
05 PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer Best For Battery Runtime: PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer Pet Safe’s Remote Spray Trainer is ideal for small dog owners who don’t want to use static shock or ultrasonic training tools. This collar employs spray correction using unscented or citronella scents. It also offers 40 hours of battery runtime and 3 training modes. Check Price
06 Modus Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Device Best Ultrasonic Correction: Modus Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Device This collar uses ultrasonic sounds to redirect unwanted behaviors like excessive barking, and it’s suitable for all dog breeds and sizes. Plus, the noise is undetectable to the human ear. Check Price


Before opting for shock collar use, we suggest obedience training as your initial response to unwanted barking.

Training your dog can prevent the potential stress of a shock collar, and is a more positive way of preventing excessive barking. 

Using a shock collar should only be considered if obedience training fails or if you have a particularly stubborn, large, or aggressive dog.

Especially for small dogs, the use of a shock collar may cause more harm than good.

Check out brain training techniques, a science-backed way to improve your dog’s behavior without the use of force or dominance!

How We Chose the Best Bark Collars for Small Dogs

Adorable small chihuahua
Small dogs are notorious for excessive barking. Bark collars can be an effective training tool to help deter unwanted behavior.

We considered the leading manufacturers known for their quality dog training collar products.

Some of the most popular brands included PetSafe, Dog Care, Dog Rook, Modus, and PetYeah. 

PetSafe has a 30-year track record of consistently producing high-quality and multifunctional collars.

Dog Care offers an extensive line of tech-savvy pet care supplies and products ideal for any pet owner.

After we made our list of top brands and leaders in the pet care industry, we narrowed down the best choices for bark collars for small dog owners that are worth your money.

Based on our testing, 12 bark collars for small dogs made our list; 6 are top picks, and 6 are honorable mentions. 

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Best Bark Collars for Small Dogs

1. Best Overall: Dogcare Bark Collar

Dogcare Bark Collar

Product Ratings

Easy to Use 5/5
Value for Money5/5
Battery Life4/5
Training Mode Strength4/5

Sizes: 3.2 x 1.8 x 1.82 inches | Closure Type: Button | Brand: DOG CARE | Material: Nylon | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds 

What We Liked

  • Always-on design
  • 2 progressive training modes including vibration and shock
  • Less accidental shock through bark recognition technology
  • Long-lasting battery 
  • Low battery indicator 
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some customers report it can get stuck in shock mode
  • Prongs are a little sharp

We like that you can use the vibrating feature to gently correct dogs that don’t need stronger corrective measures.

For dogs that need more correction, the collar will progressively move through static shock levels to correct your dog’s behavior and reset after 30-seconds of silence.

If you choose the static option and your dog continues to bark through all 7 levels of correction, the collar will shut off.

Even if you’ve never used a bark collar before, you’ll be good to go with this device straight out of the box, unlike many other collars with a high learning curve.

The collar will detect your dog’s distinct barking tone, reducing the possibility of unintentional shocking. 

We found that the collar is lightweight and easy for the dog to wear.

The battery life is outstanding, making it a low-maintenance alternative to keep your dog from bothering your neighbors.


2. Runner-Up: Dog Rook Bark Collar

Dog Rook Bark Collar

Product Ratings

Easy to Use 5/5
Value for Money4/5
Battery Life4/5
Training Mode Strength4/5

Sizes: 2.8 x 1 x 1.6 inches | Closure Type: Button | Brand: Dog Rook| Material: Nylon | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds 

What We Liked

  • 6-level Progressive Correction
  • Automatic Mode 
  • Static Shock Correction
  • Waterproof Design
  • Rechargeable Battery

What We Didn’t Like

  • Inconsistencies in Bark Detection

You’ll enjoy this compassionate option if you don’t like the notion of exposing your favorite canine to static shocks.

Choose from ultrasonic sounds or vibrations to teach your dog proper behavior without harsh methods. 

Because the always-on collar doesn’t require a remote, you can rest assured that your dog won’t make a noise while you’re away.

As with any other collar, you should never leave this on your dog for more than 12 hours at a time. 

If your tiny dog is barking excessively, why not give this collar a try? The price is reasonable, and we think it’s a great value.

You’ll be investing in a brand with a great reputation in the pet industry without spending a lot of money.


