Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi: 10 Facts (2022 Breed Guide!)

The Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a beautiful little dog with a giant personality that’s characteristic of its herding roots.

These dogs are affectionate and bond tightly with their owners. Because of these characteristics, they’re currently one of the most popular breeds for families.

Keep reading to learn more about this spunky, little breed and what you’ll need to know before adopting one.

The Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Cardigan Welsh corgis are intelligent & moderately high-energy dogs.

The Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a herding breed that was often used by cattle farmers. Because of their big personalities and almost limitless energy for work, they were perfect for this job.

These days, they still retain many of those traits, which can require some training to avoid problems.

The Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a sought-after family dog. This is no surprise considering their mild, loving temperament and how well they respond to training. Cardis are incredibly smart, often learning many different tricks.

Cardigan Welsh Corgis have many different coat variations, including:

  • Brindle
  • Merle
  • Black and white
  • Red and white
  • Sable

For more on brindle dog breeds, refer to our Best Brindle Dog Breeds Guide. Here, you’ll discover the breeds that commonly have the brindle pattern and coloring, along with their traits and temperaments!

No matter what color they are, the breed standards average about the same across the board. These standards are shown below.

Life span12 – 15 years
Height10.5 to 12.5 inches at the shoulder
Weight25 to 40 lbs
Suitable forOlder children, families, active lifestyle
Energy levelModerate
Noise levelProne to barking
IntelligenceVery high

In this guide, we’ll go over various different aspects of the Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Choosing a family pet is an important decision and you should be sure that you’re getting the right pet for your lifestyle.

In the next few sections, you’ll learn about:

  • How much a Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi will cost
  • Their shedding habits
  • How easy they are to train
  • Common health problems
  • Activity level
  • Their average temperament
  • How they usually interact with children

All of these are important to know and should aid you in your decision.

How Much Do Cardigan Welsh Corgis Cost?

The average price of a Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi is around $1,300, but this can go up or down depending on many different factors.

Some of these factors include:

  • The quality of the mother and sire
  • How reputable the breeder is
  • Whether or not they’re AKC registered
  • Rarity of the coat color and pattern
  • Location
  • Supply and demand

If you’re lucky enough to find one at a local animal shelter, this would be much cheaper than a breeder since the adoption fee for dogs is the same across the board and doesn’t depend on the breed. The downside of this is that you cannot confirm lineage or parental temperament.

When looking for your Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi, one of the most important things to watch for is the quality of the breeder. With many different backyard breeders popping up, you want to make sure that you get your puppy from someone who knows what they’re doing. You’re far more likely to get a healthy pup.

With dogs, the temperament of their parents also factors heavily into the temperament of the pup. If you have two calm parents, you’re more likely to have a sweet puppy.

Corgi Lifestyle Needs

Cardis are playful, affectionate breeds, so one would naturally think that they can easily adapt to any lifestyle. While this is somewhat true, they still need to be in an environment that can take care of their needs. This will ensure both their health and happiness.

Additionally, rehoming rates are higher among households who choose breeds that don’t match up with their lifestyle. A stressed or depressed pup can be hard to handle. Making sure that you’re choosing the right breed reduces the likelihood of needing to rehome him or her later on.

Some of these considerations that you should be mindful of are as follows:

  • How much they shed
  • How easy they are to train
  • What health problems they’re most likely to have
  • How active they are

Keep reading to find out more about the characteristics of the Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi.


Corgis are known for shedding quite a lot. Since they have a double coat, they’ll shed the most in spring and summer, with a bit of a break coming in fall and winter. If you’re getting a Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi, you should be prepared for that shedding.

Some tricks to handle a dog that sheds a lot include:

  • Purchase a vacuum cleaner designed to handle pet fur. Many of these also come with special attachments to make vacuuming up hair on furniture or in hard-to-reach places much easier.
  • Invest in a good deshedding brush. Giving your pup regular brushings will reduce the amount of shed.
  • Bathe your pup regularly. A healthy coat doesn’t shed as much as when they’re dirty or unkempt.
  • Taking your pup to the groomer’s regularly can help with shedding. They often use special products to cut down on shedding at home.

Even after you take all of the steps necessary, pet hair will still be a regular thing in your life. If this isn’t something you’re prepared to handle, another breed might be a better choice for you.

