The 15 Best Dog Food for Puppies


Of all the decisions you’ll face as a dog owner, there are few more important than the type of food you give him.

Not only do you want to ensure that your puppy gets enough protein from premium sources, but you’ll also want to minimize your puppy’s risk of developing hip dysplasia – more on that in our FAQs down below.

We understand you may have no idea what you’re looking for in the best dog food for puppies, so we’ve compiled a bumper guide today to help you every step of the way.

We curated a list of all the most effective foods, both wet and dry, so you can easily compare them like-for-like. We’ll also be outlining what you should look for when you’re choosing puppy food, and also how much and how often to feed your growing pup.

Before we get down to business, though, a few simple pointers on feeding your puppy…

  • With dry dog food, always choose a food that’s appropriate for your breed of dog. Many puppy foods are breed-specific, with kibble sized to suit small, medium, or large breeds. Don’t overlook this vital factor or you could end up with a large bag of uneaten dog food and an unhappy puppy
  • Feed your puppy regular to establish a routine. All dog food should come with clear guidance on the amount you need to feed your puppy, and also the recommended feeding intervals. If you’re uncertain, speak with your vet
  • If you’re introducing a new food to your dog, do this slowly and patiently. Continue feeding him the food he was weaned on and start gradually switching over to a new food at the same time
  • Make sure your puppy always has a supply of fresh drinking water
  • When your puppy is very young, consider mixing the food so it’s softer and easier for him to take onboard. Dry dog food typically only contains 10% moisture content, so it may be slightly tough for a new puppy
  • Don’t overfeed your puppy. Rapid growth can trigger health problems, while also increasing your dog’s risk of obesity

When you’re looking for dog foods, there are several core areas that you should look out for:

  • Protein: Often referred to as the building blocks of life, your puppy needs protein for healthy lean muscle growth and repair. Look for protein from a premium source, ideally listed as the primary ingredient
  • Carbs: Give your puppy the long-lasting energy and fiber he needs by ensuring any dog food on your shortlist has the correct proportion of carbohydrates
  • Fats: Fats provide your puppy with a concentrated source of energy. Fats also help your dog to absorb some vitamins while protecting his internal organs
  • Minerals: Minerals such as calcium are key for the bone and dental health of your canine
  • Vitamins: If your dog food contains enough vitamins, you should avoid any need for supplementation

OK, with that primer in place, it’s time to explore the best dog food for puppies out there. Once we’re done with our reviews, we’ll double back and highlight what you need to consider when you’re buying food for your new pup. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

The 15 Best Dog Food for Puppies

1. Blue Buffalo Puppy Food


  • Type: Dry formula with LifeSource Bits
  • Design: Baby
  • First 3 ingredients: Deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice
  • Best for: Puppies of all breeds
  • Price: $$$

Blue Buffalo is a household name in this vertical, producing first-class pet food for a variety of different needs.

This dry formula is specifically designed to meet the needs of growing puppies, and you’re getting great relative value with this 30-pound bag, even if this puppy food is not cheap.

With real meat as the first ingredient, you’ll be giving your growing pup everything he needs for lean muscle growth. Alongside this protein from real chicken, the formula also contains whole grains, fruits, and veggies. Give your pup the balanced diet he needs as a foundation for long-lasting health as he ages.

Studded with proprietary LifeSource Bits, these antioxidant-rich pieces also brim with the minerals and vitamins your puppy is crying out for.

There are no chicken by-product meals in this formula, and there’s no corn, soy, or wheat either. With no artificial flavors or preservatives included, you’ll be giving your new puppy everything he needs and nothing he doesn’t.

Things We Like

  • Great-value 30-pound bag
  • Real meat as first ingredient
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals

Things We Dislike

  • Not all dog enjoy the LifeSource Bits

2. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food


  • Type: Dry chicken and barley formula
  • Design: Growth
  • First 3 ingredients: Chicken meal, whole grain wheat, barley
  • Best for: Puppies of all breeds
  • Price: $$$

Next up in our collection of the best dog food for puppies comes the Hill’s Science Diet formula, a specialist dry dog food that flies off the shelves the world over. What makes it so good?

Off the bat, you’re getting a formula that’s recommended by vets, so you know you’ll be providing Fido with all his growing needs.

