How to Make Whitening Dog Shampoo (CLEAN Coats!)

Do you need to freshen up your dog’s white coat? We will show you how to make a whitening shampoo that can do the work of store-bought shampoos.

White dogs can acquire discolored spots on their fur from playing in the mud or going to the bathroom, in addition to other challenges for their coats.

Without the use of harsh chemicals or bleach, our whitening dog shampoo will return your dog’s white coat to a brilliant sheen.

Hair that is dull or discolored is a common problem, but whitening dog shampoo, alongside other grooming tools, is an easy remedy.

Homemade recipes For Whitening Dog Shampoo

Whitening Dog Shampoo
Cleaning your dog with natural ingredients is the best thing for your dog’s skin.

If you look at the ingredients of normal dog shampoos, making your own may feel intimidating. But making your own whitening shampoo is simple to do, and all you need are common household ingredients.

It’s good to know your dog’s allergies and sensitivities before you begin creating your dog whitening shampoo. If you see an ingredient here that would cause a reaction in your dog, it’s best to check out some other options.

Check out this recipe for a dog whitening shampoo

Here are the steps and components you’ll need to make your own dog whitening shampoo recipes, in order.

  1. First, you need a large empty shampoo bottle to store your whitening shampoo in.
  2. Using a funnel, pour in one and a half cups of dish soap. If you wish to add aroma or fragrance to your dog shampoo, use a small quantity of fragrant dish soap as well.
  3. To add extra whitening power, mix one and a half cups of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar with the dog shampoo. It’s fine to use either type of vinegar, so pick whichever one you prefer.
  4. Pour one and a half cups of water into the shampoo bottle. The water will thin out the consistency of the dog whitening shampoo, making it easier to apply.
  5. Add two tablespoons of glycerin into the whitening shampoo for your dog. Liquid glycerin may be found at most pharmacies.
  6. Add two tablespoons of liquid bluing. This item is generally sold in a tiny bottle and can be found in your grocery’s laundry aisle or ordered on the Internet if it isn’t available locally.
  7. Before each use, shake it.

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Are there side effects of dog whitening shampoo?

Shampoos for whitening are used to keep, clean, and preserve a healthy coat. In addition, this whitening recipe can repair your dog’s white coat to a brilliant sheen without the use of harsh chemicals such as bleach.

So there are no side effects to this shampoo unless your dog has unique allergies to some of the products.

The skin of some dogs, for example, may not respond well to dish soap in general. You should be able to determine this if you just wash your dog once with a mixture of dish soap.

Being aware of your dog’s allergies will be the best way to determine how your dog will react to this recipe. That said, nothing in this recipe is a harmful or toxic chemical.

How does whitening dog shampoo Work?

Best dog shampoo
Whitening shampoo uses natural ingredients like white vinegar to break down ugly brown stains.

Whitening shampoo works because, like the recipe above, it has two active ingredients that help whiten your dog’s coat and give it a healthy sheen.

In the recipe above, the two active ingredients are bluing liquid and vinegar. In store-bought shampoos, other substances can replace these two.

But in your homemade recipe, these substances are very effective and whitening your dog’s coat. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Bluing liquid

Bluing liquid is an old substance that people have used to make white clothes look whiter after being washed. It does this by giving them a blue-white hue. While it may seem strange,m this blue-tinged hue gives clothes a vibrant whiteness.

It has exactly the same function for your dog, used in a small amount.

By contrast, the bleaching agents used in commercial whitening shampoos can be harsh on your dog’s skin.

Apple cider or white vinegar

White vinegar has long been prized for its cleaning properties and its ability to break down tough stains. Because you can consume it with dinner, it is safe to use in your dog’s shampoo.

White vinegar is able to do its job as a cleaner because it is acidic. That’s how it breaks down stains. Another way to do that is with enzymes which can deconstruct the proteins that cause the stains.

But white vinegar is something that most people have at hand or can easily get. You can even use white vinegar in a basic homemade shampoo recipe that does not involve whitening.


Dogs are both adorable and challenging to maintain. But with the ability to make a simple dog whitening shampoo with three ingredients from the grocery store, white coat maintenance just got a lot easier.

Now you can enjoy your dog in their healthy vibrant coats!

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