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7 Best Dog Winter Coats – 2022 Tested (Rankings & Reviews)

Whether you live in a freezing, snowy climate or in one that’s wet and chilly, winter can create some miserable conditions for your dog.

This is especially true if you own a small or short-haired breed that isn’t built for the cold.

That said, the right winter dog coat can turn an otherwise dismal winter day into a winter wonderland for your furry best friend!

Finding the right winter coat for your dog is definitely a tricky process with the thousands of products out there, which is why we took it upon ourselves to search through over 100 winter dog coats and fully test 10 of the top dog winter coats to help narrow down your search.

So, what is the best dog winter coat? Based on our testing, here are the top 7 winter dog coats suitable for different dogs and their needs (and 3 honorable mentions!).

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Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
Hurtta Winter Coat Best Overall: Summit Winter Dog Coat You really can’t go wrong with the Hurtta Winter Dog Coat. It’s great for dogs of all sizes, protects against wind, snow, and rain, and is adjustable to suit the shape of your dog. Check Price
Gooby Water Coat Best For Small Dogs: Gooby Water-Resistant Jacket For Small & Medium Dogs A very insulating choice for small, short-haired breeds. The interior is soft and fluffy and the exterior protects against light rain and snowfall. Check Price
Carhartt Coat Best For Big Dogs: Carhartt Duck Insulated Dog Chore Coat This is a super-lasting option that’s great for withstanding light winter rains and snow. It has a wide range of sizes ideal for large and extra-large dogs. Check Price
Weatherbeeta Parka Best For Cold Rain: WeatherBeeta Comfitec Reflective Dog Coat Not every dog owner will need protection against extreme cold. If you need the best dog winter coat for rainy winters, the Weatherbeeta is it. Check Price
DogHelios Full Bodied Jacket Best For Extreme Cold: DogHelios Weather-King Full Body Dog Jacket This full-bodied best dog winter coat seals in heat, blocks biting winds and snow and is perfect for pooches in extreme cold. Check Price
Kuoser Winter Coat Best For Comfort & Style: Kuoser Cozy Reversible Plaid Winter Coat Not too worried about wind, rain, or snow? The Kuoser offers some protection from the elements but is mainly there for looks and comfiness. Check Price
Queenmore Winter Fleece Best Budget Buy: Queenmore Reversible Winter Fleece Dog Vest This best dog winter coat is the most affordable of them all, making them a great budget buy for the pet owner looking to give their dog some protection from mild winters. Check Price

How We Narrowed Down The Best Dog Winter Coats

For this test, we considered some of the top brands known for their quality cold-shielding wear and dog winterwear.

These included Hurtta, which began with leather collars and leashes for hunting dogs in 1973, and now specializes in a range of outdoorsy products for dogs including coats for rain, wind, and cold.

Another dog gear manufacturer, Weatherbeeta, is also featured on our list after research into their 40-year experience with protective gear for horses and dogs.

We also considered dog gear from less conventional companies, like Carhartt, known for their rugged outdoor wear for men, women, and children.

Their line of pet accessories may be limited, but it does include a long-lasting chore coat for dogs that we love (more on that later).

Lastly, we scoured the internet for top products that dog owners everywhere were loving from your favorite online shopping sites like Amazon and Chewy.

Here, we compared ratings and reviews of 100 winter dog coats to see which coats we wanted to try out.

From all of the sources and coats we stumbled across, we ended up testing 10 of the best coats we could find for your chilly dog. 7 of them made our list.

Best Dog Winter Coats

1. Best Overall: Hurtta Summit Winter Dog Coat

Product Ratings


Sizes: 8″ to 35″ (Back Length) | Closure Type: Buckle | Brand: Hurtta | Neck Style: Round | Features: Waterproof | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Excellent option for most dog owners
  • Good range of sizes
  • Reflective material for low-visibility conditions
  • Covers dogs’ cores to seal in heat and protect against snow and light rain
  • Back, collar, and belt are adjustable to fit the body better

What We Didn’t Like

  • It’s not the most affordable option
  • We would’ve preferred if the neck cover went up higher
  • Fleece interior attracts fur

The first thing we noticed about this best dog winter coat is its price, and it is notably on the higher end in terms of dog winter wear.

