Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls: Slow eating dog bowl for Big and Small dogs

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What is a Slow Feeder dog bowl?

Just like humans, dogs also need to properly chew each bite as it improves their digestive system.

If your furry friend chows down food at an alarming speed, then it’s time to get him a slow feeder dog bowl. It helps your dog slacken his speed rather than devouring the meal, allowing him to feel fuller, more energized, and content.

Just like humans, dogs also need to properly chew each bite as it improves their digestive system. Eating food slowly reduces the risk of bloating, nausea, and choking hazards. Moreover, chewing your meal stimulates your pup’s brain and provides him adequate mental exercise. This results in a happy, healthy, and mentally strong canine friend.

But if your dog simply gulps down his food, he may end up swallowing a large amount of air as well that leads to gastrointestinal discomfort. This not only causes pain but also makes him less satiated and increases his desire for more food. Due to this, dogs overeat and vomit out excess food.

Slow feeder dog bowls are designed to reduce the likelihood of gulping down food and thus alleviate issues related to fast eating. The ridges and barriers break up the bowl surface area and prevent the dog from eating too quickly. This helps them feeling full as they devour on their meal.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a New Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

When choosing a slow feeder bowl, you need to keep in mind the needs of your canine. Even the best-selling ones can fail to meet the criteria, thus leaving your dog less satiated and hungry. So when selecting the Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, pay attention to these generic features:

  • Dog-friendly Designs: Typically, slow feeder dog bowls have intricate designs to limit access to food. The more complex the design is, the slower your pup will eat and prevent him from gulping down his food. Moreover, consider your dog’s breed as a dog with short and flat snout will find it difficult to get the kibble out of the nooks of the bowl. If it’s troublesome for your canine to eat from the bowl, then he may completely skip his meal entirely and prefer staying hungry.
  • Non-Toxic Materials: Slow feeder bowls come in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, and silicone. Although, most of these materials are eco-friendly when buying plastic ones, choose BPA-free bowls as they are food-safe. Nevertheless, stainless steel is the most popular slow feeder bowl material due to its durable and safe composition. They are also ideal for big-chewer dogs that can eat away any surface, including plastic and silicon. Ensure that your stainless steel bowl is non-porous and of high-quality to prevent the growth of bacteria. Ceramic is the least preferred choice as it can chip off your dog’s teeth and may break if dropped down.
  • Adequate Capacity: Since there are multiple sizes available in slow feeder bowls, therefore choose the one that works well for your canine. Larger dogs will need bigger bowls, whereas small pooches can devour on their food in tiny bowls as well. The size of the bowl affects the capacity level; if you give a full large bowl to your poodle, he may overeat or waste his food. Similarly, larger dogs such as Labrador may not feel full when eating in small bowls due to the limited portion size.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Slow feeders have intricate patterns that are difficult to clean. Food, typically, gets stuck in the corners, making it susceptible to mold and algae. This could turn their safe and chemical-free slow feeders into a toxic one. When buying the feeder bowl, make sure it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and maintenance. You can use mild dish soap and place it in the washer to sterile the bowl without the hassle of scrubbing.
  • Anti-Slip Base: Usually, your dog plays with his food when eating, which can unbalance the bowl and knock the food off. The bowls can even flip when your dog tries to reach the corners to get hold of the kibbles. But a bowl with anti-slip, resilient base mitigates the chances of accidents and promotes clean eating habits. This means there will be no more spillage and less mess when your furry friend wolfs down his food.

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Outward-Hound-Fun-Feeder-Dog-Bowl Best Overall: Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl • Durable design
• Food-safe materials
• Multiple sizes, color, and styles
Check Price
UpSkySlow-Feeder-Dog-Bowl Runner Up: UpSkySlow Feeder Dog Bowl • Available in 3 different colors
• Anti-slip base
• Easy to clean
Check Price
JASGOOD-Dog-Feeder-Slow-Eating-Pet-Bowl JASGOOD Dog Feeder Slow Eating Pet Bowl • Natural design
• Lightweight
• Available in four different colors
Check Price
Outward-Hound-Fun-Feeder-Slo-Bowl Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl • Multiple bright colorways
• Slows your dog eating dramatically
• Food-grade materials
Check Price
Jasgood-Slow-Bowl Jasgood Slow Bowl • Broad palette of colors
• Works with wet or dry food
• Discourages dogs from eating quickly
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Dogit-Slow-Feeder Dogit Slow Feeder • Comes in varying sizes
• Ideal for wet food
• Skid-free base
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The 13 Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

1. Best Overall: Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl (4.9 out of 5 stars)

It is our top-pick slow feeder bowl available in multiple colors, sizes, and styles to promote fun and healthy eating. Made of food-grade plastic and complex raised-ridge design improves digestion as the dog forages through the pattern and mazes.

