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The 5 Best Dog Paw Washers for Clean Furry Feet

It’s no surprise that our dogs’ paws are the dirtiest! Unlike humans, our furry friends use all four of their legs and paws to walk. While our homes may be clean from dirt and dust, our dogs walk on grass and concrete on their daily walks.

It is easy for our furry friends to accidentally pick up dirt, grass, and fleas! It is important to keep our dog’s paws clean as they are significantly important to their quality of life.

The bottom of our dog’s paws is sensitive. Leaving any rocks or bugs between the cracks could cause problems in the future. Although their paws are easy to clean, they can cause a mess in homes. This is especially true for some of us that live in apartments with limited space.

There is a solution! Listed below are the top 5 best dog paw washers currently on the market. 

Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
01 Dexas MudBuster Dog Paw Washer Best Overall: Dexas MudBuster Dog Paw Washer Easy to use and powerful, it is no wonder the Dexas MudBuster Dog Paw Washer is a favorite amongst customers. It also comes in various colors and styles, while maintaining its effectiveness. Check Price
02 Paw Plunger Dog Cleaner Runner Up: Paw Plunger Dog Cleaner Not only is this device efficient, but it is also compact and stylish! Gone are the days of waiting to go home to wash our dog’s paws. With this neat device, it is an easy and discreet task. Check Price
03 CodToys Dog Paw Cleaner Cup Set Best For Grooming And Massaging: CodToys Dog Paw Cleaner Cup Set Made of high-quality silicone and still affordable, this device is a great groomer, cleaner, and massager for all playful and dirty dogs. The soft bristles soothe our dog’s paws while also cleaning them thoroughly. The product also comes with a Chenille Towel for convenience. Check Price
04 Anipaw Dog Paw Cleaner Paw Washer With Integrated Towel: Anipaw Dog Paw Cleaner All dogs are unique, including their paws. Dogs with integrated towels will have no trouble with this device. The bristles are soft and detachable, while the device is portable and unique. Check Price
05 Bealy Dog Paw Cleaner Most Affordable: Bealy Dog Paw Cleaner This is the most affordable option for pet owners with both large and small dogs. It is compact, portable, and soft. Check Price

So, What Exactly is a Dog Paw Washer?

This neat little contraption can do more than clean the paws of our dogs and keep the floors spotless. Dog paw cleaners also keep our furball’s paws free of bacteria and parasites, so we can rest assured knowing our pet won’t be ravished by these menaces.

Although this might seem like one of the easiest buying decisions in the world, there are a few things to consider when choosing to buy the best dog paw washer, including the design, cleaning mechanism, and overall effectiveness.

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How We Chose the Best Dog Paw Washers

Dog paw washer
Paw washers keep your dog’s paws clean and prevents them from tracking dirt and debris into your home.

It requires research and time to find the right dog paw washer for our furry friends. We want to make sure they are safe and not hurt, which is why it is important to look at many brands and resources.

We started this journey of researching dog paw washers by looking at popular dog accessory and cleaning product companies. Since it is a specific niche, it was easy to find popular companies that produce high-quality dog paw washers.

Our original list had 20 options, but we only wanted ones with high ratings and positive customer reviews. So, we made the decision to cut those 20 down to 5.

There were a few repeat brands and company names that piqued our interests, including Anipaw, Bealy, and Dexas.

Best Dog Paw Washers

1. Best Overall: Dexas MudBuster Dog Paw Washer

Dexas MudBuster Dog Paw Washer

Product Ratings

Effectiveness 5/5

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large| Color: Multiple Colors (pink, blue, green, gray, fuschia, and blue | Brand: Dexas| Scent: Unscented| Features: Portable| Dogs: Small to Large Breeds 

What We Liked

  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Easy to Carry and Store
  • Easy to Wash
  • Thin Silicone Bristles great for all sizes

What We Didn’t Like

  • Sizing comes up strange, according to some consumers

First up in our hunt for the best dog paw washer comes the Dexas MudBuster, our overall favorite when judged across the categories that count.

Dexas MudBuster offers a wide array of sizes so we can keep our pooch’s paws spotless. It is also possible to opt for a bunch of colorways to gel with your existing decor.

As with the most efficient dog paw washer, we can take advantage of the rugged, soft silicone to buff up our dog’s dirty paws, so he doesn’t drag any filth indoors.

We can get this pet washer with or without a lid to suit. Measuring up at just 6 x 4 inches, this portable paw washer is ideal whether you are heading on vacation or want a permanent paw washer at home.