That said, we think the quality is totally worth the money spent.

As you’ve probably gathered from the previous section, Hurtta has specialized in outdoor dog accessories for over 4 decades.

The Hurtta Summit Parka Dog Winter Coat is one of their best winter coat options for dogs – and our Best Overall pick.

So, why is that?

size & Coverage

To start off, this dog coat comes in a pretty wide range of sizes and is suitable for small to large dogs.

This makes it a great general option for dog owners across the board.

The coat completely covers the base of the neck, chest (including underneath the dog), and the entirety of the dogs’ backs to the base of the tail to keep the internal temperature constant and the vital parts of the body protected.

The back length, along with the belt and collar, is adjustable to contour better to the dog’s body shape.

The fit is snug enough to hold in heat and protect from the elements, but not so snug that it restricts movement.

The Hurtta Winter Dog Coat is just as suitable for leisurely winter strolls as it is for demanding hikes through snowy hills.

That said, the back of the coat is open to let dogs relieve themselves without worrying about getting the coat messy.

We would’ve liked for coverage to extend to the entire neck, up to the head, for better protection and heat insulation, but overall the fit worked to keep the core of our test dogs warm and protected.

Note: Some users complained that the sizing was off. We measured our test dogs using the provided chart and found that the sizing was spot on.

Be sure to size as specified by the manufacturer for the best fit.

Material & Features

The Hurtta is great for dogs of all sizes and comes in Pink!

This winter dog coat is made using goretex material on the outside and warm fleece on the inside.

The outer layer is waterproof and did a great job at repelling snow and protecting against light winter rain. Even with the fleece interior, our test dogs were kept dry.

The waterproof outer layer is also reflective, which is a great feature if you walk your dog(s) at night or go hiking in low-visibility conditions.

That goes along with the color options available, which include Cherry and Orange so you can spot your dog easily if they walk without a lead.

While we think the fleece interior is great for the comfort level and warmth of dogs, it did attract hair from our furrier test subjects.

Be prepared to brush out any hair if you have a shedder.

Ease of Use

The last thing we want to mention about the Hurtta Winter Dog Coat is how easy it is to put on and take off dogs.

We really liked how we didn’t have to lift our dogs’ legs to get the coat on or take it off.

This coat features a series of buckles and straps that makes it a breeze to snap on.

It also keeps this coat in place so you don’t have to be concerned about your dog slipping out of it.


2. Best For Small Dogs: Gooby Water-Resistant Jacket For Small & Medium Dogs

Product Ratings


Sizes: X-S to X-L | Material: Nylon/Polyester | Brand: Gooby | Neck Style: Round Neck | Features: Water-Resistant | Dogs: Small & Medium Breeds

What We Liked

  • A good option for toy, small, and medium breeds
  • Zipper located on the back for easier use
  • Two D-rings situated between the shoulders can be used with a leash
  • Water-resistant for protection against light rain and snow
  • Great insulation
  • Not restrictive

What We Didn’t Like

  • Definitely NOT machine washable
  • Sizing can be tricky. Pay close attention to the chart and measure your dog(s) before buying
  • Would’ve preferred more neck coverage

Our pick for the best dog winter coat for extra-small to medium dogs, the Gooby Padded Winter Jacket is padded and thick, making it an ideal choice for short-haired companions.

Size & Coverage

The Gooby Winter Jacket for dogs is available in sizes X-S to X-L (for toy to medium-sized dogs, that is).

The coverage was pretty good with this coat and covered the entire chest of our test dogs (including underneath), the base of the neck, and the majority of the back right up to the tail.

This coat is chunky, but it isn’t so fluffy that it was restricting to our test dogs.