The difficulty level perfectly slows down your dog from munching his food quickly. Therefore, vets recommend it to aid healthy eating habits and prevent bloating.

The BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-free plastic food is safe for different dog food types, ensuring zero toxicity. The anti-slip base ensures the bowl won’t slide or knock-off as your dog tries to reach the nooks of the bowl.

Due to its varying sizes, the bowl offers ample capacity to hold different portion sizes. The larger one can hold up to 4 cups of dry kibble while the smallest one can carry 3/4th of a cup; thus, this Slo-Bowl is ideal for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

What We Liked

  • Durable design
  • Food-safe materials
  • Multiple sizes, color, and styles
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Adequately complicated
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-slip

What We Didn’t Like

  • Unsuitable for dogs with short muzzles

2. Runner up: UpSkySlow Feeder Dog Bowl (4.8 out of 5 stars)

It is one of the most affordable Slow Feeder Bowls that is available in three different colors. You can get a single or dual-pack choice, depending on your needs and budget.

Most of the dog owners vouch for this bowl to effectively reduce the munching speed of your canine. The raised ridges evenly distribute the food to train your mutt for proper chewing and short breaks between each morsel.

Made of PP resin, the bowl is durable, food-safe, chemical-free, and recyclable. Its semi-complex design makes eating fun and mind-stimulating for your little pup. The appropriate height and gap give easy access to food while adding the fun element.

Due to its PP coating, the bowl is easy to clean; all you need is to rinse and wipe for a sparkling surface. This eco-friendly bowl can hold up to two cups of dry or wet food and thus ideal for small and medium fur babies.

Typically, it can increase the feeding time from 5 minutes to 20 and thus prevent your pup from choking on his food. Its non-slip stickers allow you to place the bowl at any surface without the chance of dropping off the food.

What We Liked

  • Budget-friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Durable
  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Anti-slip base
  • Easy to clean

What We Didn’t Like

  • Suitable for small dogs only

3. JASGOOD Dog Feeder Slow Eating Pet Bowl (4.6 out of 5 stars)

They are one of the most lightweight slow feeder dog bowls made of BPA-free, food-safe plastic. These bowls come in a variety of styles with the least complicated patterns to encourage the healthy eating habit.

It is ideal as a diet bowl, making your dog eat less to support him in losing weight. Typically designed to slow down the eating process, the bowl helps your dog feel full of smaller quantities.

Imitating life in the wild, the bowl provides a foraging environment to let your dog find his food in a fun way and feel satiated. You can find it in four different colors and choose the one that your furry friend will like most.

The bowl is dishwasher safe as it is made of high-grade PP material, which makes cleaning quick and easy. You can load it on the top rack and use a mild detergent to prevent scratches on the bowl.

It can hold up to 1.5 cups of dry meal to help control obesity in your canine. You may have to provide multiple refills to your large dog when feeding through JASGOOD slow feeder.

What We Liked

  • Natural design
  • Lightweight
  • Available in four different colors
  • Safe for dishwashing
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Ideal for diets

What We Didn’t Like

  • One size available
  • Less complicated interior

4. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl (4.5 out of 5 stars)

Bowls with intricate designs work well for slowing down your dog at feeding time, and Outward Hound delivers a first-class example.

You can choose from a wide variety of bright colors to introduce some fun into feeding time.

Choose next from multiple sizes to suit your furball. This is the Large version that holds up to 4 cups of dry kibble.

The ridged bowl is claimed to make your dog eat up to 10 times slower. It’s impossible to ratify those claims made by the manufacturer, but the vast bulk of user reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with many satisfied users reporting a significant slowing down of eating times.

You might find smarter dogs start to master the pattern of the ridges and speed up their eating slightly. There’s not much you can do about this, and you may find your dog doesn’t look to eat quicker once he gets engaged with this new bowl.

As with any ridged bowl, you could find some food gets stuck, so make sure you frequently empty and clean the bowl. It’s safe to slide in the dishwasher after use like all the best slow feeder dog bowls.