All puppies need protein in their food derived from premium sources to promote lean muscle growth. As well as making sure your puppy gets plenty of this high-quality protein, there’s valuable DHA in the fish oil, as well as all the minerals and vitamins your puppy requires for his bones and teeth to develop as they should.

Each cup of this food contains 324 kilocalories, so you can closely monitor how much food Fido takes onboard.

The only real gripe with this formula is the fairly high filler content. This set aside, you’re getting an effective puppy food suitable for all breeds.

Things We Like

  • Vet-recommended food
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Supports growth and immune system

Things We Dislike

  • Quite a lot of filler

3. Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Dry Dog Food


  • Type: Dry chicken and rice formula
  • Design: Large breeds
  • First 3 ingredients: Chicken, rice, corn gluten meal
  • Best for: Large breed puppies
  • Price: $$$

Do you have a large breed puppy at home? If so, you’ll rapidly discover that you need to make special dietary provision for him. Or, you could let Purina Pro Plan do all the hard work for you and treat Rover to some of this dry dog food.

Real chicken is the first ingredient in this formula meaning the protein is coming from a top-notch source.

The fish oil in this stuff delivers DHA vital for your puppy’s eyesight and brain development.

With glucosamine in this formula, your puppy will have his joint and cartilage health supported as you pushes through his formative months.

This variant contains chicken and rice, but there is also a grain-free chicken formula if that sounds like a better option for Rover.

Aside from some isolated complaints from owners reporting problems with their puppy’s digestion after eating this food, most user reviews are positive. This is one of the best dog food for puppies you’ll find, even if you need to dig deep for the privilege.

Things We Like

  • Protein from real chicken
  • Fish oil for brain and vision
  • Supports joint health

Things We Dislike

  • Can provoke digestion issues

4. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food


  • Type: Dry formula with super nutrients
  • Design: Baby
  • First 3 ingredients: Deboned turkey, chicken meal, oatmeal
  • Best for: Small breed puppies
  • Price: $$

If you have a small breed puppy at home, you’ll need to consider some specialist food, and Wellness offers a tailored formula with this Complete Health range that delivers as promised.

Protein comes from whitefish, a premium source that will promote lean muscle development in puppies.

All puppies benefit from fatty acids in their dog food. These help promote skin and coat health. This formula comes loaded with Omega-3s and Omega-6s to achieve this.

Antioxidants in the formula will strengthen your growing dog’s immune system. The formula contains blueberries, and these are also rich in minerals and vitamins.

The only real complaint we could level at this formula is the fact the pieces of kibble might be slightly too large for some smaller dogs.

Made in the USA from non-GMO ingredients, you can treat your pooch to the best start in life by investing in some bags of this dry dog food for smaller breeds.

Things We Like

  • Great for whole-body health
  • Promotes skin and coat health
  • Non-GMO ingredients

Things We Dislike

  • Kibble quite large

5. Eukanuba Puppy Food


  • Type: Dry formula with chicken
  • Design: Baby
  • First 3 ingredients: Chicken, corn meal, chicken by-product meal
  • Best for: Large breed puppies
  • Price: $$

Owners of large breed puppies need to give consideration to this when shopping for puppy food. Eukanuba gets this nailed with an impressive formula ideal for delivering perfectly balanced nutrition for bigger dogs. How does it stand and fall, then?

This food is designed for puppies to 15 months of breeds expected to tip the scales at 55 pounds or more as adults.

Active large breed puppies need proper support as their muscles and bones develop. You need to incorporate the rights foods into their daily diet to give them the strongest start in life.

With chicken as the primary ingredient here, you’ll be giving your pup the support he needs to pack on plenty of muscle as he grows into that large frame.

Laced with DHA, you should find this positively impacts your puppy’s brain, helping you to train him more easily.

While the majority of dog owners feel satisfied with this dry dog food, we found some gripes about dog’s stools softening after switching to this food. Overall, user sentiment is mainly positive.

Things We Like

  • Great for growth and play
  • Balanced nutrition for large breeds
  • Promotes bone health

Things We Dislike

  • Can cause stools to soften

6. Nutro Natural Choice Dry Dog Food


  • Type: Dry formula with chicken
  • Design: Puppy
  • First 3 ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal, brewer’s rice
  • Best for: Puppies that will grow to less than 70 pounds
  • Price: $$

Nutro serves up this dry dog food that’s perfect for puppies, so what makes this formula stand out?