Though the coat exposes the legs and the neck entirely (which we think could’ve been improved), it did a good job at insulating the core of our small dogs.

You could stick your hand inside the jacket and actually feel that warmth was retained.

In fact, this coat was so comfy that some of our subjects even fell asleep wearing it.

Materials & Features

The Gooby Winter Jacket is made with a padded fleece interior for warmth and comfort and a water-resistant exterior to protect your tiny pup from light rain and snowfall.

It isn’t waterproof so you won’t want to take your dog out in heavy rains with this.

One awesome thing about this best dog winter coat option is that it acts as a harness.

It features two D-rings situated between the shoulder blades of the dog that can be fastened together with a leash.

Small dogs aren’t all that strong, so if you have this coat, you won’t necessarily need to use their collar or a separate harness for walking (unless you just feel safer doing so).

That said, the design and quality are well done, with the zipper going up the back of the dog rather than up the chest as you see in other models.

Ease of Use

First off, the zipper is non-pinch and we couldn’t help but notice how easy it was to use being in the position it was.

The zipper glided smoothly up and down our dogs’ backs and was overall just a simple way to secure this winter dog coat.

small dog wearing a winter dog coat
Having the zipper at the top is great for accessibility and keeping clean

All in all, the Gooby Winter Dog Jacket was easy to put on our test dogs. It’s not like the Hurtta where you don’t have the luxury to lift up your dog’s legs to put the coat on, but it does only have one fastener which makes it simple to put on and take off.

Now for the biggest disappointment of this best dog winter coat:

It’s not machine washable. Sure, the description says it is, but that wasn’t our experience.

Unfortunately, when we put this coat in the washer on a delicate cycle, the zipper became unusable and twisted.

We definitely recommend washing any dirty spots by hand (or just avoiding puddles).


3. Best For Big Dogs: Carhartt Duck Insulated Dog Chore Coat

Product Ratings


Sizes: S to X-L | Material: Canvas | Brand: Carhartt | Neck Style: Round | Features: Water-repellant | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Good for protecting against light rain and snow
  • Heavy duty material that will last long
  • Sizing is excellent for large and extra large dogs
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Collar can fold in

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not for use with a harness, but can be used with a collar and leash
  • Chest and belly is a little too exposed for our liking

This is one dog winter coat that we were really excited to try out.

Carhartt is known for its excellent-quality outdoor wear for people, and this best dog winter coat is no different.

Here’s why:

Size & Coverage

To start out, this is a top choice for large and extra-large dogs. Their biggest size even fits our Great Dane (no kidding!).

It comes in small to X-L sizes but is best for medium to XL dogs because small dogs generally require more coverage.

Depending on the size you get, this best dog winter coat covers the entire back and even slightly over the tail (if you size up).

If you get true to the size of your dog, this coat will cover the back down to the base of the tail.

The chest is somewhat covered and there’s a strap underneath the chest/belly area.

A downside to this coat is that it does leave quite a bit of the chest and belly exposed to the elements, so if you’re in extreme weather for extended periods of time, you may want to avoid this one (unless your dog has a thick fur coat).

That said, the sides and back of our dogs were covered nicely and we determined that this choice was ideal for winters that saw warmer days.

Materials & Features

This best dog winter coat is made using 100% ring spun cotton, a quilted nylon interior, and a brown canvas exterior.

The interior made with soft quilted nylon is great for keeping your dog comfortable and warm without being too restricting or fluffy.

The exterior is made with a water-resistant canvas ideal for repelling light rain or snow.

It’s worth mentioning that the collar of this coat will get wet if exposed to heavy rains or snow for a prolonged time.

This wasn’t as big of an issue as some of the other coats we reviewed, because the collar can be tucked into the coat to avoid exposure.

Because the material is so thick, our dogs were pretty insulated on their backs and warm on their sides.

The last thing we noticed and want to point out are the two pockets.

