Best Dog Training Books: Make sure to read before getting a puppy or training your dog

Dog with glasses resting on book

Whether you’re thinking of getting your first dog or you’re looking to add another furball to your family, learning basic training skills is essential. Well, it is if you want safe and enjoyable pet parenthood rather than a life fraught with hassle and stress. Today’s guide to dog training books and behavior books will help … Read more

Where Should You Attach A Leash To A Choke Chain Style Collar? (prong collar, lip Collar, Harness)

Dog Wearing Chain Collar

Choke collars, also known as choke chains or chain collars, are steeped in controversy. These aversive collars are used for training purposes. As a training device, these collars are crude but effective, working in the same way as to shock collars, by using pain to reduce unwanted behaviors. The problem is that many pet owners … Read more

How Should You Place A Prong Collar On A Dog: How to safely use the prong collar and when to use it.

Dog wearing prong collar

A prong collar is also known as either a pinch collar or a poke collar. Prong collars come in different forms. You’ll find some collars with plastic prongs and some collars with metal tipped prongs. These prongs or spikes run along one side of the collar. You put a prong collar on your dog just … Read more

10 Best Dog Chain Collars for Dogs That Pull: Slip Chain Collars & Prong Collars for Big and Small Dogs

dog wearing durable chain collar

Finding the most effective dog chain collars can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Luckily, we do. Today, we’ll round up the top 10 collars in this crowded field in a variety of styles and a vast array of sizes. Whether you’re looking for an everyday collar for a teacup breed … Read more

Best Personalized Dog Collar: Engraved Collars for Big and Small Dogs (Made from Comfortable Material)

Finding the best personalized dog collar can help you replace potentially dangerous dangling ID tags with a collar customized to your pup’s needs. If your dog’s contact details are clearly displayed, this allows everyone to greet him by name, and can help you become reunited with your furball if he ever gets lost. Most collars … Read more

The 13 Best Dog Bike Baskets


Whether you ride a bicycle to work, you enjoy cycling in your spare time, or you occasionally like to rent a bicycle when you’re on vacation, what would make a bike ride even better? How about taking your dog with you on the road? Luckily, you can find a wide range of suitable carrier systems … Read more

The 15 Best Bark Collars (Shock Collars)


Training your dog can seem like an uphill struggle at times. One of the most frustrating habits to correct is excessive and inappropriate barking so what can you do to fight back? Well, the obvious solution is to invest in a bark collar but this can be incredibly confusing if you don’t know what you’re … Read more

The 12 Best Electric Dog Fences


If you have dogs at home, with the joy they bring comes a bundle of pain… Firstly, you’ll need to contend with all the hair and dander they kick up. This is especially important if you have anyone at home with allergies. Pop back soon as we’ll be outlining the best vacuums and air purifiers … Read more

15 Best Australian Shepherd Mix Breeds


While it’s understandable to think the Australian shepherd come from Australia, the lineage of this striking cross breed can be traced back to the western United States, as far back as the mid-nineteenth century. Nicknamed the Aussie, this shepherd variant was bred to herd sheep and livestock. The dog’s powerful work ethic persists even when … Read more

The 10 Most Endearing Husky Hybrids


The Siberian husky has captivated humans for generations. With piercing, wolf-life eyes, an immaculate coat, and loving personalities, it’s no surprise the husky has become one of the most popular choices for designer breeders. Known to be energetic and possibly destructive if left unattended and bored, don’t let this put you off considering a husky … Read more

15 Best Pug Mixed Breeds for a Cute Ball of Fun


Designer dog breeds properly gained currency with poodles, and today pug mixed breeds are becoming increasingly popular. The primary benefit of cross-breeding pugs is to minimize the dog’s chances of developing one of the many hereditary diseases associated with pugs. With an easy-going temperament and those cute, charismatic features, the pug makes a great choice … Read more

Where Can I Surrender My Dog for Free?


While many dog owners face the dreaded day when they need to consider cremating their faithful friend, for others there comes a time when they are unable to properly look after their doggo. Although rehoming any dog is a tough process, it’s certainly better than the alternative of allowing his quality of life to be … Read more