What We Liked

  • Multiple bright colorways
  • Slows your dog eating dramatically
  • Food-grade materials
  • Stable, non-slip base
  • Dishwasher-friendly

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some food gets trapped in grooves

5. Jasgood Slow Bowl (4.7 out of 5 stars)

Jasgood serves up a highly attractive dog bowl that should encourage your pup to dial back the pace at feeding time.

Available in a wide array of bright colors, you can match the bowl to your décor.

Not only is this slow feeder dog bowl highly effective, but it’s also one of the cheapest models on the market, making it a great choice for bargain-hunters not prepared to compromise on quality.

Made from a robust plastic that’s free of BPA and free of phthalates, you can pour in your pup’s food with a clean conscience.

This bowl measures 9.7 inches across and accommodates up to 3 cups of dry kibble, making it a good choice for most small and medium-sized dogs. With larger breeds, you may want to consider a bigger bowl.

If you prefer feeding your pup wet food, this bowl will also house that, as well as raw food, so you’re spoiled for choice.

Watch your dog eat slower, enjoy his food more, and digest it more effectively when he eats out of this slow feeding bowl.

What We Liked

  • Broad palette of colors
  • Works with wet or dry food
  • Discourages dogs from eating quickly
  • Holds 3 cups of dry food
  • Dishwasher-safe

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not suitable for cats

6. Dogit Slow Feeder (4.7 out of 5 stars)

It is one of the best slow feeders known for its exceptional performance in healthy eating habits among dogs. Available in a single design, the feeder is ideal for wet food, gravy, and other liquid-y meals.

The less complicated design makes it easier to spread the semi-liquid food that your canine can easily lick for every nook and corner. They can even effortlessly slurp water and gravy from wide-open spaces with splashing it all around.

However, the feeder is unsuitable for flat snouts due to its thick ridges and deep convergence. Its non-skid base ensures a mess-free meal with zero chances of food droppings.

It comes in various sizes ranging from extra small to big; the feeder suits the requirements of all dog types. The sturdy construction and unique interiors make mealtime fun for your dogs by efficiently stimulating their brains.

What We Liked

  • Comes in varying sizes
  • Ideal for wet food
  • Skid-free base
  • Durable materials
  • Less complicated design
  • Works well for dogs of all sizes

What We Didn’t Like

  • Single design
  • Unsuitable for flat snouts

7. Super Design Anti-Gulping Dog Bowl Feeder (4.4 out of 5 stars)

You won’t find this many color options anywhere else! This fun slow feeder incorporates intricate puzzle design to slow down mealtime in fast eaters. Its convoluted style prevents bloating, chocking, and vomiting, thus allowing your mutt to properly digest his food.

This sturdy bowl comes in four different portion sizes to fit the needs of most dog breeds. Its food-grade melamine, BPA, and PVC free plastic ensure the bowl is suitable for various food types.

It is dishwasher-friendly as well as corrosion-resistant built promises long-lasting use. Due to the rubberized base and heavyweight, the feeder is difficult to knock down, thus preventing spills and splashes.

What We Liked

  • Chemical-free materials
  • Heavy and durable built
  • Ideal for medium and large dogs
  • Widest color collection
  • Anti-slip design
  • Fun interiors

What We Didn’t Like

  • Unsuitable for small pups

8. Neater Raised Slow Feeder (4.5 out of 5 stars)

Neater raised feeder is specifically designed for ailing dogs or those suffering from medical conditions such as arthritis or spinal problem. This elevated food bowl offers much-needed relief and prevents them from bending down to reach food.

Besides, its long-winded ridges promote slow eating habits to prevent nausea and overeating. The design is also compatible with dogs having short snouts, which means your Pug can also lengthen his mealtime and feel full at the end.

This slow feeder bowl is detachable. Thus you can adjust the height to suit the specific needs of various dog sizes. The water bowl can be used separately, whereas the legs can be removed.

Your extra tall fur babies can benefit from its elevated structure and enjoy a meal comfortably. Made of BPA-free plastic, it is suitable for all kinds of food, including wet and semi-liquids. It is designed to be safe for dog’s teeth and gums to prevent mouth ulcers.

Manufactured in the US, the product speaks of premium quality and lifetime use.

