Brindle Shih Tzu: Coat Coloration and Breed Guide for 2022!

The Brindle Shih Tzu is a type of Shih Tzu that has a striped coat pattern referred to as tiger-stripes. These stripes are the only real difference between a Brindle Shih Tzu and other dogs of the same breed.

Brindle Shih Tzus
Brindle Shih Tzus are popular family dogs

True to the Shih Tzu “toy dog” group, the brindle-colored dogs of this breed are small, affectionate, and make great companions. 

What is a Brindle Shih Tzu?

Brindle dogs are known for their tiger-striped coat pattern. Brindle coats often have brown foundations with overlays of brown or black stripes (other coloring combinations can exist, as well).

There are a variety of dog breeds that have this genetic trait, among them being the Brindle Shih Tzu. Even with these specific characteristics, the Brindle Shih Tzu will still have a lot of the common physical characteristics of the beloved common Shih Tzu. 

These include:

  • A long, flowing double coat
  • A tail curved to the back
  • Large, round dark eyes
  • A short but sturdy frame

You can’t get much cuter than that, and these dogs have been popular toy dogs for decades. They were even kept a secret from most of the world until the 1930s. The ancestry of the Shih Tzu dates back centuries to when the dog was first bred from Tibet breeding stock in China.

The name of the dog translates to “Lion Dog,” which is a ferocious name for a dog that’s known to have an affectionate personality and easily gets along with children and other pets. 

How Much Does a Brindle Shih Tzu Cost?

The average cost to obtain a Shih Tzu ranges from $250 to $1,000. The wide range of this cost is attributed to the facility where you’re adopting or purchasing your Shih Tzu. Typically, the more premium costs for adopting a Shih Tzu are charged by reputable breeders. 

If you’re looking for a well-bred Brindle Shih Tzu, then you’ll want to make sure that it meets the traits of Shih Tzus outlined by the American Kennel Club (AKC). This guide will give you the official standards for this dog breed.

Where Can You Adopt a Brindle Shih Tzu?

Brindle Shih Tzus are popular dogs and are considered one of the most beautiful dog breeds. Their small stature and charming personality make it impossible not to fall in love.

It’s also a great breed for people who have limited space, people with children, or people with other pets. These perks explain why the Shih Tzu is a favorite dog breed. 

Due to the Brindle Shih Tzu’s popularity, there can be several places to adopt a Shih Tzu. However, depending on how pure you want your Shih Tzu’s breeding to be, you’ll want to research different breeders and sellers.

For example, if you’re just looking for a cute companion and aren’t too concerned with its purity, then you can look to purchase or adopt your dog through:

  • Ads on Craigslist and similar websites
  • Shelters
  • Social media posts

On the other hand, if you’re concerned with purity, then you’ll want to make sure that you do plenty of research to find a reputable breeder who has agreed to the American Shih Tzu Club’s breeder guidelines.

What to Know Before Getting a Brindle Shih Tzu

Knowing how to care for a dog is extremely important. All dogs have different care requirements and personalities that you’ll want to consider when looking for your newest family addition.

How Long Do They Live?

The life expectancy of a Brindle Shih Tzu is 10 to 16 years.

To have a well-cared-for Shih Tzu, you’ll want to make sure that you follow the grooming and care requirements of this breed. This breed doesn’t do well outside in high temperatures and is also not a great swimmer.

To make sure your dog is healthy, you’ll also want to have regular check-ups with your veterinarian to make sure that your dog’s health is monitored per their recommendations.

Diet and Nutrition

For diet and nutrition, it’s noted by the American Kennel Association that Brindle Shih Tzus do well with high-quality food.

Because they’re so small, these dogs are prone to becoming overweight. It’s important to watch the amount of food and treats that you provide your pet. Even just a few extra pounds can have major effects on a Shih Tzu.

Do They Shed?

One great trait of the Brindle Shih Tzu is that they don’t shed as much as other dog breeds, meaning there’s no need to invest in multiple de-shedding tools. Speaking of de-shedding, we wrote a guide to the 5 Best De-Shedding Shampoos. If you have other dogs, be sure to check it out!

These dogs are also referred to as being hypoallergenic, though it’s important to note that people can be allergic to dander from saliva and skin unrelated to fur. So, no dog is truly hypoallergenic for everyone. 

Because of their long double coats, Shih Tzus do require frequent grooming to keep them looking their best. The best way to help care for your Brindle Shih Tzu’s luscious coat is to ensure proper grooming. This can either be done at home or through a professional groomer. 

If you’ll be grooming your pup yourself, then you’ll want to make sure of the following: 

  • You’re always brushing their hair thoroughly with a flexible brush
  • Every 3 to 4 weeks they’re bathed
  • When styling their fur, their bangs are kept out of their eyes

It’s also worth noting that a Brindle Shih Tzu can have sensitive eyes and you’ll want to gently clean its eyes frequently. This will prevent their eyes from getting irritated. 