They’re not exactly the most functional pockets (except for maybe a few doggy bags), but they look really cute and if you’re a Carhartt fan, you and your dog will match perfectly this winter.

Ease of Use

Unfortunately, there is no hook or opening for leashes to attach to harnesses. You can, however, walk your dog with its collar while using this coat.

This is definitely a downside, but considering this tactical coat was made with work dogs in mind, it’s not surprising.

That said, putting on and removing this coat is as simple as it gets. All we had to do was slip the coat over our dog’s head and fasten the velcro strap under the belly.

The velcro strap also offered plenty of room for adjusting, so it should fit skinnier and thicker dogs alike.


4. Best For Cold Rain: WeatherBeeta Comfitec Reflective Dog Coat

Product Ratings


Sizes: 12″ to 26″ | Closure Type: Chest/Belly Straps | Brand: Weatherbeeta | Neck Style: Open | Features: 300 denier waterproof | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Has a harness and collar hole for walking
  • Highly visible shiny colors (orange and yellow) and reflective
  • Great for dogs of all sizes
  • Waterproof – ideal for wet winter weather

What We Didn’t Like

  • Stripes aren’t as reflective as they could be (especially the one on the back)
  • Price may not be in everyone’s budget, but the quality makes up for the cost
  • Not as insulating as the other options on our list – better suited for winters with little to no snow

We realize that not everyone lives in an area that sees dry snow during the winter. If your winters are rainy, you’re definitely gonna want to check this best dog winter coat out!

Size & Coverage

First things first, the WeatherBeeta winter dog coat is great for dogs of all sizes, from Yorkies to Labs.

As with all of the coats on our list, we measured our test dogs according to the manufacturer’s sizing chart to get the best fit (and we recommend that you do, too!)

This best dog winter coat features a fabric collar that shields the base of the neck.

Though the front of our dogs’ necks was exposed, their chests (including underneath) were completely covered.

The back and sides are also completely covered down to the base of the tail.

Materials & Features

The outer of the Weatherbeeta is made of 300 denier waterproof material to keep your dog dry.

We found that, even in the wettest conditions, this coat kept our dogs dry and effectively repelled water away from the chest, back, sides, and underbelly.

This is great news for owners of multi-coated dogs that take forever to dry!

The fabric of this best dog winter coat features multiple reflective stripes on the back and chest so that you, and others around you, can easily spot your dog in low-visibility situations.

We did notice that the shiny stripe on the back wasn’t as reflective as the others, but all in all, they still served their purpose.

Ease of Use

This best dog winter coat was super easy to put on and take off of our dogs.

You slip the coat over the dog’s head and secure the full chest and belly strap on the dog’s underside.

You can pull these straps to tighten or loosen them, depending on the depth of your dog’s chest and belly.

The Weatherbeeta also features openings for both collars and harnesses so you can walk your dog as usual no matter the weather.

This dog coat isn’t machine washable, but it can be washed by hand with a mild detergent and hung out to dry.

We put this to the test, and our coat looked just as good as when we got it!

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5. Best For extreme Cold: DogHelios Weather-King Full Bodied Dog Jacket

Product Ratings


Sizes: X-S to X-L (for smaller breeds) | Material: | Brand: Dog Helios | Neck Style: | Features: | Dogs: Toy to Medium Breeds

What We Liked

  • Waterproof and windproof inside and out
  • Inside doesn’t contain fluffy material for easy cleaning
  • Best for small to medium-sized dogs
  • Opening for leash
  • Zipper on the back
  • Can be adjusted to fit your dog best
  • Insulating for very cold temperatures

What We Didn’t Like

  • Runs small. Size up
  • May not be in the budget for some dog owners
  • Not suitable at all for large or extra large breeds

If heavy snowfall and temperatures below freezing are on the horizon for you and your pooch, the DogHelios Weather-King Full Body Pet Jacket is a must-have.

At first, we were taken aback by the price, and honestly, we still aren’t quite sure why the cost is so high.

