The 12 Best Treat Dispensing Dog Toys


Do you spend lengthy spells away from home worried about your dog getting bored and restless? If so, you should start by considering a no-bark collar to prevent your dog from menacing the neighbors as he cries out for attention. There are other ways to minimize unwanted behavior, though, and the best treat dispensing dog … Read more

The 14 Best Dog Food Storage Containers


What’s one of the things you find most tiresome about pet ownership? If you’re anything like the team here at BarkVA, it’ll be keeping on top of dog food and kibble. By buying a small bag at a time from the local store, you’ll end up spending much more money over time than by buying … Read more

The 15 Best Dog Puzzle Toys


Many dog behaviorists and vets recommend interactive dog toys, but why is this? Well, put simply, these toys will deliver a welcome boost of stimulation to your pup and keep them engaged and having fun. Most of these toys come with the ability to stuff them with treats. This not only serves to reward your … Read more

The 10 Best Dog Collars for Pulling


When you take your dog out for a walk, does he tend to pull and strain on the leash? If so, this can be more than simply inconvenient for you. Other pedestrians may not appreciate getting up close and personal with your dog. Beyond this, if you’re walking your pooch in a busy urban environment, … Read more

The 14 Best Dog Bike Baskets


Whether you ride a bicycle to work, you enjoy cycling in your spare time, or you occasionally like to rent a bicycle when you’re on vacation, what would make a bike ride even better? How about taking your dog with you on the road? Luckily, you can find a wide range of suitable carrier systems … Read more

The 11 Best Bark Collars


Training your dog can seem like an uphill struggle at times. One of the most frustrating habits to correct is excessive and inappropriate barking so what can you do to fight back? Well, the obvious solution is to invest in a training collar but this can be incredibly confusing if you don’t know what you’re … Read more

Best Ideas for DIY Backyard Dog Fences


If you’re lucky enough to have a back yard,  it can be the ideal place for your dog, but it also presents an obvious security risk. For pet owners, finding the right solution for a boundary fence is usually one of the first issues to tackle when moving home. Now, when you’re thinking about building … Read more

The 6 Best In-Ground Dog Fences


If you have dogs and you want to keep them from escaping when they’re out in the yard, what can you do? Well, you should give serious consideration to installing an in-ground dog fence. Also known as invisible fences or underground fences, these complete kits typically come with training flags, wire you bury under the … Read more

The 10 Best Electric Dog Fences


If you have dogs at home, with the joy they bring comes a bundle of pain… Firstly, you’ll need to contend with all the hair and dander they kick up. This is especially important if you have anyone at home with allergies. Pop back soon as we’ll be outlining the best vacuums and air purifiers … Read more

The Best Bark Collar for Small Dogs


Small dogs can make an incredible amount of noise. What can you do if your little pooch is creating mayhem when you’re at work or during the night? Well, one highly effective solution is to use a training collar so you can encourage your dog not to bark inappropriately. When used in tandem with positive … Read more

How to Keep Dog in Yard Without a Fence


What can you do if you’re lucky enough to have a yard for your dog to play in but there’s no fence in place? Well, you’ll rapidly discover that keeping your furballs contained without the benefits of a physical fence is challenging. As well as outlining your alternatives to a fence today, we’ll also be … Read more

The 5 Best Dog Cones and E-Collars


As all pet owners know, dogs normally hate wearing anything. From harnesses and vibrating collars through to coats and boots, you’ll typically struggle when you’re introducing your dog to anything new. It’s no different with dog cones, also known as e-collars (this stands for Elizabethan collar). Obviously, you can’t sit your dog down and explain … Read more

The 10 Best Vibrating Dog Collars


Here at BarkVA, we don’t tell you what to do, but rather present you with a range of options so you can choose what works best for you. When it comes to dog training collars, many pet owners dislike the idea of using static shock correction. To counter this, manufacturers have produced a range of … Read more

The 6 Best Doormats for Dogs


If you’re a fan of BarkVA, chances are you have at least one messy hound at home. While owning dogs is one of the most pleasure experiences imaginable, you can’t escape the huge amount of mess and debris dogs bring along with them. What can you do, then, if you want to prevent the floors … Read more

The 6 Best Dog Lift Harnesses


Is your older dog having a hard time walking around the house, climbing the stairs, or getting in and out of the car? It’s time to find a lifting harness that will assist in mobility and help him recover faster. A lifting harness or a sling is something that wraps around your dog’s body to … Read more