What We Liked

  • Detachable design
  • Added water bowl
  • Food-grade plastic
  • Adjustable height
  • Ideal for tall and ailing dogs
  • Works well for short snouts

What We Didn’t Like

  • Unsuitable for smaller breeds

9. Leashboss Slow Feed Dog Bowl (4.6 out of 5 stars)

The memorably-named Leashboss produces a deep line of great pet gear that’s pretty reasonably priced. This slow feed dog bowl continues that winning tradition.

This bowl is suitable for use with raised feeders. It’s compatible with the Maze food bowl.

There are 3 sizes up for grabs. This is the smallest bowl, holding 1.5 cups of dry kibble. There is also a 2-cup and 4-cup bowl available.

You use the slow feed bowl in place of a regular bowl with a capacity of 1 quart and a diameter from 6.5 to 7 inches. You should see a noticeable slowing down in the way your dog eats when using this thing.

The bowl is not designed for water, but works well with dry, wet, or raw dog food.

Made from food-grade plastic that’s easy to keep clean and built to last, this is one of the best slow feed bowls for dogs out there.

What We Liked

  • Trio of different sizes
  • Promotes slower eating
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Food-safe plastic
  • Holds dry, wet, or raw food

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some dogs master the pattern and eat quicker

10. OurPets DuraPet Stainless Steel Dog Bowl (4.7 out of 5 stars)

If you’re not a fan of plastic bowls, this stainless steel offering from OurPets is a must. How does it shape up, then?

This is the Small bowl designed to accommodate up to 3 cups of kibble. You can also pop raw food or wet food in Fido’s bowl if he eats that kind of food.

Inside the bowl is a solid centerpiece. This naturally forces your dog to slow down when he’s eating. Not only will this improve his digestion, but it will also prevent overeating that can cause obesity.

A bonded ring underneath the bowl ensures that it won’t slip and skid away, even if your dog is quite energetic at feeding time.

Safe to slip in the dishwasher when your pup has finished eating, this is one of the best slow feed dog bowls you’ll find, and it’s built to withstand plenty of punishment, too.

What We Liked

  • Rugged stainless steel build
  • Skid-proof bottom
  • This model holds up to 3 cups of dry food
  • Choose from 3 sizes
  • Solid centerpiece encourages slow eating

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some issues with build quality over time

11. Pinjum Slow Feeder Dog Bowl (4.3 out of 5 stars)

Pinjum offers a simple but effective slow feed dog bowl that deserves a place on your shortlist. How does it stand and fall?

Unlike much of the opposition, there’s only one size and one color available here. The baby blue bowl has the capacity for up to 2 cups of dry food, making it a neat fit for most mid-sized and smaller breeds. If you have a larger hound at home, we have plenty of beefier bowls on our list today.

Made from completely food-safe materials, the bowl has no BPA and no other contaminants liable to leach into your furball’s food. Instead, he can feast away safely but slowly.

The raised pieces inside the bowl force your pup to slow down rather than shoveling up all the food in his bowl and suffering problems with digestion.

Suitable for wet or dry food, this bowl comes with an innovative square base that’s designed not to slip and slide. Not only is this highly functional, but it also make a great conversation piece.

What We Liked

  • Encourages slow eating
  • Wide and non-slip base
  • Holds 2 cups of dry food
  • Also suitable for wet food
  • Square base

What We Didn’t Like

  • Pretty lightweight

12. Neater Pet Brands Slow Feed Bowl (4.5 out of 5 stars)

If your pooch feeds from an elevated feeder, this slow feed bowl is designed to work smoothly with these systems to further slow down eating.

This is the larger of the two sizes available, and gives you enough capacity for up to 4 cups of kibble. This should give you enough latitude even if you have a bigger breed at home.

The raised centerpiece means your dog has to slow down when he’s eating. This will prevent overeating while also reducing the chance of your pup vomiting after he’s eaten.

Dishwasher-safe and made from a robust stainless steel, this is one of the most efficient slow feed dog bowls out there and it’s well worth a place on any shortlist.

What We Liked

  • Holds up to 4 cups of dry food
  • Prevents overeating
  • Promotes slow feeding
  • Great overall value
  • Dishwasher-safe stainless steel

What We Didn’t Like

  • Disappointing customer service

13. Iris Large Slow Feed Bowl (4.7 out of 5 stars)

Does your pooch have a lengthy snout? If so, this long-snouted dog bowl could be just the thing to slow down his eating. The bowl also comes in a short-snout variant, so there’s something for all dog owners here.