3. Best for Remote Range and Modes: Dog Care Dog Training Collar

Dog Care Dog Training Collar

Product Ratings

Easy to Use 5/5
Value for Money5/5
Battery Life4/5
Training Mode Strength4/5

Sizes: 4.57 x 1.69 x 7.87 inches | Closure Type: Button | Brand: DOG CARE | Material: Polyresin | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds 

What We Liked

  • 1-99 Levels of Correction
  • Train up to 9 Dogs Simultaneously
  • Multiple Modes to Vary Correction

What We Didn’t Like

  • 330-yard remote range 

All 99 static shock levels provide you with the flexibility to adapt discipline to your dog’s response.

Begin from the bottom and work your way to the top. It’s not necessary to increase the intensity immediately. 

If you have numerous dogs at home, you may use a single remote to train up to 9 of them.

You just need to buy individual collars, saving you money and the hassle of juggling many remote controllers. 

You may also change the settings to deliver the correction by an ultrasonic beep or a vibration pulse. We think this all-purpose collar with different modes is a good option.


4. Best for Multiple Correction Methods: PetYeah Dog Bark Collar

PetYeah Dog Bark Collar

Product Ratings

Easy to Use 5/5
Value for Money4/5
Battery Life4/5
Training Mode Strength4/5

Sizes: 4.41 x 3.58 x 3.54 inches | Closure Type: Button | Brand: PetYeah | Material: Plastic | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds 

What We Liked

  • Smart Test Mode
  • Intelligent Dual-Mode
  • Automatic Protection System
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Waterproof

What We Didn’t Like

  • Plastic Material

Thanks to the automatic testing mode, you may rest assured that the collar is always optimal for training.

The inbuilt microprocessor drowns out background noises and other dogs’ barking. When your dog barks excessively, you will be given a correction. 

When employing static shocks, you have five different levels to pick from. Many rival collars provide you with a lot more flexibility, but you’ve got plenty here for most uses. 

Most dogs with neck widths ranging from 8 to 24 inches and weights ranging from 8 to 120 pounds may wear this collar. 

You’ll receive a collar made to withstand any type of weather. It comes in a reflective green for optimal visibility and has an IPX67-rated waterproof rating with rechargeable batteries.


5. Best for Battery Runtime: PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer

PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer

Product Ratings

Easy to Use 5/5
Value for Money5/5
Battery Life4/5
Training Mode Strength4/5

Sizes: 5.88 x 2.5 x 8.19 inches | Closure Type: Button | Brand: Pet Safe | Material: Nylon | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds 

What We Liked

  • Great for Sensitive Dogs
  • 2 different scents
  • 40-hour battery life
  • 3 training modes

What We Didn’t Like

  • 300-yard remote range
  • Need to buy multiple spray cartridges at a single time

This spray collar fits around your pet’s neck, but there is no static correction. Instead, there’s a spray cartridge with metered citronella or unscented sprays.

When the collar detects excessive barking, the spray is sprayed near your dog’s snout, distracting them from the barking and discouraging yapping.

The citronella cartridges are made with an all-natural citronella essential oil blend. You don’t have to worry about your dog becoming sick from the contents of the spray. 

Rechargeable batteries just take a few hours to charge and can provide up to 40 hours of operation. 

If you have numerous little dogs at home, you may use a single remote to educate two of them at once. 

We love that if anything goes wrong with your PetSafe collar, you’ll get all-American customer support to help you figure out what’s wrong.


6. Best for Ultrasonic Correction: Modus Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Device

Modus Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Device

Product Ratings

Easy to Use 5/5
Value for Money4/5
Battery Life4/5
Training Mode Strength4/5

Sizes: 0.98 x 1.18 x 3.74 inches | Closure Type: Remote | Brand: Modus | Material: Plastic | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds 

What We Liked

  • Ultrasonic Correction Method
  • Convenient Outdoor Training Tool
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Static-shock-free and spray-free

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not suitable for dogs over 8 years old 
  • Not rechargeable
  • Not an always-on collar

If your dog reacts to ultrasonic stimulation, you may use this gadget both indoors and outdoors.

We recommend that you don’t use an ultrasonic device until you’re certain that the stimulation is having an effect on your pet.

This is a handheld training device rather than an always-on collar.

When your dog is barking indoors or out, simply point the ultrasonic remote at the dog and hit the button. The ultrasonic tone should disturb the barking behavior.