2. Runner Up: Paw Plunger Dog Cleaner

Paw Plunger Dog Cleaner

Product Ratings

Effectiveness 5/5

Sizes: ‎518 Grams | Color: Pink and Black | Brand: Plaw Punger| Scent: Unscented| Features: Portable and Sleek| Dogs: Small to Medium Breeds 

What We Liked

  • Soft Bristles used as a gentle massage
  • Convenient and easy to use for our pooch
  • Handle for ease of transportation

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not suitable for larger dogs
  • Bulky and hard to store

We all know how messy our favorite furry pooches can get. Instead of letting our furry friends track mud, muck, and dirt throughout our home, this product can clean our dog’s paws easily! The Paw Plunger comes in sizes Petite, Medium, and Large, which should fit most breeds.

The soft bristles get all the mess and grime out of our pet’s paws before it has a chance to grind its way into our homes. This is especially helpful for those of us who live in apartments with thick carpets.

With a handle on top, you can carry this paw cleaner around with you. This might not be the smallest or most portable paw washer, but you won’t be sorry you invested in the Paw Plunger.


3. Best for Grooming and Massaging: CodToys Dog Paw Cleaner Cup Set

CodToys Dog Paw Cleaner Cup Set

Product Ratings

Effectiveness 5/5

Sizes: 14 Ounces‎ | Color: Green| Brand: CodToy|Features: Easy to wash, silicone material, compact, towel included| Dogs: Medium to Large Breeds 

What We Liked

  • Great for medium and large dogs
  • Comes with an additional item to dry
  • Soft yet rugged silicone for a great clean
  • Highly affordable and durable

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is too big for small dog breeds.
  • Not as easy to use as stated 
  • Only comes in one color

Another dog paw cleaner comes in 2 sizes to suit just about all breeds. This product is keenly priced, too. It is affordable, clean, and a fan favorite with customers! Did we mention it is also easy to use and soft on all dogs’ skin?

The only thing we needed to add to this paw cleaner was water! The water and the product together help keep our homes clean and free from dirt, mud, and debris! This product is made from silicone, which aids in comfort. The soft material massages our furry friends’ paws safely and comfortably.

The only downfall about this paw cleaner is that it does not come in a smaller size. Instead, it fits medium-to-large dog breeds rather well! The additional towel is another favorite for customers, as it dries their dog’s paws well!


4. Paw Washer With Towel: Anipaw Dog Paw Cleaner

Anipaw Dog Paw Cleaner

Product Ratings

Affordability 5/5
Effectiveness 4/5
Quality 5/5

Sizes: ‎3.35″x5.9” | Color: Blue | Brand: Anipaw| Options: 2 Options| Features: Safe to use, easy to clean, and comes with a towel| Dogs: Small to Large Breeds 

What We Liked

  • Cleaner for paws with integrated towel
  • Detachable brush for more fun and bath time
  • Innovative design lets you clean our dogs paws quickly and easily

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some customers say it is not suited for overly dirty paws
  • Can be small for large dog breeds

Coming from the Bougainvillea Store, this Anipaw Dog Paw Cleaner is one of the best contraptions on the market for pet owners who want to blitz those paws before their furball heads indoors.

It is a convenient and well-loved product. Not only does this product clean a dog’s paws well, but it comes with a towel that can dry them off as soon as we are done cleaning them. The soft bristles will gently massage your dog’s paws and keep them clean!

There are two options to purchase! The second option is convenient for bath time too. It comes with a detachable head that we used to brush out any muck and dirt from our dog. It is gentle and gives a massaging effect while keeping our home clean!


5. Most Affordable: Bealy Dog Paw Cleaner

Bealy Dog Paw Cleaner

Product Ratings

Affordability 5/5
Effectiveness 4/5
Quality 3/5

Sizes: ‎Large | Color: Blue and Green | Brand: Anipaw| Options: 1 Option| Features: Safe to use, easy to clean, great for large dogs, affordable| Dogs: Small to Large Breeds 

What We Liked

  • Easy to set up and disassemble
  • Eco-friendly silicone bristles
  • Portable and lightweight

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some customers noticed the quality was not excellent
  • Replacements are necessary

Our puppies are silly and love to play. Although there is nothing wrong with outside time, it can get tiring to watch as our furry friends track their outside playtime inside. Instead of frequently cleaning the floors, there are options and products that help you wash your dogs’ paws before coming inside!

Not all paw washers are affordable or easy to use. Thankfully, this Bealy product is easy to assemble, disassemble, clean, and store! The compact size does not only work for small dogs, though; the large design can help wash large dog breeds like German Shepherds and Huskies

The soft silicone used is the preferred material for this purpose. The material helped us clean our puppies’ paws while also ensuring we wouldn’t hurt their sensitive paws.

