15 Best Border Collie Mixed Breeds


Border collies are consistently voted the most smartest dog breed, so you can expect that intelligence to come to the fore, even if the dog’s other parent isn’t the sharpest tool in the box.

This breed is an energetic worker. Not only will he need plenty of vigorous exercise, but he’ll also need lots of interaction and stimulation to keep that bumper brain active. Fail to take care of this dog’s needs and he will likely exhibit destructive behaviors. Keep him happy and exercised and he’ll give you plenty of love and devotion.

Dive in and explore our curated list of the best border collie mixed breeds out there. This well-balanced medium breed makes a wonderful addition to any family, and these canines are great with kids, too.

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Top 15 Border Collie Mixed Breeds

  • Dobie
  • Borgi
  • Borderdoodle
  • Border Jack
  • Kelpie Collie
  • Borderstiff
  • Collieweiler
  • Shollie
  • Border Pit
  • Borderland
  • Bordermute
  • Bordersky
  • Collie Cocker
  • Border Newfie
  • Golden Border

1) Dobie

When you cross a Doberman with a border collie, you get the Dobie. Weighing anywhere from 45 to 80 pounds, his coat will be short, sleek, and resembling the Doberman in terms of marking and colorings, but with the occasional splash of white.

This crossbreed makes an effective guard dog, but he’s also remarkably sweet and docile, constantly craving cuddles.

As with all border collie cross breeds, you’ll need to devote time and love to this dog or he could become destructive.

2) Borgi

Source: hello BARK

When the corgi is crossed with the border collie, you get a Borgi. These dogs stand between 10 and 20 inches tall, so there’s a fair disparity in sizings. Weights are in the region of 30 to 40 pounds with this crossbreed. With long and squat bodies taking after the corgi parent and the coat and coloring of the collie parent, these dogs are characterized by their cheeky smiles and oversized ears. Most of these mixed breeds do not have docked tails like corgis.

These dogs will need at least an hour of vigorous exercise daily. They also make efficient herding dogs, drawing on the heritage of both parents.

3) Borderdoodle

Source: Adorable doodle dogs

The Borderdoodle is perhaps the most popular of all border collie mixes, established by breeding a border collie and a poodle. These curly-haired pooches usually take on the monochrome coloring of the collie, and they need frequent grooming to stop that coat becoming tangled.

Standing up to 22 inches tall and weighing anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds, this mixed breed is roughly the same weight as most poodle mixed breeds.

Highly energetic and super-smart, you need to stimulate these dogs or they will end up wrecking the place.

4) Border Jack


Crossing a border collie with a Jack Russell gives you the iconic Border Jack.

As with all mixed breeds involving a border collie, the Border Jack is incredibly energetic with a strong ratting instinct. While he will need lots of exercise and stimulation to prevent destructive behaviors manifesting, these dogs are highly trainable. That said, you’ll need to exercise a firm hand.

These mixed breeds come out much smaller than the collie, weighing 20 to 40 pounds and standing 10 to 20 inches tall.

5) Kelpie Collie


The Kelpie Collie is a rare breed that strongly resembles a fox. Weighing from 25 to 50 pounds, these dogs are muscular but fairly short, standing no more than 21 inches tall.

Kelpie Collies have pointy muzzles and a wilder appearance than purebred collies. Coloring tends to draw from both parents, with white, blacks, and reds in evidence.

Seemingly endless balls of energy, these dogs will happily work all day on a ranch or farm. Look to give these mixed breeds dogs at least 90 minutes of strenuous exercise daily, as well as plenty of stimulation and cuddling.

If you’re looking for a border collie mixed breed that’s a little more independent and less demanding than most on our shortlist, you can’t go wrong with the Kelpie Collie. Just be prepared to devote time and love to this pooch.

6) Borderstiff


A border collie crossed with a mastiff results in the striking and commanding Borderstiff.

These dogs are sweet and friendly when they’re at home with the family, but they are bundles of energy when they get outside. They also tend to become more excitable outdoors.

Brave and courageous when called upon, these mixed breeds are gentle giants who interact well with children.

This dog won’t make a good fit for apartment-dwellers. Weighing 150 pounds or more at the upper end and standing 25 inches high, the Borderstiff has a thick and dense coat that’s usually black and white like a collie. The head and features of the mastiff in the mix come through fully.

7) Collieweiler

Source: loveyourdog.com

When you mix a border collie with a Rottweiler, you end up with a Collieweiler.

This crossbreed is powerful, energetic, and loaded with stamina. They will keep going all day long, and they are whip-smart, too.

One of the drawbacks of this mixed breed is their destructive behaviors, so be certain to keep them entertained and stimulated, or you’ll pay the price with wrecked furniture.

The Collieweiler is quite standoffish with strangers, but a loving addition to the family.

This crossbreed typically stands from 20 to 25 inches tall, and weighs in at 50 to 90 pounds. Stocky and muscular, these dogs are partial to climbing up for a cuddle. With black, white, and tan coats and those trademark triangle ears, these dogs are full of character.

8) Shollie

Source: Dog time

The Shollie is an alluring crossbreed mixing the border collie with the imposing German shepherd.

