Brindle Cane Corso: Top Things You Need to Know!

With its name roughly meaning “bodyguard dog” in Latin, the Cane Corso is an intelligent and reserved dog, not to mention quite the fearless protector. 

This Mastiff-type dog has a striking appearance that, at first glance, has a reputation of being able to defend against intruders. The Brindle Cane Corso, while extremely protective and loyal, are willing and eager to please their families.

What is a Brindle Cane Corso?

Cane Corsos are similar to Mastiffs and are often used as guard dogs

The Brindle Cane Corso is an ancient Southern Italian breed of mastiff. Usually, they’re kept as companions or guard dogs due to their large and intimidating appearance.

Brindle Cane Corsos may also be used for tasks such as:

  • Guarding livestock
  • Hunting large game
  • Herding cattle

Even with their large size and competence for many different tasks, they still make a wonderfully oversized lap dog. A Cane Corso will cherish time with his human family and loves to make you happy.

What Were Brindle Cane Corsos Bred For?

The main reason the Cane Corso was bred was for hunting. This mastiff breed was developed in southern Italy and is said to have descended from ancient Roman war dogs. 

Along with being bred to hunt game, they were also bred for uses such as protection and being an all-around farmhand. Because they have these protective style instincts, they easily could protect the cattle and herd other livestock with their loud barks and assertive personalities. 

Appearance of a Brindle Cane Corso 

Brindle Cane Corsos have many different features that are distinctive of the breed.

These include:

  • Body structure
  • Coat
  • Size

The Cane Corso is a very large breed, weighing in at 90 to 120 pounds. Standing on their hind legs, they’re taller than the average person!

The amount of brindle that a Cane Corso can have will vary. Some may have merle coloring, which is a coat that you’ll see often with patches of small white hair.

Brindle can also be seen as: 

  • Black
  • Reverse black brindle
  • Gray
  • Reverse gray brindle

Overall, their double-layered coat is short and should appear shiny and dense, feeling stiff to the touch. During the colder seasons, they tend to have a thicker and slightly longer coat in both layers. 

For more information on brindle dogs, check out our Best Brindle Dog Breeds guide!

Grooming Needs of a Brindle Cane Corso

Properly grooming your Cane Corso isn’t always an easy task. Their large size can make it a time-consuming process that will require lots of patience. As they’re a larger dog that’s prone to allergies, make sure to take time to properly groom your Cane Corso. 

Grooming tips for Cane Corsos:

  • Their nails need to be clipped every 2 weeks
  • Brush their coat every 2 to 3 weeks
  • Clean their nose and mouth every other day
  • Every 4 to 7 weeks a proper bath with mild shampoo keeps your Cane Corsos coat fresh and clean

Following these tips will help keep your Brindle Cane Corso both healthy and happy.

How much does a Brindle Cane Corso Cost?

The average cost for a Brindle Cane Corso is somewhere between $900 and $3,000 if you get yours from a breeder. While the cost for a Brindle Cane Corso can be high even through a shelter or rescue group, the cost for supplies can quickly add up. 

The bigger the dog, the bigger the cost. Dogs like the Brindle Cane Corso tend to be more expensive on average due to the amount of food and supplies needed.

Additional costs to consider include:

  • Grooming 
  • Medical bills, including checkups and vaccinations
  • Obedience training

If you’re on a budget, try searching for some second-hand stores in your area or some second-hand websites that provide more cost-effective items that are still great for use.  

Personality Traits of a Brindle Cane Corso

Brindle Cane Corso
Cane Corsos are large, lovable dogs suitable for families

All breeds have different personality traits that are very common across the board. For example, everyone knows that labrador retrievers make excellent family dogs while Chihuahuas tend to bond with an individual person.

Brindle Cane Corsos aren’t different.

Various different personality traits that you can expect will be covered below, including:

  • What kind of exercise they need
  • If they’re good for first time dog owners
  • Whether or not they’re good around children
  • How long they live

These are almost always the same for every Cane Corso, though individual personality can still come into play. Breed expectations aren’t a guarantee.

What Kind of Exercise does a Brindle Cane Corso Need?

The Cane Corso requires quite a bit of exercise every day. After all, they were bred to be working dogs. This means that they need to be occupied and always have something to do.

They require at least 45 minutes to 1 hour of exercise each day.

Some of a Brindle Cane Corso’s favorite exercises are:

  • Going on walks
  • Going for runs
  • Playtime in dog parks, public parks, or beaches
  • Mental playtime activities

While physical exercise is important to keep your Cane Corso healthy, make sure to add a sufficient amount of mental stimulation every day. 

Obedience classes can also aid in meeting Cane Corsos’ physical and mental needs. Training can not only help with understanding behavior, but it can also strengthen their bond with you and the members of your family. 