The 15-pound is a smart size for puppies. While you can get better value with larger packs, puppies don’t eat much. Many bags don’t effectively reseal, so this kind of size is a good solution.

The non-GMO ingredients in this stuff allow your dog to feast on a taste of the wild. Real chicken is the first ingredient, supplying a delicious food that also provides your puppy with the protein he needs from a premium source. You can watch his muscles develop as he grows.

Puppies need plenty of calcium to support bone and joint health. Your furball will get plenty of that in this food.

Aside from a few niggles about fussy eaters turning their nose up at this food, the vast bulk of user reviews are effusively positive. Give Fido a treat and some real farm-raised chicken with this dry dog food from Nutro.

Things We Like

  • Farm-raised chicken as primary ingredient
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Packed with fatty acids

Things We Dislike

  • Some fussy eaters dislike this formula

7. Iams Puppy Dry Dog Food


  • Type: Dry formula with chicken
  • Design: Puppy
  • First 3 ingredients: Chicken, whole grain corn, chicken by-product meal
  • Best for: Puppies of all breeds
  • Price: $$

Iams is a highly reputable brand making food for dog owners just like you to rest confident knowing you’re delivering your furball the building blocks for a long and healthy life.

As with all puppy food, you should look out for that all-important first ingredient before anything else. In this case, you’re getting farm-raised chicken, an optimum source of protein for puppies.

Great puppy food needs to contain more than just protein, though, and Iams doesn’t let you down. Omega-3 fatty acids are filled with the DHA puppies need for proper development and healthy growth.

What’s not in a dog food for puppies is just as important as what it contains. In this case, there are no GMO ingredients, no chicken by-product meal – this is often used as cheap filler –  and no soy protein, corn, or white.

Made in the USA and crammed with nutrients found in their mother’s milk, you’ll be providing your puppy with a tasty shot of nutrition and the best chance in life with this food.

Things We Like

  • Made with nutrients found in mother’s milk
  • Protein from farm-raised chicken
  • Vet-recommended formula

Things We Dislike

  • Not good for pups with sensitive stomachs

8. Canidae Pure Puppy Recipe


  • Type: Dry formula with chicken and lentils
  • Design: Baby
  • First 3 ingredients: Chicken, fish meal, lentils
  • Best for: Puppies of all breeds
  • Price: $$$

Canidae market their products as “pet food made by pet people”, and you’re getting the attention to detail you would expect from a brand like this.

Of the array of flavors at your disposal, this is the chicken formula. This also contains lentils.

Puppy foods with as few ingredients as possible not only eliminate cheap and bulky fillers, but will also reduce your puppy’s risk of allergies and sensitivities. This formula has less than 10 key ingredients, kicking off with real chicken as the first of these.

Your puppy will benefit from both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These will work wonders for your dog’s skin and coat health as he stops yapping and starts growing.

While we could find few complaints concerning this dog food, we dislike the fact the bag doesn’t reseal. This is a bumper 24-pound pack, so you may want to consider decanting the contents into an airtight container. Overall, you’re getting a first-class dry dog food for puppies, even if it’s not the cheapest option up for grabs.

Things We Like

  • Uses limited ingredients
  • Good for skin and coat health
  • Antioxidants to support immune system

Things We Dislike

  • No seal on bag

9. Orijen Puppy Food


  • Type: Dry formula with chicken
  • Design: All life stages
  • First 3 ingredients: Deboned chicken, deboned turkey, flounder
  • Best for: Dogs of all breeds
  • Price: $$

Next in our hunt for the best dog food for puppies comes an entry from the inimitable Orijen. This brand prides itself on delivering premium ingredients in thoughtfully designed formulas with the needs of your growing puppy uppermost.

The primary ingredient is deboned chicken. By now, it should be abundantly clear that this first ingredient is crucial. In the case of Orijen, it’s deboned chicken, ensuring that your furball is deluged with the right type of protein from a solid source.

85% of the ingredients in this formula are sourced from animal ingredients. The food is also made from raw ingredients. Think of it like cooking for yourself from scratch with fresh, whole foods, and give your pooch the same privilege.

The smell of this food is pretty potent, so think twice if this bothers you, or you feel your puppy will turn his nose up at stinky food.

