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5 Best Dog Carrier Purses to Let Your Dog Ride in Comfort!

One of the most rewarding elements of dog ownership is the time you spend outdoors with your best friend. Even if your dog is well-trained and normally happy around people, there are many instances when a pet carrier of some sort is essential.

Picture a crowded urban street with traffic and hordes of pedestrians; your dog would appreciate safe travel. If you’re flying with your pup, you’ll need an airline-approved bag for your journey. A short road trip may require an alternative mode of transportation.  

Before making a decision on what to buy for air travel, check out the requirements on Pet Travel. As you can see, then, choosing a dog carrier purse will depend to a large extent on your intended use.

Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
01-PetsHome-Dog-Carrier Best Overall: PetsHome Dog Carrier This PU leather bag is elegant and easy to care for. Not only does it fold down for easy storage, but you can strap it to your bike for a trip around the block. Check Price
02-Sleepypod-Atom-Pet-Carrier Runner Up: Sleepypod Atom Pet Carrier A voluminous and colorful messenger bag to deliver your precious little one in style. Where do we sign up? Check Price
03-Hubulk-Dog-Carrier- Best For Keeping Clean: Hubulk Dog Carrier This bag is made for traveling and that’s just what you’ll do with this rugged and easy-to-clean Oxford cloth tote bag. Check Price
04-Kenox-Dog-Carrier Best For Small Dogs: Kenox Dog Carrier What’s not to gush over a well-priced and rugged fashion statement for the small dog in your life? This is best for pooches up to 8 pounds. Check Price
05-I-IHAYNER-Pet-Carrier Best For Airline Travel: I IHAYNER Pet Carrier A smart business look that is airline-approved. This dog carrier purse is ready for international action! Check Price

How We Narrowed Down the Best Dog Carrier Purses

Long-haired chihuahua in carrier purse
Dog carrier purses keep your little dog safe, comfortable, and by your side as you travel.

While searching for the best dog carrier purses, we considered top brands known for easy cleaning, assembly, and moving. Carriers recommended by airlines, vets, and trainers made our list because we wanted to provide options that were high-quality, breathable, and secured. 

Following this, we looked at key players in the dog carrier purse industry. Brands like Pet Part, Django, and Hubulk, distinguished themselves as design innovators by adding flair to an otherwise conservative look.

Dog carrier purses that look great while using was an important factor for customers so we looked at colors, designs, materials, and shapes to help you decide which style of pet carrier fits best for your lifestyle. 

We considered dog carrier purses suitable for all types of dogs, including aggressive chewers and puppies. With this in mind, we made sure to look at materials that were durable, easy to clean, and breathable.

Finally, we searched the internet for top-rated dog carrier purses that owners love for both form and function, including home design products and top-selling carriers from online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Chewy. 

We chose eight of the top carrier purses and put them to the test. Five made our top picks and three made our honorable mentions. We’ll get right down to business and tell you what dog carrier purses we loved and why.

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Best Dog Carrier Purses Reviewed

1. Best Overall: PetsHome Dog Carrier

PetsHome Dog Carrier

Product Ratings

Easy to Clean5/5

Dimensions: 5.97 x 8.27 x 9.84 inches | Weight: 3.59 pounds | Brand: PetsHome  | Material: Faux Leather | Dogs: Up to 13 pounds

What We Liked

  • It comes with two removable mats for easy cleaning.
  • It has a fixed way of keeping your pup safe and securely in the carrier.
  • It is airline approved and fits under most airline seats.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It does not have a front opening, which makes it harder for loading and unloading.
  • It comes unassembled and can be difficult to put together.
  • Some dogs have complained about being able to unzip the bag.

If you’re looking for an effective dog carrier purse that comes in a broad palette of colors, PetsHome hits a home run here.

We loved the supple PU leather that gives elegant aesthetics and easy care. This bag will ensure your pooch is comfy and well-supported, and you’ll find it easy to carry your teacup breed around thanks to the padded handles of this tote.

We were able to attach the carrier to our bikes and remove it with ease. The whole bag folds down when it’s not in use, too. This is ideal if your house already seems overrun with dog equipment and accessories.

Most users seem highly satisfied with this purse, but a common flashpoint appears to be the zippers. We would advise unzipping this bag with caution, as a few users have complained about it separating.