Lightweight and ideal for use as a travel paw cleaner, this pocket-friendly device is well worth a place on this list! It is budget-friendly as well and sometimes comes with digital coupons.

The company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We need not worry about not liking the product as their customer service is excellent and helpful.


Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallRunner UpBest For Grooming and Massaging Best for Product That Comes with an AccessoryMost Affordable
Overall Rating4.6/54.6/54.0/54.4/53.8/5
Odor Control5/55/54/53/53/5

The Winner

The overall winner on this list is Dexas MudBuster Dog Paw Washer. This dog paw washer has the most options and is made up of silicone. The silicone bristles are soft, durable, and great at cleaning! 

How to Choose the Best Dog Paw Washers

Cute dog being washed in a bath
The right paw washer will keep your dog clean and be gentle on their paws.

Choosing the best dog paw washer is not an easy task! We had to look at a long list of factors and features these products come with. Dog paw washers make our lives easier, but they are not all made the same. It is also important to understand we all have our own needs. 

Small dogs, for example, don’t need a large dog paw washer to clean their paws.


Everyone wants a product that has a long shelf life. As we all know, some dogs love to play and don’t know their own strength. It is important to choose a product that will last a long time. 

Usually, we can tell the durability of a product first by looking at the reviews. If quality and durability were an issue, the complaint would be added to the reviews. Afterward, we can test the products ourselves with large and small dog breeds.

Flexible Material

Our number one priority with our furry friends is safety! Although we want clean paws, it is better if the paws are intact and safe. One thing to look out for is a flexible, yet durable material. 

To minimize your dog’s discomfort while washing his paws, use a flexible and soft-bristled paw washer.


You also need to look at how effective the product is. We looked into many options by reviewing what other customers noticed about the effectiveness of the product. It is also possible to take before and after pictures of the dog’s paw and body to see if there is a difference.

Why buy a product if it is not effective? The only way to know is to try it ourselves as the best products can have irregularities.

Easy to Clean

It is also important to find a dog paw washer that is easy to clean! If it’s not, it can cause problems and dirty our dog’s paws again. An easy-to-clean product is durable, soft, and requires minimal cleaning time.

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Honorable Mentions

Here’s a brief look at the 6 options that didn’t make our best dog paw washers list.

1. Upsky Dog Paw Cleaner – Considered for Most Affordable

With a heavy discount, you can’t go wrong with this product! However, we chose the Bealy Dog Paw Cleaner as the most affordable because, without the coupon, it is less than the Upsky Dog Paw Cleaner. It is also not as effective as a cleaner, as stated by other customers.

2. Pupmate Paw Cleaner– Considered for Best Product that Comes with an Accessory

We considered the Pupmate Paw Cleaner for this category because the product comes with a waterless shampoo. The product is similar to a vibrating toothbrush in that its unique design is compact.

However, at the end of the day, we went with the Anipaw Dog Paw Cleaner because it comes with a towel and is easier to travel with. 

3. Protex Pawz SaniPaw– Considered for Best Overall

These wipes are effective and a fan favorite amongst customers who have purchased this dog paw cleaner. However, we had to give the title to the Dexas MudBuster Dog Paw Washer as it is easier to travel with.

While the wipes do a wonderful job of cleaning our dog’s paws, cleaning our dog’s paws requires extra time and wipes. These wipes do not last, and it can be expensive to keep replacing them with this product.

4. Idepet Dog Paw Cleaner – Considered for Runner Up

The Ideapet Dog Paw Cleaner is an innovative product that does wonders for a dog’s paw. The unique design is fun, and it comes in three vibrant colors. The brush also brings a towel to dry our dog’s paws.

While this is a great design, we chose the Paw Plunger Dog Cleaner as it fits all dog breed sizes.

5. AK KYC Dog Paw Cleaner – Considered for Grooming and Massaging

The AK KYC Dog Paw Cleaner has an innovative design that is easy to clean. The soft silicone bristles are gentle on our dog’s paws and give a massage. However, customers have noticed an issue with sizing.

This is not a great option for large dog breeds, which is why the Paw Plunger Dog Cleaner is the winner in this category.

6. Doggie Dipper Portable Dog Paw Cleaner– Considered for Runner Up

Another favorite for dog paw cleaner customers is the Doggie Dipper Portable Dog Paw Cleaner. It has a unique and vibrant design, but it is too heavy for users to travel with. Because of this, we went with the runner-up, Paw Plunger Dog Cleaner.

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