Things We Like

  • Made from 85% animal ingredients
  • Biologically-appropriate formula
  • Uses raw ingredients

Things We Dislike

  • Quite a strong smell

10. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wet Dog Food


  • Type: Wet food with turkey and chicken
  • Design: Baby
  • First 3 ingredients: Turkey, chicken broth, chicken meal
  • Best for: Puppies of all breeds
  • Price: $$$

Not all dog owners like the idea of feeding their furballs dry food. While recommended by vets, it seems somehow unappealing and unappetizing. Instead, you may prefer the idea of loading Rover up with some lip-smacking wet food. The ever-reliable Blue Buffalo delivers as expected on this front.

Like all canned food from this brand, you get an all-natural formula here. There are no preservatives or colorings thrown in to irritate your puppy. There are no chicken by-product meals used, and no corn or wheat either. These are routinely employed as cheap fillers and thickeners.

Choose whether to feed these wet tins to your puppy as they come, or mix them with dried food. Either way, you’ll be contributing fully to your puppy’s healthy growth and development. He would thank you if he could!

Things We Like

  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals

Things We Dislike

  • Quite costly

11. Victor Purpose Nutra Pro Dry Dog Food


  • Type: Dry multigrain formula
  • Design: Adult
  • First 3 ingredients: Chicken meal, blood meal, whole grain millet
  • Best for: All life stages
  • Price: $$

Victor dog food will make your puppy into a winner just like the name promises. Despite the adult design, this food makes a smart choice for all life stages, including puppies.

This food certainly isn’t cheap, but the generous 40-pound pack means you’re getting decent overall value.

The primary ingredients is chicken meal, less than ideal compared to many of the superior offerings on our shortlist. This is followed by blood meal, meaning things are not off to the strongest start. That said, for dogs with allergies to other meat proteins, this is a plus point.

Setting aside these primary ingredients, the remainder of the formula is balanced and packed with a range of nutrients crucial for your puppy’s proper development.

Aside from a few complaints about dog’s becoming gaseous after eating this food, we found predominantly positive reviews from customers delighted with the way their puppies devoured this stuff. See what your furball feels.

Things We Like

  • Ideal for dogs of all life stages
  • Supports growing puppies
  • Great for dogs with allergies

Things We Dislike

  • Can make dogs gassy

12. Royal Canin French Bulldog Puppy Food


  • Type: Dry formula with kibble
  • Design: Baby bulldogs
  • First 3 ingredients: Brewer’s rice, chicken by-product meal, wheat
  • Best for: Bulldog puppies
  • Price: $$

Royal Canin is a dominant presence in the dog food space, and it’s not surprising. Their formulas always come with the balanced nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients essential for puppies to grow into strong and healthy dogs.

Everything about this food has been developed with the rigorous needs of French Bulldog puppies in mind. The kibble is shaped so your puppy will easily pick it up. They will also find the pieces easy to chew and digest.

Bulldogs have skin issues that need your input. The nutrients in this food serve to strengthen the skin barrier on your growing puppy wonderfully.

Loaded with vitamins and powerful antioxidants, this food will help to reinforce your growing puppy’s immune system.

The premium protein content and carefully regulated fiber levels means less gas and less stool odor, both obvious winners.

Aside from a heavy reliance on flour ingredients, there’s not much else to knock about this effective and tasty formula tailor-made for French Bulldog puppies to 12 months old. If this sounds like the right fit, give it a go and let us know how you get on.

Things We Like

  • Ideal for pure breed bulldog puppies
  • Minimizes stool odors
  • Easy to pick up

Things We Dislike

  • Excessive use of flour ingredients

13. Merrick Puppy Dry Dog Food


  • Type: Dry formula with healthy grains
  • Design: Baby
  • First 3 ingredients: Deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice
  • Best for: Puppies of all breeds
  • Price: $$

Merrick exerts a heavy presence in the dog food vertical, always delivering premium products priced in mid-range territory and providing great overall value. This dry dog food for puppies continues that winning tradition.

You can opt for this formula containing healthy grains, or a grain-free alternative if your pup has sensitivities or allergies.

In terms of flavor, choice is limited to this chicken variant or a beef flavor, both of which most owners report their puppies wolfing down without resistance.