Regardless, once we took a deeper dive into what this best dog winter coat was all about, we had to include it on our list.

Here’s what we discovered about this product:

Size & Coverage

The first thing we noticed about the DogHelios Full Body dog coat is that it’s an excellent choice for short-haired breeds, especially for small to medium short-haired breeds.

We noticed that some of the biggest complaints about this best dog winter coat were about the small sizing, so we decided to size up for our test (which was a good call).

This coat definitely runs small, so even after measuring your dog, we recommend going with the next size up – a nuisance for sure, but easy to get around!

That said, the coverage of this coat is beyond a doubt one of the best for extreme cold and snow.

The neck portion of this coat covered our dogs all the way up over their ears to shield their heads from freezing temperatures.

The chest, underbelly, and back are completely covered only leaving room for your dog to potty comfortably.

The front and back legs are partially covered, as well, creating an ultra-insulating winter coat.

These areas were also adjustable, so we could tighten or loosen the coat as needed to comfortably fit the dog.

This coat kept the core of our dogs noticeably warm out in freezing temperatures, and we could feel the warmth as we stuck our hands inside through the neck hole.

Materials & Features

Both the inside and the red outside of this best dog winter coat are made with windproof and waterproof material to keep your dog dry, comfortable, and warm during heavy snows.

The inner material is heat-reflecting, which means that your dog’s body heat will build up and reflect back onto them in order to insulate.

Ease of Use

This best dog winter coat was fairly easy to put on, though you will have to lift your dog’s legs and stick them through the leg holes.

The zipper is located on the back of the coat, which we like much better than coats with zippers on the chest.

One issue we ran into was the velcro on the legs.

You have to fasten the velcro around the legs in order to keep the heat in, but we found out pretty quickly that the velcro comes undone on dogs with thicker legs.

For the thinner dogs we tried this coat out on, though, the velcro worked fine.

We were also happy to discover that this winter dog coat had an opening for harnesses or leashing the dog with its collar, so if you happen to feel like taking your dog on a stroll in heavy snow, this is a great way to do it.


6. Best For Comfort & Style: Kuoser Cozy Reversible Plaid Winter Coat

Product Ratings


Sizes: S to 3X-L | Material: Cotton/Nylon | Brand: Kuoser | Neck Style: Round/Collar | Features: Stylish plaid/Reversible | Dogs: Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Great for dogs of all sizes
  • Super cute and comfortable – available in 7 color variations
  • Reversible between water-resistant nylon fabric and cozy plaid cotton
  • Ideal for staying cozy inside, looking cute, and taking short strolls

What We Didn’t Like

  • Won’t hold up to extreme cold or heavy winter rains
  • Cloth side will get wet in rain or snow
  • May not work great for use with a harness, but does work for walking dogs with their collar

With the tens of thousands of raving reviews, we had to try this best dog winter coat for comfort and style! Well, we did, and it didn’t disappoint (for the most part).

Here’s what we discovered by trying out this winter dog coat:

Size & Coverage

To begin, there’s a range of sizes suitable for dogs as small as chihuahuas or as large as a german shepherd, so this is a great choice no matter what kind of dog you have.

Just keep in mind to measure your dog, because the chest strap can run a bit small or big if you just play the size by ear.

Like most of the other coats on our list, the Kuoser Winter Coat For Dogs covers the base of the neck, front and underside of the chest and belly, and the length of the back to the base of the tail.

Since everything on our dogs was pretty much covered, we noticed that this coat kept the core of our test dogs warm and cozy, though don’t expect it to hold up to hours in freezing temps.

The fit was great and we got true to size for the small, medium, and large dogs we tested on.

Materials & Features

This best dog winter coat is made with cotton fabric all. over.

So, by that, you probably know that this thing didn’t stand up too well to really wet winter conditions.

It did fine in dry snow, but keep in mind that as the snow melts on your dog, you’ll get wet spots on the coat.

It’s safe to conclude that this winter dog coat is best for short strolls and potty breaks and staying cozy inside the house.