The double-herding heritage of this mixed breed makes them superb herding hounds. They are also fiercely protective so work well for guard dog duty, too.

The Shollie usually attaches himself firmly to one family member, the one he considers his primary master.

As with all border collie mixed breeds, you’ll need to put in the time and effort to take this dog out for regular and intense exercise. When he’s home, he’ll be reasonably demanding and call for plenty of attention.

Weighing up to 75 pounds and standing between 20 and 25 inches tall, the Shollie takes on the black, white, and brown colors from both parents, with patterning drawing from the German shepherd heritage. This crossbreed needs frequent grooming.

9) Border Pit


The Border Pit is a crossbreed between a border collie and pitbull.

These sweet pups are full of fun and stamina, and they are also seriously smart and incredibly loyal.

Weighing anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds and standing up to 21 inches tall, this crossbred normally has a short sleek coat that can include any common pitbull colors. Usually, the black and white coloring of the collie parents also comes to the fore.

The main selling point of these cute crossbreeds is that infectious smile that will make you want to grab this dog for a cuddle.

10) Borderland

Source: Bark.com

This fluffy herder is the result of crossing a border collie with a Shetland sheepdog.

Taking on the coloring of both parents, you’ll need to devote plenty of time to grooming these dogs.

Standing 15 to 20 inches tall and tipping the scale at 25 to 45 pounds, these dogs are playful and highly intelligent. Sociable with strangers and great with kids, the Borderland is a brilliant family dog and one of the best border collie mixed breeds out there.

11) Bordermute

The rare crossbreed of an Alaskan malamute and border collie gives you the distinctive Bordermute.

Looking superficially like a husky, this wolf-life dog is typically beefier than a husky, weighing 50 pounds and more.

These dogs are fierce pullers and explosively fast on their feet. As such, you should always keep your Bordermute on a leash or escape-proof harness. If you have an active lifestyle and ample time to spend with this dog, you’ll enjoy a fabulously loyal companion ready to endlessly shower you with love.

12) Bordersky


The border collie crossed with the Siberian husky gives you the Bordersky, a dinky dog standing between 19 and 23 inches high and weighing from 30 to 50 pounds.

Both the patterning and color of this mixed breed’s coat takes after the husky, so you can expect a fluffy furball.

The Bordersky is energetic even by the exacting standards of the border collie. He will need at least an hour of intense exercise daily, ideally 90 minutes or more.

Less stubborn than a husky, these pups are cheeky and sociable, making them ideal family dogs. As long as you are prepared to meet those exercise requirements, a Bordersky would make a great dog for a first-time owner.

13) Collie Cocker


A Collie Cocker resembles the border collie but features the curly-haired ears from the cocker spaniel parent.

Standing from 14 to 18 inches tall and weighing up to 45 pounds, the coat of this mixed breed tends to be white and brown, often as patterns across the coat.

Shoot for 45 to 60 minutes of daily exercise and make sure you also give you dog oodles of time and attention. As with all mixed breeds featuring the border collie, if you don’t do this then you could end up with damaged furniture.

This crossbreed has a strong prey drive, but ultimately prefers cuddling up with family members.

14) Border Newfie


The Border Collie and Newfoundland crossbreed – the Border Newfie – is a thundering pup weighing in at anywhere up to 120 pounds. They are 22 to 25 inches tall.

These dogs shed heavily and drool copiously. Make sure you are prepared for this in advance. The huge coats mean the Border Newfie feels most comfortable in cooler climates.

Although they can appear standoffish due to the Newfoundland genetics, it doesn’t take this dog long to feel comfortable around strangers.

Sweet and lovable, the Border Newfie doesn’t need as much exercise as most of the crossbreeds on our shortlist.

15) Golden Border

The Golden Border is a crossbreed of the border collie and golden retriever.

This mixed breed is playful and relaxed, ideal if you like the idea of a border collie but don’t fancy committing to an intense exercise regime. That said, you should still allot an hour a day for some intense exercise, ideally incorporating some form of water sports.

Loyal and devoted, the Golden Border doesn’t attach to one specific family member, so he will shower you all with love and affection.

Weighing from 40 to 60 pounds and standing over 20 inches tall, the coat of this crossbreed is black and white or golden, but seldom a combination of colorings. These dogs are heavy shedders throughout the year.


We very much hope today’s roundup of some of the more attractive border collie mixed breeds has given you plenty of inspiration.

You should always fully research any potential pet. With border collie mixes, the main elements you need to consider are exercise and attention. The majority of these crossbreeds need a minimum of 60 minutes of vigorous daily exercise. They also require lots of attention at home. If you don’t take care of these aspects, you could find your border collie mix starts engaging in destructive behaviors.

If you dislike the idea of a dog that needs such intense exercise, some of the crossbreeds on our list are rather less demanding. We draw your attention to this throughout our guide.

Now, take a second to bookmark BarkVA before you head off today. We update our content daily and we bring you informative guides on all aspects of pet ownership from training and grooming through to choosing the right dog food and the best canine equipment. Pop back soon so you don’t miss out!

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