Overall, though, you’ll get a breathable and functional carrier that easily slips under plane seats. While this purse isn’t cheap, we would argue you get exceptional value for money.


2. Runner Up: Sleepypod Atom Pet Carrier

Sleepypod Atom Pet Carrier

Product Ratings

Easy to Clean5/5

Dimensions: 17 x 8.5 x 10.5inches | Weight: 4 pounds | Brand: Sleepypod  | Material:  Nylon | Dogs: Up to 12 pounds

What We Liked

  • The bedding is ultra-plush and machine washable for easy care and comfort.
  • The carrier is made of luggage-grade nylon, so it’s rugged.
  • The shoulder strap is padded, so it’s easy to carry on your shoulder comfortably.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The nylon material does not make it as breathable as other designs.
  • Dogs weighing less than 11 pounds are not permitted on airplanes.
  • The nylon material can give off an odor that some find unpleasant.

The Sleepypod Store offers a voluminous messenger bag that’s perfect for carrying your pooch when you’re out and about.

This carrier is spacious, with a maximum weight capacity of 12 pounds, making it a smooth fit for medium-sized dogs. We could access our pup from the top or the sides, so he won’t get lonely.

We chose from five bright colors with rugged build quality and an impressive lifespan. Blossom pink, dark chocolate, jet black, robin’s egg blue, and strawberry red were among the colors included. 

The outside of the bag is made from luggage-grade nylon. Inside, you get a plush and soft polyester fabric that guarantees your hound a comfy ride that’s also machine washable.

Whether you want to use this bag as a car seat or walking around town, this is a versatile and durable dog carrier purse. It’s comfortable enough to carry for extended periods while providing your furball with a cushioned and padded experience along with plenty of interaction. 

If you’re a frequent flyer, you may want to consider another carrier as this one doesn’t fit neatly under airline seats.


3. Best for Keeping Clean: Hubulk Dog Carrier 

Hubulk Dog Carrier 

Product Ratings

Easy to Clean5/5

Dimensions: 13.7 x 7 x 10 inches | Weight: 2 pounds | Brand: Hubulk | Material:  Oxford Cloth | Dogs: Up to 9 pounds

What We Liked

  • It has a fixed way of keeping your pup safe and securely in the carrier.
  • It has 4 pockets in the front and back, making it easy to carry your pet’s needs.
  • There are protective feet on the bottom, which elevate the bag and keep it clean.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The walls are flimsy and are not as sturdy as other products on this list.
  • Some reported that the bag was smaller than reported.
  • Because of the fabric, we don’t recommend this for airline travel.

Are you looking for a dog carrier purse that resembles a standard tote bag? If so, Hubulk’s unique and rugged Oxford cloth model is a must. This carrier is ideal for pets up to 9 pounds, making it a great choice for owners with small-breed dogs. The brand also offers a bag fit for medium-sized dogs.

As with most of the best dog carrier purses that made our list, this one is simple to keep clean; all you have to do is wipe it down. This purse has protective feet on the bottom to keep it from dirt, allowing you to set it on the floor worry-free.

Multiple ventilation holes guarantee your hound has enough air for its needs.


4. Best for Small Dogs: Kenox Dog Carrier 

Kenox Dog Carrier

Product Ratings

Easy to Clean5/5

Dimensions: 11.9 x 2 x 16.5 inches | Weight: 1.95 pounds | Brand: Kenox | Material: Mesh | Dogs: Up to 8 pounds

What We Liked

  • The design has several openings, making it well-ventilated.
  • Magnetic closures on the pockets allow for secure storage.
  • The carrier bag has a stylish and casual look for going anywhere.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The material is flimsy and is not as sturdy as other products on this list.
  • There are some reports that the fabric has a strong odor.
  • Some reports of zippers breaking quickly

Kenox delivers a traditional tote bag that makes a great solution for pet owners on the go. What do you get for your money, then?

This small bag is best for a little dog weighing up to 8 pounds. If you have a medium-sized furball at home, we’d suggest one of the roomier carriers on our shortlist. If you have a small breed, you’re in luck and so is your hound.

We loved the soft interior of this purse and how it provided our pooch with a welcoming environment. After all, if you expect him to behave himself, you need to make it worth his while.

