Brindle Boerboel: Breed Informational Guide (Coat Overview)

Brindle is one of the officially recognized AKC coat types for the Boerboel dog. These dogs are extremely large and have a strong bite, one of the many things which makes them unique.

This breed guide will explore the Brindle Boerboel coat pattern and breed characteristics!

What Is a Brindle Boerboel?

Boerboels are powerful, large dogs with a calm demeanor

A Brindle Boerboel is one of the 8 officially recognized coat types and patterns of the Boerboel dog, according to the AKC. This dog is immensely powerful and is known for its strength and calm demeanor.

Although the brindle doesn’t have as many requirements as with other breeds, it can be a very beautiful pattern and make the Boerboel stand out from the pack.

An interesting feature of these dogs is their immensely powerful bite, which can create close to the pressure of a bite from a lion per square inch.

Although these dogs are known as fantastic guard dogs, they are by no means aggressive by nature.

Where Do Boerboels Originate From?

The Boerboel was originally bred in South Africa as a guard dog and is also known as the South African Mastiff. These gigantic dogs were bred to protect livestock from lions and other apex predators.

How Much Does It Cost?

Buying a Boerboel puppy can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 on average. Depending on the breeder, the lineage of the dog, and any health issues, this price can vary slightly above or below the average, but these numbers are a good reference.

Although the cost can vary, these dogs are available for purchase at some common local breeders as well as online.


The Brindle Boerboel is known to be confident and calm. These dogs are immensely powerful, dominant, and reserved. This means they excel as security dogs, especially with their ability to learn quickly and their high intelligence.

The Boerboel is known to be loyal and dedicated to his home and family. These dogs are extremely docile and can be affectionate to their families and owners.

That said, this doesn’t mean that the Boerboel is without its quirks. Known to be territorial and stubborn at times, the Boerboel excels with training to prevent any behavioral problems which would become difficult to manage in such a strong and powerful dog.

Are Boerboel Dogs Good with Other Pets?

Although Boerboels can be friendly with other household pets, especially if raised from an early age in a common environment, these dogs aren’t exactly known for their social skills.

These massive dogs can be great with families and as companions for other pets, but training is key. An out-of-control Boerboel is a recipe for disaster — and unlike smaller, more underwhelming breeds, these dogs can be dangerous when out of control.

Are They Good with Children?

The Brindle Boerboel is actually known to be good with children and families. The AKC rates these gentle giants as extremely affectionate with their families, and surprisingly good with kids.

Although the Boerboel isn’t known for getting along well and socializing with other dogs, it’s an entirely different story when it comes to their owners. With immense loyalty and being quite literally bred to protect, these dogs are gentle and caring for the children of the family.

Is the Boerboel Good for Security and Protection?

The Brindle Boerboel was bred for security, protection, and to guard livestock and family. This means this dog is a fantastic breed for protection and as a guard dog, with a natural instinct to protect territory and people.

The breed is trainable, loyal, and extremely intelligent, all of which are fantastic traits for a security dog to have.

Things to Know Before Buying a Boerboel

Brindle Boerboel
Though the Boerboel is a friendly family dog, it may not be for everyone

It’s always important to be confident that you have enough time to take care of and train a Boerboel from early on. These dogs are dependent on being trained well and having proper social training, as are many dogs.

Because of this, one of the key things to consider before buying a Boerboel is if you can handle it. These massive dogs, which can stand as high as 27 inches at the shoulder, shouldn’t be underestimated.

Another important thing to know is the recognized coat colors and disqualifications if you’re interested in breeding or showing your Boerboel. These dogs have 8 recognized coat types, including the brindled coat.

Pros of a Brindle Boerboel

The Brindle Boerboel is known for being fantastic for security and protection. This breed is loyal, calm, and intelligent.

Originating from South Africa, it’s well known that these dogs are territorial and protective of their family, and extremely good at fending off wild predators.

They’re known to be docile and even-tempered, affectionate with their family, and great with young kids.

Cons of a Brindle Boerboel

Although the Boerboel is a fantastic dog, it does require training and attention to turn out right. These dogs aren’t famous for getting along with other pets, either, so it’s important to keep that in mind when looking into getting a Brindle Boerboel.

Although these dogs love spending time with the humans they adore, a Boerboel might be far too much for a beginning dog breeder or owner to handle.

Food and Dietary Requirements

The Boerboel is a friendly giant, but being a giant, this dog does require a lot of food. Some Boerboels are prone to becoming overweight, so it’s important to watch the weight of these dogs.

High-quality dog food is always recommended and it’s important that this dog is fed a diet of low calcium, as with many other giant dog breeds.

How Much Exercise Does a Boerboel Need?

The Boerboel is extremely strong and athletic. This means the dog will need regular, daily exercise. Regular walks or a large yard are ideal for this dog because the dog doesn’t do well in an enclosed environment with other dogs.

It’s ideal to keep your Brindle Boerboel on a leash when in public or at a dog park.

Lifespan and Breed Overview

The Brindle Boerboel is known to live an average of 10 to 12 years, which is a normal age for a gigantic dog breed.

Lifespan10 -12 years
Weight154 – 200 lbs
Height23 – 28 inches
Suitable ForProtection, security, families, children
Grooming RequirementsMinimal but frequent brushing
Health ConcernsJoints, obesity
TemperamentsIntelligent, docile, loyal, protective

Although these massive giants do sometimes live longer, it’s not expected, even if they’re in good health.


Originally bred to protect livestock on the farms of South Africa, the intimidating Brindle Boerboel is quite a docile and friendly creature.

The Boerboel makes for a great outdoor adventurer and entertainer outdoors. So potential owners can expect some rough-housing and affection from these giants. That doesn’t make them unsafe for family environments, but it’s helpful to keep a lookout for when smaller children are around.

Potential owners will want to train this breed early on, as they can be stubborn and may try to exploit any leeway in behavior. Think twice if you’re a first-time owner!

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