Until you reverse it.

Yep, it’s reversible. On the flip side, there’s a sleek nylon fabric that repels water (but isn’t waterproof), which you can use on those icy days.

The reversible nature of this coat works pretty well, too, thanks to the multi-use velcro straps.

All that said, it’s a very comfortable option and we found our dogs curling up and snoozing more than once with it on.

Plus, it has a really adorable purple plaid pattern that’s perfect for winter and the holidays and is available in 7 color variations.

Ease of Use

One thing we were happy to find was the slit in the back of the coat that a leash can fit through.

It’s not the best for use with a harness unless the D-ring on your harness is up towards your dog’s neck, but it does suit collar-walking perfectly.

Putting this coat on and taking it off was a breeze and all we had to do was slip it on the dogs and velcro the chest and belly straps (which offer some breathing room so that you can adjust it to the needs of your dog).

Depending on what way you use it, this coat is easy to clean (nylon inside). If the cloth is on the inside, on the other hand, it may take some time to remove any fur shed.


7. Best Budget Buy: Queenmore Reversible Winter Fleece Dog Vest

Product Ratings


Sizes: X-S to 3X-L | Material: Nylon-type/fleece| Brand: Queenmore | Neck Style: Round | Features: Reversible/Reflective/Waterproof | Dogs: Extra Small to Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • Awesome budget buy
  • Nice choice for dogs of all sizes
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Cute reflective paw print and stripes for better visibility
  • Waterproof and can hold up against light snow and rain
  • Easy to put on and take off

What We Didn’t Like

  • Only one interior pattern
  • Not ideal for very wet or extremely cold winters
  • More coverage on the neck and belly would’ve been better

The final best dog winter coat on our list, the Queenmore Reversible Winter Fleece Dog Vest is the highest quality dog coat we could find in the price range.

Here’s what helped us draw that conclusion:

Size & Coverage

We couldn’t ignore the massive range of sizes for all breeds of dogs.

These coats can fit small chihuahuas all the way up to 3X-L sizing for bigger breeds like German shepherds and Great Danes.

The coverage this coat offers is pretty good and shields the base of the neck, chest, and length of the back from wind and light snow or winter rains.

That said, it doesn’t cover enough to be effective in areas with extreme temperatures and we would’ve liked more coverage on the neck and belly.

Always get your dog’s measurements before purchasing. We measured our dogs and found that these coats were true to size. If you’re unsure, size up; the velcro straps give space for tightening.

Materials & Features

Like the previous best dog winter coat option, this coat is reversible.

The inner material is made out of very soft and cozy fleece to keep the core of your dog warm while the outer layer is made of waterproof material to repel water and snow.

The waterproof side of this coat also features a reflective paw and stripes to keep your pup visible in low-light conditions.

It comes in 7 color options, but all of the choices have tactical camo print fleece.

Because the material is so thin and not great for extreme temperatures or heavy snowfall, this coat option is probably best for areas that see milder winters or for your dog to wear indoors to keep them comfortable.

Ease of use

The Queenmore Winter Dog Coat features 2 easy-to-use straps under the neck and belly.

We liked how simple it was to put this coat on our dogs and that the straps gave us some wiggle room to get the perfect fit.

The outer, waterproof layer was easy to clean and we were able to remove dirt spots by hand washing.

That said, if you have a little dog that sheds a lot, you’ll have your hands full combing out the fur from the fleece interior.

Speaking of vests, check out this review we did of the 12 Best Dog Cooling Vests! These are perfect for keeping your dog cool during the hot summer months.


Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallBest For Small DogsBest For Big DogsBest For RainBest For ColdBest For ComfortBest Budget
Overall Rating4.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/54/54.5/54.5/5
Affordability3/55/53/53/5 2/5 5/5 5/5
Comfort5/5 5/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 5/5 5/5
Effectiveness5/5 4/5 4/5 5/5 5/54/5 3/5
Sizing4/5 4/5 5/5 4/5 3/5 4/5 5/5
Quality5/5 3/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 4/5 4/5

The Winner

Overall, we loved the Hurtta Summit Winter Dog Coat.