When used consistently, the dog learns to associate excessive barking with uncomfortable sounds.

We like that most people can’t hear any noise from the ultrasonic collar, so it doesn’t disturb you or your visitors.

However, it will disturb any other dogs in the area, so keep that in mind if you have multiple dogs.

When it comes to adaptability, the Modus is unrivaled. The new ultrasonic anti-barking device may be used on almost any dog.


Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallRunner-UpBest For Remote Range and ModesBest For Multiple Correction MethodsBest For Battery RuntimeBest Ultrasonic Correction
Overall Rating5/55/54/54/54/55/5
Easy to Use 5/55/55/55/55/55/5
Value for Money5/54/55/54/55/54/5
Battery Life4/54/54/54/54/54/5
Training Mode Strength4/54/54/54/54/54/5

The Winner

Dog Care’s intelligent bark control collar is a humane training method that is efficient and safe when solving your dog’s excessive barking issue.

With adjustable sensitivity levels, this bark collar will detect your pup’s barking and customize its correction to redirect behaviors accordingly. 

There is no need for a remote with this collar because its automatic detection technology will automatically reset 30 seconds after barking stops.

It will turn itself off if the dog does not respond to all levels of static correction so that you don’t have to worry that your dog will be abused by the collar.

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How to Pick the Best No-Bark Collar for Your Dog

To help you buy the best of these no-bark collars for small dogs, we’ve explained the top features that you should look for while you’re shopping.

Some use static shock, while others use ultrasonic sounds, pulsating vibration, and spray. 

There isn’t a particular style that is more successful at redirecting unwanted behavior than the other.

It depends on the behavior, circumstance, and dog. Most collars provide you with a means to choose between training modes. 

It’s easy to become misled while choosing a bark collar for your small dog.

We recognize there is a lot of information to digest, so we’ve come up with the following criteria for you to keep in mind while choosing the best bark collar for small dogs. 

Focus on the aspects below when shopping for a training solution. Remember, there’s no need to invest a lot of time or money to find the best bark collar.

  • Style of Collar
  • Size of Collar
  • Weight and Comfort
  • Battery Type and Runtime
  • Temperament of Dog

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Style of Collar

The first step you must consider is the style of training collar you believe will be the greatest match for you.

Below are the most common bark collar styles you’ll find during your shopping experience.

Ultrasonic Beep Collar

Dogs can hear higher frequencies than humans can. An ultrasonic beep collar is beneficial when redirecting your pup’s wanted behaviors. 

Ultrasonic collars, also available as portable devices, distract your dog with ear-piercing tones to discourage him from barking excessively.

With aggressive or stubborn dogs, this sort of discipline isn’t the most practical training method.

Vibration Collar

When excessive barking is sensed, a vibration model emits pulses of vibration, which is milder than ultrasonic collars.

Again, vibration collars may be difficult to use to train stubborn dogs, but for more sensitive dogs they’re effective and humane.

Spray Collar

Because dogs dislike having their snouts wet, a spray collar takes advantage of this by using a metered spray to reduce excessive barking.

Citronella spray is frequently used because dogs dislike the smell of citrus. 

Static Shock Collar

A static shock collar is the most common type of correction available on the market.

If your dog won’t stop barking, he’ll get a small static shock similar to what you’d get if you walked on a thick pile carpet and then touched something metal.

Only you can decide if this form of discipline is appropriate for your dog.

Now more than ever, there are no-bark collars available with several teaching modes.

If you’re not sure how your dog will react to training, go with a 3-in-1 collar that lets you choose between beeps, vibrations, or static feedback.

Choose the training method that works best for your dog and commit to it.

Size of Collar 

The collars we featured for you today can be used for small dogs. If you decide to choose one of our options for training your small dog, you’re in good hands. 

You may find a different collar than one we’ve reviewed that will work better for your dog. Verify the collar’s neck size specifications.

You should also pay attention to the weight restrictions that have been specified. 

Also double-check the prong size because some of them are too long for smaller dogs.

Choose a collar with prongs that are appropriate for the length of your dog’s fur. Prongs that are too long can rub and create wounds on your dog’s neck.

Weight and Comfort 

If you have a small dog, a good rule of thumb is to search for collars that weigh 5 oz or less.

Owners of medium-breed dogs will discover that their canines will cheerfully wear a collar weighing up to 15 ounces before encountering any resistance. 