Is a Brindle Cane Corso Suitable for Families With Children? 

A Cane Corso’s inherent traits make them a great option for those who have families. Their large and imposing appearance can be daunting, but they’re very affectionate and make gentle companions. 

Their common characteristics make them great companions and guardians for your family.

They have great qualities that work well in families, such as:

  • Loyalty
  • Protectiveness
  • Intelligence
  • Playfulness
  • Patience

In families with children, the main thing a parent might be concerned about is safety. Having a dog that can be a gentle companion while also being capable of protecting your family and home is what Cane Corsos are bred for. 

They can easily understand the roles different family members have in their life, as well as understand the need for gentleness around the children

A Cane Corso may not be the best option for your family if you have any infants or young toddlers. While they’re gentle by nature and likely would never try to hurt your child, their size can cause some accidental injuries.

Are Brindle Cane Corsos Good for First Time Pet Owners?

Their strong and dominant personality doesn’t make them the ideal dog breed for first-time dog owners.

Although their massive size and gentle behaviors can make it tempting, keep in mind that it will take:

  • Plenty of time
  • A firm hand
  • Positive reinforcement training
  • A lot of dedication 

Cane Corsos can make good guard dogs, but if you’re not an experienced dog owner, try to find other options that are easier to manage while still being good guard dogs.

Life Expectancy

Based on research in the Czech Republic, Brindle Cane Corsos may have a longer lifespan than your average Cane Corso.

In this study, they closely followed different Cane Corsos and found that the ones who had solid-colored coats had the median age of 9 years, while the black-brindle Cane Corsos had a median age of 10 years. 

While the reasons weren’t specified as to why the brindle dogs had a longer lifespan, it’s believed that the same genes that create the brindle pattern could be linked to their longevity. 

What we like about Brindle Cane Corsos

Cane Corsos are affectionate, playful, and caring companions

The positive qualities of the Cane Corso include:

  • Protective
  • Quiet
  • Affectionate
  • Loving
  • Caring

In addition, there are other traits that make these dogs an excellent choice:

  • As long as they have a firm and strong leader, they can make an excellent family dog, particularly for adults and older children.
  • They’re easy to groom. They only require weekly brushing for a majority of the year. Sometimes, the brushing will need to be done daily if you live in an area with colder or hotter seasons.
  • As they were bred for hunting in ancient Italy, they’re instinctively protective. As they form emotional bonds with family members, they often become determined to protect their people at all costs.
  • Because of their intelligence, they can be trained to fit your families particular needs. 

Whether it’s to be completely protective or if you just want a common and happy family dog that has good manners, a Cane Corso might be just the fit for you. 

Potential Drawbacks of a Brindle Cane Corso

If you aren’t an experienced big dog breed owner, adopting a Cane Corso can be more difficult than you might expect.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Since they’re so large, they may not be the best breed for your family if you have small children. Dogs of this size can accidentally injure a small child while playing or running around with them. 
  • Cane Corsos can be bossy and stubborn. Even with a strong leader, Cane Corsos are known to push boundaries and limits. 
  • Their lifespan isn’t a long one. On average, a Cane Corso’s lifespan is typically only 9 to 12 years, instead of the average 10 to 13 years for most other breeds. 

When deciding if a Cane Corso is the right dog for you and your family, take some time to consider how easily you can handle these potential drawbacks.

Average Statistics for Brindle Cane Corsos

Having accurate knowledge and an understanding of the basics of your Cane Corso will help you when you’re deciding what’s best for you and your situation. 

The table below lists many of the common traits to expect with this breed.

Lifespan 10 to 12 years
Weight 90 to 120 pounds
Size 25 to 27 inches
Temperament Stable, calm, quiet, reserved, even-tempered, easy to train, protective, strong, independent 
Health Concerns Hip Dysplasia, eye problems, bloat, cancer, allergies
Colors Black, fawn, black brindle, gray, chestnut brindle, red
Grooming Mild grooming is needed. Weekly brushing, occasional bathing, and nail clipping
Suitable for Experienced dog owners, families, families with children, families with other dogs, large properties, cattle herding, guard dog

This information can seem daunting, and sometimes overwhelming, but knowing as much as you can about your Brindle Cane Corso will help you in the long run. 


The brindle Cane Corso’s loyalty to its owner shines bright with this breed. Experienced pet owners will come to enjoy this beautiful beast, given proper training and a watchful eye. As history tells it, this breed used to protect land and people from lions in the frozen Tibetan Highlands! 

Today, the Cane Corso retains its tough attitude, but when given exercise and obedience training, will temper out in the long haul. Given these facts, it’s best to house them in a single-dog household, and should be kept at a distance from young children.

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