This formula boasts deboned chicken as the first ingredient, something your dog will be delighted to find. His muscles should develop optimally with plenty of lean muscle mass forming due to this premium protein.

This particular formula is packed with grains like quinoa that can help promote proper dog digestion.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are both great for encouraging joint and hip health, crucial for warding off problems later in your dog’s life.

Like many of the dry dog foods we review, the bag of this stuff is not resealable. We would suggest placing the food inside an airtight container to avoid any spoiling. This is a 12-pound bag, but you also have a smaller 4-pound bag or larger 10-pound and 22-pound bags.

Things We Like

  • Contains healthy grains
  • Promotes skin health
  • Great for joints and cartilage

Things We Dislike

  • Cannot reseal bag

14. Holistic Select Dry Dog Food


  • Type: Dry grain-free formula
  • Design: Adult
  • First 3 ingredients: Salmon, anchovy and sardine meal, chicken meal, potatoes
  • Best for: Adult dogs and puppies of all breeds
  • Price: $$

Holistic Select produces a wide line of tasty and nutritious dog food suitable for all life stages. This adult food also works well for puppies of all breeds, making it a sensible choice if you have several dogs at home.

Salmon is the first ingredient, and this ensures your puppy is loaded with the right type of protein from a premium source. It doesn’t get much better than salmon.

It’s not only protein your puppy is calling out for, though. This formula is nicely balanced throughout to meet all Fido’s nutritional needs.

If your dog has any kind of sensitivity to grains, the formula doesn’t contain any, but it’s processed in a facility that also processes grain. Bear this in mind.

With probiotics, antioxidants, and glucosamine, you’ll be delivering all the nutrients and goodness that will support your puppy’s growth.

Overall, you’ll be treating your puppy to a powerhouse food that will have him growing into a strong and healthy adult dog capable of living to a ripe old age.

Things We Like

  • Optimum protein content
  • Plenty of fatty acids
  • Laden with antioxidants

Things We Dislike

  • Made in facility that processes grains

15. Merrick Grain-Free Wet Dog Food


  • Type: Wet, grain-free formula
  • Design: Baby
  • First 3 ingredients: Deboned chicken, chicken broth, deboned turkey
  • Best for: Puppies of all breeds
  • Price: $

Last but by no means least in our collection of the best dog food for puppies comes this wet food from Merrick. If you’re looking for cheap puppy food that doesn’t sacrifice quality, these packs of 12 tins of wet food represent superb overall value. How about the food, though?

Choose first from a wide array of flavors to suit your pup’s palate. This iteration is the puppy plate chicken formula. Deboned chicken stands proud as the first ingredient, giving your baby furball the premium source of protein he needs. You’ll see that this is followed by chicken broth and deboned turkey, giving your puppy a protein-fest from the best sources.

The carrots, sweet potatoes, and apples in the formula provide a taste sensation for your dog.

The formula contains no corn, no wheat, and no soy. You won’t get any artificial flavors or preservatives either, so you’ll be giving your puppy a grain-free and all-natural food he’ll lap up until the bowl is bare.

Things We Like

  • Pieces of real meat
  • Outstanding value
  • Wide choice of flavors

Things We Dislike

  • Some issues with quality control

What Should You Look For in Puppy Dog Food?

OK, with our reviews in place, you should have an accurate overview of all the best dog food for puppies.

We understand, though, that you may still lack the confidence to easily compare the pros and cons of different dog foods. Focus on these pointers and you’ll have no problems navigating dog food lines like a pro.

  • Ingredients
  • Wet food vs dry food
  • Premium vs regular dog food


You should look for at least 2 sources of meat in the first 5 ingredients of any dog food on your shortlist. Salmon, chicken, turkey, beef, and lamb are all considered premium sources of protein.

Beyond this, look for grains. These are a solid source of carbs that dogs can digest quickly and easily for energy. Some experts feel that grains trigger inflammation in dogs, something that can lead to heart disease and cancer. If this concerns you, there are plenty of grain-free foods out there. If you choose this option for Fido, make sure there’s plenty of meat and sweet potatoes in the formula.

The fewer ingredients the food has, the better. You should also ensure there are no artificial colors or additives, and that the ingredients are non-GMO.

Tick all these boxes and you’re off to a strong start.