Made from BPA-free plastic, you’ll have no concerned about any contaminants leaching into your furball’s food.

The elevated sides of this bowl should encourage Rover to eat less hastily. The bowl should also inhibit overeating, since your pooch will savor his food and properly digest it rather than simply wolfing it down as quickly as possible.

There are just 3 colorways to choose from, all understated. The bowl is also available in Small and Large sizes to suit.

The majority of user testimony concerning this slow feeder bowl is positive, but we found some scattered complaints about the depth. Overall, most users praise the lifespan, ease of cleaning, and also the effectiveness of this bowl for slowing down Rex at feeding time.

What We Liked

  • Available for long or short-snouted dogs
  • High sides promote slow eating
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Super-simple to keep clean
  • Rugged and built to stay the distance

What We Didn’t Like

  • Bowl could be deeper

What is a slow feeder dog bowl?

As the name suggests, it’s a bowl specifically designed to prevent fast eating habits in dogs. The intricate construction, ridges, and barriers slacken your dog’s munching speed and thus ensuring a healthy gut.

How do I know if my dog eats too fast?

A dog, who simply gulps down the food as soon as you place the bowl in front of him, is a fast eater. He will not properly chew his food and overstuff his mouth without taking a break in each morsel.

Why shouldn’t my dog eat too fast?

A dog that eats to fasts may develop various medical issues, such as:

  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • Overeating

It can also lead to bloating, gastric problems, vomiting, nausea, and choking hazards. Your dog may continuously feel hunger and desire for more food,

What are the benefits of using slow feeder dog bowls?

These bowls let your dog chew his food properly to avoid bloating, nausea, and gastrointestinal discomfort. When your dog chows down his food too fast, he may gulp down some air, which tightens his intestine and lead to stomachache. Additionally, these bowls work provide mental stimulation and keep your pup healthy, happy, and strong.

Does my dog need a slow feeder bowl?

These are typically designed for canines that munch too fast must use slow feeder bowls. It lets them devour their food without gulping it down in one go. Such eating behavior can lead to complex medical issues, such as obesity due to overeating.

Which size of the slow feeder should I use for my dog?

The size of the bowl depends on the breed of your dog. The larger the dog, the bigger should be the bowl size. Moreover, if your dog has a flat snout, then choose the bowl with less complex designs. Dogs may entirely stop eating if they find it difficult to get.

How do I prevent my dog from knocking down his food?

You can use elevated bowls to circumvent the chances of dropping down the food. Nowadays, you can even find bowls with an anti-slip base that has a sturdy grip on the surface. This mitigates the chances of spill-related accidents.

Can slow feeder bowls help my mutt lose his weight?

Definitely, yes! When your furry friend chews his food fully, he will feel satisfied and less hungry. This prevents him from overeating, also improving his digestion process. The better he digests the food, the lesser the chances of gaining weight. It will also allow you to control the portion size of the meal.


Dogs are inherently opportunists who would eat as much as they can, regardless of the situation. It’s their survival mechanism to gulp down all the food before anyone else gets the chance to eat it.

Rescue dogs will be more prone to such eating habits due to their life experiences. They may have lived through underfed situations, which make them gobble down their meal whenever presented to them, thus leading to overeating. These slow feeder bowls will train them for eating slowly and chewing food properly.

Slow feeder bowls are an ideal solution to control the munching speed of your canine friend. It’s not only effective but also quite affordable and convenient for training your dog in developing healthy eating habits.

You can find a variety of these bowls in the market, each offering an extensive range of benefits. All these bowls are designed, keeping in view the particular needs of your mutt.

Bigger bowls with multiple ridges are ideal for larger dogs with longer snouts. They have a larger capacity with limited access to food, which makes you control the portion size, stimulate your dog’s brain and keep him satiated and entertained.

However, if you’re a restless dog, then he may try to turn and toss the bowl to knock off the food and eat up the food quickly. Therefore, when buying a slow feeder dog bowl, get the one that is difficult to knock off.

Not only it generates healthy eating habits, but it also keeps your furry friend well entertained. He would thoroughly enjoy licking the semi-liquid meals from the nooks of the bowl. You can also add some frozen treats in these bowls that your mutt can clobber down in summers.

We have picked up the industry’s best slow feeder bowls made of top-quality materials, intricate designs, and dog-friendly features. Your mutt will definitely enjoy his mealtime with delicious food and mind-stimulating bowl.

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