We thought the bag was rugged enough to stand up to some serious punishment, but it’s also delicate and easy on the eye.

If you plan on some vigorous outdoor activity, this is probably not the best carrier for your needs. If you intend to stroll around town with your teacup breed, though, the Kenox purse is cost-effective and won’t look out of place in a nice hotel. See what you think.


5. Best for Airline Travel: I IHAYNER Pet Carrier

I IHAYNER Pet Carrier

Product Ratings

Easy to Clean5/5

Dimensions: 36 x 28 x 18 cm | Weight: 2.56 pounds | Brand: I IHayner | Material: Faux leather | Dogs: Up to 8 pounds

What We Liked

  • The PU leather is waterproof, which keeps your pooch dry.
  • Both sides of the bag are mesh, making it a cool rider for your dog.
  • The construction is hard, so it’s sturdy and durable.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The faux leather is not flexible, so it needs to be broken in for more comfort.
  • It has fewer storage pockets than other models on this list.
  • The top of the bag is narrow, which makes it harder to load and unload.

We tried to include a variety of purse styles for you, and this pet carrier from I IHAYNER resembles a classic briefcase.

Finished in PU leather, we saw the benefits of the real thing without the intensive maintenance required to keep leather looking great. This synthetic version is also much longer-lasting.

We were thrilled to see that this carrier comes airline-approved, so it makes it a smart choice for a frequent flyer. The inbuilt leash makes sure your pooch stays safely tucked inside the bag, even if he’s prone to wriggling around and trying to escape. Let’s face it, what dog isn’t?

Although there’s a pocket at the back, we would like to see more separate compartments on this pet purse. Breathability is outstanding, making this bag a good option if your pet spends a lot of time inside a carrier purse and you want to ensure he is comfortable throughout.

We liked the interior design; the mesh inside is designed to withstand clawing and the finish is impeccable. For a smart alternative to the multitude of soft pet carriers flooding the market, give this nifty bag a try.


Comparison Chart

ProductsOverall RatingSturdinessEasy to CleanComfortDurability
PetsHome Dog Carrier4.94/55/55/55/5
Sleepypod Atom Pet Carrier4.84/55/54/55/5
Hubulk Dog Carrier4.73/55/55/54/5
Kenox Dog Carrier 4.74/55/54/54/5
I IHAYNER Pet Carrier4.54/55/53/54/5

The Winner

The PetsHome Dog Carrier is a clear winner as the best dog carrier purse to let your dog ride in comfortably. We loved this bag because it was stylish, easy to assemble, clean, and comfortable. This bag is made of waterproof material, so it can go anywhere and keep your pet dry and comfy. This dog carrier bag by PetsHome is in for the long game.

How to Choose the Best Dog Carrier Purses

While it might initially seem like a simple buying decision, when you start thinking about the mechanics, there are a number of factors you need to consider.

Type of Dog Carrier

You should decide on the most suitable type of dog carrier for your needs. A standard dog carrier purse will suffice for carrying your pup or for making trips in the car or subway. 

If you have a heavier dog, you can find similar carriers with wheels to simplify moving a large dog around. For smaller puppies, slings work well. Most of the purses we reviewed don’t work well for young pups. A backpack is ideal if you plan to go hiking with your mutt.


Once you have the type of dog carrier purse in place, you should next consider the size of your dog. We’ve emphasized the maximum weight capacity of each of the purses we’ll be reviewing today. This should always be considered an absolute maximum rather than a comfortable fit. 

If your dog is at the upper end of the suggested weight range, widen your search to include more substantial purses. If you are not sure when your puppy will stop growing so you can properly size your new carrier, check out our article on BarkVA.


Dog carrier purses come in a variety of materials. PU leather or faux-leather work effectively. This material is easy to keep clean and it’s built to last. Your dog shouldn’t destroy it either. Nylon and canvas bags can work as long as they are easy to clean. 

Some carriers are finished in plastic, but these are in the minority. You should make sure that the bag is finished in a material that delivers the combination of aesthetics, durability, and breathability that makes the most sense for you. Every pet owner is different, so personalize your buying decision accordingly.


Now, a comfortable pet carrier is of no use unless it’s also safe and secure. Many of these purses come with integrated leashes. This allows you to attach your pooch and to limit his movement. Beyond this, you should make sure that your dog fits well in the size of purse you’re considering. 