Next up, you’ll need to decide what type of food makes the best fit.

Wet food vs dry food

Dog food can be broadly cleaved into 2 types:

  • Wet food
  • Dry food

Wet food

With canned wet dog foods, you’ll be giving your puppy more moisture and more fat.

Wet food tends to be high in protein while appealing to the tastebuds of most dogs.

Given a straight choice, most canines prefer wet food.

The drawback of wet food is that it’s 80% moisture, leaving only 20% for nutrients and goodness. The high fat and protein content can also trigger weight gain.

Dry food

Dry dog food is widely consider the best option for your puppy from a health standpoint.

Low on fat and promoting proper dental hygiene through the need to chew food.

This type of dog food is also easy to portion out, easy to store, and great overall value. With firmer stools as an added kicker, your puppy might need some encouragement with dry dog food, but it will benefit him over time.

Premium vs regular dog food

Unsurprisingly, the more you pay for your dog food, the better the quality and health benefits, as well as the taste.

Premium dog foods include anywhere from 40% to 60% protein, while cheaper foods contain as little as 10% protein content.

Cheap foods also rely on inexpensive fillers and bulking agents leading to an inferior end product.

Remember to always stick to the product guidelines so you don’t overfeed your furball. Canine obesity can bring about many attendant health issues, so do the right thing by your dog and manage his weight.

For puppies, you should look for a minimum of 22% protein content and 8% fat content in any foods on your shortlist. These are the minimum requirements for growth stages.

When you choose the right dog food that’s appropriate for puppies, you’ll be supporting balanced growth and ensuring that muscles, bones, and cartilage all develop as they should. The elevated calcium content in puppy food will also prevent slow or unbalanced growth.

How Much Do I Need to Feed My Puppy?

When you are considering how much you need to feed your new puppy, think of this as a process rather than an event. Be flexible and adaptable until you find what works for your puppy.

There are many variables at play that will impact the amount you need to feed your dog. Large breeds require more food than smaller breeds. The calorie content of each food also impacts portion size.


To get started, use the guidelines on the food package as a baseline. You can then tweak this accordingly so you’ll have no problem keeping your dog at his ideal weight.

Purina offers this very useful feeding chart that’s well worth a glance.

How Often Must I Feed My Puppy?

Most puppies need feeding 3 or 4 times daily. If you have been feeding your puppy twice daily, consider reducing portion sized and increasing the frequency of feeding. Why is this?

Well, puppies find it easier to digest smaller meals. Also, with more frequent feeding, they shouldn’t experience dips in energy levels throughout the day.

Once your puppy gets to 6 months old, you could switch to feeding him twice daily, except with large breeds who would still benefit from more regular feeding.

OK, to round out our comprehensive dog food for puppies guide, we’ve assembled answers to a trio of the most frequently asked questions that hit our mailbox on this topic.


1) Which breeds are at heightened risk of hip dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia only occasionally impacts small dogs. The condition is far more common among larger breeds. Feeding your puppy food with the right amount of calcium is key to preventing this condition from developing, doubly important if you have a larger breed.

2) When should I switch my puppy to adult food?

While you might be eager to transition your puppy to adult food, be patient, and resist the temptation to make the switch prematurely. Some adult dog foods contains calcium in amounts that are generally considered unsafe for puppies. The stage at which it’s appropriate to move your puppy onto adult food is highly breed-specific, so do some research on your particular breed. You’ll know it’s time for a change if your puppy starts eating less of his food or, conversely, if he starts piling on the pounds.

3) What foods should I avoid for my puppy?

Foods with corn and meat by-products as the primary ingredient will never be as effective for puppies as those with meat as the first ingredients.


Well, after today’s bumper guide to the best dog food for puppies, you should be spoiled for choice and confident of investing in the tastiest and most nutritious formula for your furball.

Stick with one of the puppy foods on our shortlist and you can buy with a clear understanding of what you’re getting and how the formula will benefit your puppy. You may, of course, encounter some dog food we didn’t review today. If so, we very much hope our buying guide and helpful hints allows you to readily determine if it’s any good.

Now, before you head off, take a moment to bookmark BarkVA. We’re here to bring you fresh and informative content daily covering all aspects of pet ownership. While we retain a sharp focus on all things canine, we have something for cat-lovers, too! See you soon!

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