Pay attention to the design and materials as well. As with any collar, you should search for one that will feel pleasant on your dog’s skin and won’t irritate it.

After you read through customer feedback, honest reviews should help you figure out whether other pet owners have had any issues with comfort.

Battery Type and Runtime

Is the battery in the bark collar you’re considering changeable or rechargeable? Is this a brand-specific battery, or will any brand of battery work? 

If you need to purchase replacements, include the expense in your budget.

The same is true if you’re considering a spray collar because you’ll need to consider cartridge costs. 

If you go with a bark collar that uses rechargeable batteries, consider the amount of time it will take for the batteries to become fully charged.

You will also want to consider how long the batteries will last once fully charged. 

Temperament of Dog

Your dog’s temperament is one of the most important considerations when determining training tactics. 

Shock collars should not be used if your dog is hostile.

While it’s easy to believe that a spirited dog requires tougher treatment, using static discipline on aggressive dogs might exacerbate the situation. 

Spray collars or an ultrasonic sensor are less direct solutions. These can be highly advantageous if your dog is more docile and acts with a bit more decorum.

We evaluated the most popular bark collars on the market to save you time and effort.

You should now be well-prepared to make your purchase, knowing exactly what you want in the best no-bark collar for small dogs. 

Static Shock Collars Safety

The amount of shock delivered to your dog is minimal, and all reputable collars include an auto shut-off feature.

If your dog barks for more than one minute, the collar will turn off, eliminating the possibility of overcorrection. 

It’s entirely up to you to decide whether static shock collars are compassionate or not.

While these devices are certainly the least humane of the methods we’ve discussed today, most pet owners don’t consider them cruel.

Important Considerations for Small Dog Bark Collars

The collar’s weight is significant. If you have a small dog, avoid using a collar made for larger animals.

If you’re unsure about any part of the collar you’re considering, go with the safer option. 

Choose a versatile collar with ultrasonic, vibration, and static shock correction capabilities.

Once you’ve determined which type of correction works best for your dog, continue with it.

The core purpose of a no-bark collar is for your dog to receive corrections even if you’re not at home.

Even though some collars have an auto shut-off that prevents the collar from over-correcting, never leave a collar on for more than 12 consecutive hours.

Honorable Mentions

Here’s a brief look at the 5 options that didn’t make our list.

1. PetSafe Basic Bark Collar – Considered for Basic Design

Static shocks may be fine-tuned using six different intensity levels. Start with small shocks, as you should with any anti-bark collar, to observe how your pet reacts.

When you’re training, don’t overlook the impact of positive reinforcement. It’s not a good idea to use only the stick and ignore the carrot. 

Because the collar powers down after only 80 seconds, you won’t have to worry about your dog being shocked.

We like this collar, but we appreciate the advanced features of the Dogcare Bark Collar a bit more.

2. MODUS Bark Control Device – Anti Barking Device – Considered for Bark Control

You’ll benefit from a little portable gadget rather than a conventional bark collar.

When your dog begins to bark excessively, press the button, and a high-frequency noise should draw his attention without endangering others in the vicinity. 

We liked this ultrasonic device but it’s nearly identical to the Modus Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Device which we like better for its shape and functionality.

3. PetSafe Elite Dog Bark Collar – Considered for 10 Static Shock Levels

If you don’t keep the soft nylon collar on for more than 12 hours, it won’t annoy your dog, but longer than that is a bad idea for any collar with prongs.

A big dog collar is also available, but this one is made for small dogs and will fit dogs weighing 8 to 55 pounds with neck measurements up to 16 inches. 

We like the many shock levels available on this collar, but we appreciate the multifunctional features of the Dog Rook Bark Collar.

4. PetSafe Remote Training Collar – Considered for Timid Dogs

PetSafe is an expert in this field, with a well-deserved reputation for creating high-quality goods at reasonable rates.

That winning streak continues with this remote training collar that has various training options.

This is one of the best bark collars for small dogs out today, with fast charging and up to 40 hours of activity on a full charge.

We think this is a fantastic option and well-worth checking out for your pup, but we liked the Dogcare Bark Collar a little better for our dog.

5. Laptom Smart Dog Bark Collar – Considered for Multiple-Pack Buy

The bark collar from Laptom comes in a two-pack, offering you the most bang for your buck.

The two modes each have different vibration strengths, so you can keep your dog from barking excessively without using static shocks. 

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