What Kind of Temperament Do These Dogs Have?

Brindle Shih Tzus are family-friendly dogs that are also good with other pets. They’re trainable and have a moderate energy level. 

Socially, they’re open to strangers and love to play which means that they do have mental stimulation needs. However, they’re also known for being great lap dogs as they love to curl up and relax.

What are Their Exercise Needs?

The Brindle Shih Tzus are known to be great lap dogs and are content with being indoors to keep you company while you watch your favorite movie. 

Brindle Shih Tzus won’t lay around all day, though, as they do have moderate energy levels and love to play. For this reason, you’ll want to take them out for small walks or show them some attention so they can be healthy, happy dogs. 

Are They Good with Children?

Brindle Shih Tzus are great with children! This is largely due to their small size and affectionate personality. 

They’re also fairly open to strangers and are able to adapt quickly to new changes. This makes them a great choice if you’re looking for a dog that will get along with family members and other pets.

As a result, these dogs are considered excellent companions for everyone, especially if they‘re well trained. 

Do They Make Good Pets for First-Time Dog Owners?

Brindle Shih Tzus are friendly dogs that are easy to care for

If you’re looking for a dog as a first-time dog owner, then it’s important to make sure your life will be compatible with your dog’s needs. You want to make sure that you both will be happy and enjoy the same things.

Also, some dog breeds can be easier than others when it comes to things like training and care which make them ideal for first-time dog owners who are new to taking care of a pet.

For this reason, a Brindle Shih Tzu is often a top choice for new dog owners because they’re relatively easy to care for and are great companions.

These dogs are also great for those living in places with limited space, including: 

  • Urban areas and cities
  • Apartments
  • Places with little to no yard space

Brindle Shih Tzus also make great pets for small home living because they aren’t known for being incredibly talkative. This means you don’t have to worry about them barking and disturbing neighbors. 

What to Expect When Raising a Brindle Shih Tzu

When raising a Brindle Shih Tzu, it’s important to understand their specific needs to ensure that they’re being cared for properly. 

Training a Brindle Shih Tzu is extremely important, so for first-time pet owners, you’ll want to make sure that you implement a training program. This can be a great time to bond with your pet, but can also have challenges as they’re known to be extremely charming which can make being serious difficult. 

However, their trainability level is high. If you put in the effort and reinforce good behavior with praise or treats, you’ll be able to teach them commands easily. 

Brindle Shih Tzu Pros

Without a doubt, the number one pro for having a Brindle Shih Tzu is the breed’s wonderful personality. Having a dog that makes a great companion by being friendly and affectionate is a big bonus for individuals looking for a new family member. 

Another pro of having a Brindle Shih Tzu is that they’re great dogs to have if you live in small spaces. They don’t require as much exercise as other dogs and thrive in indoor environments where they can be near people. 

Also, this breed of dog doesn’t shed as much as other dogs. This makes them a great option for people that are concerned with pet hair. They’re also less likely to trigger allergies, which is a big plus for people who have allergies or have family members with severe pet allergies. 

Brindle Shih Tzu Cons

Brindle Shih Tzus are ranked as the 20th most popular dog breed, so it’s hard to imagine there being any drawbacks. However, there are a few things worth noting to determine if it’s the best dog breed for you.

Most notably are their grooming requirements which can be time-consuming and costly because they do require all of the following to maintain their beautiful coats.

  • Frequent brushing
  • Regular haircuts
  • Trims in-between regular cuts

Another disadvantage is that they’re not good dogs to keep outdoors and should only be outside for a short time. They’re also not adventurous dogs and don’t do well with a lot of physical hobbies. 

Shih Tzus aren’t the best guard dogs due to their size and temperament. They may try to be and do have a protective nature, but they aren’t intimidating so warding off individuals or other animals isn’t something this dog does best. 

Brindle Shih Tzu Traits

Making a decision to purchase a dog is a significant one and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s a commitment, and all pets require a loving and caring home. 

If you’re considering a Brindle Shih Tzu, here are some of the traits of this breed that could make them a great option for you. 

Lifespan10 to 16 years
Weight9 to 16 lbs
Height8 to 11 inches
Suitable forKids, pets, families, elderly adults
Grooming NeedsRegular haircuts, brushing, bathing
TemperamentsAffectionate, trainable, moderate energy

Keep in mind that each dog is different and they’ll require different things to ensure they’re happy and healthy. Individual preference on what type of dog a person wants to adopt will vary based on different personalities and needs, so be sure that the Brindle Shi Tzu is right for you before making a commitment. 

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