If you plan to groom your Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi at home, this guide to the Best Deshedding Shampoos can make grooming easier!

Ease of Training

Cardigan Welsh Corgis are extremely trainable and can even be taught how to do more complex or unusual tricks. Their trainability is one of the main reasons that they were used as herding dogs back in the day and why they make good pets today.

You can expect potty training to happen pretty quickly, along with the basic commands. More complex commands and tricks can take a bit more time, but they will almost surely master whatever you throw at them.

However, one area that they struggle in is barking. Cardis can be noisy little guys and training will sometimes have little to no impact on their barking levels. This is especially true if their lifestyle isn’t as active as it should be. On the upside, they make wonderful alert dogs!

Common Health Problems

As with all dogs, the Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi will need routine vet visits for physicals and immunizations. Routine vet care is an important part of the health and longevity of your pet. 

In addition to routine care, Cardis have a higher risk for some medical conditions, though they’re a healthy breed in general. Most breeds do have heightened risks for some conditions, so this shouldn’t deter you so long as you’re prepared to handle it just in case.

Some of the conditions that your Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi is more likely to develop than other breeds include:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Eye and vision disorders
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Cancer

Again, Cardis are considered to be a healthy breed with fewer problems than average, but you should still budget for medical needs, the same as you would for any dog. If you’re concerned about medical needs, you can ask the breeder about your Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the medical history in his or her family tree.

If you’re concerned about the cost of health needs, pet insurance has become all the rage lately and it’s easy to find affordable health insurance plans for your four-legged family members.

Activity Level

The Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi has a moderate activity level with a healthy balance between snuggly and playful. They do need plenty of time to stretch their legs and run around. They can get up to some funny antics while they have the zoomies, which is fun to watch!

They also enjoy settling in with their humans and snuggling up for a nap. Because of their smaller size, they enjoy laps and sharing couch space with you. A lot of corgis will also want to be close to you at bedtime and will even get in your bed with you if you allow it.

Since they’re smaller, you won’t need massive outdoor space, but a fenced-in yard is still good to have for your Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi. A dog park or ample walks with you will work as a nice substitute if that’s not possible.

If you tend to have a sedentary lifestyle or don’t have enough time to exercise your dog, this may prove difficult with a Cardi. They’re also not a good choice if you’re gone all day at work and there’s no one home to be with your dog.

While they settle down well, they’re still a herding breed and need their exercise to stay both happy and healthy.

Welsh Corgi Temperament

When considering their temperament, it’s extremely important to remember and account for the fact that they’re herding dogs. If they’re not properly trained, these behaviors can come out at bad or inconvenient times. 

Overall, these dogs have a well-balanced temperament. They do well with changes and are amenable. They also tend to bond closely with their human family and can even experience separation anxiety.

Cardis can get suspicious of strangers, though how well they do depends on their individual personality and training. They also do reasonably well with other animals, but will still need a monitored introduction period, as jealousy can come into play.

Corgis do have a protective streak that can show itself with strange people or animals. They’ll want to protect you from any threat. Training is especially important here so that their protectiveness doesn’t become a problem, especially if you’re out and about frequently.

If You Have Children in Your Home

Corgis, in general, do reasonably well with children, but their herding tendencies can cause some problems if not kept in check. They may see your children as something to be herded and start nipping at their heels.

Because of this, it’s generally recommended that you wait until your children are school-aged before getting a corgi. While many do well with babies and toddlers, a toddler’s tendency to poke at and irritate a dog may not sit well with your Cardi.

With the proper training, your corgi will become just as attached to your children as they are to you. Since they have a higher energy level, they’re often the perfect breed for school-aged children.

First Time Dog Owner Considerations for This Breed

If you’re looking for your first dog, you’ll want to take some extra care with corgis. Because of their high energy and training needs, the Brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgi is typically not recommended as a good breed for a first-time dog owner.

Since they’re herders, the training process is a bit more involved than other breeds and you’ll have to keep an eye out for specific behaviors. They may even require special training if they have a more stubborn streak.

The nice thing is since they’re so smart, once you get all of that training out of the way, they retain that information well and can become a relaxed pet in adult life. You just have to put in the work early on!

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