This thing was amazing for dogs of all sizes, offered excellent waterproofing, reflective, and warming abilities, and is just an all-around great choice for dogs of all walks of life.

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How to Choose the Best Dog Winter coat

Consider Your Dog’s Needs

The type and thickness of your dog’s fur, how big or small your dog is, and whether or not you’ll be going for long or short walks all fall under your dog’s needs.

Consider these needs when looking for the best dog winter coat for your pet.

What Are Your Winters Like?

If your winters are wet and cold, you’ll need a coat for your dog that is waterproof, or at least water-resistant.

Ideally, you’ll want a coat that’s water-resistant or waterproof if you live in snowy areas, but you may be able to get away with a softer material if your dog won’t be spending much time outdoors this winter.

Be sure that you also consider the temperature.

If your winters are often below freezing or right at it, you’ll want a coat that’s more insulating for your dog, whereas someone living in a more mild climate will be able to use a thinner coat for their dog.

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Take comfort, reflectiveness (or lack thereof), breathability, water/wind resistance, and cleanability into consideration when choosing a dog winter coat material.

Does your dog get muddy or dirty often? Will you need a machine-washable coat? Does your dog’s coat need to be reflective for low-visibility walks?

For most dogs, we recommend polyester, or some other form of slick material, with waterproofing or water resistance for protection from the elements, and a soft interior such as wool or fleece for heat insulation and comfort.

Sizing Your Dog

Each product you look at will have a sizing guide and/or chart for you to reference when choosing a size for your dog.

Always take your dog’s measurements before buying a coat to ensure the best fit.

Check out this vet-approved guide for more information: How to Measure Dogs for Coats.

Honorable Mentions

Here’s a brief look at the 3 options that didn’t make our best dog winter coat list.

1. SlowTon Winter Dog Coat – Considered For Big Dogs

Though this option was ideal for Medium to Large dogs, it didn’t make our list due to the polar fleece collar.

While this coat was great for keeping dogs warm, it didn’t hold up so well in wet winter conditions and left our big dogs with wet necks and chests.

Overall, we found that the Carhartt Duck Insulated Dog Chore Coat was made of heavier-duty materials suitable for larger dogs, had better water-repelling abilities (while still being soft and cozy on the inside), and was better for the big dog size range — it even fit our Great Dane like a glove.

2. PetBoBo Doggie Coat – Considered For Comfort & Style

Dog owners seemed to love this doggie coat, and while this PetBoBo coat definitely got the style factor down, its functionality wasn’t so great (no slit for leashes) and honestly just didn’t look that comfortable on our dogs.

This hooded coat was restrictive, and the sizing was just a tad too small.

When it comes down to it, in our opinion the Kuoser Cozy Reversible Plaid Winter Coat was cuter with its classic winter look, offered functionality thanks to the leash slit, and provided more comfort to our test dogs.

3. BINGPET Dog Winter Coat – Considered For Our Budget Pick

Obviously, this winter coat for dogs is really cute, and it’s affordable for most dog owners.

It was soft and good for small to medium dogs (some large dogs were too big for the Large size).

That said, it was only really good for quick potty breaks or staying cozy indoors.

The soft material didn’t hold up against heavy snow or wet conditions like the Queenmore Reversible Winter Fleece Dog Vest.

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Jesse Hopping, CCDT

Jesse is a natural-born dog-lover certified dog trainer (CCDT), dog foster, and former volunteer at Richmond SPCA and surrounding dog shelters for over 10 years. Her pack includes a Bernedoodle and 3 Boston Terriers. She’s sipping caramel coffee and watching her pack play in the sun when she’s not writing blogs. Jesse has her Certified Dog Trainer designation from CATCH Canine Trainers Academy since 2018 and and majored in English from the University of Virginia.

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