Placing a tiny puppy inside a bag designed to accommodate medium-sized dogs is a poor idea. He will end up with an unsupportive structure around him. At a minimum, you should ensure that any purse on your shortlist can close completely to give your dog privacy when it’s needed.

If you are concerned about your dog’s safety and security you may want to check out our Best GPS Trackers guide.


If you plan on leaving your dog inside a purse for any length of time, you should ensure it’s well-ventilated and highly breathable. Most of the time, these purses are only used for short trips, so this factor is not so crucial.

If you know you’ll be making longer trips, especially by plane, take the time to establish that the bags on your shortlist are breathable enough for the purpose.


Thinking of planes, if you know you’ll be taking Rover on your next flight, it’s key that the bags you’re considering are airline-approved. We draw your attention to this in our reviews so you can more easily select the most appropriate bag for your requirements.


Never underestimate the importance of comfortable and solidly-built handles. If you plan to carry your dog for lengthy spells, cheap and poorly-constructed handles will give you an uncomfortable experience. 

Beyond this, if the handles give way and your dog falls out onto a crowded street with traffic around him, he could end up having a painful accident. Look for padded handles that are built to last.

Ease of Cleaning

Any pet carrier purse needs to be easy to clean or you’ll end up leaving it in the closet in disgust. All the bags we review today are made from materials that are easy to wipe down and keep clean with no effort required. The inside of a good dog carrier should be water-resistant so you don’t end up with a soggy mess.

The final issue is making sure to train your dog to love their new travel digs. Scotch and Company have an excellent article to help you train your dog to love their carrier purse.

Honorable Mentions

1. MG Collection Quilted Pet Travel Bag

The MG Collection’s soft exterior of this bag feels relaxed against the body, and it’s simple to keep clean. The nylon finish is also remarkably durable, so you should get years of service from this bag.

The plastic flap can be covered with an additional quilted flap for added privacy when you’re on a plane or in the car and your furball needs some time out. Ventilation is superb.

The drawback to these closures is that your pet won’t be firmly secured inside. We recommend the I IHAYNER Pet Carrier as an option for airline travel.

2. Petparty Dog Carrier

If you prize functionality first and foremost and you’re also shopping on a tighter budget, this Petparty dog carrier is a flawed gem. The principal drawback is that you only get a single size. This caters to pups up to 16 pounds, so you get a great deal of latitude at the upper end.  

If you have a smaller dog, though, you may find this carrier unnecessarily bulky. The plastic and cotton construction means this is not the most attractive pet carrier, but you get great durability and a low-maintenance purse that’s a cinch to keep clean.

If you’re shopping for dog carrier purses based mainly on their appearance, this is likely not the best choice, which is why it didn’t make the top choice list. We suggest the Sleepypod Atom Pet Carrier.

3. Django Dog Carrier Bag 

The Django dog carrier gives you the scope to carry medium-sized dogs without them feeling restricted. The waxed finish is perfect for repelling the rain, and you can choose from olive green, black, or blue and enjoy muted elegance. There are 4 pockets inside and out, so you can keep your dog’s treats, wipes, and poop bags separated. 

You also benefit from credit card slots, so you can leave your purse at home and go out with everything you need in one place.

If you’re looking for a cheap dog carrier purse, this Django bag is not for you. If you are looking for storage and style, try the Hubulk Dog Carrier.

4. Petego-Bitty Soft Padded Pet Carrier Bag

The Bitty is designed by an Italian, Emanuele Bianchi, and that European styling shines through. The subtle brown bag is accented with orange, bringing the famous Hermes to mind. Both you and your pooch will benefit from comfort as well as style.

If you’re comparing dog carrier purses based mainly on the bottom line, you have plenty of cheaper options on our shortlist that perform broadly similar functions. For style, we think the PetsHome Dog Carrier is the way to go.

5. BETOP HOUSE Pet Carrier

The slick black faux leather is accented with flashes of pink. If you prefer an even more feminine look for your chihuahua, the bag also comes with these colors reversed. This is a smaller purse that works best with small dogs and teacup breeds. The maximum load is just 5.5 pounds.

While your pooch should be comfy inside this purse, you might not find it quite such a comfortable experience. We suggest the Kenox Dog Carrier as a better option for your tiny pooch.

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